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Top 10 Best Accurate Online Tarot Reading Websites in 2023 - What’s in the Cards for You?

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Best Accurate Online Tarot Reading Websites

Tarot readings serve as windows to the soul, providing guidance to address your most profound queries in times of need. Whether you're seeking insight into matters of love, money, health, family, spirituality, or personal growth, the pursuit of truth through tarot can be transformative.

However, the process of finding a trusted and reliable advisor can be daunting with over 96,000 psychic businesses nationwide. To assist you in locating an advisor with whom you can trust and confide, we've meticulously reviewed and rated 10 psychic reading platforms, each offering transparent and gifted tarot readers.

Our Top 10 Best Online Tarot Reading Sites in 2023: 

  • Keen - Best accurate online tarot reading site overall
  • California Psychics - Best for affordable spiritual guidance
  • Psychic Source - Best for extensive explanations of tarot cards
  • Kasamba - Best for gaining additional insights via expert-written articles
  • Oranum - Best for live healing sessions, sound therapy, Reiki, and ASMR
  • AskNow - Best for daily horoscopes, articles, and psychic interviews
  • Purple Garden - Best for fast and easy access to tarot readers
  • MysticSense - Best for wide range of methods
  • PsychicCenter - Best for long-term relationships with psychics
  • BitWine - Best for transparency between users and tarot readers
Compare The Top Online Tarot Reading Websites
California Psychics
Psychic Source
Purple Garden
Reviews140 reviews121 reviews87 reviews70 reviews37 reviews10 reviews17 reviewsWrite ReviewWrite Review14 reviews
Best for
Asking life path and personal development questions
Wide variety of reading styles
Quality, reliable readings
24/7 real-time psychic adviser availability
Interactive tarot reading experiences through live streaming
Immediate, in-depth, and accurate answers
Pre-ordering video readings
Finding guidance to achieve greatness and success
Spiritual counseling and practical readings
Global network of highly skilled psychic advisers
Price range
per minute
per minute
per minute
per minute
From $42.99 for 27.99 credits
per minute
Special offer
$1.99 for 10 minutes, plus 3 minutes free
Pay $20 for $100 credit
$0.66/minute for 30 minutes, plus 3 minutes free
First 3 minutes free with each advisor
$9.99 in free credits upon registration
20 minutes for $20 or 30 minutes for $30
2% cashback loyalty program
First 5 minutes free
First 10 minutes for $5
N/A, but all rates are negotiable with the reader
Money-back guarantee
Yes, only for new members’ first reading
Fair refund policy
Method of communication
Live chat and phone readings, email
Live chat and phone readings, messaging
Live chat, phone, and video readings, messaging
Live chat and phone readings, email
Live streaming, private video readings, messaging
Live chat and phone readings
Live chat, phone, and video readings, messaging
Live chat, phone, and video readings
Live chat and phone readings, email
Live chat, phone, and video readings, messaging

10 Best Sites for Trusted Online Tarot Readers

  • 1
    • Asking life path and personal development questions
    • Live chat and phone readings, email
    • $1.99-$50/minuteper minute

    Keen offers a well-organized, easily navigable platform, equipped with various search filters to assist you in finding the expert you require. With thousands of readers accessible around the clock, this service is a preferred option for those seeking immediate readings. Keen's advisors are deeply versed in the ancient wisdom of tarot and strictly adhere to the law of karma, ensuring accurate and honest readings.

    Additionally, many of these readers possess special gifts, including clairvoyance, mediumship, and fortune-telling. They utilize these talents to provide valuable insights into critical life areas, such as relationships and career choices. While the pricing varies, new users can avail of three free minutes or ten minutes for merely $1.99.

    Spiritual relationship coach and founder of Twin Flamesly, Isabel Faye, says she connected with a remarkably talented reader who “demonstrated a profound understanding of the tarot and showcased a genuine concern for [her] well-being and personal growth.” Isabel explains that the psychic was accurately tapping into the energies surrounding her love life, and it truly felt like she “was receiving guidance from a source beyond the physical realm.”

