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How to Communicate With the Dead According to an Expert

Donna Murphy - Top 10 writer
A psychic showing a woman how to communicate with the dead.
As final as death might seem, there are ways to pierce beyond the veil and communicate with deceased loved ones. You just need to know how to cross the threshold.

The fear of death is a part of the human condition, and for millennia, people have sought connection and communication with the departed. This profound desire to reach into the afterlife has given rise to diverse spiritual practices across cultures.

Reflecting this enduring interest, a recent survey by Top10.com found that nearly 40% of participants were open to using a psychic medium for coping with grief and seeking closure.

As an online psychic reader and medium who's connected with spirits for over a decade, my life's work involves bridging the gap between this world and the next. Through various techniques like mediumship, séances, automatic writing, and general awareness, anybody can interpret the symbols the deceased use to show their enduring presence.

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How the Departed Tries to Communicate With Us


Deceased loved ones may encode personal messages and convey enduring bonds that defy physical separation through dreams. The potent symbolism woven into these vivid, spiritually charged visions requires thoughtful interpretation after awakening.

For instance, your deceased grandmother gifting you a photo album in a dream could signify her memories living on through you. Or a departed spouse assuring you "everything will be okay" as he squeezes your hand lovingly may indicate his ongoing protection and reassurance from the afterlife.

Animal messengers like resonant birds or butterflies that appear persistently in waking life and dreams are also potentially meaningful signs from beyond.

Scents and Sounds

Smelling familiar scents without a clear source and hearing unexplained sounds are other common manifestations of communication from deceased loved ones. While interpretations vary, these signs serve as messages or reassurances from the afterlife, providing comfort and guidance to those open to receiving them.

Uncanny Manifestations

Spirits may also convey messages through sensory signs like flickering lights, unexplained chills, and the unexpected appearance of meaningful objects. By tuning into these subtle signals, we can feel the comforting and reassuring presence of loved ones reaching out after death.

Experienced psychics can relay messages and validate information to you from loved ones who have passed.

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How to Communicate With the Dead


Mediums can connect with spirits through clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other extrasensory gifts. Experienced psychics can even relay messages, details, and validating information to you from loved ones who have passed on.


Séances are group sessions to reach the dead, where a medium from sites like MysticSense and TheCircle facilitates communication between participants and spirits.

Séances aim to demonstrate the reality of contact with the deceased through trance channeling. In this practice, a person enters an altered state of consciousness to allow communication with spirits or entities, levitation of objects, and other phenomena.

Automatic Writing

This involves channeling written messages from spirits through free-flowing writing techniques. The writer enters a meditative state and allows the words to pour out spontaneously while an external entity guides their hand.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

The deceased can communicate through various audible signs. When these vocalizations are captured on audio recording devices, they're known as electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

EVP recording sessions typically take place in seemingly empty rooms or areas. These voices are generally not perceived through real-time listening but can be played back.

Interpreting Signs From the Dead Across Cultures

Throughout history, different cultures have employed traditional communication methods with the dead, often rooted in religious or spiritual beliefs.

In ancient Greece and Rome, individuals sought to communicate with the dead through necromancy, often with the help of a medium or a priest. This was done in specific locations believed to be entrances to the underworld, such as the Greek city of Ephyra or the Roman city of Cumae.

In Chinese tradition, ancestral tablets connect living people with their deceased relatives, helping families show respect and honor for their elders who are no longer alive. They also symbolize keeping the ongoing family line. Many believe these tablets can keep their lineage safe from bad things happening.

Through various uncanny signs, symbols, and synchronicities, our loved ones in spirit can still connect and communicate their enduring bonds.

Indigenous cultures, like some Native American tribes, engage in spirit communication through rituals like séances or shamanic practices. During these ceremonies, a healer or medicine person connects with the spirit world and transfers messages from the deceased's spirit to a living family member or loved one.

Many traditional African religions also embrace the continuity of life after death, with the deceased residing in a spirit realm. Some also incorporate reincarnation beliefs, where loved ones can return to the family lineage to fulfill unfinished purposes.

Within this cultural context, communication from someone who has passed away may signify their impending rebirth among the living or an ongoing bond beyond physical death. Thus, signs and messages can indicate a deceased ancestor's continued guidance, presence, and love from the spirit world.

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The Role of Psychic Readings in Spirit Connection

For a spiritual seeker, online psychic readings are a convenient way to explore contact with the departed. You can access intuitive services anytime on platforms like Keen, Kasamba, and Psychic Source and connect with reputable digital psychics and mediums.

Of course, it's always a good idea to approach readings with an open yet discerning mindset. Look out for signs that your psychic might be a fraud, and align your chakras to enhance your own intuitive discernment.

Reaching Beyond Death

Death is not a final goodbye. Reports of near-death experiences (NDEs) often include encounters with deceased loved ones, and research in parapsychology explores the possibility of afterlife communication.

And through various uncanny signs, symbols, and synchronicities, our loved ones in spirit can still connect and communicate their enduring bonds. By opening our hearts and minds to accept contact through dreams, sensations, and readings, we may just find the solace, inspiration, and wisdom that transcends the veil of death.

Donna Murphy - Top 10 writer
Dona Murphy writes for Top 10 as a committed Tarot practitioner and intuitive coach who transitioned from an HR career to concentrate on self-discovery, improved decision-making, and creating content, including thought leadership, blogs, web copy, and e-books.