The Best Psychic Reading Websites for Phone and Online Chat Readings StaffAug. 12, 2019


Access to diverse reading methods
Grounded, authoritative readings
First-time customers
Exotic reading techniques
Attentive, boutique readings
Accessible, straightforward readings
Extended readings
Online palm reading
Getting matched with a psychic
Astrological readings
$1.99-$20per minute
$0.66-$11.99per minute
$1-$15per minute
$1-$15per minute
$3-$10per minute
$0.99-$2.99per minute
$1-$3per minute
Pricing based on credits
$2.99-$5per minute
$2.50-$5.99per minute
10 minutes for $1.99
3 minutes free with purchase of package
$2 per minute with preferred-level advisor
3 minutes free and half-off first reading
10 minutes for $5
Less than a $1 per minute for phone readings
First 3 minutes free
$9.99 in free credits upon registration
First 3 minutes free
First 3 minutes free
Yes for first-time user’s
Phone and chat
Phone, chat, video
Phone, chat
Phone, chat. email
Phone, in-app video
Live streaming videos
Phone, chat
Phone, chat
Tarot, love and relationships, life questions
Tarot, love, lost objects, past life
Clairvoyant, tarot, destiny and life path
Mediumship, crystal readings, tarot, astrology
Tarot, mediumship, astrology
Tarot, love, life path, financial
Mediumship, tarot, life questions
Tarot, palm reading, numerology
Clairvoyant, tarot, dream interpretation
Tarot, astrology, I-Ching, destiny and life path

The 10 Best Sites for Trusted Online Psychic Readings

  • 1


    Best site for psychic specialties
    • Best forAccess to diverse reading methods
    • Pricing range$1.99-$20per minute
    • Special offer10 minutes for $1.99

    Keen offers a platform for independent psychics, so there isn’t a strict screening process like some other psychic reading websites. That doesn’t mean you won’t find talented psychics, but be aware that many less experienced psychics do work here because of the less stringent background requirements. Individual advisors set their own rates, so there’s a wide range of pricing options. 

    These are some of Keen’s highlights:

    • Psychics with many different specialties, including love and relationship experts, and tarot card readers
    • Real customer feedback for each psychic
    • Phone, chat and email readings
    • Money-back guarantee
    • Detailed psychic bios with reviews
    • Psychic matching tool
    • Diverse reading methods
    • Advisors work independently
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  • 2

    Psychic Source

    The best online psychic reading network
    Psychic Source
    • Best forGrounded, authoritative readings
    • Pricing range$0.66-$11.99per minute
    • Special offer3 minutes free with purchase of package

    One of the longest running psychic reading websites in the industry, Psychic Source employs an extensive screening process before hiring new psychics. The site offers new clients a special introductory rate for up to 30 minutes of talk time, and offers payment options for those who don’t have credit cards. 

     Some key features include:

    • Variety of psychic specialties, including astrology, tarot readings, love psychics, dream interpretation and past life readings
    • Extensive psychic screening and interview process
    • 24/7 phone, chat, and video readings
    • Money-back guarantee
    • User-friendly search functions
    • Rigorously screened advisors
    • Get a reading anytime of day or night
    • Amount of choices can be overwhelming
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  • 3

    California Psychics

    The largest psychic reading network
    California Psychics
    • Best forFirst-time customers
    • Pricing range$1-$15per minute
    • Special offer$2 per minute with preferred-level advisor

    California Psychics offers one of the most rigorous psychic screening and background checks. Advisors on California Psychics have passed multiple test readings, ensuring you only get the very best. The new customer promotion offers your first reading for only $1 per minute. 

    These are some of California Psychics’ key features:

    • Variety of online psychic readings such as tarot readings, love readings, astrology readings, and dream analysis
    • Phone readings only
    • Find psychics in every price range
    • Diverse selection of reading types
    • Schedule in advance
    • Detailed psychic bios
    • No video
    • Website is a bit cluttered
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  • 4


    Best for chat readings
    • Best forExotic reading techniques
    • Pricing range$1-$15per minute
    • Special offer3 minutes free and half-off first reading

    If you’re looking for more obscure services like Kabbalah readings or pet psychics, Kasamba may be your top pick. With regular rates starting as low as $1.99 per minute, you should be able to find a psychic in your price range even after the new customer promotion. 

    Let’s take a look at what makes Kasamba stand out:

    • One of the largest varieties of psychic specialties

    • Get a reading by phone, chat or email

    • Offers harder-to-find techniques
    • Lots of experienced, veteran psychics
    • Limited search functions
    • No video
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  • 5

    Psychic Center

    Professional, trusted psychics
    Psychic Center
    • Best forAttentive, boutique readings
    • Pricing range$3-$10per minute
    • Special offer10 minutes for $5

    PsychicCenter is the psychic site where many different talents converge, including fortune tellers, tarot readers, medium readers and love psychics. This company is a reliable source that is also one of the least expensive on the market.

    Let’s take a look at what makes Psychic Center special:

    • Rigorous screening process ensures a high level of professionalism.

    • Each psychic has a detailed profile, including a voice recording, overview of their expert areas, an extensive interview and details of their availability.

    • Psychics are available exclusively over the telephone. There’s no email or chat option.

    • You can apply for a refund by emailing the company a detailed explanation of why you are unhappy with your experience, but you’ll only be reimbursed for a maximum of 5 minutes.

