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Top 5 BetterHelp Alternatives for Insightful Online Therapy Sessions in 2023

Katherine Cullen - Writer for Top10
Online therapist signing "Help" to a hard-of-hearing patient.
If you're looking for online therapy and curious about what is out there—besides BetterHelp—it may be overwhelming to choose from the many platforms currently available. That's why we've saved you time and effort by whittling your options down to five of the best BetterHelp alternatives.

BetterHelp was among the first online therapy platforms to emerge from the wave of mental health apps developed in the early 2010s. So, it's one of the better-known names in online therapy.

Founded in 2013, BetterHelp can now connect users with nearly 30,000 licensed mental health professionals nationwide. You've likely seen their ads or heard about them (and their BetterHelp journal) through word of mouth.

But you might not be aware of the other apps and platforms promising comparable mental health care via different set services and user experiences.

Here's a look at some of the best BetterHelp alternatives for insightful online therapy.

Our Top 5 Best BetterHelp Alternatives:

Talkspace - Best for employers offering wellness programs

Cerebral - Best for adults seeking medication management services - Best for individuals seeking cognitive behavioral therapy

ReGain - Best for couples or individuals seeking therapy for relationship challenges

Pride Counseling - Best for members of the LGBTQIA+ community

Our Top Picks for the Best BetterHelp Alternatives

1. Talkspace

A convenient and affordable online therapy platform for adults, couples, and teens

Best for: Insured individuals

Starting Price: From $69 per week

Talkspace launched one year before BetterHelp, in 2012. They offer plans that allow for texting with a therapist five days a week, meeting with a therapist via video, consulting with a prescriber, or participating in workshops on stress management and other coping skills.

All Talkspace therapists are licensed, meaning they're accredited in the states they practice in.

Getting matched with a Talkspace therapist is simple—users answer a few questions about their mental health, therapist preference, and basic demographic information, then get an email with a link to a suggested therapist's profile.

And there's no charge to request a new therapist if an assigned one isn't a good fit.


  • Unlimited messaging with a therapist
  • Offers employee behavioral wellness courses
  • Offers medication management services
  • Provides couples therapy


  • No option for phone-only sessions
  • Pricier than other platforms (if paying out of pocket)
  • Doesn't accept Medicaid or Medicare
  • Not suitable for individuals in crisis

Talkspace Talkspace Visit Site

2. Cerebral

A subscription service offering counseling and medication management

Best for: Adults in need of both therapy and psychotropic medications

Starting Price: From $30 (for the first month), then $85 per month

Cerebral provides a clear explanation of which mental health conditions its providers treat. It also screens potential users for depression and anxiety and gives them a readout of their results before matching them with a therapist.

Cerebral is upfront about its new policy of not prescribing medications with potential for abuse (like stimulants and benzodiazepines). Still, it emphasizes its medication management services for mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD, and substance use disorders.

Its app offers users exercises from cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and meditation practices. Plus, a care team regularly checks on users to monitor their medication and treatment response.


  • Accepts insurance
  • Supports insurance reimbursement
  • Offers video and phone sessions
  • Offers a one-time therapy visit without a subscription


  • Cerebral's marketing of prescription services may feel overwhelming
  • Provider availability may be limited by the state a client resides in
  • Not suitable for individuals in crisis

Cerebral Cerebral Visit Site


The virtual cognitive behavioral therapy go-to

Best for: Individuals looking to change problematic beliefs through evidence-based psychotherapy

Starting Price: From $40 per week

Founded in 2009 to make cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) more accessible, offers users around the world an affordable platform to learn skills and receive support from therapists trained in CBT.

Users can sign up for unlimited messaging plans or plans that offer 1-2 video sessions per week with a therapist.

Plans also include access to worksheets, a journal, an activity planner, and educational material about various mental health conditions via an app. Therapists provide feedback on users' completed worksheets to help them progress toward their personalized treatment goals.'s newest feature is a series of yoga lessons offered through their app to help reduce anxiety and stress.


  • Services provided in multiple countries
  • Offers video, phone, and text services
  • Users can take yoga lessons through the app
  • Provides CBT exercises that support emotional growth


  • Does not offer prescriptions or medication management
  • Not covered by insurance
  • Does not provide services for children or teens
  • Not suitable for individuals in crisis Visit Site

4. ReGain

An online therapy platform that lowers the cost of resolving relationship challenges

Best for: Couples or individuals experiencing relationship troubles

Starting Price: From $60 per week

Not all online therapists are trained in couples counseling. Enter ReGain, whose 12,000 providers (and counting) have the background and experience to help users navigate relationship challenges and overcome marital difficulties.