    Why we chose Keen: Keen cultivates a safe and secure environment where psychic experts can assist you in finding the answers you seek. With regular discounts and the potential for long-term advisor relationships, Keen delivers continuous support throughout your spiritual journey.

    Our experience: During our tarot session, SeaFireMoon connected to her higher self (her most enlightened and wise state), creating a serene and empathetic space that eased our anxieties. She delved into our deepest fears, unveiling potential obstacles to our spiritual ascension. SeaFireMoon encouraged us to believe in a future replete with miracles and alignment towards spiritual growth and a higher purpose.

    • User-friendly platform with detailed adviser profiles
    • Vast selection of highly knowledgeable readers
    • Advisors available 24/7
    • Search system isn’t as robust as other sites
    • Connecting with the right psychic might take a few tries
  • 2
    California Psychics

    California Psychics

    • Wide variety of reading styles
    • Live chat and phone readings, messaging
    • $1-$20per minute

    California Psychics provides affordable readings, starting at just $1/minute, on a variety of topics including love, mediumship, tarot, life path, and career. Each psychic lists their availability but also offers the option to set up a callback if they're currently engaged. Exclusive to US numbers/citizens, the platform also allows you to send offline messages, each worth five minutes, to your psychic.

    The site streamlines the search for tarot-reading psychics, allowing you to filter professionals based on their availability, price, user ratings, and experience level. New customers can select from one of the service’s 20-minute introductory packages: Affordable ($1/minute), Popular ($2/minute), or Premium ($4/minute). The platform also features an educational tarot section designed to guide you toward a more fulfilling life.

    Sunil Kumar, the founder of Being Awakened, found her experience with California Psychics to be "insightful and fostering an introspective exploration" that perfectly resonated with her current circumstances. Sunil says that she left the session feeling "positively transformed" and highly recommends the service "for anyone seeking to navigate their spiritual journey with added clarity and guidance."

    Why we chose California Psychics: With 25 years of industry experience, California Psychics stands out for its educational approach to tarot readings. The site also provides comprehensive information about the purpose and process of tarot divination to prepare you for your session.

    Our experience: Our 15-minute phone session with Abraham, a psychic tarot specialist with over 50 years of experience, proved enriching. He offered valuable insights into our career development, optimal timing, and the most favorable days for financial discussions. Moreover, he was gracious enough to provide us with a brief yet enlightening overview of tarot’s origins.

    • Karma rewards points program
    • Excellent screening and ranking process
    • Convenient mobile app
    • No video call option
    • Potential wait times to connect with psychics
  • 3
    Psychic Source

    Psychic Source

    • Quality, reliable readings
    • Live chat, phone, and video readings, messaging
    • $0.83-$20.99/minuteper minute

    Psychic Source is a reputable psychic network that specializes in tarot divination. This platform provides web-based readings via live chat, phone, or video. Notably, it ensures swift access to experienced readers, all of whom undergo rigorous screening before joining the network. This process guarantees that clients receive high-quality readings. Moreover, the platform stands by a satisfaction guarantee, offering a free session if the reading doesn't meet your expectations.

    The site also hosts additional resources to foster your confidence in their tarot readers' abilities to unravel your past, present, and future. These resources include daily top news stories, podcasts about the Major Arcana (a segment of the tarot deck), and articles explaining the divination process and card meanings.

    Why we chose Psychic Source: The spiritual consultants at Psychic Source provide personalized e-tarot readings, including detailed explanations of the tarot cards to support your intuitive understanding post-reading. Additionally, the site offers a virtual tarot reading game, allowing you a preview of a live reading with your selected psychic.

    Our experience: Our session with Psychic Denise from Psychic Source was both transformative and reassuring. Despite a minor disruption in the phone connection, we experienced a positive and accurate reading. Using the "I Am One Tarot Deck," she confirmed her intuitive messages and steered us away from the negative vibrations of anxiety towards a place of self-belief and love.

