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10 Clear Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

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Meditation and psychic readings can help you understand your spirituality.
Knowing whether you're going through a spiritual awakening can be challenging. Some of its signs might even feel like you're experiencing a nervous breakdown.

The deeper we connect with our true selves, the more in tune we become with our souls and the embodiment of spirit. This can enforce spiritual well-being, and understanding it through practices like psychic readings can evoke positive energy. A Journal of Science and Healing study shows that spiritual awakenings create a "sense of being enveloped in light [and] love."

Bonding with our essences requires us to put down all prior behavioral patterns, perceptive beliefs, and labeled conditionings, catalyzing a spiritual awakening. As I experienced mine, I reached a knowing beyond what my mind believed to be true. My intuition and emotions clashed with my logical thoughts, causing an inner battle of temporary dissociation.

But I jotted down what I experienced during my spiritual awakening, and here are the 10 clear signs you might be experiencing one too.

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1. A Challenged Belief System

The structural beliefs you stand on are based on your ancestral traditions, values, worth, and integrity—a personal spiritual truth connected to your faith and power.

My spiritual awakening triggered a crisis in faith as my beliefs were challenged. I saw the Divine in a different light. Those belief systems created from my upbringing held me back from unapologetically expressing my true authentic divinity.

2. An Awareness of Behavioral Patterns

The world around us is manifested based on our beliefs, patterns, emotions, and instinctual responses created by our surroundings.

My psychic ability—in this case, psychokinesis—was enhanced during my awakening. Psychokinesis occurs when you experience high energetic pressure through:

  • Stress
  • Emotional turmoil
  • Adrenaline

This pressure results from trying to grab onto beliefs that feel safe. However, if unused, this pressure is released on your environment. For me, this materialized in my plants moving. Other results are:

  • Lights flickering
  • Alarms going off

As I changed and evolved, I reassessed my behavioral patterns to see if I could transform and change them to fit the person I was becoming or if I had more to learn from them.

10 Clear Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

3. Facing Karma Head-On

Actions have consequences. When you spiritually awaken, you become aware of all the times you made unconscious decisions that impacted you and those around you. I realized it was not my fault that I had a set belief pattern from my upbringing. But my responsibility was to face it and heal once I reached enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a breakthrough or "aha" moment that lets you realize you can change yourself, your outside perspectives, and circumstances, leading to the life you truly desire in alignment with you spiritually.

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4. Intuition Syncs Up With Nature

Everyone is made up of the same energetic compounds as nature—all it takes to notice is to open your mind and listen to your intuitive voice. For example, I notice birds land on my balcony whenever I feel freedom or a desire for adventure.

Some signs during the awakening that reflected my innermost thoughts, feelings, and actions include:

  • Angel numbers
  • License plates from foreign desired locations
  • Moon phases
  • Seasonal patterns

5. Feeling Pressure on the Chakra Centers

My chakra centers activated and reacted to what my subconscious released. The subconscious keeps memories that the conscious mind no longer references. These memories can come from:

  • Trauma
  • Repressed fears
  • Childhood behavioral patterns
  • Perception of belief
  • Need or desire
  • A fight–or–flight response

You may not realize that your chakras (which hold energetic vibrations and memories) are blocked and influenced by stored memories. A spiritual awakening can trigger subconscious memories and surface them so you can heal and let them go.

I often feel pressure on my crown chakra when a spirit guide communicates with me. And I experience a similar tension in my third eye when my higher self pushes me to pay attention to my surrounding environment.

Focusing on your environment can put pressure on your third eye.

6. Time Becomes an Illusion

As I woke up to seize the day, excited for all the time I had, I felt:

  • Inspired
  • Present
  • Spiritually awakened
  • Connected in a lucid world co-creating with the Divine

With unlimited energy, flying in a trance, time felt non-existent as I traveled between then, there, and now. As you spiritually awaken, your soul connects to who you once were in a past life or childhood, to the stillness brought on by the present, and to the self you envision for the future.

Your soul desires just to exist, and it will guide you and sync with nature's patterns. So, time doesn't matter anymore. At the end of my day, I found myself wondering where the time went.

7. Seeing What Was Hidden

You and everyone in your life are actors in a story. You play a part in another's story just as they do in yours. However, as you spiritually awaken, you become aware of what is hidden behind the roles people play and the story's purpose.

My hair stood up, love filled me, and I sat in a resounding presence, knowing what it was. This awareness is powerful as it allows me to detach from my ego and observe my reality from a higher perspective, broadening my understanding of life.

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8. Feeling Fear, Then Love

It's understandable to feel paranoid as you awaken and your senses move beyond what you can see in the physical world.

I noticed my fears manifest in others' judgment toward me. I suddenly understood that they were projecting my worries for me to witness. Dark and light co-exist. So, I felt the fear from my subconscious to protect myself from this negative energy.

Luckily, this allowed me to focus inward on loving myself unconditionally. And my self-love called other lightworkers, spirit guides, and external dimensional beings into my awareness through my heightened senses of telepathy, clairvoyance, and claircognizance.

Fear from the subconscious is a way to protect against negative energy.

9. A Connection to the Heart

The heart and soul already know what is true, and the mind needs to be convinced. This creates a sense of separation. So as I felt my soul ascend and I connected to the purity of love in my heart, it broke through my beliefs and ideals by communicating faithful love into my mind.

My awakening revealed the following:

  • What was best for me
  • What I needed
  • How I needed it
  • What my value was
  • What I deserved

Spiritual awakenings can create a rush of determination and ambition to achieve goals and pursue dreams. First, you must be patient and create a structured plan to avoid climbing too fast into vanity or misplaced power. Then, as you ground yourself, you can create harmony by balancing your drive and what fulfills you.

For me, a conflicting feeling manifested, coupled with humility. The accelerated spiritual awakening tipped me toward excessive egotism. But by remaining patient, I found balance.

10. Enhanced Psychic Abilities

When awakening, you connect to what is beyond your understanding. Your psychic abilities grow because faith in the Divine and unknown magnifies, and your logical mind doesn't limit you with impossibilities. Instead, you have to believe it to see it. And once awakened, you may feel overwhelmed as several questions arise about what is real and what is not.

I heard the voices of others through telepathy and saw visions, truths, and spirits through clairvoyance. This psychic experience was challenging, but with self-awareness and love, I realized what I underwent was real.

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Find Your Spiritual Family

It can be taxing at first when experiencing a spiritual awakening. And usually, others won't understand what you're experiencing. That's why it's essential to find your spiritual family—somewhere you can feel supported.

Connect to your soul tribe through psychic platforms such as Keen and PsychicCenter to better guide you throughout the experience and transform your perception toward the Divine.

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Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a Holistic Health and Spiritual Writer who writes for Top10.com. In addition, she is a professional Spiritual advisor trained in Tarot Divination, Astrology, Reiki Healing, and Dream Analysis. Her background as a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer allows her to look at the whole Body, Mind and Spiritual Connection.