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Scott HirschByScott HirschOct. 16, 2019

The inspiration and fuel for countless songs and love-filled nights, get-togethers and special occasions, wine has coursed through the veins of the human experience for eons, in countries on every corner of the planet. 

If you’re a bit of a wine novice though, it can be hard to know which wine to try, which bottle to buy for which occasion, and how to know if what you’re buying is good or not. The world of oenophiles can be as murky as a Shiraz, but it’s easier than ever to make sense of it all.

Joining a wine club is a great way to get hand-selected wines sent to you every month, helping you learn which wines you like, which meals they go great with, and how the whole symphony of aromas and flavors got from the grape to your bottle. Different wine clubs have different strengths, and knowing what each one has to offer can help you choose the best subscription service for your needs.

Discovering new favorites
Diversifying your wine cellar
Discounted award-winners
Expanding your palate
Wines tailored to your taste buds
Diving into Napa wines
Small-batch and unique wines
Discovering organic and biodynamic wines
Filling your cellar and knowledge-bank
Highly curated top-rated wines
From $6.65 per bottle
From $13 a bottle
From $5.93 per bottle
$20 per bottle
From $13 per bottle
From $20.25 per bottle
From $6.99 per bottle
From $23.75 per bottle
From $12.49 per bottle
From $5.80 per bottle
6 bottles per month
3 bottles per month
12 bottles quarterly
4 bottles per month
12 bottles every 2 months
2, 3, or 4 bottles per month
6 bottles per month
4 or 12 bottles per month
2, 6, or 12 bottles a month
12 bottles every 3 months
43 US states
40 US states
40 states
41 states
38 US states
42 US states
First 3 bottles are $5 each
Free shipping with 4 or more bottles
Free shipping on first order
First 6 bottles at discounted price
Free bottles upon joining
2 extra bottles in your first month

Our Top10 Best Wine Clubs

  • 1


    Award-winning wines tailored to your palate
    • Best forDiscovering new favorites
    • PricingFrom $6.65 per bottle
    • Ships to43 US states

    If you’ve never equated math and wine before, you haven’t experienced Firstleaf’s unique wine-tasting algorithm. Developed by an in-house computational therapist, this unparalleled system uses your feedback as fuel for an ever-evolving flavor profile that predicts the perfect matches for your palate.  

    But forget the math for now. Firstleaf offers a heady selection of award-winning wines from across the globe. Every month, you’ll receive a personalized delivery of 6 bottles chosen specifically for you. The selection includes top reds and whites from Italy, California, Spain, and more, including 100-point wines and gold medal winners. 

    Firstleaf’s subscription is easy to understand and delicious to partake in. After an introductory quiz, you’ll receive your first custom order. As you taste and rate the wines your profile will evolve, and each month, you'll receive a new batch of delicious wines tailored to your tastes.

    • Customized to your tastes
    • Award-winning wines
    • Featured on Paste and Thrillist
    • Shipping costs extra
    • Shipping restrictions may apply
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  • 2


    Small-batch and vegan wines
    • Best forDiversifying your wine cellar
    • PricingFrom $13 a bottle
    • Ships to40 US states

    Winc’s approach is as whimsical as its wines. This winemaker-slash-curator-slash-wine-club company offers a refreshing take on the typical wine club, rotating its own labels and partner wineries in an assortment that’s sure to please, surprise, and broaden your taste buds. 

    When you begin a membership with Winc, you’ll create a palate profile that funnels your responses to a taste quiz, and your reaction to subsequent wines, into what amounts to a sort of personalized sommelier. As you progress, you’ll receive suggestions from Winc’s colorful selection of house-made wines as well as bottles from sustainable labels around the globe. 

    The selection includes vegan and specialty wines as well as classics. Wines come with nice descriptions that include ingredients, origin stories, and serving and pairing suggestions. Memberships net you 3 bottles of wine a month with the option to add more to your monthly delivery.

    • Wide selection of small-press wines
    • Sustainable and vegan wines
    • Includes ingredient info and pairing suggestions
    • Doesn’t ship nationwide
    • Focuses on lesser-known wines
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  • 3

    Wine Insiders

    Award-winning wines at wholesale prices
    Wine Insiders
    • Best forDiscounted award-winners
    • PricingFrom $5.93 per bottle
    • Ships to40 states

    Wine Insiders is an apt name for a company that partners with some of the top wine-sellers globally in order to provide prized wines at wholesale prices. 

    A scroll through Wine Insiders’ online shop reveals plenty of award-winning red and whites from around the world. You can purchase by the bottle or join the wine club, which will net you 12 bottles every 3 months. You can choose an all-red, all-white, or mixed case, all of which include nice little bonuses like 3 free bottles of 2014 Les Chartrons Bordeaux Superieur on your first order, and a corkscrew and case on your second order.

