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Can Dreams Really Predict the Future? 10 Most Famous Precognitive Dreams

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The dream world is a space where souls are free, some awake and some asleep, to roam and connect with star-crossed lovers, uncover secrets of the underworld, and see into the future. 

Psychics use dreams to enhance abilities of clairvoyance, remote viewing, and telepathy during psychic readings. They confirm their visions through déjà vu, which are split moments in time where all the energetic planes of the tree of life collide. They occur when we dream about the same person, have known this moment before, or see an event before it happens. 

These 10 famous precognitive dreams come true and sparked the interest of psychologists, scientists, and physicists worldwide throughout history have.

1. Carl Jung: World War I (Dream 1)

In 1913, Carl Jung, a famous psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, and dream analyst, dreamed that something terrible would happen to the world. He dreamed that a flood would cover the lands between the North Sea and the Alps.

In the dream, he saw chunks of land, structures, and bodies drowning in yellow waves. He watched as the whole sea turned into blood. At the time, he felt that a catastrophe was happening. World War I started on July 28, 1914. 

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2. Carl Jung: World War 1 (Dream 2)

In June 1914, Carl Jung had a second dream that saw the happening of World War I. He dreamed that frost and ice covered the land in the middle of the summer, and the Lorraine region was frozen and deserted. He watched as a wasteland surrounded him, and every living thing died of ice-cold air.

During this time, Carl Jung separated from his mentor Sigmund Freud. We are connected energetically, and it is possible that the change and new creative beginning he undertook manifested as destruction in his dream world. He could have been experiencing both the energy of what was coming and his personal life path. 

3. J. Arthur Taylor: Aberfan Landslide

In 1966, J. Arthur Taylor from Stacksteads dreamed he traveled to South Wales. In his dream, he came across a town called Pontypridd, where he had been looking to buy a book. He was in front of a large machine with ABERFAN written in white. He stared at the word for quite some time and then turned to see cold, inhabited houses.

On October 21, 1966, a flood of coal waste exploded above the Welsh village of Aberfan, pouring first into a farmhouse where three people and their animals were smothered.

4. Mark Twain: Henry Clemens' Death

The night before his brother Henry's death, Mark dreamed of seeing his corpse lying in a metal casket and wearing one of his suits. This dream surprised him as it felt so real that he had to take some time to convince himself it was only a dream.

The next day, Mark and Henry were both set to embark together on a steamboat (the Pennsylvania). Mark fought with a crew member and was transferred to another boat, leaving Henry on the Pennsylvania. The boat's boiler exploded, and 250 passengers, including Henry, were killed.

At the funeral parlor, Mark was shocked to find his dead brother in a metal casket in his suit, just like in his dream.

5. Kathleen Middleton: Robert Kennedy's Assassination

Kathleen Middleton was one of two who submitted premonition dreams to psychiatrist John Barke's psychic dream study of the Aberfan Landslide. On March 1968, she reported to the premonitions bureau (where John barker conducted his studies) about her precognitive dreams of Robert Kennedy's death.

Worried about Kennedy and anxious to get her point across, she called the premonitions bureau three times on June 4, 1968. Robert Kennedy was shot after midnight on June 5, 1968. 

6. Abraham Lincoln: His Own Death

One night in 1865, President Abraham Lincoln had a dream that he heard that someone was dead in the White House East Room. He asked a guard, "Who is dead in the White House?" The guard replied, "An assassin killed the president."

On April 11, Abraham told Ward Hill Lamon about that dream, which frustrated him. Ten days after the dream, John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln while he was attending the theatre.

7. Eryl Mai Jones: Aberfan Landslide

On October 19, 1966, 10-year-old Eryl Mai Jone dreamed that she had gone to school to find her school covered in a black cloud. She told her mom about the dream and told her she was not afraid to die.

On October 21, 1966, the flood of coal waste that exploded first onto the farmhouse poured over the school, where 116 children, including Eryl Mai Jones, were killed. A total of 144 people were killed during the landslide in Aberfan. 

8. Harriet Tubman: The Way to Freedom

Harriet Tubman suffered a head injury that severely fractured her skull. As a result, she started having vivid dreams. She claimed that God showed her premonitions that helped keep her and many slaves safe as she guided them to freedom.

With the help of her precognitive dreams, Harriet Tubman led over 300 enslaved people to freedom as an underground railroad conductor. 

9. Lucrecia de León: The Spanish Armada

At 12 years old, Lucrecia de León began to have precognitive dreams about the future of Spain. A teenage girl in the 16th century, she had hundreds of precognitive dreams that exposed the personal and political issues of Philip II of Spain.

The Spanish Inquisition arrested and tortured Lucrecia because the church shamed unorthodox spiritualism. In one of the dreams, she saw the English raiding the coastal town of A Coruña after two weeks of rape, torture, and murder.

Although she accurately dreamed about the coming dangers her country would face in 1588, the king was helpless to protect his people, and Lucrecia was killed as a result.

10. Niels Bohr: The Structure of the Atom

In 1911, Neils Bohr, the father of quantum mechanics, was trying to understand the structure of the atom, but none of his configurations would fit. He went to sleep and had an inspirational dream in which he saw the atom's nucleus with electrons spinning around it.

When he woke up, he knew his vision was accurate but still had to confirm the truth in his lab by conducting tests. Niels Bohr created his future by following the breakthrough he received in his slumber. 

Do You See the Future in Your Dreams?

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Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
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