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10 Steps to Connect With Your Spirit Guides for Divine Guidance

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Connect with your spirit guides to receive their divine guidance for upliftment and fulfillment. They are always with you but only appear when you have truly awakened.

I've been connected with my spirit guides since childhood, and our bond has only strengthened through my practice of psychic readings. In moments of weakness, they comfort me and empower me to confront injustice.

Your spirit guides may come as healers, angels, ancestors, and even spirit animals. Anyone can connect with these powerful beings; you must be ready to open up to them. As you align with your soul's purpose, you'll begin to sense their presence through gentle voices of encouragement, feelings of love, and the comforting reassurance that you're never alone.

Try to connect to your spirit guides by using the following methods:

1. Ask Your Spirit Guides to Wake You

Ask your favorite spirit companion to wake you up at the right time in the morning. They will likely show themselves briefly through soft sounds or a temperature change confirming their presence.

I don't sleep with an alarm clock. My spiritual protector wakes me when I request to, or when he feels it's best for my health and well-being. He always greets me in the morning to motivate me to take on the day, gently reminding me of what is ahead.

2. Open Yourself to Their Creative Messages

Your spirit guides will eagerly communicate with you as you align with your divine purpose on earth. At first, things can feel pretty intense. You need to open yourself to their creative inspiration and be willing to set it in motion using your unique skills and talents gifted by the Divine.

During one of my spiritual experiences, I felt pressure in my crown chakra as several ideas came to me simultaneously. At the time, I had been having trouble falling asleep. As my insomnia passed and my state of sleep paralysis ceased, I realized that acting on the messages and dancing with my spirit guides divinely creates ebb and flow—heaven on earth.

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3. Cook Natural Whole and Plant-Based Foods

Plant-based and natural whole foods carry a life force and vibration within them that feeds the spirit. When you take the time to connect with these natural gifts, you channel your spirit guides and welcome them into your food meditation and mindful eating.

My spirit guides talk to me daily to make sure I've eaten. They know my tastes, allergens, and what's good or bad for me. When I cook with natural plant-based foods, they bask in the peace of my nourishment.

4. Exercise and Practice Movement

Practicing movement through physical activities like yoga, weight training, and dance allows the energy within your physical body and auric field to flow. Movement removes toxins and excites the spirit guides to motivate, compliment, and spend time with you as you regenerate your system.

During my daily yoga routine, my spirit guides come to life as soon as I decide to move. They're eager to see me care for my body, mind, and spirit through movement. They join me and share insight, new ambitions, and ideas as I get in touch with my body.

5. Practice Spells and Rituals

Spells and rituals connect you to nature and allow you to thank the gods. A spell with candles, affirmations, and divination tools will bring you closer to your spirit guides and show them that you're ready for the next phase in your spiritual journey.

As the seasons change, I often perform a spell or ritual that brings me closer to prosperity, protection, and good health. I ask the archangels to guide and protect me through my energy work so that my soul can learn to push through the limits that hold me back.

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6. Seek Peace in the Space Outside Your Thoughts

We learn from the world around us as it shapes our thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. However, seeking peace in the space outside your thoughts is essential to connect to your spirit guides. In this space, they'll show you where to find your true nature beyond the collaborative environment's conditions.

If I go into a state of panic or overthinking, my spirit guides swoop in to reassure me. They help me detach and observe the noise, reminding me of my psychic gifts and the realm where I reside.

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7. Meditate, Pray, and Find Stillness Daily

Meditation helps you connect to your inner guidance, allowing you to release, align, and reset your chakras. The stillness also brings you closer to divine wisdom.

As a psychic, I must meditate daily through reiki healing, savasana in yoga, and moments of stillness before I sleep. These practices cleanse my energy and allow me to heal from traumas and pain from the past. Through this, I feel my spirit guides emotionally supporting me with unconditional love.

8. Go Out Into Nature

Nature bridges your connection to the spirits residing in plants, animals, and the elements. These are your ascended masters who learned to live among the miracles of life, and spending time with them and showing your appreciation opens you up to blessings beyond the material plane.

A few years back, I lived in the Thai jungle surrounded by flowing palm trees, the smell of the ocean, and the sweet taste of mango picked from the trees. I started my psychic journey then and received messages from the spirit guides that lived in nature.

9. Choose Faith Over Fear

When you're afraid, you take fewer risks and become comfortable with the routine life has made for you. However, choices made in faith help you grow, push you past your limits, and open you to divine guidance for intuitive development.

I quit my job a few years back and flew to China to teach English. But, unfortunately, this act didn't work out as I'd hoped. After a few hardships, my spirit guides visited me in my dreams and pushed me to leave China. This experience restored my faith in everything beyond the material plane as I was protected against negative energy and led to a place of safety.

10. Ask Your Spirit Guides to Meet You in the Dream World

Your spirit guides will often manifest as soon as you ask. If you're ready to change your life, they won't hesitate to help you. Ask them to visit you in your dreams to provide divine guidance.

Dream affinity is one of my psychic gifts that allows me to be aware and conscious of my dreams. I enjoy the experience and often meet my spiritual protectors and guides here to perform healing work on myself or others. They uncover hidden memories, secrets, and truths that I forgot in this life due to shielding the pain of the past.

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Open Yourself Up to Your Spirit Guides

Try to connect to your spirit guides daily. The more you seek them, the more open you become to their guidance. They're always open to receiving your call and eager to take you higher.

If you still find it challenging to connect with these trusted companions, reach out to a psychic on Oranum or California Psychics. They'll guide you and have you connect with these graceful energies in no time.

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Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a Holistic Health and Spiritual Writer who writes for Top10.com. In addition, she is a professional Spiritual advisor trained in Tarot Divination, Astrology, Reiki Healing, and Dream Analysis. Her background as a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer allows her to look at the whole Body, Mind and Spiritual Connection.