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Choosing Your Next Home Automation Security System | Top 10 Best Home Security

Top10.com Staff
Get motion sensor notifications with home automation
Home Automation makes monitoring your home when you are away fast and easy. You can control aspects of your home security system from your mobile device from anywhere.

Check out these 5 amazing capabilities of a home automation system:

1. Take Control (of your lights)

Manual light timers are a thing of the past; If the sun goes down early because of thick clouds, your lights will turn off early and you'll come home to a dark house. Home automation allows you to turn lights on and off using your device and from wherever you are. 

This feature also wards off intruders. If a potential intruder sees your lights going on and off at varying times each day, they'll be less inclined to focus on your home. Robbers want easy targets, and bright lights are a major deterrent.

2. Security Camera Versatility

Old security cameras are stationary and are placed in only one location. With home automation, you can place cameras in almost any area of your home, inside or outside, and access the feed from your device. Oh, they're also not stationary either. You can actually control the way the camera faces from your device. Now you can look out for intruders or check up on that faulty sprinkler head.

3. Be Sure of Yourself

Remember that scene from Home Alone when the mother (before realizing that she left her son at home) is on the plane and feels like she forgot to take care of something before leaving on her vacation? Well if she had a home automation systems she would've been able to check on her home right then and there. Home automation allows you to remotely operate certain home features, including garage doors and electrical appliances. 

4. Motion Sensor Placement

You cannot watch your cameras 24 hours a day, but installed motion sensors can notify you of any intruders through your device. If a sensor is triggered, your device has an alarm that rings. You can pull up the corresponding video to see what caused the sensor to activate. Although it may just have been a cat triggering your system, you'll sleep well knowing you can watch your home while away.

5. Notify Police Remotely

If you believe an intruder is in your home, notifying the police remotely keeps you and your family safe. You don't need to enter the home to verify that it has been robbed. Cameras tell the whole story on your device. Police can check up on your home without any issues.

Home automation provides you with the security your family needs. Keeping the system simple with handheld device access makes it easy to install and manage. You can be sure that you and your property are safe by using cameras, sensors and light management every day.

Top10.com Staff
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