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The Complete Guide to Auras: What They Are and What to Expect During a Reading

Alanna Kali
What Are Aura Readings?
Do certain colors call to you? Have you ever noticed that your mood changes based on the color of an outfit you are wearing?

This is because all colors have their own energy; energy that vibrates at a specific frequency to produce each color. What if I said that even you have a special array of colors radiating from you? It’s true! And your energetic color patterns have much to say about your personality, well-being, and spiritual purpose. Read on to learn more about your aura and what to expect during an aura reading.

What is an aura?

An aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds a living thing. The frequency of the vibration of an aura makes it a different color. Emotions and thoughts create different aura vibrations, which make it so everyone has a unique aura color combination. An aura is also sometimes referred to as the “subtle energy body” in esoteric traditions because it’s the energetic component of one’s physical body.

While it’s tough to see aura colors without training, most people are able to easily sense others' auras. This is popularly referred to as picking up on someone’s “vibe,” which is an appropriate term considering that the aura is an energetic vibration. 

At some point, you’ve probably noticed yourself drawn to the warm and inviting energy of someone with a friendly vibe and repelled by the draining energy of someone exuding an unhappy vibration.

When seen visually, those contrasting auras would appear differently because of the energetic frequency with which they are resonating. Aura readings provide insight into the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of a person based on the colors of the aura’s energy.

What are the 7 layers of the aura?

The seven aura layers and their chakras

The Etheric Layer

This is the densest energy layer closest to the physical body, which absorbs the energy of the environment around you. It's the easiest layer to see with the naked eye and it’s connected to the root chakra. The frequency of this layer reflects your vitality and the state of your physical body.

The Emotional Layer

This second aura vibrates based on your inner feelings and emotions. It is more fluid than the first layer and it’s connected to the sacral chakra. The color of this layer changes often based on your passing moods. Emotional blocks or pain will show up as dark spots or clouds in this layer.

The Mental Layer

This third aura layer vibrates based on your thoughts and mental processes. It is connected to the solar plexus chakra. The light from this layer is stronger when you’re concentrating on mental tasks or whenever you’re engaging your mind intellectually. Thought patterns and mental images generate the color of this layer.

The Astral Layer

This fourth aura layer vibrates based on your self-expression and connection to others. The color is based on the love you give and receive and it is connected to the heart chakra. Since it’s the middle aura layer, it bridges the physical and spiritual planes by joining the spirit to the body. All healing energy comes through this layer.

The Etheric Layer

This fifth aura layer is the blueprint for everything that exists in the physical world, which within an aura reading would be your physical body. It is connected to the throat chakra and it is the “negative space” template upon which your physical world manifests. Through this layer, you can connect and tap into the energy of others of the same wavelength.

The Celestial Layer

This sixth aura layer is the spiritual layer of your emotional body. It is related to the third eye chakra and reflects the quality of your manifestations through dreams and intuition. This layer connects you to higher planes of spiritual enlightenment and ecstasy through divine and unconditional love.

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The Spiritual Layer

This seventh aura layer contains your life plans, soul contract, and spiritual purpose. It is related to the crown chakra and it has the highest frequency of all the layers. It harmonizes all other layers to guide your life path according to divine and universal life patterns that can only be understood by the spirit.

What do aura colors mean?


Red in one’s aura symbolizes vitality, passion, power, strength, groundedness, stamina, and healthy sexuality.


Orange in one’s aura symbolizes confidence, courage, friendliness, ambition, thoughtfulness, and creativity.


Yellow in one’s aura symbolizes optimism, cheerfulness, a strong intellect, inspiration, enthusiasm, and open-mindedness.


Green in one’s aura symbolizes gentleness, supportiveness, balance, prosperity, acceptance, compassion, and a soothing nature.


Pink in one’s aura symbolizes love, sincerity, tenderness, sensitivity, sympathy, and sensuality. Keep in mind that there are different shades of pink auras, here's what each shade says about you.


Blue in one’s aura symbolizes loyalty, trust, calmness, artistic abilities, moodiness, empathy, and expressiveness. 


Purple (or violet) in one’s aura symbolizes magic, imagination, intuition, nobility, luxury, leadership, and visionary qualities.


White in one’s aura symbolizes purity, innocence, freshness, an easy-going nature, cleanliness, and spirituality.


Black in one’s aura symbolizes protection, blockage, drama, pain, fear, distrust, and weakness.

What should I expect during an aura reading?

It is best for the aura reader to sense the color of your aura when you’re in a natural, relaxed state. Therefore an aura reading will most likely be an easy-going experience for you. As you sink into a soothing state of being, the aura reader will psychically tap into your energy field.

They’ll spend about fifteen minutes to half an hour exploring your aura’s energy, making note of the different shades, textures, and colors. An aura reader will also notice whenever your energy is tangled with another’s energy and may need cleansing or healing.

Afterwards, the aura reader will share with you what they’ve discovered. Oftentimes, they’ll point out where there are energetic imbalances, suggest methods to cleanse your aura, and answer any questions you may have about your aura energy.

Many aura readers offer additional services such as reiki to rebalance the energy. Having an energetic attunement done can help you to feel more energized, focused, emotionally open, and spiritually fulfilled. Some aura readers may also offer aura photography, which captures the energy of the aura using advanced technology, or else they may draw pictures of your aura for you to see.

Can I read my own aura?

You can absolutely read your own aura. Mastering this skill is a wonderful way to track your energy through the day and become more conscious of your energetic state of being. By tuning in to your aura, you’ll gain a lot more ability to control your moods and mindset.

While it might seem like a daunting learning curve, with just a bit of practice, you’ll be able to grow more accustomed to the way your aura expresses itself and how it changes throughout the day. This practice will help you to stay grounded, have a positive attitude, and maintain healthy boundaries with others.

Can my aura’s color change?

Your aura changes colors rather often, which is why learning to tune into your aura’s energy can be a very beneficial practice. Shifting from a negative to positive mindset can change your aura color, as can going from happy to sad during the day. When you become ill, your aura may look a bit weaker in color or have more holes or cloudiness to it since the energy is not at optimal levels.

Your aura will even change based on what you’re doing in a certain moment. For instance, the colors of your aura will be different if you’re laughing and playing at the park with a loving dog compared to when you're calculating a budget for the month and paying bills. This is because you are calling on different energies to successfully do these things, and the aura energy present shifts based on your thoughts, feelings, and intentions of the moment.

Additionally, just like how your physical body changes with time, so does your aura. As you go through different stages in life, your aura will shift as well. There are energetic themes you’re moving through relative to your current phase of life that will impact the color of your aura.

How Can I cleanse my aura?

Just as you cleanse your skin, it’s important to regularly cleanse your aura. When you’re feeling confident, grounded, and in great health, your aura will be clean and extending brightly out at least a foot in all directions from your body. But when you’re sick, unhappy, or heartbroken, your aura will be much closer to your body, appearing in darker colors, and needs to be cleansed.

To cleanse your aura, your reader will suggest certain practices, meditations, and affirmations to create a positive force of protection around you, and boost your inner happiness. As a result, you should have more energy, more focus, and much more control over your emotions.

Aura readings and cleansings by healers can be done using online psychic reading sites, and there are many reputable companies that have a number of aura specialists to choose from.

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The color of your aura is always changing based on your energy, and it can provide a wealth of information about your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of being. An aura reading is a great way to learn more about your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and life purpose. Figuring out your current energy allows you to make any shifts needed to be fully in alignment with your spiritual intentions.

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