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Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Meal Delivery - Reviews and Comparison

Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Meal Deliver
For bodybuilders, meal delivery can be a helpful service. Not only does a meal delivery service help you eat better, but it can also free up your time. You won’t have to worry about grocery shopping, planning and prepping meals, or, in some cases, even cooking—allowing you to spend less time in the kitchen without compromising on your nutrition goals.

With the right meal delivery service, you can receive a variety of nutritious, dietitian-designed meals that make building muscle or trimming fat easier. We tested and reviewed the top 10 best bodybuilding meal delivery services to help you choose the right one for you.

Our Best Bodybuilding Meal Delivery in 2024

A Closer Look Into the Best Bodybuilding Meal Prep Delivery in 2024: Our Quick Reviews

Trifecta Nutrition

Healthy meals that suit every lifestyle

Best bodybuilding meal delivery service overall in 2024

Price: From $7.37 per meal

What’s in the box: Five, seven, 10, or 14 entrees and optional breakfasts

Special diets: Keto, paleo, clean, Whole30, vegan, and vegetarian

Trifecta Nutrition offers cooked meals as well as useful resources for bodybuilders like macronutrient calculators, meal prep toolkits, workout plans, and shopping lists. Meals from Trifecta come pre-cooked and only require a few minutes of heating in the microwave or oven, or on the stove. The service accommodates customers on keto, paleo, clean, Whole30, vegan, and vegetarian diets. 

I find that Trifecta’s meal prep plan is especially great for bodybuilders. It suggests individual dishes you can combine to make meals throughout the week. Additionally, Trifecta has an app you can use to track meals and workouts, and generate personalized macros (macronutrients) to help you reach your goals.

Why we chose Trifecta Nutrition: It comes with a wellness app that can help you set fitness goals and monitor progress.


  • Specifically caters to athletes

  • Nutritionally balanced meals

  • Flexible subscription—cancel or pause at any time


  • Shipping costs $9.99

  • Slightly pricey

Trifecta Trifecta Visit Site


Nutritious meals in five minutes or less

Best for: Cooked meals

Price: From $10.49 per meal

What’s in the box: 6-18 meals per week

Special diets: Keto, calorie-smart, high-protein, vegan, and vegetarian

Factor offers dietitian-approved, chef-crafted meals to help bodybuilders maintain a healthy and delicious diet. Meals come pre-cooked and require just a few minutes of heating before they’re ready to eat. Factor uses only the highest quality organic ingredients to ensure you’re nourishing your body with every meal.

Factor also offers nutrition consultations for those who need help choosing a meal plan. I believe this can be particularly useful for bodybuilders looking to optimize their nutrition for muscle growth and recovery. Factor’s team of nutrition experts can help you customize a meal plan that meets your unique needs and goals.

Why we chose Factor: It offers nutrition consultations, which can be helpful to bodybuilders who need guidance on what to eat to reach their goals. 


  • Five minutes or less of prep required

  • Nutrition consultations offered

  • Flexible subscription—pause, skip, or cancel anytime


  • Pricey compared to other services

  • Doesn’t cater to those with food allergies

Factor Factor Visit Site


Affordable cooked meals for bodybuilders

Best for: Extra protein 

Price: From $9.99 per meal

What’s in the box: 18-20 meals per week

Special diets: Keto and bodybuilding

MealPro is especially useful for bodybuilders since it offers a bodybuilding menu. In case you’re not ready to commit, you can get a one-time delivery without a subscription—a feature I appreciate. If you choose to subscribe, you can pause, skip deliveries, or cancel at any time. 

Each meal comes individually vacuum-sealed. The containers are microwave-safe, so you can easily warm your meal in five minutes or less. I’m also impressed that for only $0.50 per meal, MealPro also lets you add extra protein or carbs to your meals, which is ideal for bodybuilders. 

Why we chose MealPro: It offers the option to add more protein to your meals. This can be useful in your bulking phase, when your protein requirements are at their highest. 


  • Allows you to add extra protein

  • No cooking required

  • Offers a bodybuilding meal plan


  • Can’t get fewer than 18 meals per week

  • Doesn’t cater to food allergies

MealPro MealPro Visit Site


Healthy, delicious dinners in 30 minutes or less

Best for: Bodybuilders who love to cook

Price: From $8.99 per meal

What’s in the box: 2-6 meals

Special diets: Vegetarian, pescatarian, and low-carb

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service with lots of dietary options. There are up to 60 menu items to choose from every week, which makes it easy to find meals that fit your preferences and nutritional goals. Bodybuilders will particularly like the Fit and Wholesome menu category. 

