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In a Nutshell

Using Nutrisystem’s Body Blueprint DNA kit, you can find out which foods to avoid, how your metabolism works, and what to do in order to finally lose the weight based on what your DNA has to say. The simple cheek swab kit is easy to use, delivers fast results, and offers you new insights into how you can regain control over your health, utilizing information and feedback that your own body is giving you.


  • Comprehensive Action Plan based on your results
  • Online results for faster answers
  • Less expensive than other kits in its category


  • Doesn’t test for genealogy
  • No information on size of database

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Best For

Anyone looking to lose weight and live healthier based on an understanding of how their genetic and biological makeup works and interacts with food and exercise.

Why Go With Body Blueprint

Nutrisystem is a wildly successful diet plan, which already earns itself points on the weight loss scene. The company markets its Body Blueprint kit as a supplement to its healthy living regiment. So, you are combining 2 weight-loss tools in one. Essentially, the DNA kit is meant to tell you what your genetics have predisposed you to. Armed with this information, you can select the diet features that will work best for your genes, giving you better results overall. If, for example, the DNA test tells you that you have a healthy dose of carb eating genes, you don’t need to avoid carbs to lose weight. Instead, focus on eating the right foods that work based on the genetic information you’re given

The most impressive reason to go with Nutrisystem’s DNA kit over anyone else’s though is the terrific Action Plan that is included. When your results have been processed, Nutrisystem will generate a 30-page Action Plan, a report that is filled with useful information, helpful dieting and eating tips, and other data. The report is meant to be used as a tool to help you lose weight and live healthier. The great part about the plan is that it is completely based on scientific research, extensive knowledge from professional dieticians, and, best of all, your own genetic input. So, you are really getting a professional, tailor-made diet plan when you use the Nutrisystem Body Blueprint kit.

What’s on Offer

Nutrisystem has a single DNA test kit. It is a simple kit, easy to use, and non-invasive. The sole purpose of the kit is to learn about your biological makeup and how that affects your diet. Nutrisystem's kit tests your genes to see how they work and interact with different types of foods, vitamins, and minerals and then delivers solid results and actionable ideas on how to improve your weight loss efforts for healthier living

The DNA kit is meant to be used alongside the Nutrisystem diet plan. While this isn’t strictly necessary, it will improve your chances of losing weight and seeing results. Though you can substitute your own diet plan if you have one that you prefer, the Nutrisystem diet is easy to follow, highly customizable, and effective.

Ease of Use

The Nutrisystem Body Blueprint DNA kit is extremely easy to use. Here’s how it works

  • Order the kit online and sign up for an account on Nutrisystem. This is where you’ll register your kit and where you’ll receive your test results. It’s also where you can track your weight loss progress, get helpful tips, and interact with others in the Nutrisystem community.
  • When your kit arrives, register it online using your Nutrisystem account.
  • Once registered, use the swabs provided in the kit to swab your inner cheek. This is meant to gather the cheek cells for testing.
  • Return the swabs to their tubes, and place the tubes in the return envelope provided.
  • Mail the envelope back to Nutrisystem (address already on the envelope), and wait for your results

The cheek swabs are much more comfortable to use than most other test types. This earns Nutrisystem even more points.

Speed of Kit Delivery and Results

The kit will arrive within a few days of ordering. Take your swabs and return the kit as soon as you get it, so you don’t have to wait long for the results. It’s nice that the kit comes with a prepaid self-addressed return envelope. This way you don’t have to start worrying about addressing an envelope or additional expenses

Something most users appreciate about the Nutrisystem DNA kit is that you get your test results online. This means you’ll get results faster, not having to wait for them to arrive in the mail. As soon as the DNA is tested, your results will be calculated and the report written up. It will then be uploaded online for instant and continuous access.

DNA Test Type

The Nutrisystem Body Blueprint DNA kit is exclusively meant for health and eating information. It does not provide maternal or paternal lineage information.

