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10 Spiritual Meanings Behind Dreaming About the Same Person

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Dreams occur in a state of lost awareness. Our body's organs and functionalities slow down, and our soul and spirit become lighter. Our minds are free and open to act on their own without our conscious input, and we are taken on a journey through illusions and states of hallucinations.

We experience our dreams in various forms, whether that be through an emotional stimulus, a triggered memory, or our physical health. It is believed that you experience psychic excitation when dreaming, though scientists have trouble proving this. This is where our waking day manifests in our dreams. In fact, our experiences in our waking state often manifest in our dreams.

Some experts have found that dreams reflect the conditions of waking life. If someone is generally happy, content, and at peace, their dreams will be upbeat, fluid, and euphoric. If they are usually in a negative state, their dreams are found to be chaotic, fearful, and stressful. However, Freud's research on neuroses suggests that psychic excitation is a fantasy manifested internally through an ego battle of the subconscious suppression of conflict. He said, "The dream is a fulfillment of a wish."

Dreams are complex; dreaming about the same person or someone completely different can offer many spiritual meanings. These are often manifestations of what is happening inside your subconscious, your soul, and your conscious realities.

Here are 10 spiritual meanings behind dreaming about the same person.

1. Dreaming About Your Mother

A mother represents the feminine archetype. She learns to use her powers of intuition, sensation, and thinking as tools to bring love and nourishment into this world. As a woman, a mother understands the process between life and death because she is the portal of creation and destruction. She represents full nurturing energy that can hold deep emotion and is one with nature and in tune with her sensuality and erotica.

A dream about your mother can represent a need to be cared for or nurtured. She could be showing you these qualities in yourself that need to come forward or a need to care more for yourself and less for others. To dream about her can often suggest that she is a dominant presence in your life, and there is a need to learn to be equals.

2. Dreaming About Your Father

A father represents the masculine archetype. He learns to use his powers through intellect, logic, and conscious awareness. Men are responsible for making judgments and decisions in our current society while denying their natural intuitive and primitive functions of instinct.

A father tends to represent the authority that dominates our lives, whether that be God, the law, or the government. It is the connection we have to what makes us feel safe, secure, protected, led, or controlled. Dreaming about your father often can mean you desire to feel supported in your waking life.

3. Dreaming About Your Friend

When a friend appears in our dreams, it can signify our relationship with that person. If our friend represents kindness, nourishment, and love, this is often what is highlighted in our waking life. Friends mean a particular part of our personality, as they mirror what we need to look at and understand about ourselves. Dreaming about are friends often is a good sign that we align with our spiritual path and the knowledge we seek.

4. Dreaming About a Lover

Interestingly, many meanings come with dreaming about a lover. A lot depends on whether you know them, your attraction to them in real life, and if you are doing something wrong such as having an affair. Perhaps, you are experiencing a dry spell.

If you have a perfect dream lover, this could mean that there is real hope that this individual is on their way into your life. Manifestation is tangible here, and this romantic or sexual dream tends to mirror our current circumstances. If you are misunderstood and lonely, desiring affection, and experiencing a lack of satisfaction in your existing relationships in your waking life, this is something to pay attention to as your psyche could be warming you up to fall in love again.

5. Dreaming About a Fictional Character

Sometimes we may dream about characters that are not people in real life but borrowed from Hollywood, movies, and fairy tales. At this point, it is essential to note which movie or story this character embodies as it will most likely point to some trigger in your current life.

For example, if you dream about Daniel Lugo, Mark Wahlberg's character from the movie Pain & Gain, you could be seeing the qualities of ambition, determination, hard work, and perseverance in yourself and desire to embody these "win at all costs" qualities.

6. Dreaming About a Guide or Mentor

Dreaming about people who serve as guides or mentors can often happen when we need a boost of faith and encouragement. They serve as a guiding light for us when we are uncertain of our path and where we are headed. These individuals can remind us of our inner strength and will to persevere.

7. Dreaming About a Stranger

When we have a reoccurring dream about a stranger, it is essential to note what role that stranger represents and the theme surrounding the person. At times, it's challenging to see their face, but you can pay attention to which role they embody, such as a doctor, a soldier, a firefighter, or a gangster.

For example, suppose you are dreaming about a gangster and participating in criminal activity. In that case, this could suggest that you are being sneaky, lying, or deceptive in your waking life or that this is being done to you.

8. Dreaming About Deceased Relatives

Dreaming about deceased relatives requires an open mind and being open to the possibility that we are multidimensional beings living in a 3D reality. This can suggest that your deceased relative has come to visit you in your dream to provide protection, guidance, healing, and uplifting messages. It is encouraged to trust what you feel in your dreams and allow the blessings and gifts to come through.

9. Dreaming About Your Co-Workers

To dream often about your co-workers may indicate that you enjoy a healthy amount of competition. Whether negative or positive, the nature of the competition between you and your coworkers is determined by the dream setting and the peace and unity that is created in your workplace.

10. Dreaming About Your Boss

Dreaming about your boss can often represent the authority and control you have over your life. It brings out the leadership qualities of your personality, displaying that you have the confidence and know-how to be assertive and take action. Dreaming of your boss can indicate that it is time to take the lead in your life and be your hero.

Finding True Meaning to Your Dreams

The mind permanently recognizes patterns in a dream, so it may sometimes bring up the same people to remind us of a feeling or a situation presented to us in our waking life that needs to be looked at on a deeper level.

Psychics specializing in dream analysis can help you interpret your dreams if you seek further insight. Dreams are spiritual and can be felt energetically through psychic abilities and intuition. Psychics from California Psychics or Keen can help you understand the many symbols in your reoccurring dreams and help you bring the subconscious to the conscious.

Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a holistic wellness and natural health writer and is a trained spiritual advisor, Reiki healer, astrologist, tarot diviner, and nutritionist.