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Cerebral Alternatives: Our 5 Best Picks for Online Therapy Sites (2023)

Katherine Cullen
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Cerebral is an online therapy platform that offers talk therapy and medication management. But there are alternatives that can also meet your needs.

Online therapy is just as effective as face-to-face therapy. And in addition to Cerebral, other online services with comparable care can help boost your mental health. Some are even gender-inclusive, showcase different therapeutic approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy, and offer services outside the United States.

To save you time combing through options, here are our top picks for Cerebral alternatives in 2023.

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Our Best Cerebral Alternatives at a Glance

Our Top Picks for the Best Cerebral Alternatives

1. BetterHelp

A global leader in affordable, convenient online therapy

Best for - Individuals, couples, and teens seeking general talk therapy

Pricing - $60-$90/week

Modes of communication - Text, live chat, video call, phone call

With approximately 30,000 licensed therapists serving clients in the US and abroad, BetterHelp is among the most prominent online therapy platforms to date. To match with a counselor, you first need to do a brief depression screening and assessment of your therapist preferences. You can then text, call, or meet with your counselor via a secure video platform, depending on your subscription plan.

BetterHelp also offers digital worksheets on topics such as relaxation techniques, stress management, conflict resolution, and low self-esteem.


  • Services available in and outside the United States
  • Group sessions and support groups
  • Discounts for low-income individuals


  • Sessions limited to 30 minutes
  • Doesn't offer prescriptions


Research-backed therapy available on multiple continents

Best for - Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Pricing - $160-$352/month

Modes of communication - Video, audio, live chat

Founded in 2011 to make CBT globally accessible, connects individuals and couples to therapists trained in this well-researched modality. You can communicate with your therapist via text, phone, and video.

In addition to counseling, has an eight-week self-help course with educational modules and worksheets that teach you about mental health. Therapists also provide feedback on completed worksheets.


  • Counselors trained in CBT
  • Self-help course with worksheets and educational modules
  • Pre-recorded yoga and meditation classes


  • Doesn't accept insurance
  • Services not available for children

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3. Pride Counseling

Affirmative online therapy for the LGBTQIA+ community

Best for - Gender-inclusive therapy

Pricing - $60-$90/week

Modes of communication - Text, video, audio, and live sessions

Pride Counseling connects you with counselors trained in working with LGBTQIA+ clients.

You start by answering questionnaires about your gender and sexuality, and then what gender, sexuality, and specialty you want in your counselor. You then get algorithmically screened for depression and suicidality and matched with a therapist who best fits your preferences.

You can text, call, or meet via video with your counselor, depending on your subscription plan. You can also access digital journals and numerous worksheets via the Pride Counseling app to support your progress.


  • Specializes in LGBTQIA+ therapy
  • Digital worksheets and journal features
  • 24/7 messaging access to counselors


  • No letters of recommendation for hormone therapy
  • Doesn't accept insurance

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4. Talkspace

The original online talk therapy brand

Best for - Individuals, couples, teens, or employers seeking standard online therapy

Pricing - $69-$129/week

Modes of communication - Video, phone, message, live chat

Founded in 2012 by a couple whose marriage was saved by therapy, Talkspace has offered mental healthcare for over 2 million users. After a brief assessment—with a mental health professional, not an algorithm—you are matched with three potential therapists. You then meet with one of these therapists via a secure video platform or text messaging.

You have access to a library of mental health conditions where you can learn about various diagnoses. You can also take several free mental health tests to gauge where you might most need support.

In addition to individual and couples therapy, they offer talk therapy for teens and business wellness programs for employers.


  • Accepts insurance
  • Offers prescription services
  • Caters to diverse demographics


  • No phone-only sessions
  • Pricier than other online therapy platforms

5. Brightside

Comprehensive, data-driven online therapy

Best for - Individuals seeking measurable evidence

Pricing - $95/month

Modes of communication - Video and text

Brightside connects users across America to medication management services and therapists trained in CBT. Depending on your subscription plan, you get screened for depression by an algorithm before being matched with either a therapist, a doctor who prescribes medications, or both.

The platform monitors your treatment responses via periodic check-ins about your mood, sleep patterns, and other mental health indicators. This helps providers to adjust treatments and allows you to track your progress.


  • Offers prescription services
  • Accepts insurance
  • Discounted rates for students


  • Doesn't treat ADHD
  • Video sessions limited to 30 minutes

Why Choose These Cerebral Alternatives?

For Services Catering to Your Demographic

LGBTQIA+ individuals would benefit from therapy platforms like Pride Counseling or Talkspace that connect them to counselors trained in gender-inclusive counseling and affirmative therapy.

Therapists on Talkspace's veterans initiative can also treat conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, grief, and substance abuse, making it ideal for former army service members.

For Evidence-Based Treatment

If you want assurance that the treatments you get are evidence-based, you should try or Brightside. They prioritize research-backed modalities like CBT, so they'll suit your needs better.

For Measurable Results

Platforms like Brightside, which offer feedback on therapeutic progress, provide measurable evidence of your treatment's effectiveness.

For Different Features

If you want additional tools for therapy, you should try BetterHelp, Pride Counseling, or Their worksheets, journals, and course offerings can help you manage common depression triggers, boost stress management skills, and increase mental health knowledge.

Cerebral Alternatives: Therapy that Suits Your Needs

Whether you want a specific kind of therapist or just features suited to your preferences, there's an online therapy platform for you.

While there may be a wealth of options available, the top five Cerebral alternatives listed above are definitely worth trying in 2023.

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