HelloFresh delivers all the ingredients you need for your chosen recipes, along with a recipe card detailing the steps for preparing the meal. While most might opt for pre-cooked meals, I find HelloFresh appealing because you get to enjoy your meals fresh off the pan with minimal effort. Most recipes take 30 minutes or less to cook. This means bodybuilders can still save time on meal prep and planning while focusing on building muscle and recovering from workouts. 

Why we chose HelloFresh: It gives you exactly what you need to cook your meals. HelloFresh also puts an emphasis on sustainable packaging and ingredient sourcing.


  • Wide variety of menu options each week

  • Flexible subscription—cancel, pause, or skip at any time

  • Easy, quick, delicious recipes


  • Doesn’t cater to common allergies like nuts, gluten, or seafood

  • Quite pricey considering the food isn’t pre-cooked

HelloFresh HelloFresh Visit Site

Fresh N Lean

Delicious, nutritious meals for bodybuilders

Best for: Bulking

Price: $13.99 per meal

What’s in the box: 15-21 meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for five or seven days

Special diets: Bulk, Mediterranean, keto, low-carb, Whole30, paleo, and vegan

Fresh N Lean is a meal delivery company that offers healthy, convenient meals that can help bodybuilders stay on track with their nutrition goals. The company offers different meal plans, such as bulk, keto, low-carb, Whole30, paleo, and vegan. In particular, the Fresh N Lean Bulk plan can help you get the protein and fuel you need to support your bulking-phase workouts and muscle growth as a bodybuilder. 

Additionally, I like that Fresh N Lean works with nutrition experts who carefully craft nutritionally balanced meals, so you can be sure you're always meeting your body’s needs. Having meals delivered to your door also saves time on meal prep and lets you focus on working out. 

Why we chose Fresh N Lean: It’s a great option for bodybuilders who follow special diets, want nutritionist-approved meals, or are bulking.


  • Specifically made for active people

  • Over 100 meals to choose from each week

  • No cooking required


  • $85 minimum weekly recurring order

  • Limited menu options for each special diet category

Fresh N' Lean Fresh N' Lean Visit Site

FlexPro Meals

Affordable meals for bodybuilders

Best budget bodybuilding meal delivery service

Price: From $6.99 per meal

What’s in the box: 7-21 meals

Special diets: Keto, high-protein, and low-carb

If you’re a bodybuilder wanting to immediately commit to a meal delivery service, consider FlexPro Meals. The service is the same, but there’s a Pro Plan with a discounted rate if you commit for four weeks. On the Pro Plan, meals start at just $6.99 per serving. 

Another reason I recommend FlexPro Meals is because the meals come in two sizes: Regular and Large, with the latter geared toward bodybuilders who are bulking. FlexPro Meals doesn’t cater to many dietary restrictions, so it’s ideal for a bodybuilder who eats without restriction. 

Why we chose FlexPro Meals: Among the meal delivery services we reviewed, FlexPro Meals had some of the lowest prices, especially with the Pro Plan.


  • Accounts for some of the common food allergens

  • Doesn’t offer plant-based meal plans

  • Has a high-protein search filter suitable for bodybuilders


  • Static menu

  • No dedicated plant-based menu

FlexPro FlexPro Visit Site

Muscle Meals 2 Go

Complete meals for bulking and trimming 

Best for: Large servings

Price: From $12.71 per meal

What’s in the box: 10-24 meals

Special diets: Gluten-free, low-carb, and dairy-free

Another meal delivery service I recommend for bodybuilders is Muscle Meals 2 Go. The company specializes in providing healthy, high-protein meals to people wanting to maintain or build muscle mass. Professional chefs prepare the meals using fresh, high-quality ingredients. 

Meals are tailored to meet the specific dietary needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Muscle Meals 2 Go offers four meal plans to help you gain muscle, maintain muscle, lose fat, or go keto. You can use the first two meal plans during your bulking phase, and the latter two to help you lose fat in your trimming phase. 

The meals are pre-cooked, and I particularly like that you can add instructions for any special meal requirements. The meals are portion-controlled, too, so you can be sure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients for your fitness goals.

Why we chose Muscle Meals 2 Go: It has three meal-size options to cater to different appetites. This can be beneficial to bodybuilders, whose appetite or needs fluctuate over time. 


