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Aligning Your Chakras: 10 Tips for Beginners

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A woman sitting in the lotus pose with each chakra shown
Aligning your chakras and becoming aware of your seven senses can provide a roadmap for your life. It becomes the guided vehicle on your life's journey and helps you make the personal changes you desire. It may become daunting or foreign at first, but everyone should become connected to this ancient system of inner awareness and reflection.

The chakra system belongs to yoga, a practice in which you unite with cosmic consciousness or the source. The sages who spread the knowledge of the chakras have established a path for awakening to greater consciousness and freedom. A spiritual guru can provide you with a psychic reading that focuses on aligning your chakras. Asking your psychic questions can deepen your understanding of yourself and others, helping you reach your full potential by aligning your chakras.

You can also practice balancing your chakras with these 10 tips for beginners.

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1. Take Time to Relax

Are you working hard? It is essential to take time out when you are working hard towards your goals. Allow yourself to take a relaxing break.

You can take good care of your body by practicing tai chi, dance, martial arts, or hatha yoga. Any sport will heighten your increasing sense of well-being. By creating a relationship with your body, you are increasing self-control and awareness. This nurtures that inner voice to explore your first chakra: the root chakra.

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2. Focus on Breath Control

Breath control, otherwise known as pranayama, guides us to be connected with the outside world. It provides us with a vital life force.

Prana (air) is connected to our nervous system. Thus, we can control our minds by controlling our breath. Slow breathing calms the mind and physical body and releases tension. By feeling more secure in your body and your environment through pranayama, you will connect with your root chakra.

3. Get Creative

We all come into this life with creative attributes or talents meant to be developed or used in our daily routine. After focusing on your breath, you can immerse yourself in a creative outlet and fill your environment with colors and sounds to soothe the soul and open up your imagination.

Whether writing, drawing, or listening to music, any form of creation will help you connect to your inner talents and open up your second chakra: the sacral chakra.

4. Find your Power

In life, we are faced with situations that require us to draw on our third chakra power and display courage. It might be challenging to set boundaries or be the bigger person, but we can choose self-love that radiates outwardly when we practice stepping away from harmful or heated emotions and choose to be silent.

Our confidence in our capabilities grows, and our willpower helps us take action toward what we want for ourselves. By practicing change and being aware of your behavior, you can connect with your third chakra: the solar plexus.

5. Practice Unconditional Love

We are all the same. To love another is to love ourselves. Practicing unconditional love with yourself will connect you to the parts where judgment may be present. This will build awareness when connecting with another, helping you see that loving another enables you to see yourself more clearly.

When our love is conscious, we are happiest when others are happy. We accept others for who they are and do not try to mold or fit them into our perceptions. This practice will help you connect to your fourth chakra: the heart chakra.

Namaste: "I bow to you."

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6. Connect to the Messages of Your Heart

To truly love someone, we must first love ourselves. We want to experience transcendent love and love of the divine. This type of love holds no bounds or end. It is eternal and without judgment and self -righteousness.

Connect with what your heart needs, take time out, and give yourself the nourishment, compassion, and kindness necessary to experience this type of love. Only then can great healing come through the universal love medium: your heart chakra.

7. Seek Knowledge

It is important to seek knowledge that challenges your limiting beliefs and pushes you to pursue your potential. Unconventional knowledge that is not previously accepted and exceeds the ordinary will get you in touch with true wisdom. It will teach you to observe and be more apparent in communicating information.

Understanding that there is more out there than what you know now leads you to value the power of your words. It gives you the patience to listen when others have the stage, opening up your fifth chakra: the throat chakra.

8. Sing, Speak, Write

Allowing yourself to sing with the birds, write from the depths of your soul, or speak out loud as if to the divine will let your truth be heard without fear of reprisal. These activities help balance your emotions with logic and give you the strength to shine through your authenticity.

Engaging with your voice allows you to become more in tune with others' intentions. You become more aware of the emotional messages and learn to respond from a centered place. This ability to hear yourself and others clearly opens up your fifth chakra: the throat chakra.

9. Just Be

Be connected to your inner truth, who you are in this moment right now. There is no attachment to desires, wants, and needs. You are simply as you are. This is the most honest form of expression. It creates awareness in your soul, mind, and body.

You become a witness to your thoughts, actions, and subtle movements in your inner and outer environment. Your intentions become pure, authentic, and genuine. You move through life with awareness, harnessing the powers of your sixth chakra and opening your third eye.

10. Hold On to Nothing, Understand Everything

This is not an easy state to reach, so don't be hard on yourself if you cannot wholeheartedly transcend your limiting fears. We are souls living in a body, so our egos need to attach to our primal survival needs. However, we can practice non-attachment by recognizing the beauty of life and all that is given to us.

By allowing stillness, we can then feel connected to all creation. A deep knowing that we identify with God, the universe, and all beings, including trees, plants, and animals. A simple understanding of this great wisdom can connect you with your seventh chakra: the crown chakra.

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Now I Move Freely Through All Chakras

Aligning your chakras can bring joy, bliss, and more happiness to your life. You become open to unlimited potential and the belief that nothing is impossible. Positivity becomes a state of mind, followed by peace.

If you're looking for some extra guidance, an online palm reader from Keen or California Psychics can help you align your chakras.

Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a Holistic Health and Spiritual Writer who writes for Top10.com. In addition, she is a professional Spiritual advisor trained in Tarot Divination, Astrology, Reiki Healing, and Dream Analysis. Her background as a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer allows her to look at the whole Body, Mind and Spiritual Connection.