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The Best Free Tarot Reading Tools of 2023

Larry Armstead II
Tarot cards - free online tools for tarot readings
Tarot readings are a popular way to gain perspective and direction in life and have become a widespread tool to gain clarity and insight. Tarot can offer a renewed perspective on old problems or relationships, and it can help you make insightful decisions going into the future. Readings aren’t necessarily about predicting the future, but rather providing insight into your burning questions.

What Is a Tarot Card Reading?

A tarot card reading is the practice of receiving guidance through a specific configuration of cards. The cards are tools meant to provide an unrestricted view of the truths deep inside yourself. During a tarot card reading, the reader will shuffle the deck and lay out the cards one by one, using the pictures and the order in which they appear to interpret meaning. 

There are two types of tarot readings: question readings and open readings. During a question reading, the reader uses the cards to answer a specific question you ask, while with open readings you ask broader questions about life events (e.g., relationships or career) that you desire insight into. 

While a tarot reading is a useful tool for gaining insight, understanding, and clarity, it is not intended to tell you exactly what to do. Think of it as a GPS–you input the address where you desire to go and the GPS provides guidance to the destination.

The Best Free Tarot Reading Tools

Yes Or No Tarot

Yes Or No Tarot

Our tarot reading site, Yes Or No Tarot, is simple and user-friendly. This tool is best suited for questions that don’t require a detailed analysis but instead this-or-that scenarios. For example, let’s say that you are being offered a job at two different companies. A good question to ask the deck may be, “Should I take the job at Company A?” Then, choose a face-down card. The results will yield a clear yes or no response to your question, as well as a brief explanation of how the card may apply to it. 

While this is a fairly simple tool, it’s free and powerful. For instance, if your answer about the job at company A was “no,” then you could follow it up with the same question regarding Company B. If both are no, try asking more yes-or-no questions related to your career. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at the outcome.’s tarot reading system is one of the best, especially if you’re looking for detail in your reading.

Designed by Eva Delattre, a tarot-reading veteran, the system is simple. Hold a precise question in your mind on which you’d like to receive insight. Then, select 10 cards from the deck. Of the 10, you will then choose three cards that correspond to each of the following areas: your strengths, your weaknesses, and your future, leaving one card intentionally unchosen. 

There are no right or wrong cards to choose; select those to which you are drawn. After selection, you’ll receive a detailed interpretation of each group of cards as they relate to the aforementioned areas and the leftover card will tie the entire reading together. If you require more clarity, you will be presented with the option to get a free detailed email reading from Eva herself. Visit Site

Trusted Tarot App

Trusted Tarot App

The Trusted Tarot app is a fantastic reading tool that you can use on your smartphone wherever you go, and it’s available in all major app stores for free. Users can receive free daily and weekly readings, Celtic cross readings (which help explore questions in greater detail), and a free premium reading every three days. You also receive access to the tarot card meaning library, which could be great if you’re learning to read tarot.

Free accounts are eligible to receive love, prosperity, career, romance, yes/no, and relationship readings. Should you want to take your reading further, paid users can affordably connect with verified readers via chat or in-app 24/7. You will pay by the minute, but only for the minutes you actually use. The app provides a great checklist for how to get started and what to expect to get the most out of a paid reading.

Trusted Tarot Trusted Tarot Visit Site has a free and amazingly detailed online tarot suite to help in answering some of life’s major questions. A variety of daily card pulls are available, including the ever-popular yes/no spread which gives you simple, straightforward answers and advice, plus weekly forecasts to help you better navigate the week ahead. There are daily tarot readings to help forecast how your day may go; love potential readings, which help shine a light on how a potential romance with a partner may turn out; and even career readings, which can assist you in the option of pursuing new job opportunities. 

