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Top 10 Best Home Warranty Companies in 2023 - Protect Your Investment

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A home warranty policy plays an important role in protecting your wallet from potentially costly issues with your home. But choosing the right home warranty for your needs can be challenging. After all, most homeowners don’t have a list on their fridge of all the potential problems that could arise or how much it might cost to fix them.

Regardless of the type of home you have or are planning to purchase, we’ve done the hard work of identifying the best home warranty companies for you. 

On this page, you can find our reviews of the best home warranty companies, features, plans, and costs. So, you can read research and compare brands using the handy comparison table and choose the most suitable home warranty plan. 

The Top 10 Best Home Warranty Companies in 2023:

Here's a look at the 10 best home warranty companies of 2023:

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Our Top 10 Best Home Warranty Companies - Quick Reviews:

  • 1
    Choice Home Warranty

    Choice Home Warranty

    • Best forHomeowners seeking affordable full-home coverage
    • Average annual premium$476–$660
    • Service requests24/7 by phone and online

    Choice Home Warranty offers affordable plans that cover most of your major appliances and systems. In addition, new customers qualify for a free month of coverage. You can submit a claim 24/7 online or via phone, and a service provider will contact you within 48 hours. However, services are not available in Washington or California, and Choice limits coverage to $3,000 per item per contract term.

    Key Benefits:

    • Customizable plans
    • 24/7 claims support
    • Coverage of up to $3,000 for appliances

    • Affordable service fee

    Plans and Pricing:

    Choice Home Warranty offers two plans, both of which can be customized for home systems like sump pumps and central vacuums.

    • Basic Plan: Covers 12 systems and appliances

    • Total Plan: Covers 16 systems and appliances, including everything covered by the Basic Plan

    States Serviced: Available in all states except Washington

    Why we chose Choice: Super quick response time

    • Low premiums
    • First month free
    • 24/7 online and phone claims support
    • Coverage limit of $250–$3,000 per item
    • Not available in California or Washington
  • 2
    Select Home Warranty

    Select Home Warranty

    • Best forCustomers seeking affordable premiums and fees
    • Average annual premium$404.99-$756
    • Service requests24/7 online and phone

    Excluding Washington, Wisconsin, Nevada, and New York, Select Home Warranty provides coverage nationwide. Homeowners can choose between 3 different plans that cover most major appliances and systems. Although it offers discounts that make its premiums affordable, its coverage limits are lower than those of many competitors. However, Select includes free roof leak coverage with all of its plans and 24/7 customer service support via phone.  


    • Two months of free coverage with annual plan

    • Free roof leak coverage

    • Affordable plan for appliances only

    • 24/7 claims support

    Plans and Pricing:

    Select Home Warranty offers three plans, all of which come with roof leak coverage.

    • Bronze Care: Covers nine appliances plus AC and plumbing systems

    • Gold Care: Covers six home systems and no appliances

    • Platinum Care: Covers all appliances and home systems included in Bronze Care and Gold Care plans

    States Serviced:

    Select Home Warranty has services available in all 50 states, including Washington, D.C.

    Why we chose Select: Low deductible

    • Affordable premiums and fees
    • 24/7 phone support
    • Free roof leak coverage
    • Low coverage limits
    • Not available in Nevada, New York, Washington, or Wisconsin
  • 3
    American Home Shield

    American Home Shield

    • Best forCustomizable plans
    • Average annual premium$500–$700
    • Service requestsOnline or phone, 24/7

    American Home Shield offers you flexible, customizable cover with additional bolt-on plans and adjustable service fees. Although its contractor network of 17,000 isn’t the biggest out there, its 24/7 service—available by phone or online—means it can be on hand for you when needed. Despite some poor customer reviews, American Home Shield still has 1.8 million members and has been operating for over 50 years. Its offers and incentives, including friend referral and a $50 discount for additional home cover, could make this an attractive choice if you’re looking for cover you can tweak to suit your needs. 


    • Highly customizable plans when compared to other home warranty companies

    • Trade service fees are adjustable

    • Annual discounted HVAC tune-ups

    • Covers unknown pre-existing conditions

    Plans and Pricing:

    American Home Shield offers three home warranty levels of coverage.

    • ShieldSilver Plan: Covers  home systems, including electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems

    • ShieldGold Plan: Kitchen and laundry applicance coverage in addition to items covered by ShieldSilver

    • Shield Platinum Plan: Same coverage as ShieldSilver and ShieldGold, but with higher coverage limits and coverage for leaking roof repairs.

    States Serviced: American Home Shield offers coverage in 49 sates, excluding Alaska.

    Why we chose American Home Shield: Coverage in the majority of states, including Washington D.C.

