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Top 10 Questions to Ask a Fortune Teller Before Getting Married

Alanna Kali
A fortune teller lays out tarot cards.
It’s a wonderful feeling to be in love with so much promise of what the future holds. As you begin to consider deepening your commitment through marriage, it’s common for questions to arise.

From family relationships to financial matters, there are many aspects you’ll want to consider as you’re determining if this person is “the one.

Seeing a fortune teller is a wonderful way to gain clarity so you can be confident marriage is the right decision for you, especially if you know the right questions to ask. We compiled 10 meaningful questions to ask your psychic before tying the knot. 

1. What is the purpose of this union in my life?

This question provides meaning and direction in life about your relationship. The Universe has brought you two together for a reason. It might be to learn how to open your heart, create stability in your life, raise a family, or create a business together. By understanding the greater purpose of your union, you’ll have a foundation that you can build from as you set out in your marriage journey together.

Sometimes there are even past life connections that your psychic will be able to tune into. If this is so, understanding why you’re together in this lifetime can help you to avoid pitfalls in your relationship that might otherwise confuse you. It’s very common for people to return to one another, again and again, healing karmic wounds and supporting each other’s evolution.

2. What will family life be like with this person?

Getting married symbolically merges your two families together, for better or for worse. While you’ve most likely already created a relationship with one another’s family, the permanence of marriage can bring out a whole new side of family members. As you move through life together, you’ll be dealing with caretaking elderly relatives, managing holiday plans, and potentially even starting a family of your own.

This question can give insight into how family life will be once you’re married. It’s good to have this knowledge in advance so that you can enter into this next phase of life aware of the responsibilities and commitments that go along with family expectations. It’s best to be on the same page about the level of family involvement that is comfortable for you both, as well as to have values that guide your own family life now that you’re married. 

3. What is each of our communication styles?

Miscommunication can be very detrimental to marital success. Since you want this relationship to work out for the long haul, it’s best to learn each other’s communication styles early on. Asking your psychic this question will provide insight into how you and your partner can share your thoughts and feelings with each other to both be heard, validated, and understood.

Your psychic can reveal things that you might not have realized otherwise, such as your partner appreciates talking over a meal or you communicate better with each other over texts rather than in person. By finding what works for you, you will be able to actively share your dreams with one another as you create a life together that’s fulfilling for you both. 

4. Will I be able to achieve financial success with this person?

Money is a huge factor in a marriage, especially once you make your union legal. From creating a monthly budget to handling taxes, there’s a lot for your partner and you to consider. Retirement, investments, and savings will be important for the future you will share together. The decisions made at the start of a marriage often set the tone for your financial road ahead.

Asking your psychic for advice on how to achieve financial stability is one of the most practical, grounded, and wise decisions you can make. It’s always beneficial to consult a psychic before a major purchase, investment, or other financial transaction, as they can tap into information you might not have access to otherwise, and save you a lot of money in the long run. This includes making sure the person you're marrying is someone who will work with you to achieve success. 

5. What obstacles will there be in this marriage?

Obstacles are inevitable in any marriage, but knowing ahead of time what they will be can make you feel calmer when they occur. Rather than doubting your union, you can be prepared with solutions for how to quickly improve the situation. You can have a plan for getting back on track and overcoming the challenges that stand in your way of happiness.

While a psychic might not be able to say the exact obstacle, they will definitely be able to determine what kind of obstacles there will be: financial, family, health, or emotional. This knowledge can make you more aware in the months and years to come, potentially even allowing you to avoid the obstacle altogether with your gained insight. 

6. How can I make my partner feel loved if we get married?

This tender question is most likely something you wonder about often. Perhaps you’ve even read books on the subject, consulted a regular or Vedic astrology chart, or listened to a podcast. Your beloved means a lot to you, and their happiness becomes your happiness in marriage. You’ll want to make sure you are ready and able to give them the love they deserve.

Asking your psychic this question will give you information about how you can demonstrate to your partner how much you love them. Dedicating yourself so entirely to another is something worth considering thoroughly. This question will help you to gauge if you are able to love your partner unconditionally, through both thick and thin, as is asked of you in marriage. 

7. Is there anything holding me back from fully opening my heart?

Little hurts, childhood trauma, and unresolved wounds can lead to a hardened heart. Entering into marriage requires you to be open to receiving love in a whole new way. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the excitement of being in love, and the positive feelings that accompany it, that you feel like all of your pain has been erased forever. However, over time, this feeling fades and a deeper love replaces it.

Your psychic will be able to sense hesitancy, fears, doubts, or emotional wounding that should be addressed before marriage. They will even most likely be able to suggest to you where this original pain came from so that it can be healed, making you fully ready for the love of your partner in marriage. 

8. What do I need to release before getting married?

Marriage is a transformative experience: two become one. You are no longer living your life exclusively for yourself and you now have the needs of another to consider in all of the decisions you make. Ultimately, you’ll have to make sacrifices and release feelings, opportunities, relationships, and even homes that are no longer aligned with who you will become once married.

Asking a psychic what will need to be let go before marriage will help you to decide if this is the best path for you. Resistance to these life changes may indicate it is not yet time for you to marry, as you may still have individual growth to pursue on your own. On the other hand, if you feel prepared to make the changes and release aspects of your present and past for the sake of your future, you will be more confident in the decision to move forward with marriage. 

9. What personal growth will come through this commitment?

While you are entering more seriously into a partnership, you are still on your own personal journey. Every relationship has its lessons, and often people naturally attract those who will be the greatest teachers. From care to devotion, maturity to flexibility, entering into a life with your partner will bring out new parts of yourself.

Asking your psychic this question will give you insight into how you will grow as a person through the love, care, and dedication of your partner. It’s important to have the reassurance that this relationship will help you to flourish, while also bringing out the best sides of you. Otherwise, you may want to reconsider advancing towards marriage for the time being. 

10. Will my partner and I be able to support each other’s goals?

Choosing the pathway of marriage means making your partner the center of your world, your go-to person, and main support system. Likewise, they will be counting on you as well to provide them with the support they need. From career opportunities to personal goals such as perfecting a recipe, for a healthy marriage, you’ll have to be on the same page.

Asking a psychic this question will ensure you will still be able to achieve the things you want in life, same with your partner while being in a marriage. It’s important that you both work to provide the other with the resources they need to succeed and find ways for you to advance your goals in co-creative harmony. Making sure your partner and you will be able to do this is essential before you merge your lives together. 

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It’s normal to have questions before any life-changing decision, even if it’s an exciting one like getting married. The best part of consulting a psychic is that you can ask anything you’d like with absolutely no judgment. You’ll receive insight that will help you to be confident in your decision, whether you decide to get married or take some more time to see how things go first. In case you’re not sure where to find a good psychic, here are 10 trustworthy psychic reading options for you to consider.

Alanna Kali
Other than contributing to Top10.com, Alanna Kali is an astrologer, numerologist, and tarot reader. She currently is editor-in-chief of a psychic book review website called Musing Mystical. Alanna loves reading, spending time in nature, and traveling.