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Last Updated: Jun 2024

Top 10 Best Psychic Reading Services 2024

Psychic readings can guide you through times of change, difficulty and everyday questions. Choose an adviser who truly gets you - and find peace, today.

Did you know?
1 in 3 Americans feel they have experienced a psychic moment (YouGov)

Top 10 Best Psychic Readings of 2024

We don’t exactly know what the future has to offer, but we can be guided on our journey towards it.

Psychic readings have aided people since the 15th century. They encompass many forms including tarot readings, palm readings, rune readings, psychometry, aura readings, and in the modern world, distance readings.

All of these offer different experiences and outcomes for people seeking a sneak peek into their future, or guidance on matters that cannot be easily explained in the physical world. 

Thanks to the advancement of technology, psychic readings have also become accessible to anyone who can connect to the internet. You can get a reading any time, any day. 

With such a huge selection of readers and methods to choose from, picking the perfect reader can be a daunting task. In this review, we will be breaking down the top 10 best psychic readings of the year to guide you in choosing your guide.

What are Psychic Readers?

Psychic readers are gifted people with the ability to interpret information, messages, objects, and events through their enhanced abilities. 

People who seek out psychic readers have different reasons for their consultations, but more often than not, they are in search of answers concerning their past, present, and future. Examining these can provide you with opportunities to further understand a situation, or to obtain clarity over a particular matter.

In social media, psychic readers using divination tools such as tarot cards and runes have been gaining popularity and interest. However, it is important to note that not all psychic readers use divination tools to understand and deliver their messages. In fact, most readers have very diverse and distinctive styles when it comes to their practice.

Psychic readers have different areas of expertise, with some practicing more than one. However, if you wish to consult a reader with a specific style, you can find out how to do so below. 

How to Choose the Right Psychic Reader for Your Needs?

Each psychic reader has a unique way of interpreting and delivering messages, and no two experiences will be the same. Even the same psychic will deliver different readings due to the methods they use, the time it takes place, and the energy present. 

But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you pick the right reader for you. Choosing a psychic reader is relatively straightforward and a lot easier than it seems.

The first thing you must consider is availability. Psychic reading websites offer a list of readers that you can consult, and their profiles will often tell you if they are available for your desired session time.

Secondly, you must examine the topics each reader specialises in. Are you seeking guidance regarding your love life or your career? Do you want to consult a tarot reader, or someone who’ll analyze your dreams? This will help you figure out who can assist you the most.

A short description of each reader is also usually available. This will help you get an idea of how their readings work, and if you’ll be able to connect with them and their practice. Do they speak a language that you can understand? What tools do they use? How experienced are they? Consider these factors when choosing your reader.

Finally, check each reader’s rates and client reviews. Does it match your budget? How about the reviews—were there lots of positive comments?

It doesn’t end there though! Checking off the items on your list is the easy part. The ultimate test is going through the consultation and experiencing a reading for yourself.

How Do Online Psychic Readings work?

Online psychic readings fall under the category of distance readings, meaning you can connect with a reader without meeting them in person. 

After finding a site and vetting available psychic readers, you must decide how you would like your reading to be conducted. 

Some websites offer chat-only services while others give you the option of a voice call or video call. It all depends on what you are comfortable with and willing to pay for. 

Once connected with your reader, they will walk you through the process of their reading and tell you what information they need. Don’t fret! Asking for personal information such as names and event specifics is very common, and helps the best psychics have a better understanding of where to take their reading.

If you have questions about their process, or if you think of one during the reading, feel free to ask your reader. Remember that psychic readings aim to provide you clarity—if not answers—so don’t hesitate to seek your reader’s guidance. 


How much do psychic readings cost?

Online psychics usually charge per minute. Rates also differ depending on whether your consultation is through chat or video call. Typical rates can be as low as $2 per minute and as high as $30 per minute.

Do I need to prepare for a psychic reading?

While you are not required to do anything specific ahead of a psychic reading, preparing yourself to answer questions from your reader is a good start. Equally, making sure that you are open to receiving your reader’s message—whatever it may be—will help you to have a better experience.