    • Shop a la carte or purchase membership
    • Top-rated wines from around the world
    • Free gifts with deliveries
    • Delivery limited to certain US states
    • Not customized to members’ tastes
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  • 4

    Bright Cellars

    Expand your cellar with new labels
    Bright Cellars
    • Best forExpanding your palate
    • Pricing$20 per bottle
    • Ships toNationwide

    Wine lovers looking for a balance of familiarity and surprise might want to consider Bright Cellars’ wine club. Its experts scour the world for small artisanal wines from Italy, Portugal, South America, and California and then hand-select bottles for its members based on their tastes. 

    The plans are straightforward and the process is fairly simple: when you first sign up, you’ll be given a 7-question quiz about your favorite chocolates, fruit preferences, and other qualifiers that are meant to glean your taste profile. You’ll be shown a sample list of wines selected for you, which you can edit to your palate’s desire.  

    From there, you’ll receive 4 bottles each month of boutique and hidden-gem wines. Bright Cellars is low-commitment and allows you to suspend orders at any time.

    • Global selection of small-press wines
    • Every bottle hand-picked for you
    • Cancel at anytime
    • Limited membership options
    • No a la carte purchases
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  • 5

    Tasting Room

    Globe-hopping selection of wine
    Tasting Room
    • Best forWines tailored to your taste buds
    • PricingFrom $13 per bottle
    • Ships to41 states

    Many wine clubs begin with an online questionnaire. Tasting Room provides a liquid questionnaire. 

    When you start a membership, you’ll be shipped 6 mini bottles of wine to sample and rate. Your feedback will help Tasting Room customize their picks for you, which will continue to evolve as you rate subsequent deliveries. 

    As for the wine itself, Tasting Room pulls wines from around the globe that it bottles in its own California-based bottling plant. Expect a wide selection of reds and whites with eye-catching labels and detailed information on origin, growing techniques, and pairing suggestions. One nice thing about Tasting Room is that it lets you preview and tweak your deliveries before they’re shipped. A typical membership includes 12 bottles every other month, though members can alter the amount of wine they’d like to receive.

    • Picks customized based on taste test
    • Top-rated wines from California and overseas
    • Cancel anytime
    • Shipping costs apply
    • Not ideal for collectors
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  • 6

    The California Wine Club

    A focus on artisanal, family-owned wineries
    The California Wine Club
    • Best forDiving into Napa wines
    • PricingFrom $20.25 per bottle
    • Ships toNationwide

    For almost 30 years, California Wine Club has been introducing artisanal, handcrafted wines from its home state and beyond to the wine-drinking public. More than just a wine club, it acts as a concierge of sorts, supplementing its monthly shipments of wines with tasting notes, winery guides, and other ephemera that not only broaden your wine cellar but your general knowledge as well.

    The main focus, however, remains the wine. Featured wineries span California, Oregon, and Tuscany, and they’re united by their boutique, artisanal focus. With carefully selected reds and whites from across the globe delivered straight to your door, and supplemental materials designed to inform and educate you, California Wine Club manages to retain a homey feel while traversing borders and refining your palate.

    California Wine Club sends you 2 bottles of premium wine a month, though it offers numerous membership options that focus on aged wines, award-winning  labels, and regional spotlights

    • Focus on boutique, handcrafted wines
    • ncludes guides and supplemental information
    • Personal wine consultants
    • Only 2 bottles per month
    • Not as large of a selection as other clubs
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  • 7


    Wine from off the beaten path
    • Best forSmall-batch and unique wines
    • PricingFrom $6.99 per bottle
    • Ships toNationwide

    Vinesse Wines introduces you to wines that you won’t find at your local liquor store. With its focus on boutique and hidden-gem labels, Vinesse is certainly more suited to discriminating wine drinkers than beginners, though its signature “American Cellars” subscription has an everyman’s appeal to it. 

    Founded in 1993, Vinesse has some history and pedigree to its name. Its tasting panel includes experts who hand select wines each month to send to members. The selection includes a border-hopping variety of reds and whites from California, France, Spain, and Australia. Every delivery includes 6 bottles of wine, though members are free to tweak the frequency and quantity of wine they receive.

    • Spotlights smaller boutique wines
    • Selection by an in-house tasting panel
    • Customized to your tastes
    • Smaller selection than other wine clubs
    • Limited membership options
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  • 8

    Plonk Wine Club

    Organic wines from exotic regions
    Plonk Wine Club
    • Best forDiscovering organic and biodynamic wines
    • PricingFrom $23.75 per bottle
    • Ships toNationwide

    Plonk’s focus on organic, biodynamic wines is a perfect match for sustainably minded wine lovers. While its featured wines are free of pesticides and commercial additives, they’re better defined by what they contain than what they don’t. And that’s stories.

