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Psychic Source is the oldest, most experienced online psychic reading network on the market, celebrating 30 years in business this year. The site prides itself on being the oldest and most respected psychic reading service online. How does it stack up? Does Psychic Source have the credentials to earn your questions, and your money? Read on for an honest review.


  • As low as $0.66/min + first 3 minutes free
  • Psychics are screened and interviewed before approval to the site
  • Video chat, live chat and phone readings available


  • Satisfaction guarantee gives you site credit - no cash refund
  • Some unique specialities are hard to find on the site

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Is Psychic Source Trustworthy?

When searching for an online psychic, one of the main concerns is trustworthiness. There’s no denying the existence of bad actors and frauds, who cast a dubious shadow over the field and its more legit practitioners. So how do you separate the 2? How can you tell a legit psychic from somebody just out for your money?

The short answer is, it's difficult, but not impossible. Psychic readings are by nature mysterious, personal, and unquantifiable. However—there are some fairly reliable criteria that, when applied to a psychic or psychic website, can either weed out questionable practices or spotlight the signs of a transparent, honest business. Here’s how Psychic Source looks under scrutiny:

Screening process?

Yes. Psychic Source puts psychics through rigorous screening before hosting them on the site. Every prospective psychic must fill out a detailed application that lists their experience as a psychic, and if they pass that initial test, they’re then required to give 1 or 2 readings (10-15 minutes each) to a Psychic Source representative. This heavy screening should reassure you that you’ll find authentic psychics with real experience on the site. 

User reviews?

Yup. Psychic Source gives you access to user reviews—both good and bad. This is helpful for decision making, but even more so, it demonstrates the site’s transparency and trust in both its psychics and its users. You can be confident that anyone you select has passed the test of the platform and the customer base.

Psychic bios?

Yes. Every psychic on the site has their own page with a professionally written bio written in the 3rd person. While you’ll find psychic bios on many sites, they tend to be erratic, unformatted, or show no consistency from one psychic to the next. The fact that Psychic Sources’ bios are presented consistently and in a uniform tone speaks to the site’s professionalism and high standards. 

Community resources?

Yes. Psychic Source features a nice media library with non-promotional articles, videos, and meditations, as well as a free seasonal newsletter that’s thoughtfully designed and full of community updates, wellness tips, and enough non-promotional content to give you the impression that they’re at least as interested in their craft as they are in your money. 

100% money-back guarantee? 

Yes. Psychic Source’s willingness to fully refund customers who aren’t satisfied with a reading demonstrates a preemptive trust in its psychics that speaks to the site’s legitimacy. 


Psychic Source’s transparency, accountability, knowledge, and sense of community is a good indicator that it stands behind what it does and cares about its customers.   

A final note about trustworthiness

Given the nature of psychic readings, it’s difficult, but not impossible to determine with absolute certainty the legitimacy of a practitioner. Furthermore, there are factors that can influence the success or failure of a reading that may have nothing to do with the legitimacy of the psychic. For that reason, make sure you choose a psychic that specializes in your field of inquiry, and communicate your questions and goals clearly. Nothing’s black and white when it comes to psychic readings—hey, that’s part of the fun, right?—but judging online psychics by certain criteria can drastically increase your chances of finding one who’s in it for the right reasons. 

How Does Psychic Source Work?

Getting a psychic reading from Psychic Source is very simple. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Sign up for an account. Psychic Source has an introductory offer of $1 a minute up to 30 minutes, plus 3 free minutes. Good deal!

Step 2: Enter your name, email address, password, gender, date of birth, and payment details.

Step 3: Choose what type of psychic reading you are interested in and/or which psychic you want to connect with. This is the most important step, and you can approach it from either end. Meaning, you can choose what type of reading you are more comfortable with, and find a psychic that works with that reading method. Or you can choose a psychic that looks like you will connect with them and see which types of readings they offer. Either way, it’s all about your comfort level.

Psychic Source offers 3 types of readings:

Phone readings: To get a phone reading, select the reader you wish to speak with, click the Call Me button and the reader will call you. You can also dial the psychic's extension directly (extensions are found on the reader's profile page).

Online chat readings: This is the easiest and most comfortable option for many people because it doesn’t involve any direct contact. Instead, you just send messages to one another like you’d send a friend a WhatsApp message. Just go to the psychic profile page and click the Advisor’s Chat Reading button to get started.

Video call readings: Video calls are the most personal, so a lot of customers enjoy this kind of intimacy in a psychic reading. It’s also nice to be able to see the reader’s face, expressions, and body language. To initiate a video call, go to the psychic’s profile page, and click on the Video Reading button.

Psychic Source also has a huge network of talented psychics, so you can find just about any reading style and specialty in this mix. Some tools include crystals, numerology, reiki, tarot, and cartomancy, while reading styles can range from compassionate and expressive to direct and wise.

