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Top 10 Best Online Fortune Teller Websites in 2024 - Get Insight into Your Future

Larry Armstead II
Best Online Fortune Teller Websites
Unlocking the secrets of your destiny has never been easier with the rise of online fortune-telling platforms. Whether you're curious about your future or seeking solace in the present, these virtual portals offer a convenient and personalized spiritual experience.

Fortune telling digs deep into your soul, providing insights beyond logical perception about your past, present, and future. And by using the right tools, an intuitive psychic will create an intense spiritual experience while helping you feel supported and comforted.

Finding the right psychic reading website that offers quality fortune-telling services can be challenging. To help narrow down your search, we've researched the best online fortune-teller platforms to help you unravel the mysteries of your life.

Our Top 10 Best Online Fortune Teller Websites in 2024:

How We Reviewed the Best Online Fortune Teller Websites - Our Methodology

To rate and review each fortune teller website, we considered the following key factors:

  • Ease of use

  • Mobile app availability

  • Extra features like articles and media

  • Communication methods

  • Psychic’s personality

  • Prediction accuracy

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Money-back policy

  • Range of psychic specialties and types of readings

A Closer Look At The Online Fortune Teller Websites - Quick Reviews:

1. Keen

Ancient wisdom via a smart modern platform

  • Best for - Best online fortune teller overall
    Price - From $1.99/minute
    Money-back guarantee - Yes, site credit only

Keen is a life guidance platform with plenty of carefully selected predictors and mystics specialized in love, dream interpretation, or financial advice. Their psychics are also available 24/7 to answer your questions using spiritual tools like crystal balls, tarot cards, playing cards, and Chinese fortune sticks.

“Keen is an online psychic site I can trust to provide high-quality readings,” says Emily Newman, a counselor at Best of Psychic Reader. She also remarks that Keen “carefully reviews each of its psychic applicants.”

Why we chose Keen: Keen has detailed descriptions of the seer’s skills, specialties, and methods, which helps you clearly determine if a mystic can read your fortune. Not all psychics are fortune tellers. Thus this page defining each diviner and their specialty helps you to decide which expert psychic to contact for a reading.

Our experience: Diviner's systematic approach to the reading was impressive. We could hear the tarot cards shuffling over the phone as they pulled each card to represent our situation while explaining its meaning and relating it to our tarot spread. The reading was concise and flowed perfectly, clarifying what was to come for us.


  • Diverse divination techniques

  • 24/7 readings

  • Readings via mobile app


  • No video readings

  • Limited customer guarantee

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Keen   Keen Visit Site

2. Psychic Source

Longstanding & trusted community of clairvoyants

  • Best for - Tarot readings and other tools of divination

  • Price - From $8.75/minute

  • Money-back guarantee - One business day, site credit only

Psychic Source has an extensive screening process, recruiting only professional clairvoyants who’ll perform an authentic reading. You can search for a seer using detailed filters or sign up for one of the many free resources like horoscopes, guides, and podcasts. Customer service is also available around the clock.

“My psychic was clearly trying to get a good understanding of what brought me to the service. She asked a few basic and personal questions, which helped to make me feel like we established a connection before diving in fully,” says Tiffany McGee, founder of Nomadrs. The reader was “friendly and warm,” even though she “opted for a psychic with a direct approach.”

Why we chose Psychic Source: Psychic Source’s website has a page explaining different kinds of spiritual advisors, like astrologers, prophets, shamans, and even pet psychics. They also offer a single business day money-back guarantee, so you can try the service without losing your money if the reading doesn’t meet your expectations.

Our experience: We liked Dara at Psychic Source because she created a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. She delved into the past, future, and topics about our lives only we could know. Time also flew by due to her enchanting presence, which kept us engaged and eager to ask more questions.


  • Serving the psychic community for 30 years

  • Extensive checks for all diviners

  • Kindness Initiative donates to a charity of your choice


  • Not all psychics are available for video calls

  • Phone connections can be unstable at times

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Psychic Source Psychic Source Visit Site

3. California Psychics

Two decades serving the psychic community

  • Best for - Being a part of a community

  • Price - From $4/minute

  • Money-back guarantee - Yes

California Psychics prides itself on forging meaningful relationships between clairvoyants and their clients, offering guidance through life’s journey. Their horoscope page also gives general predictions based on your zodiac sign, providing quick fortune-telling methods.

