Get Insight into Your Future With the Best Fortune Tellers Online Staff

Fortune tellers have been around for centuries. Although the practice was discredited for a long time and sometimes even made illegal, today people from all walks of life recognize that some individuals have the gift of reading the future.

People tend to use the term ‘fortune tellers’ to refer to anyone with the gift of reading patterns and trends and using them to give a person guidance about their future opportunities and challenges.

Fortune tellers use different methods to find answers about your future. Some will read your future in the lines on your hand (these are palm-readers or users of palmistry). Others use tarot cards, crystals, numerology, or the patterns in tea leaves. The method used is simply a tool to shut out external distractions and concentrate on channeling your future. By tapping into this information, clairvoyants can give revealing answers about your life.

One of the most popular topics is love prediction. Everyone wants to find love. If you want to know what your future partner will be like, where you’ll meet, when you’ll get married, and other important questions about your love life, the best psychic readings online fortune tellers may be able to help you. 

Our Best Sites for Trusted Online Fortune Tellers

  • 1

    California Psychics

    Two decades serving the psychic community
    California Psychics
    • Best forWide selection of readings
    • Price$4-$15per minute
    • Money-back guaranteeYes

    California Psychics helps you find the right reader to reveal your future. Choose your preferred method of divination – tarot, palmistry, astrology, etc. The site screens all psychics and fortune tellers so you know you’re choosing someone reliable. Customer feedback is available for each advisor and a handy callback button means no wait-time if your preferred psychic is busy when you log on.

    • All fortune tellers are screened
    • See reviews of each advisor
    • Myriad techniques and specialties
    • Phone readings only
    • Limited customer satisfaction guarantee
  • 2

    Psychic Source

    Longstanding & trusted community of clairvoyants
    Psychic Source
    • Best forTrusted and vetted clairvoyants
    • Price$0.66-$15per minute
    • Money-back guaranteeYessite credit only

    Psychic Source prides itself on being a highly respected psychic website and is careful to maintain that reputation. All readers are screened through an extensive testing process and the website offers a ‘satisfaction guarantee' so you can claim back your money within 1 business day if you aren't completely satisfied. Search for a fortune teller or psychic using detailed search filters and check out each reader's background, profile, and customer feedback, all before making a call.

    • Serving the psychic community for 30 years
    • Extensive screening for all psychics
    • Kindness Initiative donates to charity of your choice
    • Limited satisfaction guarantee
    • Services tend to be more mainstream
  • 3
    Ancient wisdom via a smart, modern platform
    • Best for24/7 readings
    • Price$1.99-$34.99per minute
    • Money-back guaranteeYessite credit only

    Keen is a life guidance platform with an abundance of carefully selected psychics, mystics, clairvoyants, and readers, so it’s no surprise that it also offers a multitude of fortune tellers. You can choose to consult an advisor who specializes in love questions or turn to one for financial advice and guidance about your career. Advisors on Keen use a full range of methods including crystal ball, tarot cards, playing cards, and Chinese fortune sticks.

    • Diverse divining techniques
    • 24/7 readings
    • Readings via mobile app
    • No video readings
    • Limited customer guarantee
  • 4


    Esoteric readings on-demand
    • Best forAnswers on love and career
    • Price$1-$20per minute
    • Money-back guaranteeYes

    Kasamba has been in business for 20 years as a marketplace for all types of psychic readers. You can have your future told on Kasamba through methods including astrology, pendulums, and tarot cards. Kasamba makes it easy to search for fortune tellers with particular gifts in the realms of love, money, career, and life in general. Rates vary widely, from $1.99 per minute up to $19.99 a minute. You’re sure to find a reader with a price that you can both afford and rely on.

    • Diverse range of techniques
    • Hard-to-find esoteric options
    • Great satisfaction guarantee
    • Not the most user-friendly website
    • No video chat
  • 5

    Psychic Center

    Non-pretentious spiritual advice
    Psychic Center
    • Best forStraightforward spiritual guidance
    • Price$2-$9per minute
    • Money-back guaranteeYes

    PsychicCenter gets you connected to psychic readers who can provide guidance on all types of questions from love and relationships to career advice, using a variety of tools. The readers are screened by way of user feedback and with a fair introductory rate and a friendly rewards program that allows you to earn back 10% every month, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

    • Affordable readings
    • Straightforward, practical guidance
    • Rewards program
    • Lower selection of psychics
    • Not many search options on site
  • 6

    Psychic Encounters

    Minimalist website & accessible readings
    Psychic Encounters
    • Best forMoney and life path readings
    • Price$.99 for calls/ $2.99 for videoper minute
    • Money-back guaranteeNo

    Psychic Encounters is one of the more user-friendly psychic platforms out there. There’s a fixed, flat fee for all services, and a simple layout that lets you get straight to the business of your future. Some might consider this minimalism a weakness though; you can’t search by category or desired service, and advisor pages lack the detail that some other sites boast. It’s not the most exotic of fortune teller sites, but its simplicity and accessibility will appeal to those who want to skip the filler and get right into their reading.

