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5 Best Video Doorbells of 2024 for a Safer Home

Chris Wilson - Writer for Top10.com
A man from a delivery company ringing a video doorbell.
Looking to enhance your home's security and convenience in 2024? Learn more about the top video doorbells that promise to keep your home safer and smarter.

Home security systems are more crucial than ever, with 34% of break-ins happening right through the front entrance. Thankfully, today's video doorbells provide an extra layer of protection that is much more advanced than when I started in the industry 20+ years ago.

After evaluating critical features like image quality, smart alerts, night vision capabilities, and ease of use, I picked models suited to all needs and budgets. Let me share my insider knowledge to help you find the perfect smart doorbell to ward off burglars and deliver peace of mind at home or on holiday.

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Our 5 Best Video Doorbells at a Glance:

Compare Our 5 Best Video Doorbells

ADT Doorbell Camera
Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro
SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro
Cove Eufy Doorbell Camera
Frontpoint Wireless Doorbell Camera
From $199.99
From $249.99
From $169
From $99.99
From $150
720p HD video
1080p HD video
1080p HD video
1080p HD video
1080p HD video
Wired/ wireless
Two-way talk
Night vision
Field of view
180 degrees
180 degrees
162 degrees
160 degrees
175 degrees
Smart Notifications
ADT mobile app
Vivint app
SimpliSafe app
Eufy app
Frontpoint Security app

1. ADT Doorbell Camera

ADT Video Doorbell

Cost - From $199.99

Money-back guarantee - Six months

The ADT Doorbell Camera is an excellent choice for a video doorbell system. It offers crisp 720p HD video with de-warping technology to reduce distortion. The camera also has a wide 180-degree field of view, allowing you to see your entire front porch and yard. Plus, the night vision feature ensures clear visibility even in low-light conditions.

With two-way audio, you can conveniently speak to visitors at your door. If you don't already have an ADT home security system, you can keep costs down by purchasing the doorbell camera through ADT Blue. This means you'll monitor yourself, but you can get professional 24/7 surveillance for $19.99/month when you're away from home.

Why we chose to include ADT in this list:

  • DIY monitoring through Blue by ADT
  • Smart home integrations
  • 150-year-old established home security company

2. Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro (Gen 2)

Vivint Video Doorbell Pro (Gen 2)

Cost - From $249.99

Money-back guarantee - Three days to four months

Did you know that 17% of Americans were victims of porch piracy in 2023? You'll love Vivint's Smart Deter technology, which will keep deliveries safe. When it spots a potential package thief, it activates an LED ring and 65 dB speaker, letting them know they’ve been caught on camera.

It features a 180x180 view and a crystal clear 1080p HDR camera sensor that works during the day or night. With the addition of the Vivint Smart Drive, continuous recording ensures you never miss activity at your door. Integrating it with your other smart home devices also lets you stream live doorbell footage to your TV.

Why we chose to include Vivint in this list:

  • Package delivery notifications to your Vivint app
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Smart Clips allows 90-second recordings for up to 30 days

3. SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell

Cost - From $169

Money-back guarantee - 60 days

I like SimpliSafe's Video Doorbell Pro because it uses sensors to identify people, not just motion. This means I only get alerts when it really matters. The doorbell works with standard wiring and provides crisp 1080p video that prevents glare. You can buy their products individually without getting the entire security system.

It offers two-way audio for extra protection when speaking to visitors from anywhere. Its easy DIY setup requires no special skills, and to top it off, I can rest easy with the weatherproof design. The IP65 rating means it's sealed from dust and can withstand rain or snow.

Why we chose to include SimpliSafe in this list:

  • Stylish, minimalist design that's made to last
  • Customized notifications
  • Durable for extreme weather

4. Cove Eufy Doorbell Camera

Cove Eufy Video Doorbell

Cost - From $99.99

Money-back guarantee - 60 days

The Cove Eufy Doorbell Camera offers wireless functionality and the ability to connect to existing doorbell wires. You can save time and money with self-installation in a few minutes. Its 1080p video quality and night vision allow you to identify potential burglars.

Other top-notch features are the customized motion alerts and the ability to distinguish between people, vehicles, and animals—preventing false notifications. I also love that I can connect the doorbell to my existing indoor and outdoor security cameras.

Why we chose to include Cove:

  • Competitive equipment prices
  • Easy installation
  • Long battery life up to 120 days 

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5. Frontpoint Security Wireless Doorbell Camera

Frontpoint Security Wireless Doorbell Camera

Cost - From $150

Money-back guarantee - Three-year warranty

Frontpoint Security's Wireless Doorbell Camera is a fantastic addition to my security system. It doesn't require wiring or an existing doorbell, so I can place it anywhere. When someone rings the bell or even approaches my door, I get an alert through the Frontpoint app.

The wireless doorbell camera has a handy smart chime accessory that plugs into any wall outlet. When pressed, the doorbell triggers the chime to ring inside my house. With 1080p high-definition video resolution, I can see visitors day or night. 

Why we chose to include Frontpoint Security in this list:

  • Video analytics with rapid person detection technology
  • Bank-grade encryption on all video feeds
  • Infrared night vision up to 15 feet

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Video Doorbell

Consider the Latency

This is the delay between someone pressing your doorbell and when you receive the alert on your device. A shorter latency means you can respond to visitors faster. For example, the ADT Video Doorbell is known for its quick alerts, so you don't have to wait to see who's at your door.

What's the Quality of the Live View?

You want to ensure the image is clear enough to identify faces and other important details. Aim for 1080p resolution and a viewing angle of 160 degrees or more for optimal recognition and coverage. Additionally, infrared night vision allows you to identify a thief even at night.

Manage Your Budget With Price and Subscription Fees

Budgeting for your video doorbell is more than just considering the upfront cost. Many models offer advanced features, like 24/7 monitoring, but may come with or without monthly subscription fees. You need to assess the value of these components and their benefits, like cloud storage for video footage.

Check the Weather Resistance

Your video doorbell will be exposed to the elements, so its ability to withstand various weather conditions is a must. It should be able to operate in rain, snow, or extreme temperatures. Ensure that your chosen doorbell has robust weather resistance, which will spare you from future headaches and ensure continuous operation.

Wired vs. Wireless: Which One Is Best? 

Choosing between a wired vs. wireless security system affects installation complexity and flexibility. A wireless video doorbell is easy to install and can be placed almost anywhere. Also, consider your home's connectivity and whether it supports a wireless device. Wired models might be more complex to set up but can provide a more stable connection. 

Keep Your Home Safe With the Best Video Doorbells

Choosing the best video doorbell for your home in 2024 is a crucial step toward enhancing your family's safety. Studies show that many break-ins happen during daylight hours when parents are at work or kids are at school.

That's why you need a video doorbell that keeps you informed of any activity at your doorstep at all times. Fortunately, the market offers various home security systems for every budget and lifestyle. By selecting a high-quality doorbell camera, you can ensure peace of mind. 

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Chris Wilson - Writer for Top10.com
Chris Wilson contributes to Top10.com as a CSPM with over 23 years of experience in the North American security market. His expertise includes system design, project management, and solutions engineering. Chris has written for SDM and Locksmith Ledger and co-published various blogs within the security industry.