What can I ask psychic readers about?

In general, psychic consultations are very open, although your reader will let you know if they cannot answer a question you have asked. If you would like to discuss a specific topic, such as love, it is best to align your questions with this. That way, your reader can focus on a single subject and deliver messages that will resonate with you.

Our Top 3 Picks

    California Psychics
    Variety of reading types, A+ customer careVisit Site
    • Best for - A wide variety of psychic reading methods
    • Price range - From $4.50/minute
    • Money-back guarantee - Yes, site credits only
    Variety of reading types, A+ customer care
    Visit Site

    How California Psychics works

    California Psychics offers a user-friendly platform where clients can connect with psychics through phone or chat. The website features psychics sorted into categories like “Premier”, “Rising Stars”, and “New”, making it easy to find a psychic that fits your needs. Their psychics specialize in various abilities and use different divination tools, providing a personalized reading experience.

    Services offered by California Psychics

    The services at California Psychics include readings on love, career, destiny, and more, using tools like crystals, oracle cards, and remote viewing. Their psychics are skilled in various methods such as clairvoyance, mediumship, and astrology. The website also offers a rich collection of informative articles and daily horoscopes for each zodiac sign.

    Unique features of California Psychics

    California Psychics stands out among psychic service websites with its extensive experience of over 25 years in the business and a wide range of psychic services available via phone or chat. The site offers specialized readings in various areas like love, career, and life path, facilitated by a diverse selection of psychics with varying levels of experience and expertise. 

    California Psychics satisfaction guarantee

    California Psychics prioritizes your satisfaction with their readings. If you find yourself unsatisfied with a session, their policy allows you to request a refund in California Psychics Dollars. This offer applies to your most recent reading and requires action within 24 hours of the session. Remember, refunds are limited to one per month and one per psychic, ensuring you explore different advisors. 

    California Psychics promotional offers

    California Psychics offers an introductory rate starting at $1/minute for new customers, with special rates for higher-tier psychics. Additionally, their Karma Rewards program provides a $20 credit upon signing up, and allows users to earn points with every purchase for free minutes. This program also includes perks like a free detailed astrological birth chart and extra points for readings within a customized Psychic Circle.

    Why we chose California Psychics

    California Psychics was chosen for its 24/7 customer service and precise filtering system, which helps users quickly find a trusted psychic. The platform's diverse range of talented experts, combined with the Karma Rewards program and frequent discounts, offers great value. 

    Our experience

    My session with Michael struck a perfect balance between professional insight and a friendly conversation. He dove into my relationship issues with an impressive understanding, and he did it all without any tools – just his intuition and empathy. It felt like he really saw the different angles of my situation. Throughout the session, Michael's approach was calming and reassuring. 

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    California Psychics Pros & Cons


    Diverse range of psychics and reading methods
    24/7 customer service
    Wide selection of special offers


    Pricing structure can be confusing
    Negative psychic reviews not always shown
    california-psychics logo
    California Psychics
    Visit Site
    Best site for psychic specialtiesVisit Site
    • Best for - Multicultural psychics
    • Price range - From $1.99/minute
    • Money-back guarantee - Yes, up to $25 worth of site credits
    Best site for psychic specialties

    How Keen works

    Keen is a premier destination for psychic readings, offering services via phone or online chat. For nearly 25 years, Keen has guided millions of people in finding clarity in their lives. Users can easily connect with advisors anytime, anywhere, choosing from a wide range of services including love and relationships, career, finances, and more.

    Services offered by Keen

    Keen provides a comprehensive range of services such as love and relationship advice, tarot readings, spiritual readings, astrology advice, and psychic mediums. Their website also features a rich collection of articles on spirituality, astrology, and horoscopes for each zodiac sign, including love compatibility and future forecasts.

    Unique features of Keen

    All psychics on Keen are not only experienced but also undergo a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that clients receive reliable and expert guidance. Additionally, the platform prioritizes confidentiality and safety. Every conversation between a client and an advisor is kept 100% private, maintaining a secure and confidential environment.

