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Cove Home Security Review (2023)

Simple, effective home security with professional monitoring.

very good
Barry Stingmore

In a Nutshell

Cove is a DIY home security brand focusing on easy installation and use. You can activate and pair most Cove products with the push of a few buttons. Cove devices require a monthly subscription to function even after paying the initial purchase price. Even so, it could be a great choice if you are looking for a beginner-friendly system with 24/7 support and monitoring.


  • Easy to use and install
  • 24/7 customer service
  • No locked-in contracts


  • Monthly subscription required
  • Mobile app has known issues

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Cove Features and Highlights

Cove offers a complete suite of home security products and associated services like professional monitoring, RapidSOS, and 24/7 live emergency assistance.

Complete Security Product Suite

Cove provides a complete suite that includes all the products you need to secure your home: an alarm system, cameras, motion sensors, and a combined smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detector.

You have control of your entire security system from your smartphone or the system hub’s touch screen panel. You can use the cameras remotely, receive alerts from sensors, and contact authorities or the Cove emergency center at any time from the app. Installing the devices is easy.

Professional Installation

Although installing Cove devices is easy, securing your home is not. For a one-time fee, Cove offers installation by trained professionals who know the best places to install cameras, sensors, and other devices to maximize your security system’s effectiveness.

Professional Monitoring

Cove’s 24/7 monitoring team will watch your system for alerts day and night. If a sensor alert triggers, something suspicious comes up on camera, or the alarm goes off, Cove’s team will attempt to contact you. They will explain what prompted the call and ask if you would like to contact emergency services. If you say yes, or if Cove cannot reach you, they will contact the authorities right away.

Live Assistance

The Cove Alarm has a two-way speaker system that runs on a mobile network. As long as your area has cell reception, you can contact the Cove emergency center 24/7 and speak to them through your alarm.

You can use this as an alternative to a phone in an emergency. This speaker is also one of the ways Cove will attempt to contact you if you have Professional Monitoring enabled.

RapidSOS Integration

RapidSOS is a new security standard that, as of 2020, is only used by Cove and the United States 911 call center network. Through Rapid SOS, Cove can instantly communicate essential information like GPS location data, medical information, and specifics about individuals in the household to emergency responders. 

Cove does not need to communicate this information verbally, wasting precious time. Instead, the relevant data is deployed to the 911 dispatcher at the push of a button, buying potentially life-saving seconds in an emergency.

Cove’s Equipment & Products

Cove Home Security Systems

Cove’s Home Security Equipment & Products

Cove’s home security alarm is easy to use. You can arm it with the push of a button and use it to communicate directly with the LiveAssist emergency contact center at any time. 

If one of your home security sensors triggers an alert, the contact center will first reach out to you through the alarm, then by text, and then via phone call. If you cannot be reached, Cove will contact the authorities on your behalf.

The alarm system uses a mobile connection and does not require a wifi signal to connect. It also has 24 hours of emergency battery power. At $99.60, the price is average for a home security system hub.

Cove Home Security Cameras

Cove’s Home Security Equipment & Products

Cove offers four security cameras: the Indoor Camera, Outdoor Camera, Kami Doorbell Camera, and Skybell Doorbell Camera. The Outdoor Camera and the Skybell Camera are weatherproof and should be used on the exterior of your home, while the Kami and Indoor Cameras are not weatherproof. The indoor camera models come in at about $100, while the weatherproof cameras cost $200. Your first purchase from Cove also comes with a free camera.

All cameras come with advanced AI detection that distinguishes between animals and humans, enhanced night vision, and two-way communication capabilities. Outdoor units have an extended battery life of up to two months, allowing you to place them in locations where wires can’t reach.

Life Safety Alarms

Cove’s Home Security Equipment & Products

Cove offers a smart carbon monoxide and smoke detector. This device is integrated with your smartphone and automatically alerts you if there are dangerous levels of smoke or CO in your home. If it does not promptly receive a response from you, the sensor will automatically contact the authorities. According to Cove, you should ideally purchase one for every floor of your home.

At $55 per unit, the combined CO and smoke detector is one of Cove’s best security features in terms of value for money.


Cove’s Home Security Equipment & Products

Cove offers a set of simple sensors, including door open, window open, glass break, and motion sensors. These devices run between $10-$20 each and notify you of a specific event. How many sensors you need will depend on the number of rooms you want to protect. 

Cove also sells a flood/freeze sensor for $20. Place this device on the floor in a location where flooding can occur, such as a basement, bathroom, or laundry room. It will notify you immediately if moisture is detected. You can also place the flood/freeze sensor onto a pipe. It will notify you if the temperature drops to 41°f, indicating a frozen pipe.

Smart Home Automation

As a dedicated home security provider, Cove does not offer any smart home devices.

