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Top 5 BetterHelp Alternatives for Insightful Online Therapy Sessions in 2024

Katherine Cullen - Writer for Top10
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Online therapist signing "Help" to a hard-of-hearing patient.
As a therapist who deeply cares about my patients, I know that every person needs personalized treatment.

If you need specialized online therapy beyond BetterHelp, the abundance of platforms to choose from can be overwhelming. Although BetterHelp connects you with over 30,000 licensed mental health professionals nationwide, it doesn’t necessarily make it the best fit for your mental health needs.

Luckily, there are other apps and platforms to choose from that offer different therapeutical approaches and user experiences. So, to make this easier for you, we researched, compared, and ranked our best BetterHelp alternatives for insightful therapy.

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Our Top 5 Best BetterHelp Alternatives:

Talkspace - Best BetterHelp alternative overall

Cerebral - Best for prescription services

Online-Therapy.com - Best for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

ReGain - Best for relationship counseling

Pride Counseling - Best for members of the LGBTQIA+ community

Our Top Picks for the Best BetterHelp Alternatives

1. Talkspace

A convenient online therapy platform for adults, couples, and teens

  • Best for - Sending your therapist voice messages outside of sessions
  • Starting price - From $69/week ($276/month)
  • Modes of communication - Video, phone, message, live chat

Talkspace is an online therapy and medication management platform that helps individuals, couples, teens, and the LGBTQIA+ community. You can also attend group sessions that facilitate interpersonal support, acceptance, unique insights, and shared treatment progress.

The platform assigns a therapist based on your preferences—and if they aren’t the right fit for you, you can request a new match at no extra cost. If you have a busy schedule and need on-the-go counseling, its messaging-only therapy plan can be a convenient option.

What Makes Talkspace a Good Alternative to BetterHelp?

Based on my experience, Talkspace can make official diagnoses and provide prescriptions to help relieve the symptoms of your mental health condition(s), unlike BetterHelp. Talkspace also takes insurance, which may make it more affordable than BetterHelp’s out-of-pocket plans but could increase the cost of your premiums.


  • Unlimited messaging with your therapist
  • Offers employee combo plans for businesses
  • Specializes in couples and teen therapy


  • No option for phone-only sessions
  • A higher premium plan pricing than other platforms

Talkspace Talkspace Visit Site

2. Cerebral

Comprehensive online mental health services and medication management

  • Best for - Online psychiatry and therapy
  • Starting price - From $99/month
  • Modes of communication - Phone, video, text, email

Cerebral delivers holistic mental healthcare, including prescription and medication management services. I value efficient coordination with my patients’ other medical practitioners, so I like that Cerebral has therapists and psychiatrists working together in the same place.

Its therapists employ CBT—a treatment approach that emphasizes practical, goal-oriented exercises. They also use mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) to explore how your emotions and thoughts impact your behaviors.

What Makes Cerebral a Good Alternative to BetterHelp?

I believe BetterHelp is more geared toward helping you with day-to-day challenges associated with your mental illness, whereas Cerebral targets the causes of your symptoms. For example, Cerebral's prescribing providers can help you manage severe mental health conditions like Bipolar Disorder, which often requires medication to treat the underlying biological causes.


  • Affordable medication management
  • Easy to sign up and schedule sessions
  • Accepts some insurance plans


  • Does not counsel couples, teens, or children
  • Can’t prescribe controlled substances

Cerebral Cerebral Visit Site

3. Online-Therapy.com

Specialists in online cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Best for - Treating harmful thinking and behavioral patterns
  • Starting price - From $50/week
  • Modes of communication - Video, audio, live chat

Counselors at Online-Therapy.com specialize in CBT. In addition to counseling, your therapist provides you with CBT-guided worksheets and later gives you feedback to help reinforce what you learn during sessions.

I’ve observed how well CBT can work for managing my patients’ social anxiety since it can give you the tools to change negative thinking patterns. It can also show you how to handle social interactions and become more comfortable and confident.

What Makes Online-Therapy.com a Good Alternative to BetterHelp?

I found that Online-Therapy.com is rich in valuable educational content and exercises to help alleviate symptoms of conditions like anxiety and depression. In contrast, BetterHelp’s worksheets provide more general guidance for daily challenges. Online-Therapy.com also offers pre-recorded yoga and meditation classes, which may help reduce anxiety and stress.


  • Emphasizes healthy problem-solving
  • Includes in-app yoga sessions
  • CBT exercises for developing healthy stress responses


  • Doesn’t provide prescriptions or medication management
  • Not covered by insurance

Online-Therapy.com Online-Therapy.com Visit Site

4. ReGain

A convenient and affordable couples therapy platform

  • Best for - Those seeking therapy sessions that support conference calls
  • Starting price - From $60/week ($240/month)
  • Modes of communication - Video, phone, message, live chat

Regain’s licensed couples counselors can help you navigate obstacles in your relationship. You and your partner can share a joint account and sessions on the platform, which is convenient if you don’t live together or have different schedules.