    • Excellent reputation for reliable, gifted psychics
    • Psychics are all screened
    • Satisfaction guarantee
    • No pendulum readers
    • Phone connections can be unstable at times
  • 4


    • 24/7 real-time psychic adviser availability
    • Live chat and phone readings, email
    • $1.00-$39.99/minuteper minute

    Since its establishment in 1999, Kasamba has guided over three million individuals towards true love, happiness, self-empowerment, and career success. Prioritizing client satisfaction, the service offers three free minutes and a refund if you're not entirely satisfied with your remote tarot reading.

    Its intuitive interface displays readily available online psychics on its homepage, simplifying the process of finding your preferred readers. As you peruse the profiles of tarot specialists, you can connect with them instantly via live chat or phone. Furthermore, the site's top navigation bar allows you to swiftly select between tarot readings, angel card readings, or cartomancy.

    Why we chose Kasamba: Kasamba hosts numerous authentic readers, each presenting their unique divination gifts and consistently delivering accurate insights into clients' situations. This digital tarot reading platform also provides users with access to insightful articles penned by its psychic experts. These resources can enhance your connection with an advisor while improving your understanding of this divination tool.

    Our experience: Our spiritual consultant from Kasamba, Maya The Seer, possesses a unique gift for reading auras and connecting to spiritual guides. She indicated that a green aura was aiding us in spiritual healing and utilized her tarot cards to validate the messages she received from the Divine. Though her typing speed was somewhat slow, the exceptional accuracy of her internet tarot reading more than compensated for it.

    • Wide range of more esoteric reading options
    • Best introductory offer in the industry
    • Excellent client service
    • Search functionality is limited
    • Smaller network of advisors available
  • 5
    • Interactive tarot reading experiences through live streaming
    • Live streaming, private video readings, messaging
    • From $42.99 for 27.99 credits

    Oranum sets itself apart with live streaming, enabling psychics to exhibit their skills and talents on camera while clients observe from the comfort of their homes. During these sessions, spiritual consultants can interact with viewers and conduct group readings. Moreover, users can send messages to advisors even when they're offline.

    The platform features numerous tarot readers, each with a profile that includes free and premium content. While the site displays the number of ratings each psychic has received to date, it does not showcase the actual reviews. However, advisors occasionally offer free readings during their live streams, providing users a glimpse of their skills before booking a private session.

    Why we chose Oranum: Oranum offers engaging, real-time interactions with psychics during live streams. Additionally, you can purchase credits to send online gifts to advisors and access private tarot sessions. As an added perk, the platform regularly promotes special deals such as free credits upon card validation or discounted packages.

    Our experience: One of Oranum's advisors, AmyTheSpirit, provided us with a complimentary one-card tarot reading before we opted for a full paid reading. During our private session, she spent several minutes asking questions and shuffling her tarot cards before addressing our concerns. Despite the initial wait, her responses were insightful, empathetic, and pertinent to our situation and needs.

    • Free live chat with a psychic before getting a reading
    • Wide variety of specialties and filters
    • Regularly offers special deals and promotions
    • Doesn’t display actual reviews
    • Limited refund policy
  • 6
    • Immediate, in-depth, and accurate answers
    • Live chat and phone readings
    • $6.99-$13.99/minute

    AskNow has been providing users with spiritual insight and guidance for over 15 years. The platform's experienced psychic managers meticulously assess each advisor for clarity and accuracy before inclusion in the roster. Additionally, AskNow places high emphasis on customer satisfaction, promising credit for up to five minutes if you're not entirely satisfied with your reading.

    The platform accommodates budget-conscious customers by offering introductory rates of $40 for 40 minutes or $30 for 30 minutes, ensuring you receive a complete session with the reader of your choice. AskNow also sends a daily horoscope to your email and features enlightening articles and videos about psychic and spiritual topics on their site.

    Why we chose AskNow: AskNow showcases authentic profiles of active tarot readers with genuine experience in this divination craft. While their advisors may take some time at the start of a reading to establish and channel energies, they imbue each session with invaluable knowledge, insight, and information.

