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10 Ways a Tarot Reading Can Help You Find Your Career Path

Alanna Kali
Tarot cards for a tarot reading sit on a table
Your career can often be a tricky realm to navigate due to the sheer number of variables involved.

Since your career is such a crucial aspect of your life, and one which hopefully contributes to your spiritual fulfillment, having clarity about professional decisions is very important. A consultation with a psychic is a great way to navigate your questions about your professional life. Read on to learn 10 ways that a tarot reading can be beneficial to your career path.

1. Understanding Your Current Career Trajectory

A tarot reading with a psychic will give you an objective viewpoint of your current career situation. Immediately in a reading, your psychic will be able to assess if the job you’re at is right for you or if you’re spinning your wheels going nowhere, or if you’re going through a confusing time because it’s a sign you’re meant to change directions. A tarot reading will provide clarity about where you’re at now and the steps needed to get where you want to be, even if that path doesn’t seem clear right now.

Your psychic will be able to provide guidance on topics such as what your career calling is truly meant to be, why things aren’t currently working out as you hoped, and the steps you need to take to flourish in your career. By the end of the reading, you’ll have a new framing through which to understand your current situation and how you can proceed confidently with this new perspective.

2. Taking Action At the Right Time

Timing is crucial in your career path. Maybe you’re wondering how much longer you need to stay in your current position before finding something new, or if it is the right time to ask for the raise you’ve been working towards. Your psychic will be able to give you guidance about when to take action so that it is most beneficial.

Knowing this time frame can be a huge help in remaining patient as you steadily advance your career or wait for the right time to make a transition. It may also go the opposite direction, where your psychic advises you to quit or make a change immediately, or else you’ll get stuck in something that isn’t meant for you. Understanding your time is money, your psychic will ensure you are well poised for when opportunity arises. 

3. Revealing Opportunities for Success and Expansion

Sometimes incredible opportunities go unnoticed, especially when people are not following their intuition. Many genius ideas of innovation and creativity come through the intuitive realm. Your psychic will reveal chances for you to align with good fortune. Some believe that ideas float around, waiting for someone to act on them, which is why certain ideas often arise all at once — many people received the calling.

If you are having trouble connecting with your intuition, a tarot reading can guide you towards opportunities you can capitalize on. This may be insight on a class to take to enhance your skills, seizing a business opportunity, or even attending a social event that connects you with someone who will be a good person to have in your network.

4. Creating Systems to Boost Productivity and Relieve Stress

Everyone has trouble focusing and it does impact job performance. Many people have all the skills they need to get to the next level in their career path, but they lack the discipline and focus to see their ideas through to completion. Starting a new career, impressing a potential or current employer, or developing one’s own business all take a great deal of energy that must be channeled constructively in order to succeed.

Your psychic will quickly be able to identify habits that are draining your energy and offer insight on how to bolster your energy towards productivity. This information can transform your daily routine and work method, allowing your career to flourish with the new systems you have in place. Your psychic can also give you insight into achieving a healthy work-life balance so that you’re not burning out as you advance your career. By finding a work style that suits you in your tarot reading, you’ll naturally alleviate stress while seeing better results. 

5. Transitioning From One Career to Another

Whether you’re unhappy in your current career or simply looking to make some changes, it’s always good to get advice as you transition from one career to another. Your psychic can be immensely supportive during this process, detailing the best ways to go about the changes you’re making. From advice on timing to how to settle into a new career, the content of your reading will be something you can refer back to time and time again.

Before you ask this question, you might want to consider which aspects of career change you’re feeling more concerned about: financial worries, impact on your lifestyle, success of the new path, fear of change, etc. Inquiring further through your tarot reading will make you feel more prepared and assured of the path forward.

6. Finding the Best Location and Decor

Your career can be impacted by where you’re located. For instance, certain areas are known for particular fields, such as marine biology in Hawaii or information technology in San Francisco. If you’re still searching for your career path, it might be as simple as relocating to be in a place where the right career path can find you. Believe it or not, sometimes success is blocked because there’s a greater path for you elsewhere. You have to go out and find it, which will be revealed in your tarot reading.

A tarot reading can also assist you in figuring out the best place to set up shop if you are going to be working with clients or having an office or storefront space. Location can make or break the success of your business. When speaking with your psychic, you can inquire about the setting, location, and decor of your business to attract customers and make clients feel at home in your space.

7. Improving Career Relationships and Network

A good career doesn’t happen in isolation—it requires the support and mentorship of others to achieve success. If you’ve been feeling at odds with a boss, coworker, or colleague in your line of work, then a tarot reading can assist you in figuring out how to smooth things over. By looking at the current energy in play, your psychic can advise on how to transform the relationship to be more harmonious.

A tarot reading can also reveal how you can make yourself stand out within your network of contacts. You want to be the first person that comes to people’s minds when they think of your line of work, as this is how growth and expansion happen. Your psychic can advise you on how to distinguish yourself from the crowd, build a good reputation, and be considered an expert in your field.

8. Providing Guidance for Your Job Hunt

Sending out resumes and cover letters gets exhausting quickly, especially when you’re not getting any leads. A reading with a psychic can provide insight on how to generate success in your search for a new job. From advice on where to send resumes to places to be looking for opportunities, such as online forums or career websites, your psychic will illuminate a path that prevents time from being wasted in a futile search.

Your psychic can give clear guidance on the next position they see you in, which can help you discern if the applications you’re sending in are truly the right fit. Your reading can also give information on what to highlight in a resume, discuss in a cover letter, or mention in an important interview. While these may seem like business skills, your psychic will have intuitive information that gives you an advantage on the job hunt.

9. Discovering Hidden Talents

Sometimes your greatest strengths are not obvious, especially if you’ve been working in a career that doesn’t allow you to use them very often. Your tarot reading can reveal talents that you weren’t aware that you had, which in turn, bolster success in your career once you’ve started to discover what you truly excel at.

Learning more about your best attributes can help you to align your career to showcase these talents and use them for the good of all. The more you hone in your area of expertise and the unique qualities you bring to the table, the more rewarding your career will feel.

10. Cultivating Career Path Right for You

Above all, what almost everyone seeks is a career that brings joy, fulfillment, and financial success. However, this looks different for each and every individual. Sometimes the traditional career path doesn’t fit. A tarot reading can help you to break out of expectations to embrace what is the best option for you.

Your psychic will offer insight into a lifestyle that is well-suited for you alone. Your reading will reveal more than mundane career advice and truly guide you on a spiritual level to personal career success. Being open to the guidance of your psychic aids you in thinking outside the box and standing true to a path that is the perfect fit for you.


If you’re seeking direction in your career path or simply ready to advance your career to the next level, a tarot reading can be immensely beneficial. Here’s a list of the top online psychic services with a psychic ready to assist you with your career.

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Alanna Kali
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