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What’s the Best Horoscope App for You?

Astrology columns have been a mainstay in newspapers for decades. Whether we read horoscopes for spiritual guidance or mere entertainment, they clearly have an allure that has outlasted almost every other new-age fad and trend. 

So what is it that draws you in, and makes you want to peek at your weekly predictions? Maybe you’re looking for hope, meaning, or simply a nudge to finally ask your boss for a raise or your crush out for drinks. There’s no doubt that millions seek out horoscopes to help them navigate the complexities of life, especially as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, political instability and greater influence of technology on our lives. 

The internet has diversified astrology to such a degree that nobody has to settle for a single newspaper horoscope. Today you can find horoscopes that make you laugh, horoscopes that make you think, horoscopes with a personal touch, and even horoscopes that use data from NASA to make predictions. 

Here’s a run-down of 10 top astrology apps and how to go about choosing the best one for you.

1. The Daily Horoscope 

Whether you use astrology to plan this month’s schedule, or you’re just curious about what the stars predict for you this week, the The Daily Horoscope covers all bases. This free and easy-to-use app provides daily horoscope readings that you can read on the train, in the elevator up to the office, or with your morning cup of coffee. It’s a straightforward app so you won’t get lost using it--just type in your zodiac sign to see your predictions for that day. If you’re looking for more depth, however, you can also learn more about your specific zodiac sign, or see how you’re compatible with other zodiac signs.  

2. The Pattern 

If you’re sick of the usual photo-shares and status-updates of social media, and looking for a more unique way to connect with friends, The Pattern offers an interesting alternative. Part astrology app, part personality test, and part social media app, The Pattern uses your birth information to suss out details of your personality, habits, dreams, desires, and inclinations, which you’re able to share and compare with others in your network. Notably, The Pattern avoids typical astrological language, foregoing terms like “star signs” and “natal charts” for more pragmatic phrases like “Your pattern” and “World timing,” which can make it more accessible to the skeptics and astrology-averse amongst your friends.    

3. Astrology Zone 

If you’re looking for an app to ponder your daily predictions, download Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone. This free app is available on iOS and Android, and works as an extensive astrology sphere with everything you could possibly need to learn about your daily predictions. What’s super cool is that you’ll be able to track your most current readings, swiping right to see yesterday's horoscope, or left to see tomorrow's. If you spot something interesting you can share your readings with your friends. 

4.  My Horoscope 

If you’re exclusively an Android user and love checking your daily horoscopes, My Horoscope could be in your future. Unlike other astrology sites, it features a slightly more personalized approach. Plug in your birth date and the app will pull up your personal predictions. If you want predictions about different areas in your life, you can set a filter for work, health, love life etc. The predictions are exclusively written by experienced astrologers.

5. Astro Poets 

The duo behind Astro Poets have gotten lots of press in recent years--not to mention a book deal--for their whimsical, edgy, millennial-friendly approach to astrology. A quick scroll through their Twitter feed will reveal a more-than-engaging mix of daily horoscopes, snarky astrological memes, and philosophical musings, all written in a trademark voice which never takes itself too seriously. But despite its edgy style, Astro Poets is clearly the brainchild of people who are fully immersed in astrology and approach it with respect and reverence. 

6. Yodha 

If you’re interested in something a little more personalized than one-size-fits-all horoscopes, Yodha can be a valuable resource. This comprehensive app offers you your own personal Nepali astrologer – just type in your birth date, ask any question, and your astrologer will create your birth chart and make a prediction. Some ideas for questions include, “When will I meet the love of my life?” or “How to deal with life stress.” This is a great app if you’re looking for something a little more personal and accessible.

7. Co-Star 

Combining AI-intelligence with NASA data and astrological expertise, Co-Star straddles the line between tech science and cosmic wisdom. The result? Detailed, to-the-minute horoscopes that blend data and ancient wisdom into approachable life advice that neither feel too clinical or too abstract. Enter your birth details for a personalized natal chart and horoscopes that touch on a number of unique and fascinating topics, including thinking and creativity, sex and aggression, and intellect and communication. Bonus points for being one of the most aesthetically beautiful horoscope apps out there. 

8. Tarot!

The stunningly beautiful tarot deck comes alive on Tarot!, an app that brings the ancient form of tarot reading into the 21st century and into your palm. Featuring a full digital restoration of all 100 cards in the famous 1910 deck, Tarot! allows you to study the cards, learn their meanings, meditate on their images, and even keep a journal of your discoveries. Beginners will appreciate the explanations and simple reading options, while more advanced tarot users can experiment with various layouts and in-depth shuffle and cut options.  

9. Time Passages 

It's always fun to have your favorite apps downloaded on your iPhone, and if you’re at all interested in horoscopes then TimePassages (available free on iOS) is worth downloading. This app is the mobile version of the popular desktop software, and is a fun way to check up- to-the-minute current astrology. You’ll receive detailed interpretations of your sun, moon and rising signs, and with an expansive glossary you can learn and educate yourself about astrology. One of the more technically advanced astrology apps, TimePassages can now use your GPS to optionally center the chart on your current position.

10. Chani Nicholas 

The title of Chani Nicholas’ latest book, “You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance,” should tell you all you need to know about what you can expect from the popular astrologer’s output. Chani’s horoscopes and classes focus on empowerment and self-improvement, and provide a quality window into astrology as a means to grow and develop. This astrology destination attracts over 1 million readers per month, so she’s sure to be doing something right. Although no current app is available, you can easily access her site from your smartphone and sign up for her weekly newsletter for in-depth readings, inspirational content, and more. 

Explore the Big Tent of Modern Astrology 

There’s no more need to settle for a one-size-fits-all horoscope in the back of a magazine. Whether you’re looking for something spiritual or something more pragmatic, a quick horoscope you can read with your morning coffee or a deeper dive into your natal chart, a horoscope you can share with friends or one that will lead you to your inner self, a horoscope that will make you chuckle or one that makes you go “Aha!”, the internet has brought a variety of astrologists together under a big tent and provided astrology seekers of all types a chance to find one that resonates with them. Happy star-gazing!

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