    Our experience: Our phone session with GodChildTarotTea was uplifting, spontaneous, and insightful. She clarified the position of each tarot card while utilizing her psychic gifts of clairaudience and clairsentience. Her depictions of our personality and character were remarkably accurate. She also forecasted future events based on the movement of spiritual energy within and around us at the time.

    • Detailed reader profiles
    • Variety of interesting articles on a range of spiritual topics
    • Readings available by appointment
    • Satisfaction guarantee only credits up to 10 minutes
    • Tarot readers can waste time when setting up a reading
  • 7
    Purple Garden

    Purple Garden

    • Pre-ordering video readings
    • Live chat, phone, and video readings, messaging
    • $0.99-$17.99/minute

    Purple Garden provides convenient, 24/7 access to a wide array of psychics, offering readings via live chat, phone, or video, with options for pre-ordered recordings. Its intuitive mobile app, available on iOS and Android, enables you to communicate with your selected advisor at your leisure, even when on the go.

    Although Purple Garden doesn't offer introductory prices, it periodically presents limited-time offers, such as a $10 discount on your first purchase. Moreover, it hosts a blog focused on providing insights into spirituality, divination tools, and various types of services.

    Why we chose Purple Garden: Purple Garden delivers a comprehensive list of psychic experts, complete with concise introduction videos, through its user-friendly website. These clips offer a peek into the psychics' personalities and help foster a sense of connection with your selected expert before initiating a session.

    Our experience: Our chat-based tarot reading with Monica was uplifting and inspiring. We approached her with questions about a potential international move. Monica identified our independent spirit and predicted opportunities for solo travel in the upcoming year. She also encouraged us to keep an open mind and be receptive to opportunities that could facilitate this relocation.

    • Offers round-the-clock access to diverse psychics
    • Features a blog with valuable insights on spirituality and divination
    • No introductory prices for new users
    • Limited consultants are available during nighttime hours
  • 8


    • Finding guidance to achieve greatness and success
    • Live chat, phone, and video readings
    • $1.16-$10.37/minute

    MysticSense offers personalized tarot, astrology, spiritual, and love readings, aiming to provide precise predictions to guide you on your path to success. The site features an easy-to-navigate interface that allows you to sift through detailed tarot reader profiles on the home page.

    Although MysticSense is a newer platform compared to some competitors, it hosts quality readers and offers a range of services via live chat, phone, and video. The platform facilitates flexible session durations to ensure you have ample time to find your answers. Upon signing up, you'll receive your first five minutes free. Subsequently, you'll find the psychics' rates range from $1 to $11, accommodating a variety of budgets.

    Why we chose MysticSense: MysticSense's psychics are amiable and approachable, possessing a blend of old and new-age wisdom. The site's tarot readers provide enlightening insights with a contemporary perspective that illuminates your current circumstances. Additionally, their Articles and Media section offers a variety of engaging reads covering a range of topics, including Wiccan knowledge, numerology, and love advice.

    Our experience: Our video reading with Lifaa was incredibly valuable. Rather than telling us what we wanted to hear, she provided candid feedback about our current living situation and the necessity for relocation. Lifaa was honest and forthright, guiding us through the pros and cons of moving outside our comfort zone.

    • Five minutes free for new users
    • Flexible session durations
    • Wide variety of reading styles/tools
    • Platform prone to technical issues or bugs
    • No mobile app
  • 9


    • Spiritual counseling and practical readings
    • Live chat and phone readings, email
    • $2-$29.92/minuteper minute

    PsychicCenter places the future at your fingertips. Simply choose your psychic, create an account, and enjoy your first 10 minutes for just $5. This reliable platform offers access to thoroughly vetted experts who not only exhibit their extraordinary talents but are also genuinely committed to establishing authentic and meaningful connections with their clients.

    While their wiki section may not always load completely, this platform guarantees the quality of their readings. You can invoke their satisfaction guarantee up to three times. While a cash refund is not provided, you'll be compensated with PsychicCenter credits.

