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Everclear Review 2024: Is It the Psychic App for You?

Maria Raczka

In a Nutshell

Most advisors are charming, empathetic, and hold the intention of helping people. Overall, the availability of advisors, profiles, friendly and professional pictures, and reviews speak to Everclear’s credibility. Everclear's future is bright and promising.


  • Clear, engaging advisor profiles
  • Advisor availability/satisfaction guarantee
  • Convenience: App for both Apple and Android


  • Overreaching claims on some profiles; lack of adherence to rules
  • No video chat

Everclear at a Glance

Editorial Score


Offers initial 3 minutes free on calls or chat; standard rates apply thereafter​.


Provides a variety of psychic services including tarot, astrology, and empathic readings.


Provides 24/7 access to advisors via calls and chat, ensuring continuous availability for clients.


Advisors are rigorously vetted and offer a range of psychic services, ensuring high-quality and reliable readings.

Customer Support

Offers a satisfaction guarantee with credits for unsatisfactory sessions, highlighting strong customer support.

How much does Everclear cost?

Each Everclear advisor charges their own rate, ranging from $0.99 to $12.99 per minute (or per chat question). The app does not offer bulk credit purchases or monthly subscriptions. The trial offer includes three free minutes. If you choose to chat, you can also pay per “volley.” You can think of a “volley” as a series of responses to each question. Every time you ask a question on chat, you set yourself up for an answer (volley) or string of text answers (volleys). You will pay once for all answer(s) every time you ask a question. Every time you type a new question, you incur additional charges.

The average price point is comparable to the larger, more established psychic reading companies. In addition, Everclear offers no other deals or perks besides its introductory offer unless individual readers choose to offer a “promotion.”

Is Everclear Legit?

Everclear is a legit psychic service and, as such, suffers similar challenges as other psychic services apps. The legitimacy of the services offered is a huge sticking point (mainly when a company does not provide a tangible product). Some psychics make overarching claims to offer “relationship/family counseling,” “solving problems,” or “predicting the future” that we find troublesome. First off, “relationship/family counseling” should be left up to medical professionals, and doing otherwise is reckless (at best) and dangerous (at most). Secondly, there is only one person who can solve your problems, you. Lastly, as a medium, I can tell you that there are many possible futures. Every day, you pick your future with your choices, actions, and, most importantly, attitude.

In addition, an ethical, spiritual worker should only read the person asking for the reading. Ideally, (s)he should not speak for others not present and answer questions such as “will (s)he …?”

Everclear thoroughly vets its advisors before beginning their contract. Following the initial application, Everclear tests each advisor's abilities twice within three weeks. Once hired, an advisor is on 10-day probation and observed. Everclear employs advisors on a contract basis and allows no contact outside of the app.

Everclear stands behind its community credo and offers support  and resources for those needing help beyond the scope of the app’s offering.

How to Get Started With Everclear

Sign-up is easy. You can sign up with Google, Facebook, or email. The form asks for your phone number. You will receive an offer code and have 10 minutes (no worries if you take longer) to verify your identity because “an advisor is waiting for you.” After you type in the offer code, you receive a notification of your free three minutes. Once you click to claim, you will provide a payment method (for verification purposes and future charges). A credit card is the only option for payment, and the website does not accept PayPal.

You can browse through advisers and choose an advisor before paying. However, once you are ready to connect, you need to provide your card details

Everclear functions on the belief that psychics can help you gain insight into your life. However, unlike many other psychic services, when selecting a psychic, you’re required to specify your main questions and, in that way, give away the area of your life that could stand improvement. In our opinion, this takes away from the psychic’s credibility and validation. If Everclear psychics can “guide you to your future” based on a spiritual connection, why do you need to specify your questions?

Everclear Features and Tools

The Everclear interface is simple and, besides the fundamental search, does not have many tools. Account settings are equally simple: You can subscribe or unsubscribe from promotions, set up your preferred method of communication (phone or chat), and receive messages.

Everclear offers phone and chat readings. Sadly, if you are looking to connect in person, video calls are not available. Although chat is a more private and quiet option than the phone, you might get a bigger bang for your buck over the phone. When chatting, be aware that you pay per “volley” (series of responses to your question). This payment structure means you open yourself up to a new charge every time you type a question or ask for clarification. Depending on how communicative your psychic is, it may be a more cost-efficient option to use the phone.

Lastly, Everclear offers a “mood tracker.” Customers are encouraged to track their daily mood, provide details, and track which behaviors or habits contribute to a particular mood. The mood tracker increases self-awareness and helps to change any undesirable habits.