You can even set up an individual profile for one-on-one sessions if you prefer to discuss your perspective alone. My patients tend to be much more comfortable talking without their partner in the room since they may try to avoid conflict or misunderstandings.

What Makes Regain a Good Alternative to BetterHelp?

Charging the same weekly rate, both Regain and BetterHelp give you the option to apply for financial aid. However, not all of BetterHelp’s therapists specialize in couples counseling. So, Regain may be a more suitable choice if you need help in this regard, especially if you want your partner to join sessions remotely.


  • Specializes in relationship counseling
  • Offers both video and phone sessions
  • Message your therapist anytime


  • Some users report issues scheduling multiple sessions
  • Does not accept insurance

ReGain ReGain Visit Site

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5. Pride Counseling

Virtual therapy for the LGBTQIA+ community

  • Best for - People with non-normative gender identities
  • Starting price - From $60/week ($240/month)
  • Modes of communication - Text, video, audio, and live sessions

Pride Counseling helps LGBTQIA+ individuals cope with concerns like discrimination, gender identity, and the fear of family alienation. It provides a range of therapies like CBT, trauma-focused counseling, and psychodynamic treatment—all aimed at self-acceptance.

Pride Counseling offers financial aid for eligible users, which can reduce therapy costs to some level. Its unified plan includes weekly live sessions and worksheets that help you practice coping skills. You can also message your therapist whenever you need to, and the platform has built-in journaling and goal-tracking sections.

What Makes Pride Counseling a Good Alternative to BetterHelp?

I appreciate that BetterHelp and Pride Counseling take similar approaches to acknowledging gender diversity. With both, you can select your gender—woman, man, nonbinary, transfeminine, transmasculine, or agender—or specify yours if it isn’t listed. However, BetterHelp’s therapists don’t all have specialized expertise for treating LGBTQIA+ patients.


  • Supports video and phone sessions
  • Message your therapist anytime
  • Includes worksheets and webinars that foster emotional growth


  • Not available for children or teens
  • Doesn’t provide hormone-replacement recommendation letters

Pride Counseling Pride Counseling Visit Site

Why Choose These Alternatives Over BetterHelp?

BetterHelp is a reliable platform for counselors and clients to communicate on various mental health issues. But there are other apps and platforms you should consider if you're looking for alternatives.

For Affordability

Many of these alternatives offer lower-cost options compared to BetterHelp's platform, with Online-Therapy.com being the most affordable.

If cost is your main concern, consider our online therapy price comparison tool, which can help you make an informed decision about online therapy based on price alone.

For Insurance Coverage

BetterHelp doesn't accept insurance, which could hinder users hoping to find in-network therapists. Cerebral and Talkspace do accept insurance, which can reduce how much users pay for therapy.

Keep in mind that insurers see the diagnoses therapists give you. Some therapists will use less stigmatizing diagnostic codes to protect your safety, so be sure to raise this concern with them if it's important to you.

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For Specialized Support

Pride Counseling and ReGain cater to specific demographics—respectively, LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples or individuals seeking support for relationship troubles.

Online-Therapy.com specifically offers cognitive behavioral therapy, an effective online therapy proven to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms.

A more specialized platform can help you find the best fit for your needs—compared to BetterHelp's more general offerings.

For Obtaining Prescriptions

BetterHelp counselors can't prescribe medication, so if you feel medications could help you, Cerebral and Talkspace may suit you better.

Both platforms can connect users with providers (like psychiatrists and nurse practitioners) who are able to prescribe psychiatric medications—except for controlled substances like benzodiazepines and stimulants.

BetterHelp Alternatives: Maximize Your Mental Health Gains

Online therapy is often cheaper and more convenient than in-person visits, which can cost hundreds of dollars. With remote therapy, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of commuting or work around your schedule to find time for sessions. Plus, talking from home can make opening yourself up and sharing your burden easier.

While these BetterHelp alternatives can help you to understand yourself better, I’d recommend that you follow your intuition and choose a platform that suits you best. Finding the right therapist may be crucial for your mental well-being. But don’t forget to do your homework, too. To start, you can try these free ways to boost your mental health.

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Katherine Cullen - Writer for Top10
Katherine Cullen is a psychotherapist in New York City and co-author of The Truth About Exercise Addiction: Understanding the Dark Side of Thinspiration. Her work has been published by numerous outlets, including Psychology Today, Cosmopolitan, and Self.

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