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The Best Wine Club Subscriptions for Discovering New Wines

Tom Wark

If you’re a bit of a wine novice, it can be hard to know which wine to try, which bottle to buy for which occasion, and how to know if what you’re buying is good or not. The world of oenophiles can seem as murky as a rich Shiraz. However, it’s easier than ever to make sense. of wine: join a wine club. 

Joining a wine club is a great way to get hand-selected wines sent to you every month, helping you learn which wines you like, which recipes and foods they go great with, and how the whole symphony of aromas and flavors got from the grape to your bottle. But different wine clubs have different strengths. Knowing what each one has to offer can help you choose the best subscription service for your needs.

With going out to the store to buy wine less appealing than ever in the age of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and planning which wines you want to drink for the year, subscribing to a wine club makes a lot of sense. 

Compare the Top Online Wine Club Subscriptions
Naked Wines
Wine Insiders
Martha Stewart Wine Co.
Bright Cellars
Macy's Wine Shop
Wine Access
Nat Geo Wines
Reviews30 reviewsWrite Review30 reviews30 reviewsWrite Review30 reviewsWrite ReviewWrite ReviewWrite ReviewWrite Review
Best for
Discovering new favorites
Discovering unique small-batch wines
Discounted award-winners
Diversifying your wine cellar
Wine lovers who want to discover new wines
Expanding your palate
Lovers of expertly selected wines
Personalizing wine choices
Exclusive wine collections
From $6.65 per bottle
From $9 a bottle
From $5.93 per bottle
From $13 a bottle
Free shipping for orders of 6+ bottles
$20 per bottle
$159 plus tax
From $14.99 per bottle
From $11-$1500 per bottle
$149.99 (+$19.99 shipping and tax)
6 bottles per month
$40 a month
12 bottles quarterly
3 bottles per month
Six or 12 bottles per shipment
4 bottles per month
White, red, or mixed
Discovery, Premier, Advantage
Varies by subscription
12 bottles quarterly
Ships to
47 US states
43 US states
40 states
40 US states
43 US states
All states except Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah
43 states
45 states (not all areas)
Anywhere in the US
Special offers
First 6 bottles are $39.95 + free shipping
Save $100 on a 12-bottle case
Free shipping on first order
Free shipping with 4 or more bottles
Get 30% off on all wines, sitewide
Introductory offer of 6 bottles for $49.99
2 free bottles/pair of stemless glasses on Discovery, 3 free bottles on Premier
10% off all orders, exclusive members-only collections
Your first purchase costs $59.99

Our Top10 Best Wine Clubs

  • 1


    • Best forDiscovering new favorites
    • PricingFrom $6.65 per bottle
    • Ships to47 US states

    If you’ve never equated mat with wine before, you haven’t experienced Firstleaf’s unique wine-tasting algorithm. Developed by an in-house computational therapist, this unique system uses your feedback as fuel for an ever-evolving flavor profile that predicts the perfect matches for your palate.   

    But forget the math for now. Firstleaf offers a heady selection of award-winning wines from across the globe. Every month, you’ll receive delivery of 6 bottles chosen specifically for you and your palate. The selection includes top reds and whites from Italy, California, Spain, and more, including 100-point wines and gold medal winners.  

    Firstleaf’s subscription is easy to understand. After an introductory quiz, you’ll receive your first custom order. As you taste and rate the wines your palate profile will evolve and each month you'll receive a new batch of delicious wines tailored to your tastes.

    • Customized to your tastes
    • Award-winning wines
    • Featured on Paste and Thrillist
    • Shipping costs extra
    • Shipping restrictions may apply
  • 2
    Naked Wines

    Naked Wines

    • Best forDiscovering unique small-batch wines
    • PricingFrom $9 a bottle
    • Ships to43 US states

    Naked Wines lets you broaden your taste buds with a range of wines made by less-known winemakers. Customers can purchase from their selection of red and white wines without the obligation of membership. However, most Naked Wines customers find it worthwhile to become “Angel” members by paying a monthly fee that goes towards funding small wineries. Your membership fee is applied towards buying wines at discounted prices, and shipments can be scheduled monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. 