    • Flat, fixed rate for all services
    • User-friendly process
    • 24/7 service
    • Limited psychic bios
    • Minimal search capacity
  • 7
    Product highlight: Exotic buffet for every sp...
    • Best forHarder-to-find services
    • PriceVaries widely by advisor
    • Money-back guaranteeYessite credit only

    Oranum’s encyclopedic list of services includes many you won’t find on other sites. These include angel and crystal readings, Chinese astrology, and rune cards, as well as a diverse menu of rituals and healing services. Check out the top 100 live psychics list to see which advisors have the best reviews, or navigate the sidebars which feature a dozen types of readings, modes, and categories.  

    • Large, diverse slate of services
    • Search by top psychics
    • Chat room and user community
    • Video readings only
    • Occasional connectivity issues
Breaking Down our Top10 Choices: Which is Best For Your Needs:
California Psychics-Best for wide selection of readings
Psychic Source-Best for trusted and vetted clairvoyants
Keen-Best for 24/7 readings
Kasamba-Best for answers on love and career
Psychic Center-Best for straightforward spiritual guidance
Psychic Encounters-Best for money and life path readings
Oranum-Best for harder-to-find services
Wide selection of readings
Trusted and vetted clairvoyants
24/7 readings
Answers on love and career
Straightforward spiritual guidance
Money and life path readings
Harder-to-find services
$4-$15per minute
$0.66-$15per minute
$1.99-$34.99per minute
$1-$20per minute
$2-$9per minute
$.99 for calls/ $2.99 for videoper minute
Varies widely by advisor
$1-$4 per minute
10 minutes for $10
3 minutes for free
3 minutes free with each new advisor
10 minutes for $5
$9.99 worth of free credits
Yessite credit only
Yessite credit only
Yessite credit only
Phone, chat, and video
Phone, chat, and app
Phone, chat, and email
Phone, email, and chat
Phone and video
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best tarot reading online?
Keen is one of the most respected psychic websites online. Its psychics are screened and carefully selected based on their experience and abilities. The platform is informative, easy to use, and accomodating to users looking for all types of readings, from tarot cards to clairvoyance and dream interpretation.
What is the best fortune teller app?
Keen is one of the most respected and longest-running psychic apps out there, with thousands of experienced guides and a transparent policy that fosters trust between its visitors and psychics.
How do fortune tellers tell the future?
Fortune tellers use a variety of tools and methods to make their predictions, ranging from tarot cards to crystal balls and divination.

Advantages of Using an Online Fortune Teller

The advantages of using an online fortune teller are obvious. You’ll be able to rely on their answers much more when you know that your body language, dress, and facial expressions aren’t being mined for clues. If you have an urgent question in the middle of the night, you’ll be able to get answers without having to get dressed, leave your house or even leave your bed. An online psychic reading is always available no matter what time it is, without needing to wait for an appointment. Check out the best tarot reading websites tested and ranked for you.  

Why Online Readings are Better Than Free Virtual Tools

Some free virtual fortune telling tools may be tempting due to being cheap and fast, but they’re also highly inaccurate. Fortune telling isn’t one-size fits all. Everyone has their own life journey, and telling what your future has in store cannot be done by robot or an algorithm. These tools are programed to provide you with an answer from a limited pool of default outcomes, which have nothing to do with your future. To get a valuable, personalized reading, you’d have to see a human fortune teller. The online services discussed in this article make that an easy, simple, and instant process. 

Choosing the Right Fortune Telling Service for You

There are many parameters based on which you can choose the right fortune telling online service for you. If you’re a first-timer and don’t know if the experience is worth your money, you can opt for one with a free-minute offering or money-back guarantee. If you’re nervous about the credibility of your psychic, you may want to select a website with an extensive screening process. And lastly, if you care about the teller’s method (i.e. crystals, Tarot, or Chinese fortune sticks) and area of expertise (love, career, etc.) you should make sure the service offers professionals that match your preferences. 

Face Your Future Confidently

Consulting a fortune teller gives you the chance to come to terms with what awaits you and prepare yourself to meet it head-on with the best possible attitude. Whether you prefer video, phone or live chat, tarot card, palm-reading or astrology and want your information straight up or delivered gently, you'll find an option that suits you on one of these top fortune telling platforms. Staff's editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.