    Why we chose PsychicCenter: PsychicCenter hosts a select group of experienced tarot readers. The tarot reading experience, whether via chat or phone, is seamless, swift, and satisfying. Additionally, with the AstroRewards program, you have the opportunity to earn 10% back on monthly spending over $50.

    Our experience: Our chat with Bette was succinct and focused. She guided us toward introspection regarding our financial situation, particularly in our work-from-home environment, using the Hermit card. Bette assured us that Divine guidance would direct us toward financial growth, but it would require our active participation. She hinted at new opportunities arising before September.

    • Membership rewards program
    • Personalized birthday promo codes
    • Ability to schedule appointments with an advisor
    • Limited reading categories
    • No free introductory offer
  • 10


    • Global network of highly skilled psychic advisers
    • Live chat, phone, and video readings, messaging
    • $0.25-$19.99/minute

    BitWine (Online Psychic Network) takes pride in its classic aesthetic, using a retro design to showcase a diverse range of psychics from around the world. The site often features skilled consultants from their sister apps, Purple Ocean and Purple Garden, offering a variety of $10 deals.

    However, due to the lack of formal screenings, some advisors may not be genuine. As such, it's recommended to thoroughly explore the platform before choosing a psychic. Be sure to watch introductory videos, read reviews carefully, and be vigilant for repeated content. Nevertheless, once you find a tarot reader who resonates with you, you can anticipate an excellent experience at a competitive price.

    Why we chose BitWine: BitWine’s listing design grants tarot readers considerable freedom to promote their services. In addition, its community feature allows you to engage with psychics, discuss various topics, and comment on articles in their forums. The site's $10 deal also provides an economical means of receiving guidance.

    Our experience: After an extensive search for the right psychic, we discovered Satine Star Love Expert. She offered us a quick, honest, and accurate tarot reading about our twin flame/soul mate connection. This reading facilitated deeper healing for our energies. With her 15 years of experience, she accurately interpreted our situation. Notably, she continued to provide insight even after our session officially ended.

    • Pricing can be negotiated for each reading
    • Free introductory chat
    • Unfiltered user reviews
    • May share your data with affiliate sites
    • Dated web design could affect user experience
Frequently Asked Questions
Can live tarot readings over the phone be trusted for their readings?+-

A phone is simply a method of communication. Many readers regularly give phone tarot readings to satisfied customers, sometimes without knowing anything about them, including their real names. How you choose to communicate is up to you. Choose a method that feels natural and safe. If you prefer to meet face to face, virtual calls are a great online video option.

How can I tell whether my tarot reader is authentic?+-

Always let your intuition guide you when it comes to tarot reader authenticity. The best tarot reader will speak to you respectfully, listen to you, and answer the questions you had and then some. They will have a clear profile that lists their specialties. A trustworthy tarot reader will not erase or edit user reviews. Ideally, a good tarot reading when you walk away feeling hopeful, supported, and at peace.

How do tarot readings work?+-

First, you need to find a tarot card reader that you click with and their specialty suits your needs. During the meeting the reader will usually ask you if you have any questions you need help answering. They may ask you to pull a card, or a few cards, out of a deck. Or, they will pull out cards themselves and lay them out in front of you. Certain card orders or particular cards have different meanings and the reader will interpret the images for you.

What religion do tarot cards originate from? +-

While packed with what may be considered traditional Christian images and symbols, it’s important to note that tarot cards are associated with no religion at all. In fact, the cards were originally brought to Europe by soldiers as a card game, named Malmuk, as a way to help pass the time.

What Is Tarot Card Reading?

How We Reviewed the Best Online Tarot Reading Websites - Our Methodology

To rate the best tarot reading websites, we first examined each platform’s home page and its offerings in terms of tarot readings and online divination tools. Then we browsed through their tarot sections, assessing ease of use and checking for unique features, special offers, and rates. 

Additionally, we tried to identify the top tarot reader for each site. We evaluated their profiles, bios, reviews, specialties, and any available video or audio introductions. We also analyzed their rates per minute and made our decision based on the questions we needed answered at the time.