    • A range of add-on plans to customize your cover
    • Automatically covers duplicates of the same item
    • Covers older items, including rust and corrosion
    • No repair timeframe guarantee
    • Some negative customer reviews
  • 4
    Home Warranty of America

    Home Warranty of America

    • Best forComprehensive appliance coverage
    • Average annual premium$550-$700
    • Service requests24/7

    Home Warranty of America offers comprehensive home warranty policies that cover most appliances and home systems. The company accepts service requests 24/7 online and by phone and automatically assigns a licensed technician to address your issue. Home Warranty of America provides up to $15,000 in annual coverage for repairs and replacement.

    Home Warranty of America plans are more expensive than those of some competitors, in part because the company provides such extensive coverage. All plans come with a deductible for each service visit as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. Overall, Home Warranty of America provides good value for your money if you want protection for all your appliances.

    Why we chose Home Warranty of America: Nationwide coverage

    • Most home appliances covered
    • Various options to schedule service
    • 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied
    • Payouts for appliances may not cover full replacement costs
    • Waiting period before you’re covered
  • 5
    First American Home Warranty

    First American Home Warranty

    • Best forHigh payout caps
    • Average annual premium$372-$546
    • Service requests24/7 phone and online claims service No limit on number of service requests

    With more than 35 years’ experience, First American Home Warranty is a robust offering for those seeking strong all-round protection for their systems and appliances. Among its most attractive features are its promises to cover items regardless of age and to replace items that are beyond repair with a brand new equivalent.

    Although there are maximum payouts for multiple items, these are highly reasonable and affordable. Thanks to its clear and transparent application process, customers should also be well aware of which items fall within their coverage plans and which do not.


    • Specialized plans for home buyers and sellers

    • First Class Upgrade add-on covers improper system installations

    • Up to $3,500 in coverage for most appliances

    • Competitive pricing and service fees

    Plans and Pricing:

    First American Home Warranty offers two plans, one of which specifically focuses on protecting your appliances.

    • Basic Plan: Covers eight appliances

    • Premier Plan: Covers everything included in the Basic Plan plus eight home systems

    States Serviced:

    First American Home Warranty is available in all states except Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

    Why we chose First American: One of the oldest home warranty brands in the business 

    • 24/7 claims service
    • Fully vetted tradespeople
    • Only 2 standard plans
    • App not available
  • 6
    Home Service Club

    Home Service Club

    • Best for Homeowners looking for extensive coverage options
    • Average annual premium$552-$799
    • Service requests24/7 online and by phone during normal business hours

    Since 2008, HSC has provided home warranty coverage to homeowners nationwide. Its two service plans cover most of your home’s major appliances and systems. Although its premiums and service fees are higher than many of its competitors, it offers promotions to make its plans more affordable. With HSC, you can get coverage for pest damage as well as unique optional features such as utility line coverage. You can submit a claim online 24/7, and HSC will schedule your service request within 12 to 48 hours. 


    • Covers damage that predates your policy

    • Service claims are addressed within 48 hours

    • 90-day warranty for services

    • Pest and utility line coverage available

    Plans and Pricing:

    Home Service Club offers two plans and you can add optional pest and utility line coverage to either of them.

    • Standard Coverage: Covers 12 appliances and home systems

    • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers 31 appliances and home systems, including all those in the Standard Coverage plan

    States Serviced: Home Service Club is available in all 50 states, including Washington, D.C.

    Why we chose Home Service Club: Home inspection not required before signing up

    • Provides coverage for pest damage
    • Available nationwide
    • 90-day workmanship guarantee on all repairs
    • High base premiums and service fees
    • No 24/7 phone support
  • 7
    ARW Home

    ARW Home

    • Best forCustomizing your home warranty and choosing your contractor
    • Average annual premium$300-$1500
    • Service requests24/7, 365 days/year

    ARW is an excellent home warranty option for those seeking extensive coverage and a variety of plan options. Six standard plans are available, and you can choose from a number of unique add-ons, such as the Ultimate Electronics Protection, the Deluxe Advantage Package, food spoilage coverage, and more. 

    The biggest downside to ARW is that you can only file claims via phone. However, ARW will usually get a service tech out to you within 48 hours. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to send a written notice to cancel your plan. But these are fairly small drawbacks for a plan that offers customizable, comprehensive coverage and service fees as low as $55.