Cove Plans - Packages & Pricing

Cove’s products range from $10-$20 for basic sensors to $50-$200 for larger, more complex devices like cameras or smoke detectors. 

In addition to equipment, Cove offers two professional monitoring plans. Its system will not function without an active monitoring subscription, so you’ll have to choose one. 

Professional installation is an optional paid add-on ($79+).

Cove Basic

Cove Plus




Direct Line to 24/7 Monitoring Center

4G Verizon and AT&T LTE Connection



Alexa and Google Home Integration


Cove Services

Cove’s monitoring center watches your system 24/7. It is their job to notify you if an emergency occurs. If the monitoring center receives an alert, Cove follows a four-step process.

  1. Cove InstaText—You will receive an SMS with an alert asking whether you want to contact the authorities or cancel. If you do not respond, the Cove team will move on to the next step.

  2. Cove LiveAssist—Cove contacts you using the LiveAssist two-way speaker located in your alarm system. The representative will explain the reason for the call and will confirm whether or not you want to contact emergency services. If they cannot reach you, the Cove team will move on to the next step.

  3. Phone Call—Cove will attempt to call you. If you pick up the call, they will ask if you want to contact emergency services.

  4. Emergency Alert—If they do not hear from you by text, LiveAssist, or phone, Cove will contact emergency services, assuming that you are incapacitated or otherwise unable to get help. 


Cove offers two monitoring plans, one with camera monitoring and one without. Cove Cameras only function if you subscribe to Cove Plus. There are no commitments: you can cancel your monitoring plan at any time. However, your home security equipment will stop working if you cancel.

  • Six monitoring centers

  • SMS and Phone Alerts

  • Live two-way communication via alarm

  • Automatic call to emergency authorities if no response

Cove Home Security Mobile

Cove App

Cove’s Home Security Mobile App

The Cove app is available for iOS and Android devices. It lets you take complete control of your home security system. You can arm or disarm your alarm system through the app and view the cameras remotely.

Customer reviews of the Cove app indicate some issues, such as frequent crashes, problems with the remote arming feature of the burglar alarm, and notifications from devices failing to come through occasionally. The app appears to be one weak point in an otherwise excellent home security system, with 2/5 stars on both the Google Play and App Stores from almost 500 reviews. 

However, the same customer reviews mention that the system is easy to set up and otherwise works well. 

Mobile alerts

Cove’s Professional Monitoring service will contact you by SMS if they pick up an alert. You can also configure the Cove app to send you push notifications if your cameras, sensors, or alarm detect something or when one of your security devices is low on battery. 

Cove Installation

You can install your Cove system yourself or request the services of a professional. 

To install an item yourself: 

  1. Remove it from the box and insert the provided batteries. 

  2. Download the Cove Security app to your smartphone. 

  3. Power on the device. It will enter pairing mode. 

  4. Follow the instructions on the Cove app to pair your device. 

  5. Place your device in the appropriate location, securing it with a screwdriver if needed. 

Cove’s professional installation service comes with a one-time fee starting at $79. The total cost will depend on the size of the security system you are purchasing. While shopping, once you’ve chosen your equipment, add Professional Installation to your cart to see the final price. You’ll receive an email at checkout to book a time for your installation. 

The duration of the installation will vary depending on the complexity of your system and the size of your home.

Cove Contracts and Warranties

Cove does not require a contract and operates on a month-to-month basis. Depending on your municipality’s regulations, however, you may need an alarm permit for your system. 

If you cancel your service within 60 days, you are entitled to a refund on all purchased equipment and membership fees. To cancel, simply contact Cove at (855) 268-3669.

Cove’s warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, but not battery defects. Cove Basic plan holders get a one-year warranty, while Cove Plus members get a lifetime warranty.

Cove Support & Customer Service

You can contact Cove support by phone at (855) 268-3669 or via the online chat on their website. Cove also has a comprehensive FAQ page that can answer the most common questions. We tested the response time of Cove’s online chat and received a reply immediately. 

Both phone and chat agents are available to assist you 24/7. 

Cove also has an extensive blog and a knowledge base that can help you install or troubleshoot your Cove products.

How Does Cove Compare to Other Home Security Services?





Best for

Ease of use and installation

Simple, premade packages

Affordable, flexible plan options

Smart home options

Price per Month

From $17.99/month

From $17.99/month

From $3/month

From $36.99/month

Money-back guarantee

60 days

60 days

30 days

6 months





Not by default


Android, iOS

Android, iOS

Android, iOS

Android, iOS

Cove vs SimpliSafe

Simplisafe and Cove are very similar, offering a near-identical product range, comparable pricing, no contracts, and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Simplisafe has some premade packages, while Cove follows a build-it-yourself model. Some of Cove’s products are slightly cheaper than Simplisafe’s, such as the doorbell camera, while others, like Cove’s outdoor camera, are more expensive.