What goes around comes around with California Psychics—they offer a return on investment with their Karma Rewards program. When you purchase their special rated offers or “top up” to speak with a tarot reader, you receive karma points, which you can redeem for future sessions.

Why we chose California Psychics: They offer free horoscopes and blogs which cover subjects like destiny, astrology, numerology, dream interpretation, and psychic tools. This wealth of information prepares you before seeking guidance from a psychic.

Our experience: When we signed up, we encountered a minor issue with someone else having the same account name, but the customer support team swiftly resolved it for us. It was reassuring to see how dedicated they are to ensuring a smooth experience for their users. It was clear to see that the providers at California Psychics have been truly gifted, as they offered profound insights and and empathetic approach.


  • Best value for the introductory price

  • Good return on investment with Karma Rewards program

  • Security measures


  • No free trial

  • No video readings

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California Psychics California Psychics Visit Site

4. Kasamba

Esoteric readings on-demand

  • Best for - Love and career advice

  • Price - From $1.99/minute

  • Money-back guarantee - Yes

Kasamba has been in business for over 20 years, providing a trusted marketplace where you can find clairvoyants specializing in methods like astrology, pendulums, and tarot cards. The variety of service menu lists fortune telling at the top of the home page, making it easy to search for mystics gifted in breakups, money, or parenting.

Rates start from $1.99/minute up, so you’re sure to find a reader that you can both afford and rely on because each diviner's profile lists their services, skills, experiences, and qualifications.

Why we chose Kasamba: Kasamba delivers a to-the-point service via chat, email, or phone. Though the seers take a minute or two to tune into your situation, they’re fast and concise with their subsequent reading. And as a bonus, you'll receive the first three minutes free upon registering.

Our experience: We liked forging bonds with our psychics by emailing them for free or chatting on the platform without paying for a reading. Our tarot reader sent emails concerning the energies we might be experiencing, making us feel connected to them as they showed the utmost care on our spiritual journey.


  • Wide range of more esoteric reading options

  • Detailed psychic profiles

  • The first three minutes of reading are free


  • Not the most user-friendly website

  • No video chat

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Kasamba Kasamba Visit Site

5. PsychicCenter

Non-pretentious spiritual advice

  • Best for - Straightforward spiritual guidance
  • Price -  From $2/minute
  • Money-back guarantee - Yes

PsychicCenter connects you to clairvoyants who can advise you on questions like love, relationships, and career by using tools such as tarot, reiki, pendulum, astrology, and dream interpretation. The mystics are screened by way of user feedback, where you, as the client, can leave feedback for all paid conversations in the past 14 days in your account section.

Psychic Centre offers a $5 10-minute introductory rate for new users. Their Astro Rewards program also gives 10% of your money back in site credits if you spend $50 or more in a single month.

Why we chose PsychicCenter: They aim to provide budget-friendly, straightforward, and practical guidance. The minimalist design limits any distractions and helps you stay focused on finding the perfect psychic for your needs.

Our experience: Kira from the Psychic Centre was calm and steady during the session. She quickly tuned into our situation, giving us insights into our life's purpose, and the knowledge and wisdom we gained from our previous lives. We liked that she pointed out our talents and the intensity of our energies, and her reading helped us gain perspective on our careers and higher purpose.


  • Affordable readings

  • Straightforward, practical guidance

  • Astro Rewards program


  • A smaller selection of psychics

  • Search filters don’t have many options

PsychicCenter PsychicCenter Visit Site

6. MysticSense

Tailor-made & customizable readings

  • Best for - Positive chat-based readings
  • Price -  $1.16/minute
  • Money-back guarantee - Yes

MysticSense offers top-quality fortune-telling services, ensuring customer protection through strict house rules, while banning any discussions of evil spirits or bad omens. The platform's diviners have diverse specialties, such as life path guidance, family issues, and energy healing. They also use various divination tools like tarot cards, crystals, angel cards, and astrology. 