We used the following criteria to rate the best tarot reading sites:

  • User-friendliness
  • Access to a mobile application
  • Offers, sales, and pricing
  • Provision of articles, media, and additional tools
  • Communication features
  • Tarot readers’ energy and personality
  • Accuracy of tarot readings
  • Memberships and packages
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Money-back policy
  • Variety of specialties/abilities
  • Types of tarot readings

What Is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card reading is an age-old divination practice psychics use to help you understand your actions, thoughts, emotions, desires, and needs. During a session, advisers use tarot cards to interpret the ethereal messages they receive through their heightened intuitive abilities.

A tarot reading acts as a self-reflection tool and can satisfy your curiosities by revealing mysteries about your reality. It projects your inner self onto the cards, offering insights into your life path, patterns, and habits. This guidance can help you make informed decisions since it bridges the gap between self-understanding and decision-making.

What to Look For in a Good Tarot Reading Site

Quality tarot reading sites have positive reviews, frequent updates, attractive offers, and experienced psychics committed to continuous learning and growth. You’ll notice that adept readers often hold multiple certifications, demonstrating that there’s always more to know, learn and understand in this industry. When seeking a tarot reading site for a long-term spiritual partnership, these are vital factors to consider:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Is the site updated regularly?
  • What communication features are available?
  • Is there a screening process for tarot readers?
  • Do they provide special rates, deals, and discounts to customers?
  • Do the tarot readers’ abilities align with their bio descriptions?
  • Is there a refund policy in place?

What Types of Tarot Readings Are There?

Every tarot reading is unique. Like hairstylists offer different cuts, each reader brings their own personality to the reading. Many advisers specialize in specific areas. What’s most important is finding the right match between the reader and the sitter (client).

  • Different tarot readings include:
  • Career path readings
  • Past life readings
  • Future readings
  • Astrological readings and zodiac signs
  • Soulmate readings
  • Soul purpose readings
  • Love tarot readings 
  • Dream analysis
  • Energy/aura healing
  • Oracle/angel card readings
  • Mediumship 

Some readers will focus on the cards, while others might prefer to connect with the spirit, barely looking at the cards. Always discuss your preferences with your reader before the session starts.

What Are the Best Questions to Ask In Tarot Readings?

No set rules exist for participating in a live tarot reading, and no question is inherently good or bad. However, to get the best out of your reading, it’s important to know how to frame and ask questions. Consider the following pointers before your reading:

  • Ask detailed and specific questions to receive precise advice. (Instead of “I want to know about love,” ask, “Will my partner and I reconcile after our breakup?”)
  • Opt for open-ended questions that leave room for elaboration.
  • Avoid sharing excessive details about your life so you don’t influence the adviser’s interpretation.
  • If you’re comfortable, inquire about your career, family, and matters of the heart.
  • Focus both on past and future concerns.
  • Allow the reader to do most of the talking, as you’re paying for their insights.

Preparing for an Online Tarot Reading: Things to Avoid

Preparing for an online tarot reading can be an exhilarating yet nerve-wracking experience. You're about to entrust a stranger with your deepest emotions, fears, and uncertainties, relying on their professionalism to guide your spiritual journey with compassion and without judgment. Here are a few pitfalls to avoid when preparing for an online tarot reading:

Succumbing to Stress, Fear, or Anxiety

Try to avoid initiating a reading when you're stressed, anxious, or fearful, as these emotions can generate chaos within the energetic tarot spread. Aim to relax and clear your mind, thereby facilitating effective communication of your desires to the tarot reader.

Multitasking During a Session

Multitasking during a session can create distractions for both you and the reader. Your advisor taps into an energy flow that moves at its own pace. Being preoccupied with other tasks might cause you to miss critical messages intended to assist you in your situation.

Initiating the Reading in a State of Frustration or Anger

Tarot readers can sense intense emotions, such as anger and frustration, during a session. While it's natural to seek guidance during these times, these powerful emotions can disrupt your spiritual consultant's intuitive channels, making it difficult for them to deliver their messages calmly and confidently. Endeavor to calm down and center yourself before discussing your feelings with your tarot reader.