    Much of the markup on wines comes from sales and marketing costs. These fees are eliminated when you purchase bottles from Naked Wines. Naked Wines claims to offer their wines at an up to 60% savings by having you buy directly from small wineries. While the savings don’t always amount to quite that much, you will find many delicious wine options that are reasonably priced. Free shipping and well-organized delivery alerts make this service very convenient. Naked Wines is known for stellar customer service, offering a money back guarantee and hassle-free cancellation should you wish to discontinue the service. For wine lovers who want to do good by funding independent winemakers, Naked Wines is a great service to try. 

    • Well-priced, unique range of wines
    • Business model lets you help smaller winemakers get their wines to market
    • Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or they’ll credit your account, including Angel membership costs
    • Advertised discount percentages may not be as substantial as made out to be on the site
    • Popular wines are often unavailable or sell out quickly
  • 3
    Wine Insiders

    Wine Insiders

    very good
    • Best forDiscounted award-winners
    • PricingFrom $5.93 per bottle
    • Ships to40 states

    Wine Insiders is an apt name for a company that partners with some of the top wine-sellers globally in order to provide prized wines at wholesale prices. 

    A scroll through Wine Insiders’ online shop reveals plenty of award-winning reds and whites from around the world. You can purchase by the bottle or join the wine club, which gets you 12 bottles every 3 months. You can choose an all-red, all-white, or mixed case, all of which include nice little bonuses like 3 free bottles of 2014 Les Chartrons Bordeaux Superieur on your first order, and a corkscrew wine case on your second order.

    • Shop a la carte or purchase membership
    • Top-rated wines from around the world
    • Free gifts with deliveries
    • Delivery limited to certain US states
    • Not customized to members’ tastes
  • 4


    very good
    • Best forDiversifying your wine cellar
    • PricingFrom $13 a bottle
    • Ships to40 US states

    Winc’s approach is as whimsical as its wines. This winemaker and curator-driven wine club offers a refreshing take on the typical wine subscription service, rotating its own labels and partner wineries in an assortment that’s sure to please, surprise, and broaden your taste buds.  

    When you begin a membership with Winc, you’ll create a palate profile based upon your responses to a taste quiz and your reaction to subsequent wines. The result is a sort of personalized sommelier. As you progress with future deliveries, you’ll receive deliveries from Winc’s own selection of house-made wines as well as bottles from sustainable labels around the globe.  

    The Winc selection includes vegan and specialty wines as well as classics. Wines come with descriptions that include ingredients, origin stories, and serving and pairing suggestions. Memberships net you 3 bottles of wine a month with the option to add more to your monthly delivery.

    • Wide selection of small-press wines
    • Sustainable and vegan wines
    • Includes ingredient info and pairing suggestions
    • Doesn’t ship nationwide
    • Focuses on lesser-known wines
  • 5
    Martha Stewart Wine Co.

    Martha Stewart Wine Co.

    very good
    • Best forWine lovers who want to discover new wines
    • PricingFree shipping for orders of 6+ bottles
    • Ships to43 US states

    Martha Stewart Wine Company offers a selection of wines that are hand-picked by the home decor and entertainment guru herself. Martha Stewart has a relationship with a broad range of winemakers from around the world as well as expertise on pairing different wines with food and occasions. Those who know and appreciate Martha Stewart’s approach to dining and hosting will likely enjoy drinking wines from her personal collection of favorites. As one would expect from Martha, the product packaging and presentation are beautiful and elegant.

    The Martha Stewart Wine Company subscription ships in bundles of either six or twelve bottles. Choose from reds, whites, or a mix of both. You can also shop for individual bottles without committing to membership, though the savings on half or whole cases make these wines very attractively priced. With free shipping, quick delivery, and a carefully selected wine variety, Martha Stewart Wine Company has a lot to offer customers who want to enjoy interesting, new wines. 