    Why we chose ARW: Competitive service call fee

    • Choose your own contractor
    • Optional coverage available for electronics
    • Build custom plans with additional coverage options
    • Can’t file claims online
    • Can only cancel plan through written notice
  • 8
    Liberty Home Guard

    Liberty Home Guard

    • Best forHomeowners looking for reliability, reviews & quick claims process
    • Average annual premium$499.99-$699.99
    • Service requestsPhone or online, 24/7

    Liberty Home Guard has an excellent reputation with its customers, a great customer service offering, and a host of deals and discounts when you purchase a plan. For example, you’ll get 2 free months when you purchase a year’s worth of cover. Although Liberty Home Guard has a slightly smaller network of technicians than some competitors, you can source your own technicians, too. 


    • Inspection not required for coverage

    • Two months of free coverage when you pay annually

    • Wide selection of add-ons available

    • 10,000 in-network technicians in 48 states

    Plans and Pricing:

    Liberty Home Guard offers two plans and you can add optional pest and utility line coverage to either of them.

    • Appliance Guard: Covers nine appliances

    • Systems Guard: Covers six home systems

    • Total Home Guard: Covers all appliances and home systems included in the Appliance Guard and Systems Guard plans

    States Serviced: Liberty Home Guard doesn't offer services in Washington and Wisconsin, but is available in 48 states including Washington, D.C.

    Why we chose Liberty: No contract requirement

    • Excellent customer service
    • 2 free months with annual billing
    • Highly rated by customers
    • Not available in 3 states (WA, WY, WI)
    • Lower number of technicians
  • 9
    Cinch Home Services

    Cinch Home Services

    • Best forWorkmanship guarantee
    • Average annual premium$335.88-$1,163.88
    • Service requests24/7 online and phone

    Since 1978, Cinch Home Services has provided home warranty services to homeowners nationwide. It offers 3 plans that cover most of your home’s major appliances and systems. While its service fees are on par with most of its competitors, Cinch’s premiums can be very affordable depending on your state.

    Unlike many of its competitors, it provides coverage for corrosion and rust damage as well as pre-existing conditions. You can submit a claim 24/7, and best of all, Cinch’s 180-day service guarantee ensures that you keep your service fees low for repeat calls.


    • 180-day warranty for services

    • Covers unknown pre-existing conditions

    • 24/7 claims support with service in as little as two hours

    • Free leak detection sensor with every plan

    Plans and Pricing:

    Cinch Home Services offers three plans, all of which offer new customers their first two months free when paying annually. 

    • Appliances: Covers 11 appliances

    • Built-in Systems: Covers 16 home systems 

    • Complete Home: Covers everything included in the Appliances and Built-in Systems plans

    States Serviced: Cinch Home Services is available in 47 states, including Washington, D.C, but is not available in Alaska, India or Hawaii.

    Why we chose Cinch: Unknown pre-existing conditions are covered

    • Covers rust and corrosion damage and pre-existing conditions
    • 180-day workmanship guarantee
    • First 2 months free on all plans
    • Not available in Alaska or Hawaii
    • Not as many add-ons offered as some competitors
  • 10
    First Premier

    First Premier

    • Best forLower service fees
    • Average annual premium$420-$540
    • Service requestsPhone or email, 24/7

    First Premier Home Warranty has reasonable prices that are slightly cheaper than some competitors, and two free months included with your plan, making it a good choice if you’re on a budget. Its basic plan, Premier, includes a decent range of appliances and systems, with the option of upgrading or adding extras if you need more cover. 

    There’s also a 30-day guarantee on labor and a 90-day guarantee on parts. While the contractor network isn’t the biggest out there, First Premier aims to get your problems looked at within 48 hours.


    • Very affordable service fee

    • 24/7 customer support and claims service

    • 90-day warranty on repairs

    • Wide range of add-on coverage options

    Plans and Pricing:

    First Premier offers two plans, both of which offer your first two months free when you pay annually.

    • Premier Plan: Covers 15 appliances and home systems

    • Premier Platinum Plan: Covers 20 appliances and home systems, including all those covered by the Premier Plan

