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How to Open Your Third Eye? - Top 10 Proven Methods

Alanna Kali
Opening your third eye
Your Third Eye, also known as the sixth chakra, is the gateway to your unconscious and intuition. Located in between your eyebrows, this energetic center is believed to be linked to the pineal gland, which is the psychic seat of knowledge revered by mystics and seers.

Opening your Third Eye can lead to expansive wisdom and insight, increased concentration abilities, enhanced imagination, and a heightened awareness of universal interconnectivity.

With this energy center opened, you can move past illusions and limitations to discover a new spiritual reality. This article offers 10 proven methods to open your Third Eye to experience the benefits of activating this chakra.

1. Practice Daily Grounding

Your Third Eye is an upper chakra, which connects you to the spiritual realm. Before you engage the higher chakras though, it’s important to be firmly grounded in your lower chakras, which connect you to the earth. Grounding practices — such as exercise, body awareness, and maintaining a routine — will help to anchor your energy so that you can safely explore the higher realms of awareness.

One of the most effective ways to get grounded is to stand outside, preferably on grass, and imagine roots stretching out from the bottom of your feet to anchor you. Feel yourself being strengthened and supported by the ground beneath you. Once you are firmly grounded, you have the foundation to move your energy upward and open your Third Eye.

2. Keep a Dream Journal

When opening your Third Eye, your dreams tend to become very vivid. While asleep, your Third Eye gives you visions in your dreams that reflect your hopes, fears, desires, and insight about the future through rich symbolism. This is because you’re learning how to interpret the images from your opened Third Eye.

Yet dreams are often forgotten shortly after waking up. Therefore, it’s important to keep a journal so you can remember the insight gained while dreaming. Keeping a dream journal will help you to notice patterns in your dreams, from recurring themes, people, or objects. Decoding these patterns to find meaning will help you to better understand the messages from your Third Eye’s imagery. If you are unsure of how to do this, professional advisors at California Psychics can assist you with dream interpretation.

3. Focus on Meditation and Visualization

The Third Eye is also sometimes called the “mind’s eye.” This is why people often close their eyes in order to see visions in their head more clearly. By actively practicing visualization techniques, you will naturally open your Third Eye. One way to do this is to close your eyes and try to envision the room you’re in, noticing all the small details. The more vivid of a picture you can paint within your mind, the more you open your Third Eye.

Visualization techniques require mental concentration though, and this is why it’s helpful to train the mind through meditation. By focusing on a mantra or chant, your calculating mind is occupied, which enables your awareness to expand to a greater perception. In this state, your imagination and intuitive abilities are heightened, thus opening your Third Eye.

4. Incorporate Dietary Supplements

The food you eat and the nutrients you take in can either help or hinder opening your Third Eye. Processed foods and sugar can block your Third Eye, and therefore it’s often recommended to detox to cleanse your chakras before adding supplements.

Once you establish a healthy eating routine, foods and vitamins can be added as dietary supplements to open your Third Eye. Foods good for this are garlic, raw cacao or dark chocolate, blackberries, blueberries, cabbage, plums, beets, eggplant, nuts, and fish. Beneficial herbs and vitamins include oregano, melatonin, neem, spirulina, and vitamin K2. Other dietary supplements to enhance your Third Eye are sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, seaweed, and apple cider vinegar.

5. Use Crystals and Gems

The energy of certain crystals and gemstones can enhance your energy and stimulate the opening of your Third Eye. Crystals can be held in meditation, placed on your forehead, put under your pillow, worn as jewelry, or carried in a pouch. Their subtle energetic properties will naturally merge with your energetic field, bolstering your Third Eye.

Every crystal will offer a different type of support for activating your Third Eye. Some of the most commonly used for this purpose are amethyst (heightening awareness and opening gateway to unconscious mind), celestine (improved memory, dream recall, intuition, and imagination), black obsidian (clears mental confusion and brings clarity to the mind), labradorite (awakens psychic abilities and expands awareness), purple fluorite (speeds up learning and stimulates creativity), purple sapphire (connects with spiritual guides), and sodalite (deepens meditation and awakens insight about reality).

