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How to Determine Your Spirit Animal Based on Astrology

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Knowing your spirit animal and the symbols and meanings they hold is a magical doorway that transcends all dimensions. As we connect to our spirit animal, we connect to nature and all its elements that take us out of our human egos into our souls. Knowing your spirit animal can help you understand your most profound truths and emotions and why you feel and act the way you do.

Throughout history, animals have played an essential role in nature and humanity. Often, we find transformative relationships between creatures and humans that are mystical, spiritual, and lucid. In ancient civilizations, humans would merge with animals to reach divinity and communicate with the gods. We are intimately tied to animals, and our connection to the wild is sacred. If you're wondering about the difference between horoscopes and astrology, read here.

Psychic readings are provided by various horoscope sites, which can help you understand your spirit animal based on your astrology. You can also receive an online tarot reading from Kasamba or Keen to help determine your spirit animal based on astrology.

What Is a Zodiac Spirit Animal?

A zodiac spirit animal is an animal that shares similar qualities to one of the 12 zodiac signs. Nature's animals reside within the four elements (fire, water, earth, and air). The 12 zodiacs in astrology are divided into the same four elements.

Can You Honor Your Spirit Animal?

By understanding your birth chart, you can associate different aspects of your life with your spirit animal and celebrate them on other occasions. You can honor your spirit animal by performing simple rituals on your birthday and seeking the environment in which your spirit animal resides.

For example, if you have Pisces in your fourth house of home and family, you can honor your dolphin spirit animal by taking a family vacation to the ocean.

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Identifying Your Spirit Animal

Knowing your zodiac sign, you can identify with animal spirits with the same characteristics. For instance, depending on your zodiac sign, you could potentially recognize these spirit animals:


Aries is a courageous fire sign ruled by Mars. This ancient god of war is active, energetic, impulsive, optimistic, and excited for change and new experiences. He is the master of competition and rules over fire and danger.

He is associated with the zebra spirit animal, which is eccentric, creative, and enthusiastic. The zebra will take you to a faraway land by surprise and expand your worldview.


Taurus is a dependable earth sign ruled by Venus. This Roman goddess of beauty is quiet, patient, stable, determined, practical, stubborn, and resistant to change. She is in love with luxury and can be fierce but gentle.

She is associated with the bear spirit animal, which holds exceptional inner strength and yearning to grow. The bear rises from a deep slumber after a long winter, and the movement is slow but transformable.


Gemini is a responsive air sign ruled by Mercury. This ancient messenger of the gods is lively, intellectual, and adaptable, living primarily in the mind. He has a charming attitude with a nervous temperament.

He is associated with the peacock spirit animal, having inner beauty, confidence, and compassion. Beauty resides within and extends outwards—a rare type, with complete acceptance of the self and others.


Cancer is a loyal water sign ruled by the moon. This satellite is receptive, sensitive, sympathetic, and emotional. She holds powerful influence and intuitive behaviors.

She is associated with the turtle spirit animal, which possesses an impenetrable exterior. The turtle is at home in the self and collects all its life experiences under its shells for later use.


Leo is an exuberant fire sign ruled by the sun. This center of our universe burns expansively, generously, and extravagantly. He is brave, noble, and proud.

He is associated with the cheetah spirit animal, which holds a boundless amount of energy. Cheetahs naturally attract an audience to witness their remarkable achievements.


Virgo is a conscious earth sign ruled by Mercury. This ancient god of communication is reserved, intelligent, and dynamic. They seek to know and understand.

She is associated with the fox spirit animal, a brilliant and wise teacher. They are quick to learn and adapt well to new situations.


Libra is a charming air sign ruled by Venus. This goddess of love is artistic, active, and very socially inclined. She loves order and justice.

She is associated with the eagle spirit animal, a powerful truth seeker who transforms karma. The eagle is bright and radiant, pushing us to outshine the darkness.


Scorpio is an ideal water sign ruled by Pluto. This ancient god of the underworld is intense, subtle, and persistent. He loves to imagine romance and passion.

He is associated with the swan spirit animal, an elegant, sensitive mystic. The swan holds infinite creative power, inner vision, and healing energy.


Sagittarius is an optimistic fire sign ruled by Jupiter. This ruler of the heavens is ambitious, loves freedom, and is a challenge seeker. She attracts abundance and good fortune.

She is associated with the tarantula spirit animal, who claims their life purpose at the crossroads. The tarantula realigns you with your true happiness and moves you towards the future.


Capricorn is a steady earth sign ruled by Saturn. This reaper of grain uses strategy instead of force. He seeks security and is disciplined, determined, and responsible.

He is associated with the raccoon spirit animal, which is talented and successful and often wears a mask to work in his artist persona. The raccoon ensures that we are aware of our shadow and that our ego fear is resolved.


Aquarius is a friendly air sign ruled by Uranus. This ruler of the universe is independent, inventive, and original. He is unconventional and unexpected.

He is associated with the owl spirit animal, an abundant clairvoyant. The owl sees and knows where to find treasure, understanding that there is always more than enough.


Pisces is a compassionate sign ruled by Neptune. This ancient god of the sea is intuitive, mystical, and romantic. She is changeable and can see through deception and illusions.

She is associated with the dolphin spirit animal, a healer that lights the way towards blessings. The dolphin enjoys working with the spirit and is sensitive to the slightest subtle energies surrounding her.

Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
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