Even the aspiring tarot reader will find the resources on this site extremely useful, as there is a completely free library of all the tarot cards and their detailed meanings. Visit Site


If you’d prefer a reading that is a bit more granular in detail, you’ll want to choose

In addition to having options for daily and yes/no readings, Abctarot’s system is segmented into the major life areas of love, money, and work. First, you’ll select six cards. From there, your interpretation will begin. During interpretation, you will be directed to choose a different card to correspond to the areas of life, such as love, work, friends, opportunities, success, and destiny. Once these cards are selected, you will be directed to a full reading wherein each card is separately read but connected to the others surrounding it.  

At the end of this reading, there is a comprehensive analysis that details your current state of mind, short and long-term future, and a complete synthesis of all of this information. You couldn’t ask for more in a free reading.

AbcTarot AbcTarot Visit Site

Labyrinthos Tarot App

The Labyrinthos app distinguishes itself from others by offering “online tarot readings with a psychological approach.” 

Labyrinthos claims that its free readings, including yes/no, love, and one-card readings, are displayed as a match to the magic that already exists inside you. You will select the type of reading you’d like to have and the tarot deck that speaks to you most strongly, and your reading will begin. The magic of your reading is fully revealed in your unique interpretation of it.

Should you desire to learn tarot, Labyrinthos has you covered with a full library of card meanings and applications. As an app user, you can even create custom tarot spreads and keep a reading journal, which is helpful for spotting trends in your readings. 

Labyrinthos Labyrinthos Visit Site

Recommended Online Tarot Readings


One of the most respected tarot reading services available, PsychicSource offers a large pool of certified readers. Once you find a tarot reader that you like, click the call, chat, or video button to instantly connect and personalize your reading with them. 

The site is so confident in its accuracy that if you’re not satisfied with any part of your reading, there is a 100% money-back guarantee. Nothing on this site is computer generated and every psychic you talk to has been through a thorough screening process. 

Read Psychic Source's review

Psychic Source Psychic Source Visit Site


Another site that offers tarot card readings with affordable package deals is Kasamba. It boasts a real-time chat platform that lets you chat with your reader instantly. Kasamba also offers three free minutes of readings with top-rated tarot card readers and 50% off the rest of your chat.

Read Kasamba's review

Kasamba Kasamba Visit Site



Looking for a quick and accurate answer on your love life, dating, or career? AskNow lets you ask one free question, which is sent to a live advisor to answer. You’ll receive your personalized answer almost immediately. If you’re looking for an in-depth tarot reading, AskNow offers two deals, both of which will give you five free minutes. If you find that you don’t click with your psychic you can easily end the call and try another without losing a penny.

Read AskNow's review

AskNow AskNow Visit Site


A tarot reading can help you make effective and steady progress in whatever is most concerning to you while giving you the tools to face those concerns with confidence and wisdom. Ultimately, you’ll leave a tarot reading with a different outlook, perspective, and better grip on what’s happening in your life.  And with these deals and free online tarot reading tools, now you have a place to start, even if you don’t have access to physical cards.

Frequently Asked Questions
How accurate are tarot cards online?+-

Tarot cards online are just as accurate as sitting in front of a tarot reader. The cards you pull are a reflection of what is happening in your energy field at the time of your reading.

How do online tarot cards really work?+-

Yes, online tarot cards really work. Digital delivery does not mean that the message you’re receiving is any less valid. If you sit with a live tarot reader, he will shuffle the cards several times and you will get a “random” assortment of cards.

How do I learn tarot card meanings?+-

Many of the tarot reading sites offer free resources, such as card meaning libraries, to help you along your journey as you learn to read tarot cards. You can also find books on the subject. No matter what deck you use, the meanings of the cards remain the same.

Larry Armstead II
Larry Armstead II is a psychic expert and contributes to, as well as an author, best known for his book, “Where’s My Pizza: How to Use the Power of Expectation to Create the Life You Want”, an Amazon #1 Best Seller. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and is an Achology Certified Life Coach, with specializations in hypnosis and CBT. He is also the owner of where he offers advice and online readings in spirituality, tarot, relationships, and more.