    Plonk’s goal is to spotlight wine that tells a story. The story could be of the region it was made, the small-batch winery who made it, or the history and evolution of the flavors inside. Members will be taken on a veritable tour of hidden-gem wineries throughout the world while being introduced to, say,  a dry-farmed Vinho Verde from Portugal’s famed Minho region, or a smoky Blaufrankisch from Burgenland, Austria. 

    Plonk’s membership plans come in many options. You can choose between 4 or 12 bottles a month and sign up for monthly, quarterly, half-year, or annual plans.

    • Organic, biodynamic wines
    • Worldwide network of small-batch wineries
    • Free shipping and flexible plans
    • Limited choice over what wines you receive
    • Can only choose 4 or 12 bottles a month
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  • 9

    Wine of the Month Club

    Top picks from the original wine club
    Wine of the Month Club
    • Best forFilling your cellar and knowledge-bank
    • PricingFrom $12.49 per bottle
    • Ships to38 US states

    Wine of the Month Club pioneered the wine-club concept back in 1972 and remains a perennial favorite to this day. 

    More than just a wine-shipping service, Wine of the Month Club has become a trusted source for connoisseurs and neophytes alike. Every shipment includes 2, 6, or 12 bottles of expertly chosen wines, along with a newsletter that features guides, pairing suggestions, and expert tips.

    The wine selection runs the gamut of grape types, regions, occasions, and flavor profiles. Members can opt for the classic package of one red and one white, or choose a specialty package such as the Napa Series or Bordeaux Club.  

    • Nearly 50 years in business
    • Known for superb selections
    • Informative newsletter with every shipment
    • No customization
    • Does not ship to all of US
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  • 10

    Laitwait's Wine

    5-star-rated wines delivered to your doorstep
    Laitwait's Wine
    • Best forHighly curated top-rated wines
    • PricingFrom $5.80 per bottle
    • Ships to42 US states

    Laithwaite’s Wine began in 1969 in the UK. Today, it boasts more than 700,000 members across the world who wait eagerly for shipments of hand-selected merlots, chardonnays, cabernets, and pinots. 

    Though Laithwaite’s is a wine retailer, it offers 2 intriguing wine club packages: the 4 Seasons package and the upgraded Reserve Club, both of which net you 12 distinct bottles of wine every 3 months. Those who wish to add to a wine club package, or purchase wine a la carte, have hundreds of 5-star rated wines from across the globe.

    • In business for 50 years
    • Huge selection of 5-star-rated wines
    • Purchase wines a la carte
    • Doesn’t ship to all of US
    • Limited membership options
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How Do Wine Club Services Work?

Wine clubs are typically run either by a particular vineyard that is looking for a way to connect with customers and sign them to a regularly scheduled wine purchase, or by big wine clearing houses that curate wines from across the world.

Customers sign up for a plan—typically a monthly one, but there are also quarterly plans and other setups—and are usually asked about their wine preferences, or given a short set of questions in order to determine what their tastes are and which types of wine they may prefer. The wine club will then either select wines for you or let you pick the ones you want in your shipment. 

Most wine clubs will allow you to choose whether you’d like reds or whites or a mix, and if you’d like any sparkling wines. Some also allow you to purchase liquors and wine related accessories and gifts. Wine clubs tend to send between 2-4 750 ml bottles per shipment, but some allow you to order significantly more. 

With your shipment, many wine clubs will also send info sheets on the wine, as well as recipe pairings to help you learn how to cook with wine and pair it with food.  

How Much Does it Cost?

There is a wide range of prices you can expect to pay for a wine club, depending on the company you go with and the quality of the wine you order. Most companies will allow you to sign up for a basic plan or a premium wine plan, with the latter having a significantly higher price per bottle. Others, like Firstleaf, keep the prices affordable, with 6 bottles for $79.95, or a little over $13 per bottle. Companies like Naked Wines have a wider range of prices, with wines costing between $9 to $39.99 per bottle. California Wine Club takes it even further, with 2 bottles per month for between $40.45-$231.00, and single bottles for order at anywhere between $8 to $135.  

With most wine clubs, you’ll also be expected to pay a shipping fee with each order, typically around $10 or less. 

How to Choose the Right Club For You

Your first step when considering a wine club is to decide if your goal is to explore new wines and learn about the world of vino, or to look for deals on wines fit for a seasoned connoisseur. If it’s the former, then you’re probably best off looking for an introductory wine club that will take the time to learn what wines you are likely to enjoy, and will start you out with affordable, quality wines. If you’re a more seasoned wine drinker, perhaps look for a club that offers more expensive, premium wines that you may not be able to find in your neighborhood grocery store. 

Regardless, you’ll also need to decide how many bottles you want per month, and you should find a plan that you can quit anytime, so you aren’t tied into a long-term membership. And also? Have fun, and clear your schedule—if you join a wine club you may have more dinner plans than you expected.

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