Partnered users share a joint account where they meet with a therapist via telephone or a secure videoconferencing platform. Individuals struggling with relationship issues can also set up accounts for one-on-one sessions.

After paying a monthly fee, users are matched with a licensed therapist they can text any time in a secure "waiting room" on the app.

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  • Affordable
  • Specialize in relationship counseling
  • Offers video and phone sessions
  • Unlimited texting with counselors


  • Not available for teens or children
  • Not available to persons experiencing domestic violence
  • Not available to persons court-ordered to receive therapy
  • Does not accept insurance

ReGain ReGain Visit Site

5. Pride Counseling

The preferred online therapy platform for LGBTQIA+ individuals

Best for: People of all types

Starting Price: From $60 per week

Launched in 2017, Pride Counseling caters to LGBTQIA+ individuals facing a range of mild to moderate psychological challenges, from exploring their gender identity or grappling with coming out to navigating relationship stressors, anxiety, depression, and work- or school-related stress.

After completing several short questionnaires that assess therapist preferences and screen for anxiety, depression, substance use, and suicidal ideation, users are matched with a therapist.

Pride Counseling therapists can't offer recommendation letters for hormone replacement therapy.

But they can provide a range of evidence-based psychotherapies like mindfulness-based stress reduction, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused therapy, and psychodynamic therapy—all with an affirming stance towards LGBTQIA+ individuals.


  • All therapists are LGBTQIA+ affirming
  • Offers video and phone sessions
  • Unlimited texting with a therapist
  • Worksheets and webinars that support users' emotional growth


  • Not available for children or teens
  • Not available for those legally mandated to receive therapy
  • Doesn't accept insurance
  • Doesn't offer couples therapy

Pride Counseling Pride Counseling Visit Site

Why Choose These Alternatives Over BetterHelp?

BetterHelp is a reliable platform for counselors and clients to communicate on various mental health issues. But there are other apps and platforms you should consider if you're looking for alternatives.

For Affordability

Many of these alternatives offer lower-cost options compared to BetterHelp's platform, with being the most affordable.

If cost is your main concern, consider our online therapy price comparison tool, which can help you make an informed decision about online therapy based on price alone.

For Insurance Coverage

BetterHelp doesn't accept insurance, which could be a barrier for users hoping to find in-network therapists. Cerebral and Talkspace do accept insurance, which can reduce how much users pay for therapy.

Keep in mind that insurers see the diagnoses therapists give you. Some therapists will use less stigmatizing diagnostic codes to protect your privacy and safety, so be sure to raise this concern with them if it's important to you.

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For Specialized Support

Pride Counseling and ReGain cater to specific demographics—respectively, LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples or individuals seeking support for relationship troubles. specifically offers cognitive behavioral therapy, an effective online therapy proven to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms.

A more specialized platform can help you find the best fit for your needs—compared to BetterHelp's more general offerings.

For Obtaining Prescriptions

BetterHelp counselors can't prescribe medication, so if you feel medications could help you, Cerebral and Talkspace may suit you better.

Both platforms can connect users with providers (like psychiatrists and nurse practitioners) who are able to prescribe psychiatric medications—except for controlled substances like benzodiazepines and stimulants.

Bottom Line: Our Best BetterHelp Alternatives

There are many appealing BetterHelp alternatives for online therapy that can help you gain insight into your behaviors and make positive changes that allow you to lead a more purposeful life.

Online therapy tends to be more affordable and convenient than in-person therapy. If cost is a serious concern for you, you may want to consider free ways to boost your mental health that complement your online therapy sessions.

Remember that finding the right therapist may take some trial and error, so don't be discouraged if your first match on an online platform isn't a perfect fit. Keep looking, and don't give up on finding the kind of help that can transform your life.

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Katherine Cullen - Writer for Top10
Katherine Cullen is a psychotherapist in New York City and co-author of The Truth About Exercise Addiction: Understanding the Dark Side of Thinspiration. Her work has been published by numerous outlets, including Psychology Today, Cosmopolitan, and Self.

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