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10 Practical Exercises to Strengthen Your Telepathic Ability

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Telepathy is a gateway to higher consciousness and universal compassion, filled with unity and unconditional love. Through telepathy, we can understand divine impressions and co-create to build a future of sustenance away from artificial ideas created by selfish interpretations. 

Through telepathy, we can connect to different cultures, religions, backgrounds, age groups, and statutes without judgment and learn to cooperate with kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, and harmony.

Several practical exercises can help strengthen your telepathic abilities, connect you with your loved ones, and develop universal consciousness on a deeper spiritual level. Here are 10 of the best of them.

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1. Strengthen Your Telepathy Through Chakra Balancing

The seven energetic chakras spin and hold balance and alignment within your body, mind, and soul. They're all essential in telepathy. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise chakra balancing. You can do this during meditation: close your eyes and visualize your seven energetic chakras spinning, connecting, and aligning with each other.

2. Strengthen Your Telepathy Through Meditation

Meditation is the gateway to experiencing the bliss of spirit.

As you practice stillness, your mind becomes clear and free from distractions. It merges with the spirit mind, opening you up to telepathic communication from the higher consciousness, your collective community, and those radiating within your frequency. 

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3. Strengthen Your Telepathy By Observing Thoughts In Stillness

You are not your thoughts. They only come and go based on your receptive signals to impressions outside you.

You can practice being in the space between your conscious and subconscious, where you can observe your thoughts without judgment. This exercise allows you to step into a state of being that creates presence and shatters illusions, opening you up to subtle telepathic impressions of the universal consciousness.

4. Strengthen Your Telepathy Through Visualization

Visualization and imagination are potent exercises to strengthen your clairvoyant abilities, helping you receive or send images into another's mind.

You can practice this by closing your eyes and imagining the individual you wish to reach. Next, imagine the dialogue you would share if you communicated about a set topic. Allow the story to flow, and pay attention to the impressions you receive (feelings, thoughts, smells, and images).

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5. Strengthen Your Telepathy By Activating Your Seven Senses

You should be connected to your seven senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight, balance, and movement. This will expand your awareness when connecting with another telepathically.

Practice this by standing, closing your eyes, emptying your mind, and opening your heart. Pay attention to your breathing. What do you feel? Smell? Hear? Taste? Are you aware of your location? The distance between you and other objects. Is your body leaning to the left, right, front, or back? Do you feel centered?

6. Strengthen Your Telepathy Through Tarot Divination

Tarot divination has been around since the 16th century, as kings used it to communicate with gods to help connect them to their purpose as collective leaders.

This ancient practice can help you see into the world of those you wish to connect with, allowing you to communicate telepathically with their story without judgment. It will enhance and strengthen your intuition, guiding you to receive individual and collective messages.

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7. Strengthen Your Telepathy By Asking Questions

"Ask, and you shall receive."

Asking questions is probably the most important exercise to strengthen your telepathy. If you do not ask, you cannot expect to receive an answer.

Practice stilling your mind, body, and emotions. Release your thoughts, open your heart, and ask questions. Start slow. Usually, when you ask a question, you will receive the answer before you even finish asking the fundamental question. The first thought is often the right one.

Keep in mind that some questions have no answers. If neither collective group understands the answer, it will be difficult to see past the illusion. 

8. Strengthen Your Telepathy By Seeing Past the Illusions

Often, nothing is as it seems. Our minds create our realities, and we do not live alone. Plants, wildlife, and humans are all connected and surrounded by our perceptions of reality. This phenomenon creates illusions of matter that elude smoke and mirrors.

Practice stepping outside of your perceptive reality. If you can energetically place yourself beyond your limited circumstances, you can start to see beyond the illusions to receive telepathic impressions with clarity and truth. 

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9. Strengthen Your Telepathy By Sending and Receiving Signals

We must practice sending and receiving signals to know if our telepathic messages are coming through. These signals can come in many forms, such as music, media, repetitive words, labels, and nature. They can manifest as bodily pain, visions, or sensations on your skin.

To practice this exercise, focus on those you wish to reach, close your eyes and visualize your message through thought, image, or touch. Then, let it go, and allow the signal to be received and sent back. 

10. Strengthen Your Telepathy By Sitting with a Loved one in Silence

We are all made up of energy, and though we share different physical bodies, we frequently connect through circular wave matter. Therefore, the impact we can create by sitting silently with another is tremendous in enhancing telepathic communication.

Practice this by being with each other without talking. Then, as comfort and peace arise, pay attention to thoughts that come through. Are you able to identify which ones are yours and which are theirs? After some silent understanding, dare to say what is on your mind and see if your loved one is thinking the same thing.

Are You Tuning In?

Your connection to your spiritual body and higher self is the first step to enhancing telepathic strength. As you open up your senses and allow your intuition to guide your spiritual experience, you can start to tune into the subtle impressions of the universe and those close to you.

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Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a Holistic Health and Spiritual Writer who writes for Top10.com. In addition, she is a professional Spiritual advisor trained in Tarot Divination, Astrology, Reiki Healing, and Dream Analysis. Her background as a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer allows her to look at the whole Body, Mind and Spiritual Connection.