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Aircall VoIP Review (2023)

a comprehensive VoIP platform built with the needs of growing businesses

Michael Graw

In a Nutshell

Aircall is a comprehensive VoIP platform that goes beyond standard VoIP features like call recording, with collaboration tools, international numbers, and detailed analytics. You can set up a virtual call center with ease, and the platform integrates with hundreds of applications, including Salesforce. While expensive relative to competitors, its many unique features make it well worth the price, and it comes with a free 7-day trial.


  • Set up a virtual call center
  • 100+ business software integrations
  • Excellent mobile app for iOS and Android


  • Very expensive
  • Doesn’t support video conferencing

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Aircall Pricing & Plans - How Much Does Aircall Cost?

Aircall is one of the more expensive VoIP providers we’ve seen. The company offers 2 plans—Essentials and Professional—each of which require a minimum of 3 users.



Price Paid Monthly



Price Paid Annually



Unlimited Domestic Calls

Salesforce Integration


Dedicated Account Manager


The Essentials plan offers access to the majority of Aircall’s features. However, it doesn’t offer integration with Salesforce, and it only offers a basic analytics dashboard. The Essentials plan costs $40 per user per month or $30 per user per month if you pay annually.

The Professional plan offers Salesforce integration, advanced analytics, and access to a dedicated account manager. It also adds a callback queue for responding to customers without making them wait on hold. The Professional plan costs $70 per user per month or $50 per user per month if you pay annually.

Only 1 phone number is included for these plans, and each additional number costs $6 per month. All incoming and outbound calls in the US and Canada are toll-free. You must contact Aircall for outbound international calling rates. Aircall also offers custom packages with unlimited international calling.

You can try out Aircall for free for 7 days.

Aircall Available Features

Aircall is packed with features for teams that make a lot of calls.


To start, this VoIP service offers all the basics you’d expect, such as call recording, call routing, and SMS messaging. In addition, Aircall has handy features for productivity like click-to-dial on your computer and the ability to forward calls to a mobile app on your smartphone. You can also tag and describe calls so that it’s easier to find recordings later.

One feature that’s reserved for Professional users is the power dialer. This automatically adds phone numbers from any webpage to a queue, enabling you to make a large volume of sales calls in rapid succession.

Toll-free and International Numbers

Aircall enables you to create toll-free and international numbers instantly, even if your company doesn’t have a physical presence in the country where you want a phone number. Aircall has numbers for more than 100 countries.


Aircall has several tools to help your team manage calls more effectively. A shared call inbox and address book ensures that everyone on your team is working with the same information. You can also assign a call to a teammate to add it to the to-do list on their Aircall dashboard.

During live calls, Aircall offers an option for you to speak privately to a teammate before transferring a call. With a Professional plan, you also get access to call monitoring and call whispering, which enables a manager to privately provide advice in real-time during an ongoing call. 

Call Center

Aircall enables you to set up a virtual call center complete with a queue for incoming calls. You can create ring groups based on location, language, or help topic and take an unlimited number of concurrent calls on the same phone number. If you have a Professional plan, you can set up a callback queue for customers who don’t want to wait on hold.


Aircall offers an analytics dashboard to give you an overview of your call activity. You can monitor average call length and queue times, as well as filter calls by tag. With a Professional plan, you can also monitor live call activity across your business.

Security and Reliability

Aircall takes several steps to ensure that its network remains up and running and to protect customers’ data. The VoIP network is hosted by Amazon Web Services, which holds security certifications including ISO 27001, SOC2, PCI DSS, and FedRAMP.

Aircall also uses Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) and 256-bit AES encryption to keep your data secure. Aircall automatically backs up all of your data, including call recordings. 

Aircall Mobile App

Aircall offers a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The app offers most of the features you’ll find in Aircall’s desktop software, including the ability to place, take, transfer, and tag calls. You can access your address book and create new contacts on the go.

Aircall Review App

Most important, you can forward calls from your desktop to your smartphone. You can also set your availability status in the mobile app to ensure calls are routed to the right person when you’re not available.

Aircall Integrations

Aircall offers integrations for more than 100 business software platforms. Popular integrations include HubSpot, Zendesk, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. All integrations are free, but you must sign up for the Professional plan to use the Salesforce Sales Cloud or Service Cloud integrations.

Help and Support

Aircall offers customer support by phone, email, and live chat. Support is available 24 hours a day from Monday-Friday. It typically takes around 5 minutes to get in touch by live chat.

Aircall has extensive online support resources, including an onboarding portal, how-to guides, and a detailed knowledge base. There are more than 200 articles in the knowledge base, and each contains detailed screenshots.