  • You can customize your meal portions

  • Flexible subscription

  • No cooking required


  • Can’t get fewer than 10 meals

  • Only caters to three food allergies

Muscle Meals 2 Go Muscle Meals 2 Go Visit Site

Diet to Go

Balanced meals for trimming fat

Best for: Keto

Price: From $15.20 per meal

What’s in the box: 10-21 meals per week

Special diets: Diabetic, keto, vegetarian, and Mediterranean

Diet to Go offers healthy, hassle-free food that's suitable for a bodybuilding lifestyle. The company works with chefs and dietitians who make its food healthy and tasty. It also adheres to strict Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) hygiene standards, which means you can relax safe in the knowledge your Diet to Go meals are very high-quality.

There are five main menu types available: Balance, Balance Diabetes, Keto-carb30, vegetarian, and Mediterranean. For bodybuilders, the Keto-carb30 is a great plan. It’s rich in protein to help you build muscle, and low in carbs to help you trim fat. 

Why we chose Diet to Go: Its meals are focused toward health-conscious customers, and it has strict hygiene standards. 


  • Fast shipping

  • Observes strict hygiene standards

  • High-quality ingredients


  • High shipping cost, from $9.99 to $19.98 per delivery

  • Can’t have fewer than 10 meals per week on some meal plans

Diet-to-Go Diet-to-Go Visit Site


Delicious meals great for fat loss

Best for: Trimming fat

Price: From $6.94 per meal

What’s in the box: 10-20 meals

Special diets: Gluten-free, heart-healthy, keto, diabetic, and menopausal

BistroMD is a meal delivery service for those who want to eat healthy. For bodybuilders, that might mean bulking up, trimming fat, or generally focusing on health. The company offers about 150 dietitian-designed meals, caters to different dietary restrictions, and has an optional snack service called “Eats.” You can choose between receiving meals for five or seven days, with the latter option providing only six meals to allow for a “cheat day”. 

I like that BistroMD also provides the option for a personalized meal plan, which is great for bodybuilders who need specific nutritional content in their diet. You can request this by contacting customer service.

Why we chose BistroMD: Its meals are designed to help bodybuilders trim fat without compromising on taste and nutrition. 


  • Supports fat loss

  • Affordable

  • Offers healthy snacks


  • No plant-based menu

  • Minimum order quantity of 10 meals

BistroMD BistroMD Visit Site

Icon Meals

Delicious meals specially made for bodybuilders

Best for: Dietary restrictions

Price: From $10.50 per meal

What’s in the box: 12-24 meals

Special diets: Keto, high-protein, dairy-free, gluten-free, low-calorie, low-fat, and vegetarian

Icon Meals offers tasty meals to help you reach your health goals. The pre-cooked meals are packaged in microwave-safe containers to make your prep faster and easier. 

As a bodybuilder, you may want to try Icon Meals’ Bulk Box, designed for those looking to build more muscle. Each box comes with 12 or 24 meals. In addition to its Bulk Box, Icon Meals offers Lean, Chef, and Keto Boxes, and custom meals.

Why we chose Icon Meals: Since it caters to all common dietary restrictions, Icon Meals will work for bodybuilders who follow strict diets. 


  • Varied rotating menu

  • Offers snacks and condiments, too

  • Pickup available if you live in or around the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area


  • Some meals, particularly those with beef, are quite pricey

  • No vegetarian meals present for some weeks

Icon Meals Icon Meals Visit Site

Our Methodology: How Did We Choose the Best Bodybuilding Meal Delivery Services?

When choosing the best bodybuilding meal delivery options, it's important to keep in mind nutrition without skipping out on taste. We looked at services that offer most or all of the following features:

  • Healthy and well-balanced meals

  • Personalized macro plans

  • Delicious meals that don't skip out on variety

  • Flexible subscription where you can pause, skip, or cancel anytime

  • Wide range of meal plans

  • High-quality ingredients

  • Easy prep

  • Accommodation of dietary restrictions

  • Portion size options

What Is Bodybuilding Meal Prep Delivery and Why Should You Consider Using It?

Bodybuilding meal prep delivery is a service offering prepared meals to individuals interested in building or maintaining muscle mass. Since protein requirements are higher for bodybuilders, many popular bodybuilding meal delivery services emphasize providing meals with the right balance of macros.

Some meal delivery services have low-carb or keto plans for bodybuilders who want to lose fat and gain muscle. This is one of the many reasons a meal delivery service is a great option for bodybuilders. With your meals prepped, you don’t have to worry about counting macronutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fats, or cooking meals that fit them. This way, you have more time to train, recover, and enjoy other activities. 

