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ADT Alternatives & Competitors: 5 Best Similar Home Security Companies

Chris Wilson - Writer for Top10.com
a woman is selecting options on her home security system
Are you considering alternatives to ADT for your home security needs? With an increasing number of companies offering innovative and reliable security solutions, it's crucial to stay informed about the options available.

Drawing from my 23 years working in the security industry, I strongly advise conducting thorough research to select the most appropriate home security system for your needs.

Recent statistics show that there are 1.6 burglaries per minute in the US, underlining the demand for strong security solutions.

Consequently, homeowners are looking to ADT alternatives for cutting-edge and efficient home security systems and companies. Here are my top five picks to help you make an informed choice.

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Our 5 Best ADT Alternatives in 2024:

  • Vivint - Best ADT alternative overall
  • SimpliSafe - Best for budget-friendly monitoring 
  • Cove - Best for diverse notification options
  • Frontpoint Security - Best for not relying only on WiFi connectivity
  • Scout Alarm - Best for self-installation without fees

A Closer Look at the 5 Best Companies Like ADT - Reviews:

1. Vivint

Comprehensive, smart, and automated home security

Vivint Logo

Best for - Active crime deterrence

Starting price - From $19.99/month

Money-back guarantee - Three days

Warranty - 120 days

Vivint offers highly customizable home security systems. It incorporates motion sensors, intrusion alarms, cameras, life safety alarms, and smart home devices—which you can all manage through a user-friendly touchscreen control panel. Its super convenient smartphone app also lets you remotely control lighting, security cameras, and door access from anywhere.

I also appreciate that Vivint provides professional installers and even offers energy management services to help you save money on electric bills. And I'd confidently leave my house without worry, knowing that their Smart Deter technology would effectively scare off intruders with loud alarms and flashing lights triggered by sensors.

What Makes Vivint a Good Alternative to ADT?

While both services provide dependable monitoring, Vivint is an excellent ADT alternative in my book. Although offering more premium and professional services, ADT costs more than twice as much as Vivint at $45.99/month.

Vivint also doesn't tie you down to a contract, and it provides its own automation devices, creating a more integrated and streamlined home security system.


  • Unified smart and secure home platform
  • Customizable design choices
  • No contracts


  • No DIY installation options
  • Short money-back guarantee

Vivint Vivint Visit site

2. SimpliSafe

Affordable and hassle-free

SimpliSafe Logo

Best for - Quick, wireless installation

Starting price - From $11.66/month

Money-back guarantee - 60 days

Warranty - Lifetime

I chose SimpliSafe because I like SimpliSafe's flexible month-to-month contracts. It offers a budget-friendly, customizable, and wireless security system with 24/7 monitoring, giving you the choice between professional or DIY installation and various monitoring levels.

I find it's an excellent DIY system that you can set up exactly how you want to. And most of its devices, including video doorbells and smart locks, are plug-and-play, so you don't have to fuss with wires or complex installation software.

SimpliSafe's secret alarms (under the Interactive Plan) add an extra layer of security by discreetly alerting homeowners without intruders knowing. These alarms can be hidden in inconspicuous spots or disguised as everyday objects.

What Makes SimpliSafe a Good Alternative to ADT?

SimpliSafe is an ideal ADT alternative for short-term living situations because it has commitment-free plans and mobile DIY equipment. Although ADT has a far longer money-back guarantee of six months, SimpliSafe includes a lifetime warranty with all its products on the Fast Protect monitoring plan.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy, no-drilling installation
  • No contracts


  • Few smart home integrations
  • Systems not as robust as ADT

SimpliSafe SimpliSafe Visit site

3. Cove

24/7 professional monitoring

Cove Logo

Best for - Rapid-response assistance

Starting price - From $17.99/month

Money-back guarantee - 60 days

Warranty - Lifetime

Cove offers a wide range of high-quality home security equipment comparable to ADT's, including video surveillance, intelligent sensors, and alarm systems. With Cove's Alarm Response with RapidSOS, you get near-instant alerts via phone calls, direct messages, and app notifications simultaneously.

I find that Cove is also quite accessible to beginners, and its many positive user reviews reinforce the quality of its products and services.

What Makes Cove a Good Alternative to ADT?

Cove's emphasis on rapid emergency response positions them as a strong ADT alternative. And whereas ADT only provides environmental monitoring for fires and carbon monoxide, Cove also checks for smoke and indoor leaks as part of its plans.


  • Responds to alerts within 30 seconds
  • Lifetime equipment warranty
  • 30-minute average installation time


  • No self-monitoring option
  • Restrictive subscription model

Cove Cove Visit site

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4. Frontpoint Security

Keep your house safe with reliable monitors

Frontpoint Logo

Best for - Home security without a WiFi connection

Starting price - From $49.20/month

Money-back guarantee - 30 days

Warranty - Three years

I believe Frontpoint Security is especially suitable if you have unreliable WiFi since its equipment is fully cellular. Although there may be more cost-effective options for monthly monitoring, I was impressed by the quality of their devices.

Frontpoint Security is also an excellent fit for renters since you can quickly move and remount its wireless equipment. You can also expand your plan by adding cameras and safety alarms like smoke detectors.

This is quite convenient in my experience because it's much cheaper to add security equipment gradually rather than simultaneously.

What Makes Frontpoint Security a Good Alternative to ADT?

As an ADT alternative, Frontpoint Security excels in cellular monitoring, making it safer and more affordable while providing interactive services. Their flexible options for adding additional devices also make it stand out.


  • Mobile app available on all plans
  • Flexible plans for adding new devices
  • Wireless-only equipment


  • More expensive monitoring than ADT
  • Limited integration availability

Frontpoint Security Frontpoint Security Visit site

5. Scout Alarm

Customizable home security

Scout Logo

Best for - Self-installation low monthly fees

Starting price - From $9.99/month

Money-back guarantee - 60 days

Warranty - Three years

Scout Alarm's contemporary and intuitive home security system features two monitoring options: a self-monitoring plan at $9.99 per month and a professional monitoring plan at $19.99 per month.

The professional plan boasts added benefits like tailor-made email and phone alerts, backup cellular connection, and dependable battery backup.

Scout Alarm's system is not only affordable, it's also user-friendly. Its straightforward DIY installation requires just a few steps: connecting the Scout Hub to your WiFi router using an ethernet cable, entering the installation code, and pairing the Hub with your devices.

What Makes Scout Alarm a Good Alternative to ADT?

Scout Alarm is the most cost-effective alternative to ADT, offering an affordable, feature-rich home security system that's easy to install. Despite needing some room for improvement in the Scout mobile app, it empowers you with complete control over sensors, cameras, and alerts, ensuring effective home monitoring even while away.


  • Affordable, low-maintenance hardware
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • DIY installation


  • No outdoor cameras
  • Buggy mobile app

Scout Alarm Scout Alarm Visit site

ADT Alternatives: Safeguard Your Home

These alternatives provide homeowners with a broad range of choices that are up-to-date with the latest advancements in home security technology and criminal tactics.

Whether you prioritize flexibility, affordability, or advanced features, you can find the perfect solution for your specific security needs, ensuring ongoing protection for your home and loved ones.

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Chris Wilson - Writer for Top10.com
Chris Wilson contributes to Top10.com as a CSPM with over 23 years of experience in the North American security market. His expertise includes system design, project management, and solutions engineering. Chris has written for SDM and Locksmith Ledger and co-published various blogs within the security industry.