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Summer Water Review 2024

Patrick Sather

In a Nutshell

Based in California, Summer Water is a craft winemaker that specializes in rosés. Its 91-point sugar-free rosé was named top rosé on Wine Enthusiast’s list of 100 Best Wines in 2019. You can buy its rosé or red wine in boxes of four, eight, or twelve bottles, or opt for 24 miniature bottles. By signing up for its monthly subscription, you receive 10% off each order and free shipping. You can change, skip, or cancel your subscription anytime.


  • Free shipping and 10% discount with subscription
  • Change, cancel, or skip subscription anytime
  • Sugar-free


  • Limited wine varieties
  • No mixed subscription option

Summer Water Summer Water Visit Site

Summer Water at a Glance

Price Range

  • $5-$20 per bottle

Best For

  • Rosé enthusiasts

  • Wholesalers

  • Restaurants

  • Parties

Order Frequency

  • Monthly

Bottles per Shipment

  • 4, 8, or 12 (750 ml)

  • 24 (187 ml)


Wine Types and Quality

Summer Water offers two types of wine; its Summer Water Rosé and Keep it Chill Red. Both wines are grown along the central coast of Southern California.

Summer Water Rosé is a 91-point, award-winning rosé that was voted top rosé by The Wine Enthusiast in 2019. The current vintage on sale was bottled in 2021 and contains 12.5% alcohol by volume. The flavor is crisp and hints of lime, grapefruit, strawberry, and watermelon. It pairs well with salad or oysters, but you can just as easily have it with a plate of french fries.

Keep it Chill Red is a light-bodied French Beaujolais Gamay. Each bottle contains grapes vinified for four to five months in concrete tanks. In a breach of popular convention, it’s best served chilled and pairs well with everything from red meat to pizza.

Membership Options

If you want to enjoy Summer Water’s wines year-round, you can join its Societé membership program and have orders shipped to your door every month. With Societé, you get 10% off each order, free shipping, and free in-box gifts. You can change, skip, or cancel your membership at any time through the website or over the phone.


Both Summer Water Rosé and Keep it Chill Red are available for one-time purchase in boxes of four, eight, or twelve bottles (750ml). If you choose four or eight bottles the price is $20 per bottle ($80 or $160, respectively). Meanwhile, twelve bottles costs $18 per bottle, or $216.

Additionally, you can opt for 24 Summer Water Rosé Droplets 187ml bottles at $5.62 per bottle or $135. The Keep it Chill Red is not available in a 187ml bottle at this time.

Summer Water charges $9 shipping and handling for boxes of four bottles and offers free shipping for larger orders and subscriptions. Note, however, that there are quite a few states that not all products can be shipped to.

If you join Societé, Summer Water’s subscription club, you get a 10% discount on each shipment plus free shipping on all orders. This brings the price per bottle to $18 per bottle for four or eight bottles ($72 and $144 total, respectively) and $16.17 per bottle for twelve bottles ($194 total). The discount on the 24-pack of 187 ml bottles drops the price to $5 per bottle ($120).



Price per bottle

Total price


One Time Thing

  • N/A

  • $20 (4 or 8 bottles)

  • $18 (12 bottles)

  • $5.62 (24 bottles, 187ml)

  • $80 (4 bottles)

  • $160 (8 bottles)

  • $216 (12 bottles)

  • $135 (24 bottles, 187ml)

  • $9 (4 bottles)

  • Free (8, 12, or 24 187ml bottles)


  • 4, 8, 12, or 24

  • $18 (4 or 8 bottles)

  • $16.17 (12 bottles)

  • $5 (24 bottles, 187ml)

  • $72 (4 bottles)

  • $144 (8 bottles)

  • $194 (12 bottles)

  • $120 (24 bottles, 187ml)

  • Free

Featured Wines

Summer Water Rosé

Cost per bottle: $20 (4 or 8 bottles) or $18 (12 bottles), plus 10% off for Societé members.

Goes great with salad, oysters, or french fries.

Keep it Chill Red

Cost per bottle: $20 (4 or 8 bottles) or $18 (12 bottles), plus 10% off for Societé members.

Goes great with red meat, fish, cheese, or pizza.

Giving the Gift of Wine

Summer Water makes a great gift option for parties, anniversaries, or picnics. Simply enter the shipping address of the person you want to receive your gift and Summer Water will take care of the rest.

With Societé, you can choose to send an upcoming order as a gift. To send an order as a gift, navigate to “My Account” and select “Skip.” Summer Water then gives you the option to skip your next one or two orders, or to gift your next shipment.

Summer Water Summer Water Visit Site

Customer Service

Live customer support is available via chat or phone from 6am-5pm PT, Monday-Friday, and 7am-4pm PT, Saturday-Sunday. Alternatively, you can reach out via email or send a message to Summer Water’s team using Facebook Messenger.

Phone: (213) 513-5413

Email: hello@summerwater.com

Bottom Line

Summer Water is a top choice if you love rosés and want to enjoy them year-round. Its affordable, 91-point, award-winning rosé pairs well with everything from fresh greens to french fries. You can make a one-time purchase of its rosé or red wine varieties in 4, 8, or 12-bottle boxes or sign up for its Societé membership and receive a shipment every month. Best of all, Societé members get free shipping and a 10% discount on all hours, plus in-box gifts.

Patrick Sather is an award-winning personal finance writer and licensed broker who has worked for some of the largest financial firms in the United States, including TD Ameritrade and Pacific Life. A graduate of the University of Nebraska in both Economics and International Trade and English, Sather writes for Top10.com sharing his insights on life's most common financial decisions.
Summer Water

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