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10 Super Rare Palm Lines Only Witches Have

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10 Super Rare Palm Lines Only Witches Have
Palmistry is usually used to determine someone's character or predict the future, but did you know it can also be used to assess whether you have psychic abilities?

Psychics are believed to be healers, philosophers, religious figures, and yogis who provide psychic readings related to the metaphysical and occult sciences. However, those with psychic abilities weren't always as loved and appreciated as they are today.

In 1542, Henry VIII accused those with psychic abilities of having contracts with devils, internal spirits, and familiars. Ironically, palmistry existed way before the Christian religion described paganism as evil.

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1. The Lucky Triangle

The lucky triangle is a rare and auspicious line. The head, health, and life line form a triangle that runs down your palm to your wrist. The broader or larger the triangle, the more excellent luck you will enjoy.

This line is found in people who can heal others physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If you are a reiki healer or psychic medium, you might just have this line.

2. The Intuition Line

The intuition line starts from the bottom of the life line and runs towards the outer edge of the palm at the base of the pinky finger. It can be broken or run right through the head and heart line.

Individuals with an intuition line carry powerful insight. They can read people and situations accurately and are highly intuitive. It is often visible in psychics and psychic mediums.

The depth of the line or where it begins shows the type of psychic abilities this individual has. For example, if the intuition line starts at the life line, this individual has strong gut instincts and often shows up at the right place at the right time. If it runs towards the head line, this individual has solid telepathic abilities and experiences visions and spiritual visitations in their dreams.

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3. The Rare Circle

Circles on the palm are rarely found. It is usually considered a negative mark that represents evil or weakness. A circle on the Mount of Saturn under the middle finger can indicate a monk or a person who can reach meditation to the highest degree. This individual is most likely invested in a spiritual field.

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4. An Abundance of Obstacle Lines

Obstacle lines can be described as many horizontal and vertical lines on the palm of your hand. A crisscross line near main lines such as the head and heart line or on the Major Mounts such as Luna and Venus.

If you have many obstacle lines, you are a person of strong intellect. You are more likely to be an astrologer and enjoy learning. You may be excited by occult sciences and magic very early in life. You can be pretty influential when you travel and highly spiritual.

5. The Thumb Line

The thumb line starts from the thumb and goes up to the Mount of Saturn under the middle finger. It indicates a fortunate person who is creative and will do well in life. They can make lots of money by leading a spiritual life and would make a great psychic.

6. A Cross on the Mount of Apollo

A cross is not always a good sign; it tends to signify blocks in life. A cross symbol on the mount under the ring finger can indicate a person who will struggle to achieve their goals. They might also have disturbing mental stress. This cross can also indicate that the person is religious.

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7. Lines on the Mount of Luna

The Mount of Luna under the little finger is close to the base of the palm. This mount indicates a person's intuition, imagination, and creativity. A person with a cross on the Mount of Luna is dreamy and superstitious, living in their fantasies or higher dimensions.

In contrast, a person with zigzag or horizontal lines goes on many travels. Both of these individuals can be prone to astral traveling and dream affinity. If you're a psychic, you likely have a triangle on your Luna Mount.

8. The Ring of Solomon

This ring is located on the Jupiter Mount at the bottom of the index finger. This line curves upwards and represents the mental pursuit of mysticism and metaphysics.

If you have this ring, you are considered intelligent, mysterious, and highly intuitive. You possess a strong sixth sense and ability to communicate. You are talented in arts and positions of authority. You seek wisdom and enlightenment in philosophy and do well in careers like teaching, law, psychology, religion, astrology, and numerology.

9. The Canopy and Crescent Sign

The canopy sign is a rare mark. If it is found on a person's palm or fingers, it shows that they will devote their life to attaining spirituality to the maximum potential. This sign has a lot of power and is said to be given to kings and great yogis.

The crescent sign is rare and found in those that can predict the future. They hold immense knowledge and have strong powers of intuition.

10. The Mystic Cross

Crosses indicate problems, issues, and obstacles throughout life and are considered negative. However, the cross's location can also show how the person will handle their obstacles spiritually.

If a cross is found between the head and heart line, it is considered a mystic cross. A person with a mystic cross is prone to a solid psychic sense. If a cross is found on or through the fate line, this person might have a spiritual career. If they fight and stand up for themselves, a person with many crosses will reach great levels of spiritual enlightenment.

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Are You a Psychic?

Understanding your palm lines or finger lines and knowing the lines only psychics have can be your ticket to mastering different psychic abilities like clairvoyance, astral projection, mediumship, and many more. It helps you gain confidence in your intuition and psychic abilities that you may have long suppressed. Most importantly, it can also comfort you to know that you were destined to be a great psychic.

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Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
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