Aircall Review Help and Support

How Aircall Compares to Other VoIP Providers

Here’s how Aircall stacks up against competing VoIP services:





Price Range





Call Recording

Video Conferencing


Call Center



Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, G Suite



Mobile App

iOS, Android

iOS, Android


iOS, Android


Phone, email, chat, 24h M-F

24/7 phone, email, support site

Business-hours phone, email, live chat, support site

Phone, email, and live chat

Aircall vs. Mitel

Aircall can be more expensive than Mitel, but it also offers a much greater range of features. Call recording and analytics are standard at Aircall, whereas they require an upgrade at Mitel. In addition, Mitel has very limited integration options, so it may not be suitable unless you use Salesforce as your business customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

Aircall vs. 8x8

8x8 is significantly cheaper than Aircall if you only need a VoIP service without a call center. Plans for unlimited calling in the US and Canada start from $15 per user per month, compared to $30 per user per month at Aircall. In addition, 8x8 offers video conferencing as part of its plans.

However, 8x8 is much more expensive than Aircall if you want to set up a virtual call center or integrate your CRM software. Plans for a call center at 8x8 start at $95 per user per month for features that are similar to what you’ll get with an Aircall Essentials plan.

Aircall vs. Intermedia

Intermedia offers a more comprehensive communication service for small businesses than Aircall. While you can purchase just a VoIP plan, Intermedia also offers phone hardware, email hosting, and data backup services.

The VoIP service offers integrated hardware as well as integrations for most major CRM platforms. Intermedia’s Enterprise plan ($32.99 per user per month) is a cheaper alternative to Aircall’s Professional plan ($70 per user per month), but it doesn’t include advanced collaboration features like call tagging and commenting.

Is Aircall Right For Your Business?

Aircall is a premium VoIP service with a lot of features to offer for growing businesses. The platform makes it very easy to set up a call center, manage calls with a team approach, and analyze your team’s call activity to spot areas for improving productivity. Aircall also has several unique tools, such as the power dialer and call whispering, that can help your business generate new sales.

Aircall especially stands out for its wide range of integrations and the quality of its mobile app. The integrations ensure that you can use Aircall seamlessly with all of the other software your business is already using. The mobile app allows your employees to take calls on the go and manage call routing so that customers are always connected to the right person.

Overall, if you can take advantage of Aircall’s many features, this platform justifies its high price. However, if you can get by with a less feature-rich VoIP service, competitors like 8x8 and Intermedia can be much less expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who uses Aircall?
Aircall is designed for businesses that have a global customer base or that want to integrate their VoIP phone system with a CRM or marketing platform. Businesses can also use Aircall to set up a virtual call center.
What does Aircall integrate with?
Aircall offers integrations for more than 100 popular business software platforms. Integrations include Salesforce, Pipedrive, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Intercom, HubSpot, and Zendesk.
Does Aircall have video conferencing?
Aircall does not offer video conferencing. However, you can set up an audio conference with up to 5 participants.
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Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

a year ago

It's a good company that is reliable and dependable and that is trustworthy.

a year ago

They are very useful for my company and their reliable. On whole it helps me manage and get things done.

a year ago

It is a good service, and its really good to even use after the 14 day trial! I love that it is easy to use it with no ads and nothing that is holding me back.

a year ago

Because the accuracy of the audio, in addition to its easy use and financial value that suits everyone.

a year ago

I never have a dropped call. A very reliable network. I will continue to use.

a year ago

It made phone bills much simpler and less expensive. I can't think of one time I had a problem or was confused about something.

a year ago

It was very helpful to me. I called a person from another number and made a joke with him about the high quality of sound and good value. The customer service was very nice.

1 years ago

I like is very much because of how easy it is to use and did not give me any trouble. I was satisfied with the product. It did not cost me anything and the service was easy to use.

a year ago

I like how I could use it with many other people at the same from different places .

a year ago

It's a good value for the money, also it has the best features in the market.

a year ago

Aircall is very good for Voice Over IP. It is reliable and secure. It is a cloud-based system. It works as a call center over the internet. It's worth the money.

a year ago

Good rating because of good service. Aircall makes it easy to use Voip services. Would recommend it to friends and family members.

a year ago

They have good services and high quality calls in addition to cheap fees on every call. And the prices are reasonable.

a year ago

It's secured and can be use by multiple people at the same time, which is helpful for work.

a year ago

Simply because it's really easy and makes things quicker for the call or if you have at problem.

a year ago

I honestly didn't care much for aircall. The reception was spotty and it kept cutting out.

a year ago

Great service if you need to use the internet to make calls. Didn't have any issues with the software and it worked when I needed it.

1 years ago

Aircall is quick and easy to use. There are little to no dropped calls.

a year ago

The software acted a bit sluggish during peak usage hours and received a few complaints from employees.

a year ago

Aircall is pretty dependable. I have used it to communicate with work and family. It is fairly reasonable.