    States Serviced: First Premier Home Warranty is available in 32 states

    Why we chose First Premier: Affordability of coverage

    • $60 service fee
    • Two free months
    • Quick customer service response
    • Full details not on website
    • Not many plan options
Breaking Down our Top10 Choices: Which is Best For Your Needs:
Choice Home Warranty-Affordable full-home coverage
Select Home Warranty-Reasonably priced premiums and fees
American Home Shield-Automatic coverage for duplicates
Home Warranty of America-Simple technician matching
First American Home Warranty-Lower costs for premium plans
Home Service Club-Comprehensive nationwide coverage
ARW Home-Customizable plans
Liberty Home Guard-Reliability, reviews & claims process
Cinch Home Services-Comprehensive workmanship guarantee
First Premier-Coverage on a budget
Compare the Top Home Warranty Companies
Choice Home Warranty
Select Home Warranty
American Home Shield
Home Warranty of America
First American Home Warranty
Home Service Club
ARW Home
Liberty Home Guard
Cinch Home Services
First Premier
Reviews142 reviews127 reviews25 reviewsWrite Review56 reviews17 reviewsWrite Review59 reviews20 reviewsWrite Review
Best for
Homeowners seeking affordable full-home coverage
Customers seeking affordable premiums and fees
Customizable plans
Comprehensive appliance coverage
High payout caps
Homeowners looking for extensive coverage options
Customizing your home warranty and choosing your contractor
Homeowners looking for reliability, reviews & quick claims process
Workmanship guarantee
Lower service fees
Average annual premium
15,000 in-network
10,000 in-network
17,000 vetted contractors
Provided by Home Warranty of America
Fully vetted local network
15,000 in-network
Unlimited (Choose your own)
10,000 in-network
19,000 in-network
15,000 in-network
Service call fee
$100, $125 or $150
Service requests
24/7 by phone and online
24/7 online and phone
Online or phone, 24/7
24/7 phone and online claims service No limit on number of service requests
24/7 online and by phone during normal business hours
24/7, 365 days/year
Phone or online, 24/7
24/7 online and phone
Phone or email, 24/7
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a home protection plan?
A home protection plan is a home warranty plan. Such warranties protect your home items and your wallets in case of sudden breakages. By paying an annual premium for home warranty coverage + a service fee, you’ll keep your home systems running smoothly.
Does home warranty cover roof repairs?
Usually, home warranties are limited when it comes to making roof repairs. You can purchase add-ons that cover issues like leaks. Most likely the home warranty plan will only protect roofs of single-family homes with asphalt, wood shingles or clay tiles, and not roofs of condos, townhouses, garages or decks.
What is the average cost of home warranty?
The average cost of a home warranty annual premium goes for about $300 to $800, depending on the size of your home. That means that you can expect a monthly payment of anywhere from $25 to $50. Plus, you should factor in the cost of making service claims. This fee for calling a technician is about $60 to $100. Costs vary depending on the company you choose, the coverage level, the number of add-ons, and the size of your home.
Who pays for home warranty - the buyer or the seller?
Both the buyer and the seller can purchase a home warranty. If you’re a buyer, you can feel more secure in your home purchase by protecting most of the items in the home. This way, you won’t have to worry about spending big on making replacements in case something breaks, especially after your big purchase. Plus, it’s a pretty common occurrence after moving into a new home that appliances and systems may begin to work oddly. Sellers can purchase home warranty to entice buyers and make deals run more smoothly.
How long does a home warranty last?
Home warranties last for one year. You can renew your coverage each year, although your premium may go up over time. Many home warranty companies offer a few months of free service upon signup. After the free trial ends, you have to renew the contract for the remaining months of the year. There are also home warranty companies that offer multi-year coverage packages which can protect your home from 2 to 6 years.
What is a 2-10 home warranty?
There’s a home warranty company under the 2-10 name, but these numbers also stand for something. The “2” stands for two years of coverage which the brand provides for major systems and the “10” stands for the years that structural issues will be covered.
What is a home warranty when selling a house?
When selling a home, home warranties can prove to be extremely helpful tools in getting your home off the market and into good hands. If you’ve just listed your home and something breaks, you can still use your home warranty to make repairs. If you use the policy while the home is listed or on escrow you’ll only have to pay the service fee. It can be extremely cost-effective as a seller to use your home warranty to make fixes after receiving repair requests from your buyer. When someone buys your home, you can simply transfer the home warranty to their name for no cost.
How much is home warranty insurance?
As home insurance is a similar but different service for homeowners or renters, the prices are also different. Expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $2000, per year, per home for home insurance. Home insurance rates usually vary by state and home size. Americans pay on average about $1700 for home insurance per year.
Who regulates home warranty companies?
Home warranty companies are usually regulated by federal and state level laws. The federal government sets home warranty laws and then each state can decide how to enact them and how to enforce regulations. Some states have no regulation at all, while other states have commissions and insurance regulation offices. The National Home Service Contract Association is a non-profit created by home warranty companies to police themselves.
Which home warranty companies offer the best HVAC coverage?
We recommend Choice Home Warranty and Select Home Warranty for homeowners in search of the best HVAC coverage. Choice Home Warranty includes HVAC coverage with its affordable Basic Plan, while Select Home Warranty offers HVAC coverage at up to $2,000 per year.
Are home warranties worth the cost?
Home warranties can be well worth the cost for many homeowners, especially if you live in an older home or have appliances that would be expensive to replace. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether the peace of mind that a home warranty provides is worth the cost.
What’s the difference between a home warranty and homeowners insurance?
A home warranty is designed to cover the costs of repairing and replacing your appliances and home systems if they break dow