The benefits of using a meal delivery service for bodybuilding 

Some of the benefits of using a meal delivery service for bodybuilding include:

Convenience: Meal delivery services offer more convenience than cooking your meals, since they remove the need for shopping, preparing, and, sometimes, cooking. 

Time-saving: Bodybuilding meal delivery services save you time. Most meals from delivery services take between five and 30 minutes to prepare.

Consistent portion sizes: Meal delivery service food comes pre-portioned, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the same amount each time you order. This reduces the need to measure your pre- and post-workout meals, and helps you maintain portion control. 

Taste and variety: With a meal delivery service, you can try meals you may otherwise not have considered adding to your diet.

How to Choose the Best Bodybuilding Meal Delivery Service for Your Needs

When choosing a bodybuilding meal delivery service, consider the following factors.

Nutritional value 

A quick look at a service’s menu can tell you if its meals meet your dietary needs. For ease, consider choosing a meal delivery service with a bodybuilding meal plan. 


While you can’t tell how food tastes before eating it, you can read online reviews to see what customers are saying about a particular service’s food. This can help you decide if the meal delivery service is right for you.


Opt for a meal delivery service that offers different meals every week, preferably a rotating menu. 

Ease of preparation

If you prefer not to cook, a meal delivery service with pre-cooked meals might be the best option for you. However, if you want to cook, a meal kit delivery service might be better. 

Allergies and dietary restrictions

If you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, choose a service that caters to your needs. This way, you won’t have to read the ingredients of each meal to make sure you order the right ones. 

Bodybuilding Meal Options

Some meal options you get with bodybuilding meal delivery services include vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, high-protein, keto, Mediterranean, Whole30, and paleo. Some services have allergen-free meals, like gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.   

How Much Do Bodybuilding Meal Delivery Services Cost?

From our analysis, bodybuilding meal delivery services cost between $5 and $15 per serving. When choosing a service, don’t only consider the price. Look at the value you get from a service and decide whether the price is worth it. For example, meal kits tend to cost less than cooked meals, but they still require preparation at home.

Tips for Success with a Bodybuilding Meal Delivery Service

  • Plan ahead. Meal delivery services do the prep and planning for you, but you still need to choose the dates, frequency, and meals you would like to receive. This is especially important for days when you don’t want to receive meals, as you often need to cancel orders over a week in advance.

  • Be flexible. Stay open-minded when choosing a service, as there may not be one that ticks all your boxes.

  • Experiment. Don’t be afraid to try out new meals or services. By going out of your comfort zone, you can discover delicious meals that will add variety to your diet.

  • If possible, try using multiple services. If one service alone doesn’t meet your needs, consider subscribing to two.

Other Bodybuilding Meal Delivery Services We Reviewed

Whether you're looking for the most affordable, convenient, or the most nutritious meal delivery service, explore the all the ins and outs of meal delivery services and get a better picture of your options through these reviews:

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Bottom Line

Meal delivery services can help provide good bodybuilding nutrition, while saving time and even money in the long run. With these services, bodybuilders can dedicate more time to training without worrying about shopping, preparing, cooking, and portioning meals. 

The meals are both nutritious and delicious, making it easier for you to stick to your diet. If you’d rather not cook, opt for pre-cooked options, but if you don’t mind spending up to 30 minutes in the kitchen, meal kits will do just fine. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Are frozen bodybuilding meal prep delivery services less healthy than fresh ones?+-

No, frozen bodybuilding meal prep delivery services aren’t any less healthy than fresh ones. While some nutrients are lost when food is frozen, you can still meet your needs with high-quality frozen meals.

Are bodybuilding meal delivery services suitable for muscle gain?+-

Yes, bodybuilding meal delivery services are suitable for muscle gain. They provide nutritionally balanced meals that save you time and effort, and help you meet your goals.

How do bodybuilding meal delivery services work?+-

To use a bodybuilding meal delivery service, visit the company website and sign up. Choose your meals, then wait for them to appear at your doorstep. Some services offer cooked food, while others offer prepped ingredients—pick what works best for you.

Which meal delivery service is best for bodybuilders?+-

From our analysis, Trifecta Nutrition is the best meal delivery service for bodybuilders. The service offers customization, allowing you to mix and match dishes to suit your preferences. Trifecta Nutrition also comes with a wellness app to help you track and monitor your diet and fitness progress.

What type of food is available with a bodybuilding meal delivery service?+-

Bodybuilding meal delivery services offer a variety of healthy meals made with high-quality ingredients. A typical meal usually consists of a carbohydrate food, such as rice or potatoes; a protein, such as beef, chicken, or beans; and vegetables like kale, green beans, or carrots.

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