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10 Ways to Enhance Your Psychic Abilities

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A woman sitting  on a mountaintop while meditating
Just as you train every other muscle in your body to become more robust or your mind to have better communications skills and rational thinking, you can also enhance your psychic abilities by learning to project your consciousness beyond the limitations of the physical body.

As a society, we have been conditioned to believe that our reality is only physical. This is far from true as the material world does not exist as we perceive it. Unfortunately, you probably won't realize this until you have looked back from the higher plane. Thus, we continue to create an experience that physically shapes our outer reality and limits us to what is considered possible.

To become more, you must realize that you are more than you think. To do this, you must remove these limiting beliefs and conditions placed upon you from birth and expand your awareness. You already do this every night while sleeping. During sleep, you move into the astral world without much effort. Your mind is not awake in the astral world, and the astral vehicle hovers slightly above the sleeping body.

If you'd like to gain more insight into the astral world, you can consult an online psychic. In the meantime, we've created a list of 10 ways to consciously will your mind into the astral world and enhance your psychic abilities

1. Being One with Nature

Some of us may have psychic abilities and not be aware of them. To enhance our psychic abilities, we must come to terms with one simple truth: we are all one. Everything alive that exists in our physical reality is connected to us. Nature's elements, plants, animals, energy, and humans are all connected and made up of the same biochemical processes. Without each other, we cannot exist.

We need each other to feel, taste, touch, and see—all necessary for developing psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, telepathy, and more. Take time to go out into nature and be one with the beauty that invigorates our senses. This will help you develop your psychic abilities and help you become more aware, enriched, and present.

2. Optimum Nutrition for the Mind

The strength of your psychic abilities depends on the power of your mind, including the foundation and health of your brain. You cannot develop your psychic abilities if your brain is not functioning to its utmost potential.

Optimum nutrition from natural organic food sources that contain vitamin B6 (responsible for dream recall), zinc (prevents memory loss), tryptophan (improves mood and sleep), vitamin B5 (helps boost memory), omega 3 (helps with brain regeneration), and many more.

Foods that are high in these nutrients include eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, Olive Oil, Avocado, Bananas, Legumes, and Green and Cruciferous Vegetables. Of course, it's always a good idea to consult a nutritionist before changing your diet.

3. Meditation

Psychic abilities include reiki, clairvoyance, telepathy, astral projection, and more. To enhance these abilities, you must be consistent in your meditation practices. Meditation helps you still your mind, slow your breath, and be present in the now. It helps you tune in to your body and its senses. It also develops your visualization skills and balances your energy chakras.

4. Developing Memory and the Ability to Visualize

Memory is the foundation of the conscious mind. The experience of our dreams and astral projection is lost when we cannot recognize it. The bulk of our consciousness is in the physical body and remains there unless we consciously transfer it to the inner planes and back down to the physical.

Here is a visualization exercise that helps develop your memory. Lie on your bed, close your eyes, and imagine your astral body standing up and walking over to your bedroom door. Grab the handle, open the door, close the door, and return to your body. See your physical body lying on your bed and imagine your astral body going back into your physical body. Practice this exercise as often as you'd like.

5. Developing Your Seven Senses

Psychic abilities also include clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychokinesis, and others. You must be aware and tuned into your seven senses to enhance these abilities. These senses include sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and movement.

Each sense requires different training tactics, including yoga, meditation, and eating food in silence to bring awareness to the taste, smell, and texture.

6. Critical Dream Observation

When we dream, the communication between the hippocampus and the neocortex is disrupted, and the mind runs wild and free without facilitating our will. Therefore, when we dream, we fail to remember them as they happened, and only bits and pieces are placed to create a narrative. However, if we practice applying critical observation to the dream details by writing them down immediately upon waking, we can start to remember more.

Suppose we focus on more information about our dreams as they are happening. Then, we can awaken our minds and use our imagination to move the astral images into the physical brain. The faster we transfer consciousness from one body to another, the more power we will have over our astral bodies to enhance our ability to astral travel, practice telepathy, and so on.

7. Let There Be Light

To enhance the psychic abilities of reiki and astral projection, we must focus on going higher to reach a brighter light. Light is life-giving, and all other elements are derived from it. You can create a body of light procedure that helps you develop a deep connection to your physical body.

First, focus on outer actions. Look at your right hand and turn it both ways, carefully noting the appearance, movement, and feeling. Bend the thumb over the palm and say, "Thumb." Repeat this exercise with each finger several times a day for a few weeks. Second, focus on inner actions. This involves imagining the same outer movements of your hand and visualizing it appearing as a grey-white transparent shadow. These exercises will help you transfer your consciousness to the body of light.

8. The Magicians Circle

To perform rituals and manipulate energy through spells, magic, and reiki, we must first learn to protect our power and channel the energy from the astral realms into the physical. You can do this by closing your eyes and envisioning yourself drawing a magic circle, invoking electric blue light or a violet flame.

It would help if you started by tracing the energy of a pentagram containing all five elements (fire, water, earth, air, and spirit) and then creating a circle with the aid of arch angels Micheal, Raphael, and Auriel. Start by facing east and working your way to the south, west, north, and east again. This exercise will help enhance your psychic abilities.

9. Being Within the Four Elemental Winds

The next step stems from a magical system that evolved from the Qabalah and has been used in magical training that originated in Israel. To invoke the elements in performing magic and astral travel to places outside your bedroom, you must learn to feel air flow through you, heat from the fire, water misting and wetting your face, and smell the earth, flowers, and trees.

Envision yourself facing each direction by visualizing yourself surrounded by clouds breezing through you, the sun tanning on your skin, the waterfalls in a lush green forest, and rolling in the grass.

10. Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that can increase our sensory awareness and help us retrieve life experiences through a memory retrieval strategy. This strategy is based on Freud's idea that repressed or forgotten past experiences exist in the unconscious. The goal is to bring these unconscious experiences into the conscious reality to understand what influences our behaviors.

Hypnosis relaxes our defenses, bringing the opportunity to improve awareness and insight into our past. This allows us to resolve repressed conflicts, which could be the reason for stress in the present.

In order to do this, seek out a professional to consult with. A trained and licensed hypnotherapist is needed to guide us through the process and witness our uncovered traumas. This process might open up your senses for future meditation and enhance your psychic abilities.

Are You Confident in Your Psychic Abilities?

After practicing these ways to enhance your psychic abilities, you should feel more in tune with yourself and your surroundings. If you still are not sure of the steps to take or if you have improved your abilities, speak to an experienced psychic on Keen or Psychic Source. These psychics also provide dream and love readings and can help you enhance your psychic abilities.

Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a Holistic Health and Spiritual Writer who writes for Top10.com. In addition, she is a professional Spiritual advisor trained in Tarot Divination, Astrology, Reiki Healing, and Dream Analysis. Her background as a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer allows her to look at the whole Body, Mind and Spiritual Connection.