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What is Telepathy and 10 Ways You Can Practice it

Andy Byng
What is Telepathy and How to Practice It
Many people will, at some point in their life, have what they think are telepathic experiences. Perhaps you feel you know who is calling before you pick up the phone, or you have a keen sense of when another person isn’t telling the truth. This can be difficult to understand and explain to other people.

So, what is telepathy? It was first defined by Frederic Myers in 1882, and essentially means the capability to directly communicate with someone psychically. Telepathy, therefore, is a broad definition that encompasses the vast array of psychic phenomena that you can experience.

Yet all of these experiences depend on a psychic using their extrasensory perception to perceive someone’s aura. This is the emanation of a person’s soul that forms an energy field surrounding the body, and from this, it’s possible to “read” emotions and other information about their lives.

Therefore, if you want to hone your telepathic abilities more consciously, you have to develop your psychic awareness. Here are 10 recommended practices that will help you do just that.

1. Learn How to Still Your Mind

To perceive a person’s auric field, you must achieve the right state of awareness. This starts with developing your ability to find a stillness within. It’s a common misconception that “stillness” means to empty your mind of all thoughts. Instead, stillness is a state of mind where you are aware of everything that is happening around you, but there is nothing prominent in your mind.

A great starting point for this would be engaging in breathing techniques like the yogic practice Pranayama.  By focusing on your breath, you become less aware of your physical surroundings. When mundane thoughts surface, redirect your attention back to your breath so you avoid getting caught up in them. This combination of focus and relaxation causes your mind to quieten and eventually become still. 

2. Practice Meditation

The next stage is to learn how to meditate so that you can experience the reality of your soul. There are a lot of different meditation practices out there, but mindfulness meditations are a good place to start. There’s also a vast range of books and meditation apps available that can help you.  

By becoming mindful of your soul through meditation, you’ll identify the different life experiences and emotions that are hindering your psychic awareness. As your ability to communicate via psychic means is an expression of your soul, the weaknesses within your spiritual gift reflect the weaknesses that are present within you. To master your psychic ability, therefore, you first need to master yourself.

3. Consider Personal Development Work

Your meditation practice will cause aspects of your life and emotions to surface. Once you’ve identified which of these are hindering your psychic gift, you’ll then need to do some personal development work to affect change from within. You can either do this through self-led exercises or, if you need more support and guidance, seek help from a counselor or therapist. 

Change comes from reliving and working through these experiences so that you begin to find an inner peace. Your newfound spiritual strength will then allow you to relive and express other people’s experiences through your psychic faculty.    

During a psychic experience, if you’re not comfortable with expressing your own life experiences, two things may happen. First, if the experience is still too painful, it won’t be able to surface, which will limit your psychic expression. Secondly, if an experience surfaces but you have not understood it and healed from it, you can easily color the communication with your own fears, insecurities, or anger, and transfer them to your recipient.

4. Start a Journal

You have to go further than just examining your own emotions, though, because the accuracy of your telepathic abilities depends on how proficient you are at articulating the different psychic intuitions that you become aware of.

You may not feel comfortable sharing your life experiences with other people, but starting a journal is a great way to master your own self-expression. It will give you a private outlet to put your experiences freely into words, and start to build an open and honest relationship with yourself.

Another great thing about a journal is that you can look back over your entries and start to identify the themes and emotions that run through your writing. This will help you identify aspects of yourself that you need to work on going forward.

Start a journal

5. Book a Psychic Reading

When you start to discover your psychic ability it is natural for your excitement to be accompanied by doubt. Sometimes you need confirmation that you are indeed psychic, and tailored guidance to help you unfold your spiritual gift. It may be a good idea to seek a psychic reading from a professional. 

A psychic reading, such as those offered by Psychic Source or Calfornia Psychics, may focus on your strengths as well as the areas you need to develop to fulfill your potential as a psychic. If you consult a psychic who is also a medium, they may become aware of your loved ones in the spirit world, who might want to offer advice concerning your spiritual unfoldment.

Every time you go for a psychic reading, it is an experiment, and finding the right psychic for you is a difficult task. Start by asking for recommendations from friends who have consulted psychics already. You could also research online, but be discerning. Look at the psychic’s level of experience, and if they work publicly, try to experience their work so you can see if they are a good fit.       

6. Learn to Sense Rather than Think

A common misconception is that during a psychic experience thought-transference occurs between the psychic and the recipient. In reality, you will instead be sensing different qualities that your recipient possesses, and the different life experiences they have encountered.

A good exercise as a beginner is to sit opposite someone you don’t know. As you become aware of their energy, you will start to sense the different qualities of their personality. Start to put into words the aspects that you become aware of, and describe what your recipient is like with different people in their life.

For instance, what is your recipient like as a parent? What are they like as a spouse? Focus on bringing out the light and shade of their personality, and compare and contrast how they interact with different people. This will allow you to get a real sense of their personality and the way they engage with people in their life.   

7. Find a Psychic Development Group

An essential part of your development is engaging in practical exercises that focus on different aspects of your psychic ability. You may think you are the only person in your neighborhood who is a budding psychic, but there are thousands of spiritual centers and development groups that you can join, both in-person and online.

A development group is essentially a group of students, often led by a teacher, who explore different psychic exercises together. A development group will give you a safe and accepting space to explore your telepathic abilities. Such a nurturing space will help you to open up and have the confidence to express what it is you’re becoming aware of. 

8. Practice on Friends of Friends

If there aren’t any development groups in your local area, you could reach out to people that you don’t know very well and ask them if they will let you practice with them.

Knowing very little about the people you practice with allows you to be objective, and, more importantly, helps you to accept that your experiences are genuine. It’s also important to work with people that you feel comfortable with. The more relaxed you are, the more willing you will be to express your psychic impressions, and the deeper you will be able to move into the exercise.   

9. Learn About Psychometry

A good starting place in terms of a practical exercise is psychometry. When an individual wears or uses an item for a prolonged period, an imprint of their energy will be left on the item. With psychometry, you can become aware of the energy and history of the object, as well as information about its current owner.

Ask your practice partner to give you a cherished object they wear frequently. Move your awareness so you can perceive the energy of the object, and begin to express the different emotions and intuitive impressions that you become conscious of. Just remember to give your recipient a chance to respond ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ after each statement you make.  

10. Find a Mentor

The best way to develop your telepathic ability is by finding a mentor who is a professional psychic and an experienced teacher of the psychic arts. Many teachers offer mentorship programs. Look for programs with a limited number of students (14-16 people), so that your mentor can offer you individual time and tuition.

A good mentorship program will give you tailored, consistent, regular training under the guidance of an expert. As you build a professional relationship with your mentor they will be able to better understand you and your psychic ability and help you attain your potential.


There are two main ways to unfold and strengthen your psychic awareness: developing yourself spiritually and participating in practical exercises that encourage you to accurately express what you are sensing during your experience. Our 10 recommended practices cover both aspects, and if you engage with them correctly you will begin to understand and strengthen your ability to communicate psychically.

Andy Byng
An Evidential Medium for nearly 20 years, Andy completed his BA at King’s College in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, and earned his MA from the University of London with a focus on the intersection of Science and Religion. In addition to writing for Top10, his essays and articles on mediumship have been published in academic journals and spiritual magazines. Andy's work as a medium and spiritual teacher has also allowed him to share his unique gifts with individuals around the world.