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10 Signs You May Have Psychic Abilities

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You may have psychic abilities and not be aware of them. We are often dealing with stress related to the hustle and bustle of job deadlines, home responsibilities, family needs, or social trends. We have forgotten how to be still and connect with ourselves and our surroundings on a deeper spiritual level. However, some of us have been able to escape this trend and truly connect to the soul within.

As we awaken more, we see more development of psychic abilities that are often mistaken as strange events, déjà vu, or even extremely vivid dreams. You could have psychic abilities that you aren't aware of, some of which come naturally while others may need more self-control and development. Regardless, you can find trusted and reliable psychics online to help you figure them out.

Though you can be on either the receiving or giving end of these abilities, both need you to be tuned in and open to spiritual forces. Often, these abilities are used by psychics for a broad range of readings, such as tarot reading, hypnosis, mediumship, and past-life regressions.

We have compiled a list of signs you may have psychic abilities and the opportunity to be more tuned in to your personal power.

1. You Are Sensitive to Surrounding Energies

Do you ever feel anxious in public places, social groups, parties, or large gatherings? Do you find yourself being more comfortable alone and needing space or being comfortable with a small group of friends? Do you often need to recover and hibernate after spending time with others?

These are all clear signs that you are highly receptive to the energies around you, a feature of psychic abilities that makes it difficult to remain calm while surrounded by so many people. Most individuals that are sensitive to other energies often need to live in an environment that is quiet and calm, away from cities and loud places. This ability is often called clairsentience, as it is determined by the way you feel.

It's important to understand that clairsentience is not the same as having social anxiety. While highly introverted individuals will often feel the same anxious and reclusive emotions when surrounded by others, those with clairsentience will be able tap into whichever energies surround them, be it anger, excitement, concern, or anything else. It's difficult for clairsentients to be around others because switching through so many emotions in such a short space of time can be physically exhausting.

2. You Are Awake in Your Dreams

Do you find you have vivid dreams or have the ability to maneuver and control the way you travel? Perhaps you dream about faraway places, or you see yourself dreaming as if you witnessed your soul leave your body. If so, then you may have psychic abilities such as astral projection and astral traveling.

These abilities allow your soul to leave your body temporarily and travel to an environment that can exist in your reality or another dimension. What is beautiful about these abilities is that you do not need to be asleep to access them, they can often be reached through shamanic practices and meditation.

3. You Experience Flashbacks or Ideas Through Imagery

Do you ever experience images that flash right in front of your eyes? Maybe your mind takes you back to a memory, or suddenly you receive a mental picture of a situation that aligns you with what you are doing. You may be experiencing clairvoyance.

You can do a little test to see if you’re clairvoyant. Simply ask the universe to show you the truth about a situation, and allow whatever you see to come through as your answer. If it comes like a picture or an image in your mind, then you can assume that you may have this psychic ability.

4. You Are Wise Beyond Your Years

Do you often feel as if you are not part of your generation? Perhaps you know things without doing any research or proving the facts? Or maybe you carry unexplainable fears, phobias, and memories with no clear source?

Psychics are often old souls and have lived many previous lives. They carry a knowing from their past-life experiences that tend to develop as claircognizance, a deep knowing in the soul.

5. You Experience Déjà Vu Regularly

Sometimes, the universe wants to send you a message that you are on the right path and aligned with your future—whether you just witnessed a glitch in the matrix or had a sudden realization that you have seen this moment before. Though timelines live within us, you can often receive a level of comfort when experiencing déjà vu, knowing that you have just tapped into your sixth sense. Déjà vu can be so powerful that it may even help you locate missing people, as noted by various news channels.

6. You Receive Goosebumps, Shivers, and Butterflies

The hairs on your skin stand up, and you suddenly feel as if you are not alone because there is a presence near or around you. Whether you are feeling fear or love, the sensation of goosebumps, shivers, and butterflies often occur when there is a spirit of some form lurking in your surrounding environment.

The ability to sense other spiritual beings, whether hanging out with you or trying to send you a message, is a form of clairsentience. These sensations are more powerful and often developed through surrender and acceptance of your psychic abilities.

7. You Hear Things You Cannot See or Identify

Disregarding the old pipes in your home or apartment, you hear things that you could not identify by nature. A door closes, or you hear steps and banging on your wall. You could be witnessing a spirit trying to communicate with you or simply living in your environment. When you hear the noise, you can almost identify who or what it is, knowing that some form of spirit is trying to reach you. This is a form of clairaudience.

8. You Feel as if You Are Hallucinating

You hear and see the spirits talking and being in front of you—either in the form of light, shape, or aura. At times, you may even see the actual person that you are communicating with. Spirits that are dead or come from other dimensions tend to show up as an orb of light. This is referred to as mediumship and it is known that the best mediums can help you find closure, clarity, and peace after a loved one passes.

Depending on the energy of the spirit, you may or may not be able to see the color of their aura or the shade of the light that they transmit. If it's a soul fragment or a person that has astrally projected, it is quite possible that you will be able to see their actual spiritual body as it is in physical form.

With that, you would be using a combination of psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and telepathy. With a few adjustments to your psychological beliefs, surrendering to what is, and trusting in what is shown to you, you can very well develop your ability to see and hear spirits clearly.

9. You Can Hear the Thoughts of Others

Do you often find yourself finishing another person’s sentences? Or perhaps your friend mentions something that you were already thinking about. Do your friends or the people you connect with feel as if you are in their minds all the time? You could be reading their thoughts without knowing it.

This is a sign of telepathy - where you act on the will to either absorb information from another through your third eye chakra or send information with your solar plexus and throat chakra to the receiver. When developed, you could very well have a conversation with someone without needing to speak.

10. People Feel Better Around You

Do you feel as if others seek your time when they are stressed? Perhaps a simple hug or touch from you turns off another’s pain? Whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual pain, others feel better around you. You may be a healer and have the ability to perform Reiki healing and chakra alignment. This is where you channel universal and natural energies through meditation and transmute them through your body into another’s.

Though you are channeling the energy of the universe, it is that very intention of high vibration, love, and faith that performs the healing action. You can check to see if you have psychic healing abilities by performing it on yourself—first learning to meditate and aligning your chakras.

What to Do if You Believe You Are a Psychic

Now that you know the signs of having psychic abilities, you can work on developing and sharing your skills with others. As is well understood by enthusiasts in the psychic world, there is no hard and fast way to develop your psychic abilities—it’s likely to be different for everyone.

Although, like any form of healing service, it is important to recognize that you are utilizing energy and must be cautious of giving too much. Energy vampires are real, and it is important to learn how to set proper boundaries and protect your energy. Do not let others drink from your cup without filling it up yourself first.

If you are still unsure about whether you have psychic abilities or how to develop them on your own, be sure to ask your psychic the right questions. The leading psychic platforms, Kasamba and Psychic Source, give you access to the best psychics in the world who will help you on your spiritual journey.

Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a holistic wellness and natural health writer and is a trained spiritual advisor, Reiki healer, astrologist, tarot diviner, and nutritionist.