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10 Best Online Fortune Teller Websites 2022. Get Insight into Your Future

Maria Raczka
Gain Peace of Mind with the Best Fortune Tellers Online
Readings and other services from a great online fortune teller can provide comfort and support. A good advisor will listen, connect with empathy, and truly advocate for your highest and best life.

Fortune tellers provide guidance to help you get unstuck so that you can consider your future. Most want assurance that today's choices will lead to a brighter tomorrow. Fortune tellers help lead clients by examining patterns, options, and exploring possible futures. 

Fortune tellers use different methods to find answers about your future. Some will read your future in the lines on your hand (these are palm-readers or users of palmistry). Others use tarot cards, crystals, numerology, or the patterns in tea leaves. The method used is simply a tool to shut out external distractions and concentrate on channeling your future. By tapping into this information, clairvoyants can give revealing answers about your life.

1. Psychic Source

Longstanding & trusted community of clairvoyants

  • Best for - Trusted and vetted clairvoyants
  • Price - $0.66-$15 per minute
  • Money-back guarantee - Yes, site credit only

Psychic Source prides itself on being a highly respected psychic website and is careful to maintain that reputation. All readers are screened through an extensive testing process and the website offers a ‘satisfaction guarantee' so you can claim back your money within 1 business day if you aren't completely satisfied. Search for a fortune teller or psychic using detailed search filters and check out each reader's background, profile, and customer feedback, all before making a call.


  • Serving the psychic community for 30 years
  • Extensive screening for all psychics
  • Kindness Initiative donates to charity of your choice


  • Limited satisfaction guarantee
  • Services tend to be more mainstream

Psychic Source Psychic Source Visit Site

2. Keen

Ancient wisdom via a smart modern platform

  • Best for - 24/7 readings
  • Price - $1.99-$34.99, per minute
  • Money-back guarantee - Yes, site credit only

Keen is a life guidance platform with an abundance of carefully selected psychics, mystics, clairvoyants, and readers, so it’s no surprise that it also offers a multitude of fortune tellers. You can choose to consult an advisor who specializes in love questions or turn to one for financial advice and guidance about your career. Advisors on Keen use a full range of methods including crystal ball, tarot cards, playing cards, and Chinese fortune sticks.


  • Diverse divining techniques
  • 24/7 readings
  • Readings via mobile app


  • No video readings
  • Limited customer guarantee

Keen   Keen Visit Site

3. California Psychics

Two decades serving the psychic community

  • Best for - Wide selection of readings
  • Price - $4-$15, per minute
  • Money-back guarantee - Yes

California Psychics helps you find the right reader to reveal your future. Choose your preferred method of divination – tarot, palmistry, astrology, etc. The site screens all psychics and fortune tellers so you know you’re choosing someone reliable. Customer feedback is available for each advisor and a handy callback button means no wait-time if your preferred psychic is busy when you log on.


  • All fortune tellers are screened
  • See reviews of each advisor
  • Myriad techniques and specialties


  • Phone readings only
  • Limited customer satisfaction guarantee

California Psychics California Psychics Visit Site

4. Kasamba

Esoteric readings on-demand

  • Best for - Answers on love and career
  • Price - $1-$20, per minute
  • Money-back guarantee - Yes

Kasamba has been in business for 20 years as a marketplace for all types of psychic readers. You can have your future told on Kasamba through methods including astrology, pendulums, and tarot cards. Kasamba makes it easy to search for fortune tellers with particular gifts in the realms of love, money, career, and life in general. Rates vary widely, from $1.99 per minute up to $19.99 a minute. You’re sure to find a reader with a price that you can both afford and rely on.


  • Diverse range of techniques
  • Hard-to-find esoteric options
  • Great satisfaction guarantee


  • Not the most user-friendly website
  • No video chat

Kasamba Kasamba Visit Site

5. PsychicCenter

Non-pretentious spiritual advice

  • Best for - Straightforward spiritual guidance
  • Price - $2-$9, per minute
  • Money-back guarantee - Yes

PsychicCenter gets you connected to psychic readers who can provide guidance on all types of questions from love and relationships to career advice, using a variety of tools. The readers are screened by way of user feedback and with a fair introductory rate and a friendly rewards program that allows you to earn back 10% every month, it’s a pretty sweet deal.


  • Affordable readings
  • Straightforward practical guidance
  • Rewards program


  • Lower selection of psychics
  • Not many search options on site

PsychicCenter PsychicCenter Visit Site

6. Psychic Encounters

Affordable readings via phone & chat

Psychic Encounters
  • Best for - Affordable readings & Spanish speakers
  • Price - $0.99 - $1.99 per minute
  • Money-back guarantee - No

Psychic Encounters offers some of the lowest rates for online fortune tellers on the market. Native Spanish speakers will especially appreciate this service due to a large number of Spanish-speaking readers. Be aware though that there seems to be a reason for the low price - the site has a strict no-refunds policy and customer service is very limited. 