Pricing & Special Offers


Introductory Offer


$19.80 - BEST VALUE!





*Last updated: August 2020

Psychic Source features a number of worthwhile introductory specials, including 3 different packages that come with 3 free minutes. The best value is the 30 minutes for $19.80 introductory offer. Now you can even pay via Paypal, so you don't have to take out your wallet at all.

Many psychics have rates as cheap as $0.66 a minute, while some of the more expensive readers charge in the $10-15 range.  It’s up to you to select a reader within your budget. Just because the price is higher doesn’t mean the service provided is better. Take a look at the customer reviews, consider what you’re looking for and let that guide you.

Types of Psychics & Services

When it comes to enjoying a psychic reading, sometimes the platform can be almost as important as the message. On Psychic Source you can have readings by phone, chat, or video, whichever you are most comfortable with.

Psychic Source offers a variety of different psychic specialties, including:


Clairvoyants offer the ability to use extrasensory perception to learn about people, locations, and objects. Clairvoyants are able to sense things which are not seen or heard, and provide you with understanding about some of the mysteries that surround you. Psychic Source hosts around 140 clairvoyants on its site, so you’ll be able to choose from some of the best readers.


An empath is a psychic reader that can wrap themselves in the feelings of the client and empathize with their emotions. Through understanding our feelings they hope to unlock the emotional states that are often causing problems in our lives. Choose from over 200 empaths on Psychic Source.

Love and relationship psychic readings

These are readings with a psychic who specializes in relationship advice. Love readings may help you figure out where a relationship is going or whether you’ve found the right person for you. Psychic Source offers over 160 readers specializing in love and relationships. 

Career psychic readings

With a career reading you can get answers to questions regarding your work and career goals. Find over 100 psychic advisors who specialize in career advice on Psychic Source. 

Tarot reading

Tarot card readings have been around since long before anyone imagined online psychic readings. Tarot readers lay out the deck of 78 cards and unlock what it means for the client and what they’re facing. Psychic Source hosts over 200 tarot readers on its site.

Astrology reading

Astrology can be a lot more than just your daily horoscope. A trained astrologist can also analyze a your date of birth and the alignment of the planets to learn about your energy and determine who you are and where you’re going. Pick from around 65 astrology psychics available through Psychic Source.

Psychic Source offers many additional psychic tools and specialties including energy healing, pet psychics, mediums, angel cards, reiki, and numerology. 

Beyond the different psychic readings – which are extensive – Psychic Source also offers a Horoscope updated daily, as well as online publications including a newsletter, blog posts, and podcasts.

What’s Unique About Psychic Source

Quality, carefully screened psychics

Not just anybody can roll in off the street and start doing readings with Psychic Source. The psychics must first pass a rigorous test - so you know the readers on the site are legit.

A wide variety of communication options

Get in touch with psychics by way of chat, phone, or video chat. Not everyone is comfortable with the same style of reading - Psychic Source lets you pick.

A vast array of psychic specialities

Find readings covering everything from pet psychics to relationship counseling to tarot card readings. Chances are, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Great introductory rates and flexible pricing

Psychic Source has some of the best introductory packages for new users and with psychics setting their own prices, there are readings available to fit any budget. Not only that, the site also offers store credit if you aren’t happy with a reading.

Top Rated Psychics at Psychic Source

Psychic Craig 

Psychic Craig

Specialties: Career, destiny, loss, love, family.

Tools: Psychic, Angel Cards, tool-free reading.

Reading Style: Direct.

Nikkiax’s testimonial (10/25/2018): "I can be a bit skeptical but Craig answered a question that I was only in the middle of writing. I’ve been to a few psychics and never experienced anyone as accurate. Looking forward to more communication and guidance."

Psychic Pandoria

Psychic Pandoria

Specialties: Finances, destiny, grief, love.

Tools: Psychic, medium, Tarot.

Reading Style: Wise.

Bembroz’s testimonial (2/21/2018): “I was having a really hard day and this reading help me get back on track. Pandoria was amazing. I instantly felt her energy. The call was going so well that when I ran out of time I called her right back.”

Psychic Serenity 

Psychic Serenity

Specialties: Love and career.

Tools: Can read without tools, medium, Tarot.

Reading Style: Wise.

MoonBeams’s testimonial (11/2/2018): “I chose Serenity because of her familiarity with soulmate twin flame connections—something that I was dealing with at the moment. I extended my time with her twice. She even gave me a timeline that fulfilled within the next few days, which I know can be tricky."