With a strong focus on customer trustworthiness and protection, MysticSense provides a helpful resources page that explains what you can expect from a reading. It also teaches you how to avoid online scams, i.e., by reading reviews, trying out different psychics, and watching out for oracles who use fear tactics to manipulate you.

Why we chose MysticSense: Psychics on Mystic Sense provide chat, video, and phone readings with responsive customer service. You can also consult the helpful horoscope section, or articles and media they have on topics like astrology, love, spirituality, psychology, and life direction.

Our experience: We were impressed by Mystic Angel. She quickly tuned in, answered our questions, and replied to all the follow-up questions. Using tarot cards and her psychic abilities, she predicted our near future and the feelings of those around us, compelling us to call back and ask more questions.


  • Wide variety of psychic services to choose from

  • Responsive customer service

  • Fair and trustworthy business practices


  • A relatively new psychic website with few reviews

  • Experienced readers can charge high prices for their services 

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MysticSense MysticSense Visit Site

7. Oranum

24/7 fortune teller live stream

Oranum Psychic readers
  • Best for - Live streams
  • Price - $0.98/minute
  • Money-back guarantee - No

Oranum is a spiritual community with many palm readers, soothsayers, and augurs offering their service through live video streams. The site doesn’t follow a traditional template, as the homepage only displays streams of the diviners that are currently online. You can tune in live and get a feel of the reader at work, which is a unique feature most sites don’t have.

Once you choose a reader, you hop into stream rooms where they perform spiritual practices like energy work, channeling, and divination. You can then also connect with them directly and ask questions before requesting a private reading.

Why we chose Oranum: Oranum instantly welcomes you into a divination experience. As you enter a psychic’s stream, you can chat with them without paying, giving you enough time to decide on a mystic that best suits your needs. The live-streaming feature also helps you feel like a part of a community.

Our experience: When you call for a private chat, psychics get straight to the point and tell you what you need to know. We had a heartwarming experience on the platform. Diviners are sympathetic, friendly, and enjoy sharing their talents with others.


  • 24/7 live streams

  • Many less-common methods offered

  • Large community


  • Live streams aren't always stable

  • The website can feel cluttered at first

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Oranum Oranum Visit Site

8. Horoscope.com

Massive knowledge library on zodiac signs

  • Best for - Fortune telling games
  • Price - From $2.50/minute
  • Money-back guarantee - No

Horoscope.com's psychics offer readings by phone or chat, specializing in a wide range of techniques like fortune telling, tarot readings, and dream interpretation. You can spend hours browsing the website’s many articles on topics like zodiac signs and astrology.

Setting an appointment with a fortune teller is quick, although slightly confusing, given the basic search function. They’ll redirect you to Keen’s website, where you’ll be asked to create a profile on their page instead.

Why we chose Horoscope.com: Their unique features set them apart. For example, they have a store where you can purchase a one-time reading after pulling a set tarot card spread. Their instant advice and fortune teller games, such as Fortune Cookie, Luck Meter, and Ask the Genie, are also fun to play with and give you an idea of what fortune telling is about.

Our experience: We purchased a “Follow Your Dreams” report, which instantly downloaded after pulling a set of cards. An empty virtual tarot spread appeared, asking us to choose the cards. We liked that you don’t need to sign-up to purchase the report. The guide was clear, making us want to explore the many other readings on this website.


  • Countless free articles and games

  • Detailed reader bios

  • Instantly downloadable reports available in their store


  • Page can be tough to navigate

  • Limited search functionality

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Horoscope.com Horoscope.com Visit Site

9. AskNow

Daily horoscopes, articles, and psychic advice

  • Best for - Love and relationship readings
  • Price - $6.99/minute
  • Money-back guarantee - No

AskNow has detailed and personable fortune-telling services provided by clairvoyants and numerologists with decades of experience. Psychics also have calendars listing their availability, making it easier to schedule appointments.