    Keen's satisfaction guarantee

    Keen aims to ensure maximum satisfaction from their readings. If a session doesn't meet your expectations, you may be eligible for a credit up to $25 in Keen dollars for future conversations. Note that credits are issued in Keen dollars only, and session fees and promotional funds might not be eligible for reimbursement.

    Keen's promotional offers

    New users can enjoy 10 minutes for $1.99 and get the first three minutes for free. Additionally, Keen advisors have the option to send free minutes to users after a reading. Keen's rewards program also offers points for client interactions, such as advisor consultations and app usage, leading to exclusive benefits like Keen credits and discounted readings. 

    Why we chose Keen

    Keen hosts psychics from various cultural backgrounds, encouraging exploration of different perspectives and readings. Their blog covers a range of topics, from contacting psychics to preparing for love readings, providing valuable insights for users. The platform's commitment to diversity, customer satisfaction, and comprehensive service offerings make it a top choice for psychic readings.

    Our experience

    I tried out SacredWaters, who provided an illuminating and supportive session. She clarified a business-related matter, offering valuable insights and shedding light on missed opportunities. She was able to analyze the situation from a whole new perspective, and offered real actions to take on the matter as possible solutions.

    Read Keen Review

    Keen Pros & Cons


    Detailed psychic bios with visible reviews
    Psychic matching tool
    Diverse selection of reading methods


    No strict screening process for advisors
    No video readings
    Purple Garden
    Thousands of psychics at your fingertipsVisit Site
    • Best for - Affordable app-based psychic readings
    • Price range - From $0.99/minute
    • Money-back guarantee - No
    Thousands of psychics at your fingertips

    How Purple Garden works

    Purple Garden is an online psychic reading platform accessible through its app on iOS and Android devices. Designed primarily for mobile use, it also offers desktop access to chat, voice, and video features. The platform showcases a diverse range of advisors, allowing users to connect with them for various types of readings.

    Services offered

    The website offers a variety of psychic reading services, including love readings, psychic readings, tarot readings, astrology & horoscopes, palm readings, angel insights, oracle guidance, and dream analysis. Users can filter through top-rated psychics specializing in different areas such as love, palm, angel, or dream readings. There are also sections for trending psychics and top-rated advisors, ensuring users have access to a wide range of psychic services.

    Unique features of Purple Garden

    Purple Garden features a community platform where users can share their experiences with psychics. Advisor profiles provide detailed information, including the number of readings conducted, duration of their work on the app, and introductory videos. This additional information aids users in selecting the right psychic match. The website also highlights psychics who are trending or have been acknowledged as highly accurate by users.

    Purple Garden satisfaction guarantee

    Purple Garden offers a reassurance policy for its services. If you're not satisfied with your reading due to a less-than-ideal experience or technical issues, you can request a refund by contacting their support team within three days. 

    Purple Garden promotional offers

    For new users, Purple Garden provides a $10 credit for the first reading, allowing you to try their services with no upfront financial commitment. In addition, they offer ongoing benefits like a free reading for referring a friend and birthday credits.

    Why we chose Purple Garden

    Purple Garden was chosen for its comprehensive and user-friendly platform that offers a wide range of psychic services. The ability to filter and select psychics based on specific needs, along with the detailed profiles and community feedback, provides a reassuring and personalized experience. The platform's accessibility on both mobile and desktop devices, along with its high user ratings and diverse range of services, makes it a preferred choice for those seeking psychic readings online.

    Our experience

    I tried out one of Purple Garden’s psychics, Bianca, who was practical, offering valuable and logical answers to my relationship questions. Her warm energy created a comfortable environment, and she didn't shy away from telling the truth, even if it meant addressing difficult topics.

    Read Purple Garden Review

    Purple Garden Pros & Cons


    Live chat, phone calls, and video sessions
    Detailed profiles to help you make the best decision
    Plenty of psychic reading styles, methods, and tools


    The app has frequent technical problems
    No introductory rates
    purple-garden logo
    Purple Garden

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