    • Reasonably-priced variety of wines
    • Broaden your wine palette with a selection that’s personalized according to your taste
    • Satisfaction guaranteed or you receive a credit refund
    • The brand focuses on pairings and uses for its wines without delving into the wines’ history and culture
    • Shipping delays and issues with customer service were reported
  • 6
    Bright Cellars

    Bright Cellars

    very good
    • Best forExpanding your palate
    • Pricing$20 per bottle
    • Ships toNationwide

    Wine lovers looking for a balance of familiarity and discovery might want to consider Bright Cellars’ wine club. Its experts scour winemaking meccas like Italy, Portugal, South America, and California for small, artisanal wines and then hand-select bottles for its members based on their tastes.  

    The subscription plans are straightforward and the process is simple: when you first sign up, you’ll be given a 7-question quiz about your favorite chocolates, fruit preferences, and other palate preferences that will create your taste profile. You’ll then be shown a sample list of wines selected for you, which you can edit to your palate’s desire.   

    From there, you’ll receive 4 bottles each month of boutique and hidden-gem wines. Bright Cellars is low-commitment and allows you to suspend orders at any time.

    • Global selection of small-press wines
    • Every bottle hand-picked for you
    • Cancel at anytime
    • Limited membership options
    • No a la carte purchases
  • 7
    Macy's Wine Shop

    Macy's Wine Shop

    very good
    • Best forLovers of expertly selected wines
    • Pricing$159 plus tax
    • Ships toAll states except Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah

    If you enjoy fine wines and would prefer to have your next bottle delivered directly to your door, Macy’s Wine Shop could be a good choice for you. As you might expect from the iconic brand, all of its wines are specially selected by its panel of experts. Many of its wines come from the world’s finest wine-producing regions.

    Although the company doesn’t ship to all 50 states, those in the coverage area may be pleased to learn that shipping is included in the subscription price. This means there won’t be any nasty surprises during online checkout.

    • Shipping costs included
    • Detailed tasting notes with every selection
    • No-questions-asked policy on refunds
    • Not available in all 50 states
    • Only one membership per household
  • 8


    very good
    • Best forPersonalizing wine choices
    • PricingFrom $14.99 per bottle
    • Ships to43 states

    Offering 2 membership options, WSJwine Club allows you to receive 12 bottles of award-winning red and white wines every 3 months. As a member, you’ll also receive a bonus gift of up to 3 free bottles and a money-back guarantee on every purchase.

    Although its shipping costs are potentially higher than some of its competitors, its prices per case are extremely competitive, particularly on the Discovery Plan. If you have especially fussy preferences, you may be pleased to learn that the company allows you to personalize your wine selections.

    • Personalized selections
    • Tasting notes with every wine
    • Award-winning products
    • Only one case per household
    • Cheaper shipping costs available elsewhere
  • 9
    Wine Access

    Wine Access

    very good
    • Best forExclusive wine collections
    • PricingFrom $11-$1500 per bottle
    • Ships to45 states (not all areas)

    Wine Access gives you an all-access pass to some of the most exclusive wines and collections from around the world. You can test out some of the highest quality bottles from Michelin Star restaurants, out-of-reach private collections, and vineyards that create only a limited number of bottles each year. Choose from Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noirs, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and other wines from top vineyards and collections.

    Wine Access has several fun collections you can choose from. Alternatively, you can sign up for a membership and get curated boxes shipped to your home several times a year. Wine Access has an elite team of wine experts, including a Master of Wine and decorated sommeliers. There are also food pairing suggestions and pointers for getting the best wines. Wine Access also has a satisfaction guarantee.

    • Access to exclusive collections
    • Curated by Master of Wine and top Sommeliers
    • Fun collections and wine education options
    • Doesn’t ship to every state
    • No money-back guarantee (only credits account)
  • 10
    Nat Geo Wines

    Nat Geo Wines

    • Best forAffordability
    • Pricing$149.99 (+$19.99 shipping and tax)
    • Ships toAnywhere in the US

    Nat Geo Wine is a wine club offering international wines at affordable prices. The wine is sourced directly from producers in Italy, Spain, Argentina, France, New Zealand, and the US. You get 12 bottles of red and white wine every three $19.10 months, and you can unsubscribe at any time by calling a toll-free number.

