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What Are the Benefits of Practicing Gratitude?

Donna Murphy - Top 10 writer
A close up of a person experiencing the benefits of practicing gratitude.
My mother wasn't big on clichés, but she used to say that every knock is a boost. So, what you think is a negative almost always ends up working in your favor. By practicing gratitude, we can embrace this philosophy to find value and growth in every challenge we face.

But thankfulness isn't just about looking for silver linings; it's about fostering a deeper connection to the world and its people. It's a practice that, with consistency, can transform your outlook and make you more positive, resilient, and open to spiritual insights.

I'll use my 20+ years of experience as a tarot practitioner, online psychic reader, and intuitive coach to explain why you should be more grateful every day.

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The Multifaceted Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Positive Emotions

One of the biggest curses of human nature is our tendency to compare ourselves to others. This common habit can cause unhappiness. We often feel inadequate when we see others with more wealth or happier relationships.

The solution to this cycle of comparison is practicing gratitude. Usually, we're richer than we think. Focusing on what we have—instead of what we lack—helps us foster an appreciation for the blessings in our lives.

Thankfulness also leads to a more optimistic outlook. It lets us see challenges as opportunities to find solutions.

Emotional Regulation

Worry and anxiety often come from feeling like we're missing something we want or think we need. This can lead to stress, especially when we fret about not achieving goals like getting a promotion, buying a home or car, or having a romantic partner.

We all live very stressful lives. We usually fixate on the worst outcomes, which adds to our stress. Our bodies react to these worries as if they were real, even if they're just thoughts. This means we feel the effects of anxiety whether or not these events are actually happening.

Gratitude can lower this feeling of stress by showing us what we have instead of what we're missing. We become calmer and more in control, helping us navigate challenges and problems. We also feel more empowered. It makes us aware of the good in our lives and pushes us to believe we can create positive changes.

Enhanced Mental Health

Practicing gratitude can lessen feelings of depression and anxiety, improving our overall mental well-being. It lets us see what's possible and achievable so we no longer feel hopeless.

It drives us to be more resilient, helping us bounce back from tough times with less effort. By focusing on what we're thankful for, we start to see the positive side of things more often. This doesn't just make us feel better in that moment; it builds up our ability to handle challenging situations with a more hopeful attitude.

Better Relationships

When we appreciate others, especially someone who's difficult to be around, it changes how we interact with them. When we focus on what we're thankful for in those around us, we start handling disagreements with more kindness instead of frustration. It also improves how we relate to them and how they associate with us.

Gratitude highlights the positives and helps strengthen our connections. We communicate better and build trust by showing we value what others do. This reduces negativity and makes our relationships more satisfying. Expressing gratitude encourages others to do the same, breaking the cycle of bad karma.

What Are the Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Incorporate Gratitude Into Your Daily Routine

When we practice gratitude, we realize there's more to life than just us. It helps us link to other people and nature to grow spiritually and personally. It can also make it easier to connect with our spirit guides for divine guidance.

You can add thankfulness to your daily life in different ways, like taking time to think about what you're grateful for, meditating on it, or keeping a gratitude journal. The written word has power. When you write, you connect your mind and body, and you're creating a physical manifestation of your thoughts and feelings.

Start by writing "I'm thankful for" at the top of a page, then list everything you're grateful for. You can start small by saying thank you for:

  • The roof over your head
  • The food you have to eat
  • Your job
  • Your health
  • Your family
  • Your friends

You can also try guided meditation, visualization, life-changing affirmations, crystals, and nature walks. If you need guidance on practicing gratitude, consult mediums from sites like California Psychics and Psychic Source.

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What Are the Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude and Psychic Readings

As a psychic, practicing gratitude lets me be more compassionate and empathetic and enhances my psychic abilities. I would even say I'm more intuitive because I'm coming to my clients from a better place than if I were stressed out or upset. I can say I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with them and help them.

I've also found that my clients are more receptive to what's happening in a reading, the flow of information, and my insights when they look at life through the lens of gratitude. This is when breakthroughs happen because they're open to finding new ways to deal with their current situation.

Being grateful makes for a much more interconnected and heartfelt experience during a reading or exchange of energy. But it works best when it comes from both sides.

Preparing for Your Psychic Reading

Before going into a session with a reader from platforms like Keen and Purple Garden, take some time to meditate and allow yourself to become mindful. Take deep breaths and relax for a few moments. Use your mind's eye to recall things that have happened or that you'd love to experience. And in your quiet reflection, say thank you.

Doing this can help you manage the energies around you and see what's good in your life right now. Online psychics can also heal your energies, align your chakras, and cleanse your aura through practices like Reiki or Qigong. As you focus on the positive aspects of life, you may experience energy flowing more harmoniously.

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What Are the Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Finding Gratitude in Tough Times

Facing tough times or big challenges often makes it hard to feel grateful. We're human, and experiencing emotions like hurt, fear, or worry is a natural response when things seem gloomy.

However, it's crucial to remember that there's usually a way out of our problems. By taking deep breaths and staying mindful, we can calm our minds and protect ourselves from negative energy.

Noticing the small but beautiful things in life, such as a sunrise or flowers blooming, can help shift our focus and remind us that there are still reasons to be thankful, even when everything else feels overwhelming.

Strengthening Gratitude through Sharing and Reflection

Talking about our feelings of gratitude with friends, family, or partners who understand can be incredibly supportive during difficult times. These conversations not only allow us to share our burdens but also reinforce our connections with others.

Reflecting on past challenges we've overcome can boost our confidence and remind us of our resilience. Moreover, maintaining a gratitude practice, even in small ways, can make a significant difference in our outlook.

The more we practice being appreciative, the more things we'll find to be thankful for, enhancing our ability to see the positive in our lives.

What Are the Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Find Growth Through Gratitude

Showing thanks through writing, meditation, or affirmations can support your personal and spiritual growth. But choose a method you're comfortable with and can do regularly.

Pay attention to how you feel as you make gratitude a part of your day. Changes might happen quickly or slowly, but either way, you'll start to see the benefits. And don't worry about being perfect—the more you practice it, even in small ways, the easier and more natural it becomes.

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Donna Murphy - Top 10 writer
Dona Murphy writes for Top 10 as a committed Tarot practitioner and intuitive coach who transitioned from an HR career to concentrate on self-discovery, improved decision-making, and creating content, including thought leadership, blogs, web copy, and e-books.