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The Science Behind Online Psychic Readings: Debunking Myths and Misconceptions

Lisa Rusczyk — Writer for Top10.com
An online psychic medium doing a reading.
Do you ever wonder if psychics can truly predict the future or if there's any real science behind their abilities? Lisa Rusczyk, a gifted psychic and spiritual advisor, delves into the science to get to the truth.

Clients often come to me with myths about online psychic readings. In the past, science and metaphysics, like astrology and astronomy, were closely linked. Over time, they grew apart due to factors like the Church's influence and changing scientific views.

Nowadays, scientists are taking more interest in things like extrasensory perception. But it's still hard for mainstream science to fully grasp these complex, metaphysical ideas.

I'm here to help you navigate these common myths and misconceptions so that you can make an informed decision for yourself.

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The Difference Between Online and In-Person Psychic Readings

Keep these factors in mind when deciding if online readings are better than in-person sessions:

  • Interaction: In-person readings are more direct and can feel more connected because you're physically present with the psychic.
  • Convenience: Online readings are more convenient since you can participate from any location. Platforms like Kasamba make it easy to find and sync with readers online.
  • Privacy: If you're shy or want to keep your meeting private, online consultations offer more privacy. It's like texting someone a personal question instead of asking it publicly.
  • Distractions: You may encounter more distractions during online readings, such as household noise or children, unlike the quiet, focused environment of an in-person session.

Types of Online Psychic Readings

You can engage in readings through written formats such as chats, texts, and direct messages on apps like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. I particularly enjoy sending 20-second videos on Facebook Messenger, where I show the cards as I perform the reading.

Beyond text-based consultations, there are audio calls and video sessions on platforms such as Zoom. The Wisdom app also provides a unique avenue for talk-based social media, creating an interactive space where many individuals can offer and receive readings.

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A young tarot card reader doing a live TikTok reading to debunk misconceptions about psychic readings.

5 Common Psychic Myths and Misconceptions

1. Mystical Practices Are Evil

Living in the Southern USA, I often encounter the common misconception that mystical practices are associated with the devil. This idea often casts a shadow over the psychic arts. However, many mediums work with benevolent forces like angels and the divine.

Psychic abilities focus on connecting with something spiritual rather than contacting evil elements. They're like signs from the universe you should be aware of. If we see mediumship as a special gift, we can appreciate its positive and helpful side instead of fearing it.

2. Psychics Know Everything

I can offer insights into someone's relationships or career, drawing from current energies and potential futures, not from complete knowledge of their entire life. These sessions are more about guidance and perspective than concrete, definitive answers.

Keep in mind that these sessions are subject to interpretation. Always trust your own judgment and feelings. A psychic's foresight should only be one part of a larger decision-making process, not the sole determinant of your choices and actions.

3. Fortune Tellers Can Predict the Future Perfectly

We provide clarity on likely possibilities, not a predetermined future. Our methods include tarot card readings, interpreting celestial positions in astrology, palmistry, crystal ball gazing, and numerology based on your birth date.

These techniques aim to explore potential futures shaped by your current circumstances rather than offering precise predictions of what will happen.

A psychic reader using tarot cards to reveal insights about. a clients' future.

4. Psychic Abilities Are Supernatural

Some people see clairvoyance as magical or supernatural. But people blessed with spiritual connection and those who study them think their gifts are a stronger form of intuition or an innate understanding without knowing how.

Researchers in this field believe psychic abilities may stem from our subconscious minds. This means psychics could just be particularly skilled at picking up subtle clues and feelings that most people don't notice.

5. All Psychics Are Frauds

There's a common belief that those who say they have special perception abilities are just fooling others, but this isn't true. Many spiritual healers genuinely believe in their gifts. They build meaningful, trusting relationships with their clients, offering a safe, non-judgmental space to air personal issues.

Not all readers are motivated by money. Some begin their practice as a hobby or to help others, viewing monetary benefits as secondary. They often give support that can go beyond what traditional medicine or therapy offers, showing that although some misuse the psychic title, many truly want to guide others.

Understanding the Science Behind Psychic Readings

The scientific community often doubts psychic abilities, but more and more people are investigating these phenomena. In my podcast, I've talked with experts from various fields who shared their knowledge on this topic.

One fascinating study compared psychics and people with schizophrenia. It found that both groups had similar experiences, but psychics generally felt happy, whereas those with schizophrenia were scared. This finding has intrigued many scientists, who are eager to study psychics more to understand these differences.

Moreover, a recent survey highlighted the growing acceptance of online psychic services as a valuable addition to traditional support systems. A total of 32% believe these services complement traditional systems well, showcasing a shift in perception towards these modern methods of support.

A psychic medium preparing for a reading.

Examples of Scientific Studies on Psychic Abilities

The Ganzfeld Tests

Ganzfeld experiments test telepathy by having a "sender" try to share images or thoughts with a "receiver." The receiver then tries to describe these ideas while listening to static noise and wearing halved ping-pong balls over their eyes.

But, psychologist Ray Hyman and researcher Charles Honorton agreed that these early tests didn't conclusively prove telepathy and suggested improvements for future studies.

In later, more controlled experiments using videos and pictures, results varied. Some studies showed a success rate of about 32%, hinting at the possibility of telepathy. However, other studies, like those by Milton and Wiseman in 1999, found no evidence of it. Critics argue that more research is needed to reach a clear conclusion.

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A man practising telepathy.

Remote Viewing Experiments

During the Cold War, the US government researched remote viewing (RV), a psychic phenomenon where individuals describe distant locations or events without having seen them physically. This initiative was a response to Soviet psychotronic research. Key figures like Ingo Swann and Pat Price contributed significantly to the project.

Pat Price gained recognition for his high accuracy in RV, especially for his sketches of a gantry crane at a secret USSR facility. These pictures aligned closely with CIA intelligence photos.

The researchers leading the RV studies often achieved an accuracy rate higher than expected. However, the effectiveness and reliability of these experiments remain subjects of debate.

How to Distinguish Between Real Psychics and Frauds

When choosing a medium, look at how they conduct the reading. A genuine psychic prioritizes your spiritual needs instead of focusing on themselves. Beware of those who claim you're cursed and ask for a large sum of money to remove it, as it often indicates that they're not trustworthy.

If you experience a strong, positive connection and their wisdom resonates with you, they're likely a good match. However, if you feel uncomfortable or sense something is wrong, it's perfectly fine to step back and reassess your choice.

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The Value of Online Psychic Readings

Online psychic readings can be a valuable tool for gaining clarity in life and relationships. They're not about predicting the future but offering insights to help you navigate your current situation.

Choose reputable platforms like California Psychics or Keen for your online psychic readings. These sites are known for their credible psychics and offer a wide range of specialties like tarot card readings, astrology readings, dream interpretations, and financial guidance.

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Lisa Rusczyk — Writer for Top10.com
Lisa, a gifted psychic and spiritual advisor, contributes to Top10.com by combining her intuitive talents with her background in creative writing. As the co-host of the "We're All Psychic" podcast and an expert in energy work, Lisa provides readers with profound spiritual insights and guidance.