Entering the Reading Without a Plan or Questions

Approach your reading with a plan. Even if you don't have specific questions, decide on the type of reading you want. Your session can be general, topic-specific (such as love, career, money, finances), or focused on a particular life situation. Having questions ready will save time and help the tarot reader ground the free energies within the tarot cards.

Holding Unrealistic Expectations

Psychics interpret the expansive and open-ended messages they receive from their spirit guides through tarot cards. Although you might hope for a tarot reader to answer life's most profound questions with pinpoint precision, such an expectation is unrealistic and could exert undue pressure on the reader. Bear in mind that readers can only guide you to the extent of their personal growth, education, and experiences.

Anticipating a Free Session

While tarot reading sites often provide introductory free minutes or special rates, expecting to get all your answers within these short free periods may lead to frustration. If this is your approach, you might want to reconsider your understanding of professional readings.

Remember to be mindful and respectful — these advisors earn their livelihood this way and strive to guide you on your spiritual path, providing support during times of difficulty and uncertainty.

What Is the Difference Between Psychic Readings and Tarot Readings?

Although similar, psychic and tarot readings have distinct differences. 

  • A psychic reading comes from a person who perceives extrasensory information and provides answers based on the energy produced during the encounter.
  • On the other hand, a tarot reading comes from an individual who uses cards to interpret your life’s direction and destiny. In such readings, you’ll answer specific questions, and the reader will draw and interpret a layout of cards to find answers.

What Are the Benefits of Tarot Card Reading?

A tarot card reading can be a powerful tool to aid mental and emotional health, encouraging healing in challenging moments. Often, in times of turmoil and trouble, people turn to religion to help find solace, and tarot certainly fits this mold. Tarot can provide soul food (as it were) to bring relief and help you better understand yourself.

Tarot can also initiate meaningful dialogue in therapy, especially for those clients who may find it challenging to open up about their struggles. The cards and their surface meanings could be the vehicles to help you look at new options or thoughts that you may have never considered before.

Advantages of Online Tarot Readings vs. In-Person Readings

The convenience of online tarot readings has brought about a significant shift in the collective and economic landscape over the past 30 years. With psychics available 24/7 through computers or mobile devices, accessing tarot guidance is now easier than ever before. This is only one of many advantages that in-person readings can never provide.

Here are some additional benefits of online tarot readings compared to in-person sessions:

  • Global Accessibility: Online platforms offer the chance to connect with international psychics who can enrich the reading experience with different cultural, traditional, and lifestyle perspectives. This expands your awareness and opens you up to possibilities that your in-person psychic may not be able to show you in their local environment.
  • Convenience: Engaging in online tarot readings saves time, money, and energy since it eliminates the need for traveling. Both the client and the reader can conduct the session from their own homes or any location of their choice.
  • Enhanced Intuition: Online readings challenge readers to utilize their heightened senses so they can bridge the physical distance and connect from afar. Since your adviser won’t be able to feel you, it creates a more intuitive and mystical experience.
  • Variety: Online tarot reading platforms allow you to engage with as many readers as possible for any topic or day of the week. Having access to an expansive library of online tarot readers also means you can choose a new adviser whenever your needs and interests evolve.
  • Flexible Communication Methods: Online readings provide access to various communication methods, such as text-based chats, audio calls, and video sessions. You also don’t have to get dressed, commute to a set location, or sit face-to-face with a tarot reader in the same room.
  • Reliability: Online platforms often provide detailed information about the credentials, licenses, and insurance of psychics, ensuring a secure and reliable service. In-person psychics only occasionally have a registered business or professional website with their certificates.

How Much Do Tarot Readings Cost?

Tarot reading costs vary, depending on the psychic and the company’s policy. Most online platforms offer per-minute readings, with rates ranging from $0.25 to $45 per minute. Pricing can also depend on the form of communication, whether it’s a pre-recorded or written reading, live chat, audio, or video session.