What Users Are Saying About Psychic Source

"I am so pleased with Psychic Source. I have spoken to quite a few great advisors. I like how professional and kind the advisors are. Finding Psychic Source has been a great experience for me. Not only is the website easy to navigate, but you have great customer service. I experienced a technical difficulty while waiting on return call list, and the situation was handled well. Psychic Source is truly number one when it comes to seeking guidance and insight!" - Anonymous

"Hi! I have been using your service for a couple of years now, and I want to say thank you to your customer service team for always being so helpful. Today I had an issue with updating my line. The associates I spoke with did not get into an "at fault" argument with me. I know how they are looking at it from their end, and I know how I went about updating it on my end. No matter what they were very polite and extremely helpful. I know this service is for entertainment purposes, but for some of us, speaking to an advisor in a time of heartbreak is what gets us through the next tough week. Thanks again to your entire team for always being very polite and answering my questions, and have a great day!" - Anonymous

Psychic Source Psychic Source Visit Site

Customer Support

One of the main draws of a big, long-running site like Psychic Sources is the customer support. Psychic Sources includes a live chat support option where you can talk to a representative online. If that’s not your style, fill out an online form and wait for an email response. In addition, there is a large FAQ section where you can find answers to most of your queries. Finally, the satisfaction guarantee means that if you’re ever unhappy with a reading, you can get a refund to your account to use for another reading.

Bottom Line

Psychic Source thoroughly vets psychics before letting them appear on the site, which indicates how seriously the company treats quality control and the user experience. With a wealth of specialities, affordable pricing, and a satisfaction guarantee, Psychic Source sets a high standard for what psychic readings websites should be.

Frequently Asked Questions
How trustworthy is Psychic Source?
Every psychic on PsychicSource must undergo a lengthy screening process before being allowed to practice on the site. Additionally, the site lists public user reviews for each psychics so that potential customers can view what past customers had to say about the experience. Lastly, PsychicSource offers a money-back guarantee for those who feel unsatisfied with their reading.
How much does Psychic Source cost?
PsychicSource charges by the minute. The price for a reading ranges from $4.99-$15 per minute depending on the psychic, though new users are usually given an introductory offer.
How true are Psychic Source readings?
Psychic readings are subjective and therefore impossible to guage as far as overall accuracy. That said, you can read user reviews for each psychic on the site and see what past customers had to say about their experience.
Ryan Michaels has provided more than 8,000 readings and has appeared in countless forms of media because of his gift and his mentoring abilities. In 2012, Ryan was featured on ABC’s investigative news show 20/20 in an episode titled "The Sixth Sense.” As Ryan’s mentoring skills continued to grow and develop, the A&E television network reached out to Ryan again and asked him to be a mentor for the next generation of gifted children.

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Ease of use

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Brand satisfaction

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Value for money

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Service quality

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

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Top Reviews

Brenda, AL
a year ago

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Because they hit everything right on the spot. They were right about everything they told me. I was very surprised at there answers but happy

a year ago

They were thorough and provided a great service. The information was easily accessible on the site.

Doug, OH
a year ago

The info I received was very insightful on dates and knowledge of what relevant and going on in my life. I was impressed.

Porcia, IL
a year ago

I really love how hands on they are and the readings are always correct and spot on the money.

Toni, FL
a year ago

It was very inspiring. I had a eye opening experience. My psychic was very sweet and caring.

Terri, PA
a year ago

I love Psychic Source. I go to physics conventions and I usually always use the same person but this Psychic was right on spot

Aliana, PA
a year ago

They are a great service all around I like there psychics and their customer service was helpful when I had a issue

Anonymous, FL
a year ago

I have used others and this time I got the sense that they were using information they could otherwise obtain on the net.

Michelle, OH
a year ago

It was a good reading and pretty spot on but I still have my doubts. It's so hard to know how real that stuff is

Connie, KY
a year ago

Let's you know what is going to happen. What I don't like about it is that it cost me money so that is the only reason that I gave it a lower score

Diva, NY
a year ago

It helps you in your understanding of the spiritual growth of your self and helps you improve. I think it is a very helpful service.

Jenna, NJ
a year ago

Had a very good experience, felt safe sharing personal issues with my person/psychic and got good results

Melanie, FL
a year ago

You have access to so many different psychics specializing in many different channels, some are more talented than others and pick up on things that others don't. Not vague at all, and a good value

a year ago

It was just an overall wonder experience while giving me a new found hope for the future and everything it will involve

Gail, GA
10 months ago

It was great she told me everything about me was true. It was free so I didn't have to pay a penny for it

Jane, IA
9 months ago

Easy for first time users to use. Surprisingly accurate answers given. Would use again and happy with results of psychic.

Henley, MT
9 months ago

I've had some great readings with them in the past and some just okay ones. I think they're over priced.

Danielle, FL
a year ago

The psychic website I used was just very generic. Kind of like it could of been a lot of peoples fortune not just mine.

Chelsea, NM
a year ago

They did a decent job. I feel I paid too much for the service I received. I wish they would have had more time or a better reading or a lower price.

Nay, CT
a year ago

I thought it was a good reading but some of it seemed generic and not quite as personalized as I would have liked

38 reviews