6. Blend Essential Oils

It’s valuable to use different sensory routes when opening your Third Eye. Scents can change your mood, relieve stress, and balance or open your chakras. Methods to use essential oils include inhaling the scent from a diffuser, mixing them with a neutral oil to apply to skin, or adding them to a shower or bath. Just a few drops go a long way, and it is always important to research which methods are safe for the essential oil you plan to use.

The best essential oils for opening your Third Eye are lemon (connects the mind with intuition and helps the mind to organize new information), sandalwood (promotes inner awareness and wisdom), frankincense (enhances visualization and supports focus), clary sage (overcoming limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns), and juniper berry (heightens psychic abilities).

7. Engage in Energy Cleansing

To open your Third Eye, you require mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. It can easily be blocked by negative thought patterns, emotional unease, and anxiety. Therefore, it’s important to have a regular energy cleansing practice, such as visualizing white light surrounding you, salt baths, or prayer to remove unwanted energy.

When opening your Third Eye, it’s also beneficial to seek the counsel of an energy healer. This might include a Reiki practitioner, psychic reader, empathic advisor, or aura cleanser. There are many skilled energy healers on Keen who can remove energetic blocks, balance your chakras, and support your Third Eye opening process. A professional energy healer will be able to notice things you might not be aware of in your energy field, removing them and healing you for optimal energetic well-being.

8. Do Breathing Exercises

Changing your regular breathing pattern can open your Third Eye. Through conscious control of your breathing, you can influence your mental, emotional, and physical state. The mental concentration and focus required for breathing exercises stimulate the Third Eye, naturally awakening the power center here.

One of the most popular methods for activating the Third Eye is holotropic breathwork. This method involves breathing rapidly and evenly in order to induce an altered state of consciousness. This altered state opens the Third Eye, expanding one’s consciousness and perception and creating a connection to the spiritual realm.

9. Spend Time in the Sun

Regulating your circadian rhythm, which controls the biochemical process of sleeping and waking, is very important for activating your Third Eye. When your circadian rhythm is synced with nature, you are energized during the day and sleeping at night. Spending time in the sun is one of the best methods to regulate these natural processes.

Sunlight increases melatonin that helps you to fall asleep at night, which is important for dreaming. It also stimulates your brain to produce serotonin, which is a natural “feel-good” chemical that alleviates stress and boosts your mood, helping to clear away mental energy blocks. Additionally, sunlight enhances the functioning of your pineal gland, heightening your spiritual connection. Just being in the sun for a few minutes each day is sufficient, but if you decide to go a step further and engage in sun-gazing, make sure to research how to do it in a safe way.

10. Shift Vibration With Sound

Sound can attune your brain to frequencies that stimulate the opening of your Third Eye. Sound healing sends out vibrations that cleanse your energy, clear emotional blocks, and foster spiritual connection. Instruments such as gongs, drums, and singing bowls can create a rhythm that focuses the mind in meditation. The power of voice, such as singing and chanting, can also calm one’s mind and open up the Third Eye.

Another useful sound tool is binaural beats, which use a mixture of frequencies to induce a trance state for opening the Third Eye. The difference in frequencies creates a rhythmic beat that prompts the brain to send electrical messages in-tune with this rhyme, thus altering your state of consciousness.

Additional Resources

Opening your Third Eye enables you to access the wisdom needed to understand yourself and the world beyond the limits of time and space. In this state, consciousness moves beyond the limits of the rational mind, illusions, and the separateness of duality to embrace wholeness, unity, and love.

With an enhanced state of awareness, your intuition and imagination open doorways to new realities, but this can take time to develop. As you practice opening your Third Eye, consider consulting these best online psychics who can guide you on this path and give you the insight you need to develop your own spiritual gifts.

Alanna Kali
Other than contributing to Top10.com, Alanna Kali is an astrologer, numerologist, and tarot reader. She currently is editor-in-chief of a psychic book review website called Musing Mystical. Alanna loves reading, spending time in nature, and traveling.