Report Features

Nutrisystem reports are loaded with useful information that can really help you lose weight if used properly. It includes your body-specific eating behaviors, precisely how your body reacts to and processes the food you eat, which foods you should be avoiding, which foods are good for you, which vitamins you are lacking, and which vitamins and minerals you should be getting more of. The report is broken down into 5 key areas of your health, including

  • Metabolism
  • Eating behavior
  • Food breakdown
  • Fitness
  • Vitamins and mineral

All of the information is available online and is downloadable, so you can print it out and take it wherever you want.

Customer Support

Nutrisystem has plenty of customer support that is both helpful and conveniently available. Because it is involved in helping people lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle, Nutrisystem has trained professionals on staff ready to help, answer questions, and offer support

Nutrisystem has an in-depth FAQ section and dedicated community for help. Additionally, support staff can be reached via email, phone, and even live chat. Phone services are from Monday-Sunday 7am - midnight ET and live chat Monday-Sunday from 8am - 11pm ET.


$99.99 $79.99

Return Shipping


*Last updated: October, 2018

The Nutrisystem DNA kit is cheaper than some of the competitors out there. Add to that the free return shipping and the fact that you get a custom-made diet plan based entirely on your own personal results, and you have a real steal with Nutrisystem.

Data Privacy

Nutrisystem is strong on data privacy. It assigns each customer an ID number, and anyone else dealing with your account only receives the ID number. So, nobody knows your personal information at all, even the labs being used to test your DNA. Additionally, Nutrisystem holds to a strict privacy policy, ensuring your security and privacy at all times. You can even request to have your information deleted at any time. (Otherwise, it will be saved, so Nutrisystem can give you additional feedback or added information regarding your diet in the future.)

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Bottom Line

The Nutrisystem DNA test answers important questions like how does metabolism affect weight loss and why do we overeat, crave sugar, or have a harder time processing some foods. With the answers to vital questions like these, you can see more success from your weight loss efforts, finally giving you the results that you’ve been striving for.

The comprehensive Action Plan with detailed weight loss and health tips helps people go from the theoretical to the practical, giving actionable steps toward healthier living. Nutrisystem also has a great community, terrific customer and community support, and some of the most competitive pricing anywhere. All of these factors combine to earn Nutrisystem a place at the very top of our rankings.

About Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem was founded in 1972 to give people weight loss and health advice. In the 45+ years its been in existence, Nutrisystem has developed and grown its offerings, and now includes a wide variety of healthy lifestyles tools including mobile app, on-call dieticians, and the newest addition, DNA testing for genome-related health indicators

Nutrisystem offers several diet plans geared towards different audiences including the Turbo13 plan that can jumpstart serious weight loss and Nutrisystem for Men, a system that hones in on precisely what men need to trim down and bulk up.

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Ease of use

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Brand satisfaction

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Value for money

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Service quality

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

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Top Reviews

Mayra, WA
10 months ago

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

It is a very good service that me and my coworkers recommend, easy to use, and is worth the price

Alyssa, RI
8 months ago

I love everything about it, it was easily to use and navigate through the website. Customer service was great, as well as their results, which told me I was 85% Eastern European

Brent, CA
a year ago

I learned a lot about my genetics. It made my life a lot easier knowing that I am not passing anything bad down.

John, SC
10 months ago

I have used this previously and the results/service and prices are overall good as far as I am concerned

Ashley, MI
9 months ago

I really loved how specific everything about it was. The way it told me exactly what I was made up of Genetic wise and how that played a role in how I've become who I am today

Amir, NY
a year ago

Nice interface and customer support. After purchasing the service I was able to receive the product and get my results relatively quickly.

Richard, IN
a year ago

Not a great service. Took too long to get results and I could dispute the results with family history.

Court, KY
a year ago

Just very "Run of the mill" it was not stand out from other options on the market and results were not the best, left out some genetics from my mother's side.

Safaiveh, NY
10 months ago

Okay so I don't care for them cause they said I'm 57% African. I'm way more than that! And they took 2 months.

heather, IN
a year ago

This service is terrible I had testing done with 23andMe and got muchbetter results with them

10 reviews