    The wine club is the result of a partnership between the National Geographic Society and Laithwaites Wines. If you like the idea of professionally chosen international wines delivered to your doorstep, this is a wine club worth considering.

    • 12 bottles of wine delivered per quarter
    • Affordable monthly subscription with a full refund guarantee
    • Receive advanced notifications before each delivery
    • Wine deliveries are separately chargeable
    • Not the most expensive wine options
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best wine club to join?
It depends on what your tastes are. Firstleaf is a solid choice for those looking to discover new wines, while The California Wine Club is better for those with specific tastes and preferences. Winc is another favorite for those looking to discover hidden gems and indie wines.
How much do wine clubs cost?
Wine clubs may charge by bottle or package and can vary greatly in price. Some wine clubs charge as little as $5 per bottle while other premium clubs may charge as much as $25 and up depending on the vintage.
Are wine clubs worth it?
Wine clubs are great for those looking to discover new wines, build or diversify a wine cellar, or save themselves constant trips to the liquor store.

How Do Wine Club Services Work?

Wine clubs are typically operated by companies that either source wine from wineries around the world or purchase wine and bottle it under their own labels. 

Customers sign up for a plan—typically a monthly one, but there are also quarterly plans and other setups—and are usually asked about their wine preferences, or given a short set of questions in order to determine what their tastes are and which types of wine they may prefer. The wine club will then either select wines for members or let members choose from a selection of wines curated or produced by the club. 

Most wine clubs will allow you to choose whether you’d like reds or whites or a mix, and if you’d like any sparkling wines. Some also allow you to purchase wine related accessories and gifts. Wine clubs tend to send between 2-4 750 ml bottles per shipment, but some allow you to order significantly more. 

With your shipment, many wine clubs will also send informational sheets on the wine, as well as recipes to pair with the wines in the shipment. 

How Much Does it Cost?

There is a wide range of prices you can expect to pay for a wine club subscription, depending on the club you join and the quality of the wine. Most companies will allow you to sign up for a basic plan or a premium wine plan, with the latter having a significantly higher price per bottle. Others, like Firstleaf, keep the prices affordable, with 6 bottles for $79.95, or a little over $13 per bottle. Companies like Naked Wines have a wider range of prices, with wines costing between $9 to $39.99 per bottle. California Wine Club takes it even further, with 2 bottles per month for between $40.45-$231.00, and single bottles for order at anywhere between $8 to $135.  

Finally, with most wine clubs, you can also expect to pay a shipping fee with each order, typically around $10 or less. 

How to Choose the Right Club For You

Your first step in choosing a wine club is to determine how much you want to pay for wine, how often you want to receive it and how much you want to receive. Once you determine this, you should think about why you are looking to receive regular shipments of wine. Perhaps you just want good, affordable wine to show up at your doorstep on a regular basis. If this is the case, then look for an affordable wine club option that tries to match your tastes in wine. If you want to use a wine club to learn more about wine, look for a club that provides a wide variety of wines from a number of different wine regions around the world. 

The beauty of each and every one of the above wine clubs is the remarkable convenience they offer. Without ever thinking about it and without having to waste time browsing over walls of wines at crowded grocery and retail stores, wines that match your tastes show up at your door on a regular basis. 

The other great advantage to joining wine clubs is the savings. Every wine club on this list is able to provide its members with tremendous value and savings by either having bought large amounts of a given wine from wineries or having produced the wine themselves and disposing of the middlemen that jack up the price. 

More than anything, though, it’s the sense of fun and discovery that comes with every box of wine delivered straight to your door. And we could all do with happy discoveries these days.

Tom Wark
Tom Wark has worked in the wine industry for 30 years and has become a go-to source for wine information via his blog, “Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog”. Wark’s blog has won multiple “Best Wine Blog” and “Best Wine Business Blog” awards at the American Wine Blog Awards. He has written for numerous publications and has been a featured speaker at wine industry events.