Reviews of Top Online Wine Club Services

Compare prices, subscriptions and wine choices from the best online wine club companies, and find the one that suits you best.

The California Wine Club

Mar. 28, 2019
Since its founding in 1990, The California Wine Club has worked with small wineries to bring premium, artisan wines to customers across the country...


Mar. 27, 2019
“Wine is one of life’s simple pleasures,” according to the folks at Winc, a wine club that helps you discover your wine preferences and get wine s...

Wine of the Month Club

Mar. 27, 2019
“Never pay for a wine you don’t like” has been a way of life for the Wine of the Month Club ever since the company first started shipping out bottl...


Mar. 19, 2019
This acclaimed wine club offers you “hidden-gem organic wines made from the world’s most fascinating grapes” curated from artisanal and small-batch...

Bright Cellars

Mar. 27, 2019
You might think of beer when you think of Milwaukee, but the Wisconsin-based Bright Cellars Wine Club is driven to help members discover the world ...


Mar. 27, 2019
Buying Great Wine Should Be Easier” is the call to arms (or corkscrews) of Firstleaf, a wine club that provides personalized wine selections to use...