Psychics set their rates based on their experiences, credentials, specialties, and the tools they use during the reading. So, you’ll likely find a psychic and communication style that aligns with your budget and preferences. A psychic with a lower per-minute cost would be suitable for a longer session, while a higher-priced psychic might be better if you desire a quick, in-depth reading.

What’s in a Tarot Card Deck?

Tarot decks consist of 78 cards that provide spiritual guidance and promote self-awareness. These decks are divided into Major and Minor Arcana.

The 22 Major Arcana cards, including the Magician, the High Priestess, the Hierophant, and the Emperor, represent the spiritual forces at work that enable us to keep growing through life’s biggest challenges or opportunities. Some Major cards are:

  • Strength: Depicting inner resilience and a need to remain calm in adversity
  • High Priestess: Suggesting reflection before taking action
  • Temperance: Representing balance and moderation
  • Moon: Indicating confusion or lack of clarity
  • The Magician: Showing potential and a broader perspective

The 56 Minor Arcana cards reflect your daily decisions and actions that may or may not lead you toward your destiny. The Minor Arcana splits into four suits, each signifying different aspects of our lives:

  • Wands (Fire): Symbolizing passion, action, and energy
  • Pentacles (Earth): Representing values, physical body, work, financial situation, and other practical matters
  • Cups (Water): Referring to relationships, emotions, and love
  • Swords (Air): Signifying truth, intelligence, and conflicts

Each minor suit contains 14 cards: Ace through 10 and four Court cards—Page, Knight, Queen, King. Every card carries a unique meaning and relates to other cards you draw within the spread. The Court cards reflect our current energy or the people around us.

How Accurate Are Tarot Card Readings?

The accuracy of tarot readings relies on the psychic’s capacity to access their seven intuitive senses, including:

  • Clairvoyance (clear seeing)
  • Clairaudience (clear hearing)
  • Clairsentience (clear feeling)
  • Claircognizance (clear knowing)
  • Clairgustance (clear tasting)
  • Clairalience (clear smelling)
  • Clairtangency (clear touching)

Through these senses, they can interpret messages from spirit guides, ancestors, and the natural realm. In addition, a reading’s accuracy depends on the spiritual consultant’s familiarity with tarot symbols and trust in their abilities. The psychic’s connection with a divine source also significantly impacts the precision of their readings.

Are Free Tarot Reading Sites Any Good?

Most sites provide free virtual tarot readings, where you draw your own cards, and an AI generates the interpretation. However, since these templates are pre-made, their messages are more general and only meant to be used for fun.

Free live tarot readings from advisers without set fees are rare. Still, many sites and apps offer introductory rates or free time. These free readings aim to pull you in and entice you to pay for full sessions or packages.

Are Tarot Cards Real?

Anything that we share our power with is real. Since the 14th century, tarot cards have been used to tap into the collective consciousness or manifest and create the desired reality of our subconscious. Acting as mirrors to the soul, they project a person’s internal blueprint to facilitate communication and observation. 

While the cards don’t possess magical powers themselves, their symbolic and metaphorical images can encourage understanding and introspection, making them a meaningful tool for those who use them.

Can Tarot Predict the Future?

The ability of a tarot reader to foresee future decisions depends on their specific psychic skills and the individual asking the questions. If the reader possesses abilities like clairvoyance or claircognizance, they may predict near future events, given the decision is already made subconsciously. Alternatively, psychic mediums may rely on spirits for information. 

If you’re at a crossroads, tarot readers can visualize potential outcomes for each path; however, they cannot definitively predict choices. Their role is to guide, not to dictate decisions. They can see different directions but not the specific paths you’ll take.

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Getting Started With Your Tarot Card Journey

Tarot cards can provide a fresh perspective on your past, present, and future. However, before beginning your spiritual journey, it’s important to do some research and choose a site you’re comfortable with. 

Then, sign up and use special offers to try various readers through phone calls, live chats, or video chats. You can also check out free cyber tarot reading sites and apps to get a taste of things without paying.

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