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10 Clear Signs You Share a Telepathic Connection With Someone

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10 Clear Signs You Share a Telepathic Connection With Someone
Do you often catch yourself thinking about someone right before they bump into you or call you on the phone? Or perhaps you are given a glimpse of a person's reality through an image in your mind. If you find yourself catching the thoughts of others or hearing them bright as day, you can be sure you are sharing a telepathic connection with someone. 

You are most likely to share a telepathic connection with someone with whom you share a deep soul connection, such as your soul tribe, spirit guides, soulmates, twin flames, and soul family. 

It would be helpful to know that you share this connection with someone as you become aware that your telepathic messages create an impact whether you are the messenger or receiver.

So, to help you understand this phenomenon, here are 10 unmistakable signs that you share a telepathic connection with someone.

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1. You See Them Pop in Front of Your Vision

Bursting into the scene with direct confidence, your spiritual teacher pierces through your mental boundaries without a second thought. He is passionate and sure of his impulsive decision to open you up as his student, unaware of the growth ahead. With love, this person has appeared in front of you, showing you telepathic communication through a sense of sight. You see his face, eyes, and mouth speak to you clearly; you have no time to believe otherwise. 

This example of clairvoyant prophecy clearly shows that you share a telepathic connection with someone.

2. You Hear the Sound of Their Voice

You close your eyes and start to breathe deeply. You align yourself, all thoughts dissolve into the earth, and you sink into the depths of you. Mind clear, heart open, drifting, the voice of your Twin Flame speaks directly to you as if sitting beside you. In shock, you recognize the voice as this sudden knowing nudges you awake from your meditative state. You are aware of who has spoken to you.

This example clearly shows that you share an auditory telepathic connection with someone. 

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3. You Smell What They Are Cooking or Eating

Miles apart, in different locations, you and a member of your soul family do not live close to each other. Yet connected, you share an emotional connection, unaware of what true love can do to bring you closer. You are craving something, and a sudden whiff of meat passes through your nostrils. You see an image of this person cooking beef in your mind. Then, with humor, you realize you share the same craving and are energetically connected. 

This sense of smell is an example that clearly shows you have a telepathic connection with someone.

4. You Feel Them Brushing Your Hair or Touching Your Skin

You are thrown into your soul tribe, surrounded by soulmates, twin flames, and soul connections. Whether your spirit guides pinch and prick your skin to get your attention or you are caught napping, you feel your soul mates touching your skin and brushing your hair with telepathic telekinesis. 

These active, energetic waves of touch, movement, and feeling clearly show that you share a telepathic connection with someone through your vestibular senses. 

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5. You Feel an Intense Sensation of Love

Being present, you enter a moment of stillness. Your mind wanders, and you begin to think about a person you care deeply about in a positive form. A sudden intense sensation of love washes through you, and you know that this person sensed and heard your compassionate and nurturing intentions. 

This intense sensation is an example of receiving love through "butterflies" or "euphoric emotion" when two people share a telepathic connection.

6. You Share an Epiphany

Picture coloring in a coloring book with your soul sister while meditating and filling in the numbers. You're at peace, connected, and in a trance as you create your color book masterpiece together. Then, a sudden rush of inspiring clarity, realizing an epiphany. Simultaneously you both look at each other in the eyes, at that moment, realizing you shared the same breakthrough.

 The ability to share spiritual awakenings or sudden rushes of enlightenment shows that you share a solid mental telepathic connection with someone.

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7. You Finish Each Other’s Sentences

You are traveling in the darkness with your connected partner in the middle of the night, experiencing and sharing each other's natural energy. Dancing in the moonlight, spontaneous and flowing through the unknown, with no will to command power, you share words but find to finish each other's sentences. Your thoughts have become their thoughts and vice versa, flowing through pure instinct.

 This magical manifestation is a form of sharing power and telepathically communicating with someone. 

8. You Hear a Song or Tune In Your Mind

As you wake up, you enter a state of meditation and begin your morning routine as you start to come to waking life. Without realizing it, you hear a song or tune in your mind as if naturally blended into your quiet mental space. It has been a long time since you have listened to this particular song, yet you hear it clearly as if someone were to be playing it nearby.

This harmonious union serenades your intuition, and you know that someone is connecting to you through music. You are sharing an auditory telepathic connection.

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 9. You Look Through Each Other’s Eyes

The universe casts judgment as two souls must intertwine to understand their opposite perceptions of reality. In a meditative state, your spiritual body is thrown through the astral realm into another person's astral suit. Suddenly, you can see through their eyes and experience exactly what they perceive in their physical manifestation. 

This astral projection clearly shows that you share a telepathic connection with someone through remote viewing. 

10. You Meet in the Dream World

You are flowing through the lucid realm and the illusions that your soul has manifested in your sleep. In the dream world, the clouds of imagination are ever-changing, experiencing a relative reality that connects you to an energetic whole. Your soul is dancing, catching the mind, and attaching to its multiple forms of perceptions, realizing you are sharing this space with other souls aligned with your frequency. 

You watch as you catch sight of your soul lover. You are both entirely guided by your soul's wave currents and attract and repel each other, intertwining in a dance between fear and love.

This cosmic manifestation from the depths of your subconscious is a clear sign that you share a telepathic connection with someone. 

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Have You Mastered Telepathy?

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Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
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