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10 Things to Expect in a Psychic Reading

Alanna Kali
What to expect from a psychic reading
For those who haven’t had a psychic reading before, it can be a bit unnerving to wonder what might happen during the session. Images of a mysterious woman with a crystal ball might come to mind or a man in a top hat shuffling cards beckoning you to find out more.

However, these images do not represent professional psychics today, who are regular people with intuitive gifts that they want to share with you through top-rated online psychic platforms.

Knowing what actually happens in an intuitive reading can greatly enhance your session because it removes the uncertainty about the process. This article shares the top 10 things to expect in your psychic reading so that you can go in feeling prepared, confident, and get the most out of your time with an advisor.

1. A sense of trust between you and your reader

Trust is the foundation of a good reading, especially because you will be talking about sensitive information with your psychic and giving them access to personal details about your life. Studies show trust is built through communication, respect, transparency, understanding each other’s perspectives, and meaningful engagement.

A good psychic reader knows how important it is to build trust right away and will make sure you feel welcomed and reassured about the reading process. But if for any reason you don’t feel comfortable with the reader, it is always okay to end the session. Sometimes people are just on a different page, and it’s better to acknowledge this right away than to move forward with doubts.

2. Your reader might ask you questions

To establish trust and get the flow of conversation started, your reader might ask you a few questions about yourself. There’s no reason to feel skeptical of the reader’s psychic ability if they inquire a bit about you. Asking questions is often their way of tapping into your energy to start the reading process. This enables the reader to connect with you — your energy becomes more open and engaged as you talk about yourself.

It also helps the reader to attune to your intentions by aligning their psychic energy with your unspoken hopes about what you desire to find out in the reading. Sometimes you might think you want one thing, but your energy knows otherwise. Overall, openness leads to better sessions because being doubtful or closed-off only makes it harder for the psychic to convey meaningful information to you.

3. Your reader taking time to fully answer your question

Although a psychic reading can last any amount of time you choose, a good reading usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes. Psychics understand that you are paying by the minute and do their best to answer your questions succinctly, but it’s also important to give them time to fully explain the information they are receiving. It’s best to not rush the process.

Sometimes there are layers to your question that need to be unfolded. A good psychic reading is more than just yes or no questions, and readers know the importance of thoroughly explaining their intuitive insight so that you grasp what is being conveyed. Studies show being in the present moment indicates a strong connection with someone. Therefore, by remaining open to the process, rather than just watching the clock, you are more receptive to what your psychic has to share.

4. Your reader asking whether the information makes sense

Your reader will do check-ins to see if the information is making sense to you. And it’s always best to be honest with them. You don’t have to say you understand the information if you aren’t, and there’s no harm in asking for clarification. Likewise, you can also validate what they are saying by letting them know it resonates with you and you understand what is being conveyed.

Keep in mind that just because the reading isn’t clicking for you immediately doesn’t mean the information is inaccurate. It could be how the reader is sharing what they’re receiving — whether it’s words, images, or scenes they’re interpreting —  that isn’t effectively conveying the message to you. An open dialogue and asking for clarification when needed will let the reader know to take a different approach in communication to share the information in a way you can understand.         

5. Having the opportunity to ask specific questions

Psychics appreciate when you ask specific questions and will always be open to answering your most pressing concerns. You might have determined your questions before the reading, or they might have arisen from information shared in the reading. Either way, feel comfortable asking whatever comes to mind. Psychics enjoy it when you give the reading direction.

For the most part, the more questions you ask, the more thorough a reading you will receive. However, try to be mindful of asking the same question over and over again once you receive the answer. Sometimes this happens when you get an answer you don’t like. It’s important to have faith that the information you get is what you’re meant to know at that time and to be mindful of any resistance you have to what the advisor shares with you.