Their mobile app gives you on-the-go access to horoscopes and psychic readings. Diviners can also perform clear and spot-on readings via phone calls or chat to help you clarify your uncertainties. Plus, once you become a trusted client, they’ll email you daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, providing you with a constant connection to the platform.

Why we chose AskNow: AskNow has well-organized profiles which list the psychics’ availability, helping you schedule an appointment at a suitable time. Also, with an initial $30 purchase, you’ll receive 30 top-rated and five elite master minutes. This offer works by selecting any predictor that matches these tiers and spending your minutes in a session with them.

Our experience: Master psychic Christina was enlightening and inspiring, and made us feel comfortable. She confirmed our feelings and the hidden details in our subconscious, which made us feel confident about the fortune she predicted.


  • Detailed reader profiles and interviews

  • Daily love horoscopes and moon phases

  • Long-standing experience in providing spiritual guidance


  • A small selection of fortune tellers

  • You can’t re-listen to your phone reading with a psychic

View full AskNow review

AskNow AskNow Visit Site

10. Astrology.com

Astrological insight from beginner to novice 

  • Best for - Personalized astrology reports and predictions
  • Price - From $7.95/digital report
  • Money-back guarantee - No

With a huge selection of educational articles, guides, and free horoscopes, Astrology.com is ideal for novice astrologers and tarot readers. They also sell several basic reports and readings generated based on your birthday and questions.

Purchasing a membership gives you a birth chart reading, daily and weekly horoscopes, and 30 minutes of free time with a psychic from Keen.com. Keep in mind that the auto-generated readings are based on more broad and general interpretations.

Why we chose Astrology.com: Astrology is one of the most popular fortune-telling tools. If you enter your birth chart information, the general interpretation will be narrowed, offering educational aspects of your planets and zodiac signs. This allows you to be open to cosmic knowledge and deepens your understanding of horoscopes.

Our experience: The birth chart analysis we received provided accurate predictions. We appreciated the various features available, like moon readings, daily and weekly horoscopes, and the study of planetary aspects in our birth chart. We also enjoyed the predictions made on financial matters and sports.


  • Instantly delivered reports

  • Huge selection of free readings and reports

  • Better tailored to those specifically interested in astrology


  • Psychics don't write the auto-generated reports

  • No refund or satisfaction guarantee on digital readings

View full Astrology.com review

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What Can a Fortune Teller Help You With?

A fortune teller will give you insights into future challenges and opportunities. They sharpen your intuition by connecting you to your higher self, grounding you, and focusing you on the present. With their guidance, you’ll make better choices for a brighter future. They’ll also answer any questions about love, money, or career.

Choosing the Right Fortune Telling Service for You

Plenty of fortune-teller websites are available, but how do you find the best one? Considering the personal nature of psychic services, you should follow your intuition. Check out online reviews and do research to help you narrow down your options and find the right online fortune teller.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s important for me to get out of a fortune teller?

  • What’s my budget?

  • What’s my preferred communication method?

  • Which reading techniques do I feel drawn to?

How Much Do Online Fortune Tellers Cost?

Online fortune tellers' costs start at around $0.98/minute, though this varies depending on the communication methods, such as live chat, phone calls, or video sessions. The type of service you choose can also affect the price. For example, a pre-recorded video tarot reading can cost about $80, whereas a detailed astrology birth chart reading can cost around $200.

Why Are Online Readings Better Than Free Virtual Tools?

Free, computer-generated, virtual tools aren’t always accurate and lack personal interaction. However, online readings have more variety in tools and specialties, and provide more personalized guidance based on your questions, which is why they’re better.

Advantages of Using an Online Fortune Teller Over a Fortune Teller Near You

In a digital age, you no longer need to commute or visit a psychic in person. Although the second option is still available, many online platforms host numerous experienced mediums, ensuring you can access the best in the field from the comfort of your home.

Here are some advantages of using an online fortune teller over a fortune teller near you:

  • You don’t need to travel: Sometimes commuting to an in-person psychic can be too inconvenient. Thankfully, with online fortune-telling, you can stay home and enjoy personalized readings.