Cove vs Ring

Ring offers an affordable professional monitoring package for doorbell cameras at just $3/month. Generally, its plans are more flexible than Cove’s, with multiple monitoring packages available. Ring also offers more products, with 10+ products and bundles for just its doorbell camera, compared to Cove’s two. Overall, Ring is slightly less beginner-friendly but gives you more options.


ADT is one of the oldest and most established home security providers in the US. Its technology has won numerous awards, such as the CRN Security 100 (2021) and the BrandSpark Most Trusted Home Security Brand by American Shoppers Award (2021). ADT has been manufacturing alarms since 1910. This reliability comes at a price: ADT costs almost twice as much as Cove.

The Bottom Line

Cove home security is easy to install and use, with most devices activated with the push of a few buttons. Its simple product line, ease of installation, and excellent service make Cove an accessible, beginner-friendly option for securing your home. 

Cove’s products come with a warranty covering manufacturing defects and are backed by responsive 24/7 customer service. Professional installation options are available, and Cove’s security center monitors your system 24/7. In an emergency, Cove will attempt to contact you by SMS, two-way speaker, and phone call before contacting the authorities on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Cove security system worth it?
According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, the average cost of a home burglary in the United States in 2018 was $2799. Purchasing a Cove system will cost you a small fraction of this amount, meaning that even if the system deters one break-in, it will have paid for itself. Cove also protects your home and loved ones against fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and flooding with environmental alert sensors.
How much is Cove Security monthly?
Cove offers two monthly professional monitoring plans, Cove Basic for $17.99/month and Cove Plus for $27.99/month. The cost for devices to go with its monitoring plans ranges from $20-$200+.
How much is Ring security system?
How much Ring costs will depend on what you’re buying. The basic ring Video Doorbell costs $64.99. The Ring Everyday Kit, which includes the Video Doorbell and Floodlight Cam, costs $579.98, while their most expensive product bundle, the Deluxe pro, comes in at $959.97. You can also get professional monitoring starting at $10/month.
Who owns Cove Home Security?
Robert Shelly is the CEO and owner of Cove Security.
Barry is a veteran who has served as a front-line officer for 10 years. Responding to hundreds of residential burglary incidents during his career, he has built up a wealth of experience surveying crime scenes and delivering crime prevention advice.

Cove customer reviews

Based on 75 reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

a year ago

Cove is a very good security system. Though I have a bit of a hard time with technology, they make it easy to use.

a year ago

Affordable and reliable system for home security. I would purchase this again. Giving five stars highly recommended. Easy to install and set up. User friendly, even my father-in-law, who doesn't know anything about technology can use this. Would recommend this one. Quality is super good.

a year ago

I actually really love the service provided thus explains my overall rating for each and every aspect.

a year ago

I like everything about it The product keeps me safe.

a year ago

I gave Cove that overall rating because they have one of the best alarm systems I've ever used.

a year ago

Installation was easy and economical. It lets us know when doors or windows are open. It protects us securely. It also alerts law enforcement if a break in is in progress.

a year ago

Cove is a home security system that allows me to feel safe in my own home and know that I'm protected 24/7 .

a year ago

It's a great company but could be more considerate when dealing with confused customers.

a year ago

This is easy to stall home security. You can order it online and have it shipped to your house the instructions are clear and you can find videos..

a year ago

I have had Cove for over a year and I feel, that by them being a new up and coming company, that they know what it takes to keep their customers happy.

a year ago

I gave Cove a five star rating because their alarm system is great. What I like about it is if anything goes wrong, they immediately call the police.

a year ago

I thought Cove was a good resource. I had been looking for a home security system for a long time. This one fit well.

a year ago

Best quality service features for my safety & security guaranteed. If no ability to put to the test, I have a team of security specialists that are always on my side for any of my personal security needs necessary.

a year ago

I gave Cove this overall rating because I was very satisfied with the service they provided. The alarm system works great and gives me peace of mind.

a year ago

Made me feel safe and at ease while I was at home, either alone or with my partner. Didn't have to worry about people breaking in. Which was something I used to have to worry about being on a busy street and in a neighborhood known for having crack heads around.

a year ago

Is exactly what I needed for home security for my house when I am home or away from home.

a year ago

They are important for the safety of home and they can not let someone enter.

a year ago

It was very easy to install and affordable. I like how clear the videos are through the camera. They can see well at night. I also like the two way sound. I had to call customer service once and they were quick to answer and professional. I have recommend this company to friends.

1 years ago

Dealing is comfortable with the company, the employees are nice, and I can secure my home at a low price and high efficiency through this company

1 years ago

Is very reliable source when concern with the security guard of home. It is very easy to use and operate

75 reviews