  • Extremely low rates
  • 250+ readers on the site
  • Sleek website


  • Absolutely no refunds
  • Your data might be sold to other services

Psychic Encounters Psychic Encounters Visit Site

7. Oranum

24/7 fortune teller live stream

Oranum Psychic readers
  • Best for - Online Palm Reading
  • Price - Starting at $0.39 per minute
  • Money-back guarantee - No

Oranum is a large spiritual community with a plethora of fortune tellers, psychics and healers offering their service in live video streams. While the site can be a little confusing at first, the option to tune into any live stream and get a feel of the reader at work is incredible. At any given time, dozens of readers are online and they are as numerous in number as they are diverse in their practices. It take some time to get used to this format, but you'll love it.


  • 24/7 live streams
  • Many less-common methods offered
  • Large community


  • Live streams aren't always stable
  • Website can feel cluttered at first

Oranum Oranum Visit Site


Massive knowledge library on zodiac signs
  • Best for - Astrological readings
  • Price - $2.50-$5.99 per minute
  • Money-back guarantee - No offers readings by phone or chat and specializes in a wide range of techniques from fortune telling to tarot and dream interpretation. The site offers a huge variety of articles on anything to do with zodiac signs and horoscopes and you can spend hours browsing the many articles and learning new things. Setting an appointment with a fortune teller is quick, albeit a bit frustrating given the basic search function.


  • Countless free articles and games
  • Detailed reader bios
  • Thousands of happy customers


  • Page can be tough to navigate
  • Limited search functions Visit Site

9. AskNow

Daily horoscopes, articles, and psychic advice

  • Best for - Scheduled appointment times
  • Price - $5.99 - $13 per minute
  • Money-back guarantee - No

AskNow is a decent website for anyone seeking a look into their future. Finding a reader can be difficult as the site has only a small selection of fortune tellers to choose from and you'll likely run into the same people again and again. AskNow's dubious privacy policies also don't instill a lot of confidence and it’s common for credit card information to be shared with third parties.


  • Detailed reader profiles and interviews
  • Daily horoscopes, lovescopes, and moon phases
  • Readings available by appointment


  • Small selection of fortune tellers
  • Your information may be shared with others

AskNow AskNow Visit Site


Astrological insight
  • Best for - Detailed astrology information
  • Price - $6.95 to $24.95 per digital report
  • Money-back guarantee - No is great for novice astrologers and tarot readers to learn through the site's huge selection of articles, guides, and free horoscopes. Readings are delivered instantly to your email inbox and can cover almost any topic. As long as you're aware that there is no real customer support available or money-back guarantee, can be a good choice for you.


  • Best for those interested specifically in astrology
  • Huge selection of free readings and reports
  • Instant delivery of reports


  • Reports are generated by software
  • No refund or satisfaction guarantee on digital readings

What Can a Fortune Teller Help You With?

The three most common reasons people seek a fortune teller are love, money, and their career. Perhaps your relationship is at a point of uncertainty, and you need help figuring out your options. Or maybe you have two job offers and want clarity on where each one will lead. 

A fortune teller can help you approach life’s different challenges and think about which aspects could be improved. Or perhaps you are facing uncertainty in a specific area of your life. Everything that we dream of and desire will come to us when we are ready. Fortune tellers are simply there to help you recognize opportunities and different paths. Spiritual workers also help to sharpen your intuition and connection to your higher self. In this way, you can slow down, focus on the present, and make the right choices for a bright future ahead.

Choosing the Right Fortune Telling Service for You

Given the huge number of fortune teller websites, how do you find the best one? Not surprisingly, it is very much like finding any other service. Considering the personal nature of fortune telling services, it is most important to follow your intuition. Online reviews and research can help to narrow down your options to find the best fortune teller online (for you).

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is most important to you?
  • Are you on a tight budget? Many people search online for readings or the most accurate fortune teller online for free. While most of us want to spend the least amount of money possible, it is not the route to take if you want an in-depth reading or a more extended consultation.
  • What is your preferred way of communicating: chat, phone, or maybe video call?
  • Are there reading techniques you feel drawn to, such as palm reading, tarot cards, crystal balls, or tea leaves?

Why Online Readings Are Better Than Free Virtual Tools

Free virtual readings provide limited resources. Very often, free readings offer a taste or a free sample offer. With most fortune tellers, you get what you pay for, and it is best to research and read reviews before spending your money. Once you do your homework, be prepared to pay for quality. Everyone needs compensation for their services, mainly if they invest time and education in becoming good at what they do.

Advantages of Using an Online Fortune Teller Over a Fortune Teller Near You

Virtual fortune tellers provide the same services as in-person advisors. It is often best to consult online simply due to the convenience, ease, and accessibility. Online fortune tellers are available at any time, and you can meet them in the comfort of your own home. Some fortune tellers offer a video chat/call option if you prefer to meet face-to-face.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Session with a Fortune Teller

Once you find a fortune teller and set up your appointment, there is homework that you can do to get the most out of the session.

  • First, it is crucial that the reading happens in a quiet, private place, free of noise or distractions. Sit and calm your mind.
  • Write down questions or anything that you wish to discuss.
  • Focus on your question(s) and observe any thoughts or impressions.
  • It's great to take a moment to raise your energy or think of some things that make you feel grateful. If that is difficult, think of any joyful events that can happen in the future and how those might feel.
Maria Raczka
Maria Raczka is a published writer, reporter, editor, grant proposal writer, and public speaker. Her work has taken her across the globe, writing and winning funds for arts/nonprofits. She is devoted to spiritual wellness and healing and is an empathic medium.