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Spiritual Blossom Review 2024

Real tarot, astrology, and psychic insights to uncover the mystical

Donna Murphy - Top 10 writer

In a Nutshell

Spiritual Blossom’s advisers create a safe space where you can gain insight into your divine purpose. You can ask questions about your life path, past lives, and soulmates. They can also show you how to break bad habits. The guide I chose was spot-on, professional, and also nice to speak with. I’ve used many psychic reading sites (and have worked for several of them, too), and I can confidently say this brand is worth your time and money.


  • Wide range of readings and specialties
  • 24/7 customer support through email and chat
  • Personalized matching system


  • No app available
  • Limited refund policy (time credit only)

Spiritual Blossom at a Glance

Editorial Score


The site does not explicitly list prices, focusing more on the services offered.


Offers a range of services including Reiki, intuitive readings, connecting with animals, and distant healing for cancer patients.


The website emphasizes the importance of connecting with Archangels and Spirit Guides for assistance in various situations, indicating a strong emphasis on spiritual communication methods.


Wendy Marisol, a Certified Intuitive Counselor, leads Spiritual Blossom. Her qualifications and the personal testimonials on the site highlight her expertise and the positive impact of her guidance.

Customer Support

While the website shares testimonials of transformative experiences, direct information about customer support mechanisms (like contact options or service responsiveness) is limited.

Spiritual Blossom Spiritual Blossom Visit Site

Spiritual Blossom at a Glance

What Is Spiritual Blossom?

Spiritual Blossom is a psychic reading site that connects you with gifted, well-vetted guides for insightful readings on various aspects of life. On the platform, you can find love, career, tarot, and intuitive psychics. These advisers can help you practice gratitude and find purpose through personalized sessions that focus on giving you answers to your life’s questions.

There are readers available 24/7 who facilitate sessions through various modes—over the phone, web chat, SMS, or video call. You can also set a meeting duration to fit your schedule, whether you have five minutes or an hour.

But what I like most about Spiritual Blossom is its ethical approach: none of the guides use fear-based tactics to pressure you into coming back for another consultation. Additionally, the system complies with all data laws and regulations to protect your and your medium’s privacy.

Spiritual Blossom Features

Spiritual Blossom offers various functionalities that differentiate it from other brands, including:

User-Friendly Search Feature

Spiritual Blossom provides various search options to help you find your ideal psychic guide. You can filter advisers by name, price, status, rating, specialties, expertise, and divine tools. So, whether you’re looking for general guidance or specifically for someone who can help you with energy healing, the platform makes it easy to narrow down your choices.

One thing you’ll notice while navigating through the site is that it has a smaller pool of readers compared to long-standing brands. But, this approach can be beneficial since having too many choices can sometimes lead to decision-making paralysis. With fewer options, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed—which should make it easier for you to pick the right medium.

Detailed Reader Profiles

The site hosts detailed profiles for each reader. Here, you can see each guide’s main specialty, how many meetings they’ve facilitated, and how long they’ve been on Spiritual Blossom. These bio pages also showcase the advisers’ backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and client feedback to help you make a truly informed decision.

Personalized Matching System

The personalized matching feature helps you find a guide that suits your needs. It works in tandem with the site’s search function and lets you choose your preferred specialty (such as love, career, friends, or pets), communication style (chat, call, or video), and psychic tool (like  angel cards, tarot, or crystals).

Once you’ve specified your requirements, the platform chooses three suitable matches for you. If none seem like a fit, you can just search again. 

Free Educational Resources

Spiritual Blossom has an extensive library of free articles on various topics related to spirituality and personal growth. This includes an in-depth guide on crystals and their uses and helpful articles explaining angel numbers like 143, animal symbolism, and common dream interpretations.

Is Spiritual Blossom Safe and Reliable?

I believe Spiritual Blossom is safe and reliable because it uses a rigorous screening process for potential readers. First, new advisers need to open an account and provide their personal information. Then, they have to complete a comprehensive form to qualify for the next steps.

The platform reviews all applications thoroughly. Within five business days, the applicant receives an email that either accepts or rejects their request to join the site. All approved candidates have to go through a live online video interview, which is the final step in Spiritual Blossom’s screening process. 

With this multi-step approach, Spiritual Blossom carefully vets each reader before they can offer their services on the platform. Additionally, there’s a review system where customers can leave honest feedback about their experiences with an adviser. Most psychics have 4.5- or 5-star ratings. Also, all guides need to follow a strict code of ethics to ensure client confidentiality.

Working With Spiritual Blossom

While you can browse profiles for free, you need to create an account before choosing a guide. To do this:

  1. Set up your profile by providing basic information like your full name and email address.

  2. The site sends you a four-digit verification code via email, which instantly arrives in your inbox. You need to enter these four numbers to advance to the next step.

  3. Provide your date of birth and gender. 

  4. Verify your phone number.

  5. Deposit funds into your account (minimum $10).

  6. Start exploring the available psychic profiles.

  7. Before choosing an adviser, check whether they’re online and available to meet at a time that suits you. Also, read reviews from other clients to see what their experience was like.

