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Yes Or No Tarot Reading - Think of a yes-or-no question you'd like answered, and then click on any tarot card in the deck below for insight and direction.

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What’s a Yes No Tarot Reader?

A yes or no tarot reading online lets you tap into the wisdom of the tarot for quick guidance and advice. While nothing can substitute for a full tarot card reading, a free yes or no tarot tool can help you address a single area of your life that’s been causing stress or confusion.

How Does It Work?

First think of your question. You don’t need to ask it out loud, though feel free to do so if it would help. When you’re ready, click on any card in the deck, and get instant answers. Your card will appear with a yes or a no as well as a description of the card’s meaning and some advice on how it could pertain to your question.

What to Ask a Yes No Tarot Reader

Your question must have a yes or no answer and should be as direct and specific as possible. Think about what’s happening in your life right now and focus on an area you’re curious about. The best questions for yes no tarot cards would begin with words such as “Should...?” “Does...?” “Is…?” or “Will…?” Here are a few examples:

  • Should we move in together?
  • Will I get a promotion?
  • Does he keep secrets from me?
  • Is it a good time to get that second degree?

Yes No Tarot Reading astrology Meanings

Nothing is absolute. The answer you receive is a catalyst to gain a deeper understanding of your situation. Consider the card an invitation to view your question from a different angle, and a guide to making wiser and more deliberate decisions. Yes no tarot cards can only reflect what already exists inside of us, so take the answer you receive with flexibility, openness, and the understanding that our actions are ultimately in our control.

What do tarot cards symbolize?

Tarot has been seen as either being a mystical or an occult art. A deck is made up of 78 cards. Each card features a different image, symbolizing either literal events or simply teaching us about life lessons. Half of the deck has four suits: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. These suits have numbers which correspond to human experiences like love, work, money and passion, and opposites like good/evil or up/down.

Who invented tarot cards?

Tarot cards originated sometime around the 14th century, used throughout Europe as playing cards. In the 18th century, tarot readers started practicing for paranormal purposes. A Frenchman under the pseudonym Etteilla created the first guide and original tarot deck - giving meaning and an order to all the cards. 1909 saw the release of the Rider-Waite deck which has become one of the most used tarot reading tools.

How do I choose a tarot card?

If you love tarot, you may want to learn the best way to choose a card. You should choose a card using specific questions. Pick your card using your non-dominant hand. You should always choose a card based on your intuition and see if the card in front of you feels positive or negative.