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What Are Oracle Cards—Explained by a Psychic

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The state where the Oracle can take you cannot be described with only words. You fly high outside your body in spirals and waves, bouncing through spiritual stations. Nothing can replace this moment.

Oracle cards are a divination tool used to enhance your meditations and have the potential to take you to this experience. These transformative reflections of an Oracle act as a guiding light that drives your soul from station to station without control, attachment, or a need to explain the moment.

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What Are Oracle Cards?

An oracle is an archetypal symbol found in people, plants, animals, and objects to install a message into our personal story, and oracle cards are an example of this that uses language, pictures, colors, and metaphors projected from the divine matrix to guide us along our path. They are used to connect with your higher self and directly communicate with the divine.

The type of person that would benefit from oracle cards is seeking the truth of their soul and desire to pursue their life with courage, grace, and wisdom that enriches their spiritual growth. Oracle cards offer guidance that pierces the ego by expanding awareness. Therefore, if you seek a positive, uplifting message that brings faith, hope, and inspiration, oracle cards can provide that spiritual support.

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How Are Oracle Cards Different From Tarot Cards?

Although they may seem similar, oracle cards are quite different from tarot cards. The most basic difference is that oracle cards are less structured than tarot cards. A deck of tarot cards usually consists of 78 cards, including major and minor arcana cards, whereas a deck of oracle cards can contain any number of cards and cover any content. Oracle cards also usually focus more on the bigger picture and are less detailed than tarot cards.

Here are a few more differences.

Oracle Cards Focus on the Message Your Higher Self Needs to Hear

Oracle cards tap into a spiritual source that illuminates your awareness of the ego and shatters it. It reminds you of who you are inside without the extra add-ons, labels, and misplaced desires on which your ego thrives.

By pulling an oracle card for yourself, you will be reminded of your soul's wisdom, separating you from the ego attachments you physically hold on to for survival. 

Tarot Cards Act as Mirrors of Your Soul

Tarot cards display the way the soul lives in the body and the way it drives your actions, thoughts, emotions, and roots by utilizing the energy of nature. In addition, tarot cards show where and how your spiritual body moves in the physical by connecting to time.

By linking to nature's elements (earth, fire, water, and air), tarot cards show us that we are all divinely connected, and we cannot separate our spirit from these elements without giving up the ego and body it is attached to.

Oracle Cards Teach You to Follow the Path of Least Resistance

As we learn to accept our circumstances, engage on life's terms, and take things as they are, we learn to release ourselves of the illusions that keep us running from ourselves. We know to remove resistance and denial and face things head-on.

When you stop fighting against it, you can start fighting for what you truly desire. What is yours is ready for you. By not denying what is in front of you, you make empowered changes and choices that resonate with your higher self. 

Tarot Cards Show That You Are the Creator of Your Story

Tarot cards teach us that there is a reaction to every action. Like the cause and effect theory, we create the catalyst of our manifestation with our thoughts, actions, feelings, and beliefs.

There is no future without our present or present without our past. We determine how our life looks on the outside based on our perception of ourselves on the inside. Tarot cards show us that only we can change what we see through our eyes. 

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How to Use Oracle Cards

Once you get the hang of it, oracle card readings can lead to enlightenment, self-reflection, and even a bit of fun. Here's how you can get started!

Step 1: Get in Touch With How You Are Feeling

The feeling of having an oracle card reading for yourself should come naturally and intuitively. The initial experiences of using the cards will come as a message to seek guidance from within. Thus, getting in touch with your current state and recognizing what your soul needs at that moment is essential.

Step 2: Get Into a Meditative State

Whatever way you are guided to seek reflection within should solely belong to you and your personal experience. The journey within is self-reflective. You should be calm, allowing yourself to be open to receiving messages without judgment. 

Step 3: Call Upon You Celestial Beings for Support

As you take yourself through a shamanic drive, ask for spiritual support as you go through this out-of-body experience. It is best to feel protected, as the messages you receive may trigger and shatter your ego.

Reaching the middle world can feel like gasping for air, being forced to drown, and trusting that you will suddenly grow gills. Therefore, as you go through a spiritual metamorphosis, you must be surrounded by love. 

Step 4: Take a Breath and Pull a Card

Once you are ready and understand the process of your meditative experience, go ahead and pull an oracle card. Allow yourself to be taken for a spiritual ride as your soul receives the guidance your higher self needs.

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Are You Ready to Have an Oracle Reading?

Doing a psychic reading with oracle cards can be an enriching and fulfilling experience. Your soul will transform by being present in meditation. If you feel ready to undergo a beautiful psychic transformation, seek guidance from a psychic on Keen or Psychic Source to partake in an oracle reading.

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Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
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