    • More intimate, boutique readings
    • Easy to navigate site
    • Less variety than other sites
    • Higher prices
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  • 6

    Psychic Encounters

    Simple, distraction-free access
    Psychic Encounters
    • Best forAccessible, straightforward readings
    • Pricing range$0.99-$2.99per minute
    • Special offerLess than a $1 per minute for phone readings

    Psychic Encounters knows that the last thing you need when dealing with existential questions is to navigate submission forms. To that end, they’ve taken steps to make their process as simple and streamlined as possible. Simply click on the psychic you’ve chosen, enter your phone number, and hit “Talk now” to get the conversation started. With an easy process and no packages or subscriptions necessary, users can get to the heart of the matter without distraction. 

    These are some of Psychic Encounters’ key features:

    • Easy-to-use process for streamlined experience  

    • Clear, straightforward bios of psychics 

    • No subscriptions, appointments, or callbacks 

    • In-app video readings offered 24/7

    • Smart, easy-to-navigate site
    • No subscription needed
    • Limited variety
    • Availability of advisors fluctuates
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  • 7


    Best for keeping the conversation going
    • Best forExtended readings
    • Pricing range$1-$3per minute
    • Special offerFirst 3 minutes free

    Sometimes during a psychic reading, one question can lead to another, or long-buried concerns may materialize. ItsPsychic accounts for the unforeseen by offering live drop-down menus that tell you how much time is remaining on the call and let you extend your conversation if so desired.  

    These are some of ItsPsychic’s key features:

    • Wide variety of services including tarot card readings and lost-object guidance

    • Verified psychics with detailed bios

    • Flexible with time and availability
    • Easy-to-use website
    • Limited search features
    • Less variety than other sites
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  • 8


    Best for sound therapy, Reiki, and other heal...
    • Best forOnline palm reading
    • Pricing rangePricing based on credits
    • Special offer$9.99 in free credits upon registration

    Oranum bills itself as a spiritual community, and a quick survey of their services testifies to the fact. Psychics and healers offer a plethora of services that run the gamut from traditional love advice to sound therapies, dream interpretation, and angel communication. Their psychics are as numerous in number as they are diverse in their practices, but if you get overwhelmed scrolling through their profiles, click on their Top 100 Live Psychics feature for a helpful curated list.

    These are some of Oranum’s key features:

    • Diverse range of psychics and therapies

    • Live webcam chat 

    • Members purchase credits in order to pay for services

    • Exotic, less-common techniques offered
    • Search by rating and popularity
    • Website clutter can be distracting
    • Live streaming can cut out
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  • 9

    Highly-reviewed psychics on well-respected site
    • Best forGetting matched with a psychic
    • Pricing range$2.99-$5per minute
    • Special offerFirst 3 minutes free is a comprehensive and professional astrology site with portals leading to everything you’d need to know about the stars. In addition to personalized charts and horoscope readings, the site offers live psychics that carry the same respectability as the site that hosts them. A quick review of their live psychics shows thousands of reviews for each individual, which makes it easier to research and choose a psychic that’s right for you.

    These are some of’s key features:

    • Read reviews of psychics before making a decision

    • Choose between chat or call

    • Take advantage of the site’s comprehensive library of articles and resources

    • Tons of free articles and resources
    • Read user reviews before choosing a psychic
    • Limited searching
    • Hosted on Keen platform
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  • 10

    Psychic guidance with library of resources
    • Best forAstrological readings
    • Pricing range$2.50-$5.99per minute
    • Special offerFirst 3 minutes free

    Hovering amidst’s libraries of spiritual literature, fortune-telling games, and zodiac resources are a group of live psychics ready to field your call. Since live psychics are only one part of the website, they’re not as central as other sites, but there is a good amount of advisors on hand. They offer readings by phone or chat and specialize in a wide range of techniques from tarot to dream interpretation.

    • Lots of free articles and games
    • Detailed psychic bios
    • Live psychics page can feel like an afterthought
    • Limited search functions
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What Makes a Psychic Reading Site the Best?

1. It matches your personal preferences

The best psychic reading site will have offerings that match your personal preferences and needs. Consider the type of reading that you seek. Whether you’re looking for a tarot card reading, medium, fortune teller or something else, find a site that offers what you want. Another personal preference to take into account is the method of communication. Some sites offer only chat readings, while others allow for email, phone calls, and even video chat. The best site for you should include your preferred method of communication.

2. The site is honest

Look for a psychic reading site with clear details and transparency. Information including the psychic screening process, fees, terms of use, refund policy, and user privacy should be clear and easy to find on the site.

3. The reviews say it all

Finally, the best psychic reading sites should have positive reviews from trusted sources. People should be raving about the great customer service, the variety of psychics to choose from, and authenticity of the readers. Be sure to read reviews of the top sites before committing to one.

Get the Spiritual Guidance You Desire

Going to an online psychic is discreet and you have the control to choose who you want to talk to, for as long as you want to talk. If something's blocking your way forward, it’s legitimate to get some help in moving past it.

Consider what type of reading speaks to you, and what method of communication you’re most comfortable with so that you can be sure to get the most out of your experience. With introductory offers and money-back guarantees, you can afford to try out multiple psychics to find someone with whom you have a special bond. StaffOct. 16, 2019
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