Working With Everclear

Everclear allows you to browse all 239 reader profiles or match you with a reader based on your interests. Unfortunately, the matching process is inaccurate, and you may not get what you specified, so you may still prefer to browse. In addition, the website lets you search by reader “topic” (Love/relationships, destiny/lifepath, money/finances, wellness, career, lost loved ones, and pets). Although in “Prohibited Content,” Everclear specifies that “Mediums that purport to communicate with deceased people or animals once known by their clients” are prohibited, oddly, one of their reading topics is “Lost loved ones.” Many advisors also list communication with the deceased as a specialization.

You can sort readers by availability, rating, seniority, and whether they are “featured.” Although reading categories and specializations imply a filter, you will still get the same unfiltered 239 advisor profiles regardless of which category you choose. Selected advisor reviews are available, but keep in mind that reviewers choose between a thumbs-up or thumbs down sign and not the traditional scale-of-one-to-five rating. Following your reading, you will be able to review your advisor.

You can choose from available advisors or request an advisor to get back to you with an appointment time. As you browse, you can create your favorites list. Once you decide, you can message an advisor to request an appointment. Although each reading depends on a particular advisor and client, Everclear goes above and beyond to assure satisfaction with their money-back guarantee.

What about the Everclear app?

Everclear’s app is available as a free download on both the Apple store (642 ratings 4.8/5) and Google Play.

How does the Everclear app work?

The app has the same features as the website and is extremely easy to use (e.g., video chat, notifications, messages, profiles, and more). Everclear formally offers services in English, although a few advisors seem to speak Spanish and Russian. Unfortunately, the app does not provide special discounts other than seasonal or personal offers (also available on the website).

Help and Support

Customer support is available within twenty-four hours by emailing support@everclear.com.

The FAQs are very general and not thorough. There are no FAQs, just available answers to generic questions. The website does offer a short video interview intended to promote the need for its services. The NBC interview is of a psychic advisor Arianna Eversol, who provides tips on dealing with anxiety (particularly impactful during the pandemic).  The interview intends to increase visibility and promote Everclear. Arianna introduces basic mindfulness techniques: breathing, tapping on your body (to encourage the nervous system to heal itself from trauma) and being vulnerable (emotion awareness rather than pretending to be ok). The advisor’s main point is that we can’t let go because anxiety disguises itself as an unmet need. What if you need extra help? Arianna points out available resources within and outside the app’s scope (intuitive adviser, therapist, life coach, medical professional).

Lastly, Everclear needs to expand its content, which consists of one-card tarot readings and sporadic articles on Facebook.

How to get a refund from Everclear

Everclear does offer a money-back guarantee (up to $25) if you submit a claim within 72 hours. The company asks customers to provide the advisor's name, date/time of the reading, and amount. Pending review, Everclear reserves the right to approve (partially or fully) or deny the claim. Customers are limited to one claim per month.

How Keen Compares to Other Psychic Reading Sites

Psychic Source
$0.99-$12.99 per minute
$1.99-$30 per minute
$4.99-$15 per minute
$1-$30 per minute
Booking a reading
Phone, chat
Phone, chat, mail
Phone, video, chat


Special Offers
First 3 minutes free
First 3 minutes free or $1.99 for 10 minutes
Introductory value package of $1 per minute for 10, 20, or 30 minutes
3 free minutes and 70% off first session (up to $50)

Everclear Vs. Keen

Everclear offers the first three minutes free, while Keen offers the first 10 minutes for $1.99. Secondly, Everclear has 239 advisors, while Keen is more established with close to 2,000 advisors. Lastly, both offer phone and chat options.

Everclear  Vs. Psychic Source

Everclear customer service availability is excellent, but it can't beat Psychic Source 24/7, bilingual service. In addition, Everclear pricing can get pricey for a more extended reading: up to $12.99 per minute, whereas Psychic Source offers unbeatable pricing for half an hour ($19.80 for 30 minutes with each additional minute $.66). Lastly, Psychic Source has a comprehensive and informative website filled with articles and experiences. In this respect, Everclear has a lot of catching up to do.

Everclear  Vs. Kasamba

Both Everclear and Kasamba offer the first three minutes free, but Kasamba offers an additional 70% off for the first reading. In addition, Kasamba has more than 20 years of reputation and satisfaction guarantee. By comparison, Everclear is a baby. Lastly, unlike Everclear's sparse website, Kasamba offers articles, tips, and educational material on its website.


Everclear is top-notch with great psychics or healers. They will encourage their clients to choose the best possible paths and teach them to connect with their intuition. A faithful spiritual worker will guide a person along the way of reconnecting to their soul. Always follow your intuition and do not volunteer information ahead of a reading. An excellent spiritual worker will not ask for this information. We would love to see Everclear remove their question requirement.

As Everclear improves its platform and offers more resources, it is poised to become one of the best psychic reading apps on the market.

Maria Raczka is a published writer, reporter, editor, grant proposal writer, and public speaker. She is devoted to spiritual wellness and healing and is an empathic medium. Raczka shares her expertise writing for Top10.com. Her work has taken her across the globe, writing and winning funds for arts/nonprofits.

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