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Psychic Readings on TikTok: Exploring a Growing Trend

Lisa Rusczyk — Writer for Top10.com
A psychic doing a reading on TikTok.
Psychics aim to boost your happiness and offer options for your future. These readings focus on personal growth and turning your desires into reality. Now, you can even get guidance on TikTok.

With TikTok's massive global user base, it's clear that online psychic readings are gaining popularity on the platform. Psychics can explore your inner thoughts and guide you toward positive changes that match your desires.

My main focus is helping you use psychic insights to improve your life. So, let's explore the growing trend of psychic insights on TikTok and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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What Are TikTok Psychic Readings?

On TikTok, you'll find a wide array of psychic videos, ranging from live readings to pre-recorded messages. Some creators craft videos with specific messages meant to resonate with particular viewers, often garnering thousands of likes, showing a widespread connection to the shared message.

I recommend trying out live TikTok readings to get a more personal experience. This lets you connect with the reader and gauge whether you want to schedule a professional private session with them. It's important to remember that TikTok readings differ from other online or in-person readings since they are public and visible to everyone.

One of my dear friends, Carol Starr, is a remarkable astrologer with a huge TikTok following. Additionally, I had the pleasure of hosting another TikTok influencer, Bathrobe Spiritual, on my podcast, and she has also gained a substantial following.

What a TikTok Psychic Reading Looks Like

For private readings, it's common for readers to use external platforms like Zoom or phone calls to connect with clients. However, in the case of live TikTok readings, you would chat while the reader presents their divination tools, whether it be cards or another method.

You participate in the chat and come prepared with questions to ask the psychic when your turn arrives. The reader in the video would then perform their reading, pulling cards or using their chosen method to offer advice, insights, and predictions for what might come.

Types of Psychic Readings on TikTok

There are several types of readings available. I find "pick a card" videos enjoyable and suggest trying live readings as an excellent way to get acquainted with a reader. Some videos offer spontaneous readings, while others focus on oracle card readings.

Oracle cards give you personal advice, whereas tarot cards typically focus on predicting and understanding current life situations. Additionally, you can explore other reading types like mediumship readings, showcasing a diverse range of practices.

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Advantages of TikTok Psychic Readings

  • Global reach and accessibility: TikTok allows you to connect with a worldwide audience, expanding the reach of your readings.
  • Comparable experience: Many users find little difference between in-person and private video readings on TikTok, with consistent energy exchange regardless of the format.
  • Overcoming location limitations: TikTok provides a convenient alternative to access psychic insights and guidance in areas with limited in-person reading options.
  • Affordable: Most TikTok readings are free, but you can give gifts to the psychic. The hope is that you'll be interested enough to book a full reading.
  • Quick insights: They offer a glimpse into different perspectives and can provide new ways of seeing things.

Disadvantages of TikTok Psychic Readings

  • Limited interaction: TikTok readings are often brief and intended for a broad audience, making it challenging to establish a deep, personal connection with the reader.
  • Preference for private readings: Psychic readers like myself prefer private sessions for more intimate and meaningful connections.
  • Lack of depth: TikTok readings are helpful for quick insights and daily guidance but may not provide the depth of understanding you seek.

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Finding Trustworthy TikTok Psychics

To discover authentic TikTok psychics, ask friends for recommendations or explore live readings on platforms like Instagram. Trust your intuition to guide you to a reader who resonates with you, and beware of signs your psychic might be a fraud.

Be cautious if a reader claims you have a curse and demands payment to remove it, especially if you didn't seek their help. Also, be wary of readers who insist they're always right or guarantee absolute certainty about your future. Lastly, be cautious if a reader pressures you to follow their advice without considering your judgment.

Psychic Readings on TikTok: What's in Their Future?

Online fortune tellers and psychics are thriving on TikTok. And as interest in these areas continues to grow, the potential for specialized platforms catering to these interests is on the horizon.

This makes the future of psychic readings on TikTok and similar platforms quite promising.

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Lisa Rusczyk — Writer for Top10.com
Lisa, a gifted psychic and spiritual advisor, contributes to Top10.com by combining her intuitive talents with her background in creative writing. As the co-host of the "We're All Psychic" podcast and an expert in energy work, Lisa provides readers with profound spiritual insights and guidance.