  8. Schedule your session if your preferred guide is tagged as “busy” or “offline.” Alternatively, you can immediately connect with an available reader via phone, text, or video call.

  9. Write down major themes beforehand so you can fully use your medium’s expertise to find clarity.

  10. After your meeting, you can add the psychic to your favorites list if it goes well. You can also leave them a review.

Types of Readings at Spiritual Blossom

You can find readers who specialize in the following services:

  • Love readings to better understand your relationships with your family, friends, and partners.

  • Career readings for insights on your career trajectory, opportunities, and professional choices.

  • Spiritual readings to delve into your divine path, seek inner peace, enhance your psychic abilities, and discover your life’s purpose.

  • Numerology readings to understand the influence of numbers in your life and personal characteristics and to predict future possibilities.

  • Tarot readings for advice on various life aspects using the symbolism of the Major Arcana.

There’s also a range of other specialties available to address your interests and questions. This includes clairaudience, clairvoyance, dowsing, astrology, and Reiki healing—which can help reduce stress, anxiety, and pain.

Spiritual Blossom Customer Service

When I needed help with a small issue during sign-up, I reached out to support and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that my chat agent was a real person. They were very polite and quickly helped me resolve my problem.

If you don’t want to use the live chat service, you can also contact support via email at  support@spiritualblossom.com. You should get a response within 24 hours. The team is available 24/7; however, there’s no phone option available to contact them.

Alternatively, you can use the FAQ section to address common concerns like, “How can I view my account statement on Spiritual Blossom?” and “What would be a recommended work schedule for spiritual readers?”

How to get a refund from Spiritual Blossom 

Spiritual Blossom allows for a partial refund or credit if you’re unhappy with a reading, provided you request it within 48 hours and meet certain conditions. To request a refund, send an email to support@spiritualblossom.com.

Note: There’s a cap on refunds, with a maximum of 10 minutes of your time or up to $35. If approved, the credit will appear in your account within two business days following the company’s review.

Is There a Spiritual Blossom App?

No, there is no Spiritual Blossom app available at the time of this writing. You can only message, call, or video chat with readers via the website. 

How Much Does Spiritual Blossom Cost?

Each Spiritual Blossom adviser can set their own per-minute rates starting from $1. The lowest charge I saw was $1.18/minute to chat with a psychic, while the highest rate was $10.35/minute for a video call. But you can contact most of the guides via chat, phone, or video call for between $1 and $5 per minute. Plus, you don’t have to pay more for different modalities like tarot or dream interpretation.

The platform also has special welcome deals for new clients to encourage them to try out readings. After you sign up, you only need to make an initial deposit of $10 to receive a bonus credit of $5. If you add $15 to your wallet, you get an extra $10, and for $25, the site gives you another $25. However, there are no subscription options or promo codes available.

What Can You Do With Spiritual Blossom for Free?

You can use Spiritual Blossom’s online tarot reading tool for free. During your session, you select 10 cards and then categorize them based on your strengths, weaknesses, and future. Afterward, you can get an automated interpretation of your draw, which you can access by providing your email address.

You can also read free daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for all the signs on the site. This includes readings related to work, love, and self-care. If you don’t know your Zodiac sign, you can ask the site to determine it for you.

Spiritual Blossom Spiritual Blossom Visit Site

Bottom Line

Spiritual Blossom is a user-friendly platform offering a variety of readings and experienced psychics. The site’s focus on safety, transparency, and customer support makes it a good choice for anyone seeking guidance on life’s journey. With free resources and welcome offers, it caters to new and experienced psychic service users.

Frequently Asked Questions
What services does Spiritual Blossom offer?+-

Spiritual Blossom provides psychic readings by experienced psychics through phone, chat, and video. It also has free articles, daily horoscopes for all 12 astrological signs, and free automated tarot card readings.

Can I trust the psychic readings offered on Spiritual Blossom?+-

Yes, you can trust the psychic readings offered on Spiritual Blossom. Spiritual Blossom takes measures to maintain service quality. It uses a rating and review system for client feedback on psychics. The site also uses encryption to secure user data and requires all guides to adhere to a strict ethical code to protect customers’ privacy.

What makes Spiritual Blossom different from other psychic services?+-

What makes Spiritual Blossom different from other psychic services is the fact that it aims to provide a safe and welcoming space where you can rely on advisers for quality service. The readers are skilled and empathetic and don’t pressure you to extend sessions. They also don’t encourage repeat calls. Each guide treats you with kindness and respect and lets you decide whether you want to stay connected with them.

How much does a reading at Spiritual Blossom cost?+-

Rates range from $1.18 to $10.35 per minute based on expertise level.

Dona Murphy writes for Top 10 as a committed Tarot practitioner and intuitive coach who transitioned from an HR career to concentrate on self-discovery, improved decision-making, and creating content, including thought leadership, blogs, web copy, and e-books.
Spiritual Blossom

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