  • It’s less time-consuming: Psychics can perform online readings via chat, audio, or video, making divinations easily accessible if you lack time to visit a fortune teller near you.

  • Your aura and energy field are safe and protected: Your aura surrounds you at home, making it difficult for a malicious psychic to penetrate your energetic field.

  • You’re less likely to encounter interruptions: An in-person psychic might introduce distractions or chaotic energies. With online fortune telling, you can experience the reading surrounded by what you know and trust without unexpected disturbances.

  • You can safely reflect on your reading: After a session, the energies involved may lead you into a meditative state, making it difficult to travel home. Online fortune telling allows you to experience this state safely.

  • You can exit the reading at any time: You’re not obligated to stay for the whole reading during an online session. This sense of liberty can bring you peace and help to establish boundaries if you don’t resonate with a psychic's energy.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Session With a Fortune Teller

Here are some of the tips to get the most out of your session:

  • Receive the reading in a private place: Find a spot free of noise or distractions, so you can calm your mind and focus on the questions you’re about to ask.

  • Write down what you want to discuss in advance: Consider specific areas of your life. This will help you organize your thoughts and ensure that you cover all the essential topics during your session.

  • Observe and communicate: Pay close attention to any thoughts or impressions that arise during the reading. Take note of symbols, images, or messages that resonate with you, and don’t hesitate to share them with your psychic.

  • Elevate your energy levels: Take a moment to reflect on things that make you grateful, and think of any joyful events that can happen and how they might feel.

How Can You Tell if an Online Fortune Teller Is Legitimate and Genuine?

A legitimate online fortune teller won’t tell you what you want to hear to make you happy or reassure you. They’ll let you know the truth as they see it in the moment, and won’t ask for any background information as they don’t want you to lead them toward a specific answer. A genuine reader will be concise and avoid vague phrases like: “A change in your fortune is soon to arrive.”

Fake psychics will play on your fears and insecurities by telling you that some catastrophe is going to happen if you don’t heed their advice, or pay them more money to remove an energetic block or ancestral curse. 

What Questions Can You Ask a Fortune Teller?

Before having online fortune-telling sessions or phone fortune sessions, determine what questions you’d like answered. To help you with this, we’ve listed some examples below, though the fortune teller can provide better answers if you ask them more specific, contextual questions.

  • Love: What are the energies involving the future of this connection?

  • Career: Are there any upcoming changes in my career?

  • Personality: What are my strengths, and how can I apply them to my day-to-day life?

  • Relationships: How do I attract more meaningful and trusting relationships?

  • Health: How can I be healthy and happy?

  • Life: What destined encounters or events can I expect on my life path?

  • Finance: What is the nature of my financial situation, and which actions should I take to fulfill its potential?

  • Spirituality: What spiritual lessons is my higher self preparing me for now?

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What Fortunes Does Your Future Hold?

The availability of online fortune teller websites has opened up a world of possibilities for individuals seeking insights into their future. The top 10 websites listed here have proven reliable sources, offering a range of divination methods and experienced practitioners. Whether you are curious about love, career, or general life guidance, these platforms provide accessible and convenient avenues to explore. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Are fortune tellers accurate?+-

Only you can tell if the reading is accurate. Pay close attention to your questions and the level of detail in the diviner's answer. Trust your intuition and judge the accuracy based on your connection with the divination.

How does a fortune teller work?+-

Fortune tellers use various methods to guide you. Some rely on intuition, while others could use tools like tarot cards, runes, crystals, pendulums, or oracle cards. These means of divination help the psychic observe the information clearly.

Which hand do fortune tellers read?+-

Most palm readers look at both hands. The right one is the present and future, while the left reflects the past and inherent characteristics.

Larry Armstead II
Larry Armstead II is a psychic expert and contributes to Top10.com, as well as an author, best known for his book, “Where’s My Pizza: How to Use the Power of Expectation to Create the Life You Want”, an Amazon #1 Best Seller. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and is an Achology Certified Life Coach, with specializations in hypnosis and CBT. He is also the owner of ParaLarry.com where he offers advice and online readings in spirituality, tarot, relationships, and more.