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10 Reasons You May Be Having Dreams That Come True: Advice From a Psychic

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10 Reasons  You May  Be Having  Dreams  That  Come True
You can be sure that a psychic reading can help you understand the meaning of a precognitive dream, but it is essential to consider the many reasons why this phenomenon occurs.

Your dreams speak to you through a pictorial language of images, symbols, and metaphors. For example, you are dreaming in a hypnagogic, half-dream state and see a purple dress with blue swirl prints.

You wake up with a sense of déjà vu as if you have seen this dress before. Later that day, you watch in awe as a woman with the purple dress you dreamt of that night walks right by you. You just had a precognitive dream that came true in waking life!

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 1. You Have Had a Heart Activation

As you open your heart and step into a vibration of love, the limitations of your subconscious suddenly dissolve. You become open to infinite potential realities. This vibration can manifest as dreams that come true soon afterward, aligning with how your heart manifests. 

To manage this phenomenon, keep an open mind and trust that nothing is impossible. Your heart always knows the way.

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2. You're Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

As you age, you accumulate patterns of behaviors and thought processes that keep you in your comfort zone. These patterns can become stagnant and boring, setting you on autopilot. As you become aware of your practices and choose to create new habits, you may have dreams that come true afterward. Your subconscious is becoming conscious, and you are opening new doors. 

To manage these dreams, trust that this is a clear sign that you are making the right changes for your well-being.

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3. You Are Being Encouraged to Give a Warning

History has repeatedly displayed events of people having precognitive dreams about war, natural disasters, and murders before they happen. If you have dreams about critical global events or natural disasters, the universe might be encouraging you to give a warning or change the outcome. 

Follow your intuition and ask yourself if you feel a sense of urgency. If so, trust your dream and act on its guidance.

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4. You Are Preparing for an Upgrade

 We are all connected to a stream of consciousness of higher realms and dimensions. This universal consciousness may be preparing you for a physical or spiritual upgrade. For example, you could have dreams that come true to help you take action and make choices in the present in preparation for who you are becoming. 

The best way to respond to this dream is to follow the signs. For example, you may have never set foot in a gym but dream about doing biceps curls. If your friend suddenly invites you to the gym the following day, you can trust that you are meant to follow this path.

5. You Are Developing Your Clairvoyant Abilities

Dreams are manifestations of higher planes and realities. They access past, present, and future dimensions. If you begin consistently having vivid dreams that come true with feelings of déjà vu, you can trust that you are developing your clairvoyant abilities. 

To manage this, eat healthily, drink lots of water, and get plenty of rest. You are opening your senses, chakras, and energetic vibration to higher consciousness, and your physical body cannot transform as fast as your spiritual body. Thus, it is essential to nurture yourself through these changes.

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 6. There Are Important People You Need to Know

If you have consecutive dreams about specific individuals whose names, lifestyles, and characteristics start to manifest in your reality, you can trust your dreams are showing you the future. You are meant to come in contact with these individuals and share or complete a mission together.

They are an example of what is to come. Do not ignore the signs. Welcome them into your life.

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7. You Are Changing Locations

As we dream, we experience a sort of time travel. We are intertwined in a web of different dimensions and realities based on set choices. We may dream about locations our soul lives in, lived in, or will live in. Your dream shows that you already chose a higher dimension in a different form. 

If your dream about being in a certain location comes true, trust that this location is where your soul has already chosen to be—no matter the paths before it.

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8. You Are Strengthening Your Ego and Learning to Trust Your Psyche

Our unconscious holds egoistic desires, hopes, and fears, which takes great strength to bring into our conscious awareness. You may have dreams that come true as a push from your psyche to trust your intuition, move past the safety of your unconscious, and delve into the unknown. 

Take a leap of faith and follow your dreams.

9. Several Doors Have Opened Up for You

As you complete a karmic cycle, you are gifted the green light to explore limitless possibilities manifested in your subconscious. Like doors opening in front of you, you can see what is on the other side but have yet to step through and experience your new path.

The precognitive dreams you are experiencing could be showing you what is on the other side of that door by manifesting as signs, symbols, and pictures in waking life. Take it all in and allow the dreams to guide you in your waking life so that you can choose the path that is in harmony with your higher self. 

10. You Are on the Verge of Monumental Change

Whether you are experiencing your Saturn Return or having a lengthy Tower moment, your life is changing. You may have dreams that come true because you are nearing a massive shift in your life. For example, you could be experiencing a significant career change, starting a new degree, moving in with a loved one, buying a house, or having children.

Try to be patient through the changes as your dreams prepare you by working through your psyche to come out fresh and renewed at the end.

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Do Any of These Reasons Resonate With You?

Having dreams that come true can begin understanding how to enhance your psychic abilities. It can put you in touch with your psyche and open you up to the depths of your soul and higher states of consciousness. 

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Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
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