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The Best Android & iOS VoIP Apps for Your Business

Sarah Pritzker
Best Android & iOS VoIP Apps
VoIP technology has completely transformed the way businesses and people communicate, and when these services branched out to mobile coverage, it was an even bigger game changer. Today, there are dedicated apps specifically for this task, and the best VoIP apps come with unique features like messaging services, transcripts, and call handling.

The advantage of these applications is that they work the same way that traditional VoIP services do, but now with the added convenience of mobility (and that comes without wasting your minutes). Below, we’ve dug into some of the most popular choices from VoIP Android and iOS apps to help you select the right service for you.

The Best at a Glance:

VoIP App
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Comcast Business

*Prices last updated February 2019 

1. Vonage 

  • Price: Free for app & plans $9.99-$14.99/month
  • Available features: Texting, video chat, video messaging, phone calls
  • Ideal for: Android and iOS devices, multiple users
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, phone support, email contact, and FAQ community

Vonage is one of the most prominent names in the VoIP industry today, and the Vonage mobile app provides the same quality service to mobile users. The VoIP Android app lets you connect to anyone else with the Vonage app for free, making it an economical and efficient alternative to pricey cellular phone charges. What we really like about the Vonage app is that it even lets you make overseas calls free of charge. Vonage connects to your contacts, so you can quickly access and call anyone in your phone book.

To be clear, you can call anyone, anywhere, and anytime for free with HD quality as long as the other person has downloaded the Vonage app too. The app is free as well. International calls to numbers not using the Vonage app are charged a low rate per minute according to your plan. Additionally, Vonage offers free video chats and text messaging to other Vonage mobile users. Group chats up to 50 people are supported, and one of the biggest perks that you won’t find with every provider is the ability to share files and videos over the app. You can even leave video messages for more clarity and ease.

The Vonage app works with WiFi, 3G, and 4G, so you’re almost always covered. What’s even more convenient is that the Vonage app works on tablets and iPod Touches as well as your cell phone. The VoIP Android app is also compatible with wearable devices.

Vonage   Vonage Visit Vonage

2. RingCentral 

  • Price: Mobile app free & plans $19.99-$49.99/month
  • Available features: Texting, video chat, video messaging, phone calls
  • Ideal for: Android and iOS devices, businesses on the go 
  • Support: Live chat, email, phone support 

RingCentral is another huge name in the VoIP industry, and for good reason. It delivers a good calling product with lots of features that businesses and individuals can take advantage of. The RingCentral iOS VoIP and Android apps bring this convenience to a new level, offering you affordable communication options in the palm of your hands. What's unique about this company is its commitment to security. RingCentral focuses a lot of its efforts on creating secure voice, so you don't have to worry about audio streams being recorded or intercepted, and provides role-based access for added security.

The iOS VoIP app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and even Apple Watches, allowing you to take your business on the go while still maintaining a seamless identity wherever you are.

Both apps have great features like:

  • Unlimited calling within the network
  • Texting
  • Faxing
  • Access to company directory
  • Multiple email logins available for faster communications
  • Push notifications
  • Audio conferencing
  • Video meetings
  • BYOD for lower per device costs

You can use the app over WiFi, 3G, and 4G, making it a significantly cheaper alternative to your cellular plans. RingCentral’s mobile app features all of the same services as your regular plan including call switching, call recording, call transfers, and more. So, this app really lets businesses maintain their professionalism even while at home or on vacation.

RingCentral MVP RingCentral MVP Visit RingCentral

3. 8x8

  • Price: Free mobile app & plans $25-$55/month
  • Available features: Texting, video chat, video messaging, phone calls
  • Ideal for: Android/iOS devices, anyone who likes having their business supported on the cloud
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, email, phone, community

8x8 isn't nearly as famous as the first two companies on this list, but that hasn't stopped it from being one of the best VoIP apps available today. A cloud-based communications solution, Virtual Office, makes communicating across distances easier than ever. As soon as you download the 8x8 app, you’ll see the benefits. You can make local, long distance, and even international calls for free from within the network, avoid data and roaming charges when traveling outside the US by turning off data usage and only using 8x8 and WiFi, and even handle all of your business needs directly from your smartphone.

Some of the more impressive features that 8x8 mobile includes are:

  • Instant transfer from desk phone to smart device during a call or video conference without losing the call
  • Connect to multiple staff members simultaneously for easier collaboration
  • Create bridges, conference calls, and audio and video meetings with a single button

8x8 lets you utilize all of the tools you are used to with its business plan on mobile as well. This includes call parking, transferring, and voicemail organizational tools. Like Vonage, 8x8 lets you share files and videos with others, something that is really important in business interactions.

8x8 8x8 Visit 8x8

4. Comcast Business

  • Price: Free app & plans vary based on services required
  • Available features: Texting, video chat, video messaging, phone calls
  • Ideal for: Android and iOS devices, business and personal usage
  • Support: Phone, live chat, FAQ, community forum

Comcast is a major communications corporation, and the Xfinity is its VoIP communications solution enjoyed by businesses all over. With the Xfinity Connect mobile app, users can access their Comcast accounts and services directly on their mobile devices, adding convenience and extending the reach of their business possibilities.

In addition to the standard options like checking email, sending SMS, and receiving free calls, some of the features users appreciate from this company are:

  • Readable voicemail transcripts
  • Call logs
  • Free calls and texting, even internationally to 40+ countries
  • Caller ID
  • Video calling

The Xfinity app even allows you to incorporate your home phone number into the mix. Using the Voice2Go feature, callers may place calls from their cell phones and have them register as coming directly from their house phones. Comcast also lets you create up to four personal phone numbers, making this a versatile plan that is not only useful for businesses but personal use as well. This is an excellent option for people who travel a lot or individuals who have family, friends, or business contacts overseas.

Comcast Business Comcast Business Visit Comcast

5. Jive

  • Price: Free app & plans $19.99-custom
  • Available features: Texting, video chat, video messaging, phone calls
  • Ideal for: Android and iOS devices, SMBs
  • Support: Phone, email, FAQ, community

Jive makes doing business from wherever you are easier by allowing you to connect to your business phone directly via your smartphone. You can receive phone calls on your cell phone that come through your business phone number, making anonymity and privacy more reliable. Users can check voicemails, read through call logs, and more. The Jive mobile app also lets you collaborate with ease using tools like video calls, network chatting, and direct calling.

VoIP is the new way of communicating, and both businesses and individuals can maximize their experiences by using the best VoIP app for them. Consider the features, quality, and pricing plans that work with your needs to find your top choice.

Something we thought was neat about this particular VoIP app was the rules that it allows you to create. For example, the location-specific rules let you decide to automatically switch your status to unavailable when you get in the driveway of your home. It’s that kind of small, but noticeable convenience that makes Jive stand out.

GoTo Connect GoTo Connect Visit Jive

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