6. You might not get all the answers in your first reading

A psychic reader can only give you the intuitive information they receive in that moment. Sometimes, things don’t make sense right away, or you don’t get the full answer you’re seeking. This is because it takes time for life events to unfold, and there might be lessons you need to learn before receiving the information you seek. Similar to training for a marathon or going to therapy, it’s the repetition of readings that leads to insight and change over the long term.

It’s very common to have repeat sessions with your psychic reader, developing a strong relationship with them. For this reason, psychic platforms like Psychic Source offer membership programs that give discounts and bonuses to loyal customers. Developing an ongoing relationship with a reader is very beneficial for facilitating change and receiving personal insight without having to introduce yourself repeatedly and develop a repertoire with a new reader each time.

7. You may receive not the information you expect

You should release all expectations when going into a reading. More often than not, the information you receive from your psychic is very different from how you imagine the future playing out. Although this might be a bit disappointing at times, especially if you have your heart set on something working out, remember that your reading is meant to guide you to better possibilities that are more aligned for you and to prevent future heartbreak or pain.

This is especially true in regard to psychic love readings. It might hurt to know the relationship is not meant to last, but receiving this information helps to come to terms emotionally with the situation and plot a new course of action. On the other end of the spectrum, finding out someone you’ve just started seeing has the potential to be the one can shift how seriously you treat the relationship. Have faith in the information you receive, and do your best to receive it with an open mind. It might not be what you want, but it’s what you need.

8. Your psychic gives you the reading on their profile

Before starting your psychic reading, make sure to read over the advisor’s profile carefully and know which type of readings they offer. Psychic platforms, such as Kasamba, offer a wide variety of psychic readings: from mediumship to tarot reading. If you’re unsure of what each type of reading is, spend some time reading over the site’s blog posts or doing online research.

If you want to connect with your spirit guides, make sure this is a service the reader offers. If you want a psychic love reading, don’t go to a reader who only does astrology. Readers have different talents and gifts, and just because they can do reiki on you doesn’t mean they can connect with your deceased loved one. Don’t expect a reader to perform services that are outside of their profile description. Pick someone whose expertise matches with what you’re looking for to ensure you receive the reading you want.

9. Intuitive insight and emotional shifts

Increasingly, people are turning to psychics advisors over traditional therapy and life coaching. This is because the spiritual dimension of the reading is emphasized, as well as the opportunity for emotional healing and intuitive insight, which are the best outcomes of a psychic reading and why people continue to get them. It’s common to feel the full range of emotions during a reading, from happiness to sadness with a bit of disappointment and excitement in there, too.

Readings stir up all sorts of feelings as you process the intuitive information being brought to light. Sometimes the information you receive calls you to face some tough truths and make necessary changes. As you take in your reader’s words, you might also experience your own intuitive insight, feeling the resonance of the message you're receiving. These shifts and illuminations are what make each psychic reading special and unique. 

10. Ending the reading on a positive note

Have no fear, your psychic will always end your reading on a positive note. The purpose of psychic readings isn’t to foretell prophecies of gloom and doom; it’s to foster spiritual connection, intuitive realignment, and uncover hidden insights. Although this can stir up feelings, and even be a little overwhelming at times, your psychic will always help you to ground the energy and come away with peace and clarity.

The information you receive from your reading is intended to make your life better, and it will be something you can reflect on for some time. There’s always a light, even in the darkest night, and most of the time your psychic reading will be even better than you expected. Studies show people tend to determine future outcomes based on their past, but psychic readings offer new and brighter possibilities for your path forward.

Find what you’re seeking

Psychic readings aim to make you feel confident about the future and peaceful about the past. Building trust with your advisor and taking the time to delve into a reading brings new insights and opportunities for emotional healing, personal growth, and intuitive planning.

Alanna Kali
Other than contributing to Top10.com, Alanna Kali is an astrologer, numerologist, and tarot reader. She currently is editor-in-chief of a psychic book review website called Musing Mystical. Alanna loves reading, spending time in nature, and traveling.