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Webflow Alternatives: Top 5 Website Builders to Try in 2024

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Webflow Alternatives
No two website builders are the same, and Webflow is a powerhouse for designing websites, but it's not the only option out there.

Webflow is a fuss-free website builder thanks to its broad array of design options, features, and plugins. It’s also user-friendly and customizable, making it suitable for anyone building a website.

However, the digital landscape is rich with options, and finding the perfect website builder tailored to your specific needs is crucial. Recognizing this, I've set out to find the best website-building tools out there. My research is driven by key considerations like budget, template variety, customer support quality, and the required level of technical expertise.

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Our Best Webflow Alternatives at a Glance:

  • Wix - Best Webflow alternative overall
  • Web.com - Best for ease of use
  • Squarespace - Best for creating minimalistic sites
  • IONOS - Best for launching a website quickly
  • Jimdo - Best for AI-assisted design

A Closer Look at the Best Webflow Alternatives in 2024

1. Wix

A beginner-friendly website builder with a full range of options and live support

  • Best for - Those looking for a wide choice of preset features
  • Starting price - $4.50/month
  • Free account - Yes

Wix stands out as an exceptionally user-friendly platform, boasting a diverse selection of over 800 templates. I appreciate the convenience of accessing more than 250 third-party plugins, ranging from visitor analytics to shipping management. Plus, its integrated SEO services are a huge bonus, helping my site gain traction on search engines more rapidly.

The drag-and-drop feature that Wix offers is a game-changer, allowing me to create a website effortlessly without writing any code. While Webflow excels in offering self-customization, a feature of Wix that really stands out to me is the Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) tool. It leverages AI to assist in finishing the site's design swiftly, often in just minutes.

What Makes Wix a Good Alternative to Webflow?

While I appreciate Webflow’s editors and plugins, I find Wix’s user-friendly interface and 24/7 live support via the Help button more accessible for beginners. Wix also offers unlimited bandwidth in all its premium plans, unlike Webflow. This makes Wix a cost-effective alternative for users who don't require advanced features.


  • Wide choice of templates
  • 300 free apps in the Wix App Market
  • No technical knowledge needed


  • Themes might require tweaks to be made fully responsive
  • It's not easy to change the theme of your site once it's live

Wix Wix Visit site

2. Web.com

A straightforward, time-saving design website builder

  • Best for - Its ease of use
  • Starting price - From $19.99/month
  • Free account - No

Web.com is a simplified, no-frills platform I can use to build a website and then quickly move on to other tasks. It only offers a little design freedom, but it does offer many industry-specific templates to choose from that are well-designed and optimized.

Though less technical and customizable than Webflow, Wieb.com let me publish a website almost instantly. I only needed to choose a template, headings, and menus, and upload some content, and I was done!

What Makes Web.com a Good Alternative to Webflow?

Web.com is generally more for small businesses than Webflow is. Its simplicity is perfect for establishing a professional online presence with minimal effort. Its 24/7 phone support also offers instant solutions, saving me time compared to Webflow’s email-based support.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • One-hour consultation with a Web.com expert is included in all plans


  • Slightly more expensive than Weblow
  • Not a lot of design freedom

Web.com Web.com Visit site

3. Squarespace

A high-quality design platform with sleek templates

  • Best for - Image-heavy websites with unique designs
  • Starting price - $16/month
  • Free account - 14-day trial

Squarespace has quality designs that complement creative, visual websites. The page-building workflow is smooth and straightforward, so I could easily create a modern, clean-looking website.

It also has eCommerce features and unlimited bandwidth, so I'd use it to build online stores with many high-resolution photos.

What Makes Squarespace a Good Alternative to Webflow?

Squarespace may cost a few extra dollars/month than Webflow, but it's worth it. You get a vast array of attractive and compelling designs that are surprisingly easy to use and alter. It even has built-in SEO tools to help your site gain more visibility in search engine results.


  • Lots of unique templates
  • You can buy the domains within the platform
  • Built-in SEO tools to help with rankings


  • Pricier than other options
  • No autosave feature

Squarespace Squarespace Visit site

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An affordable solution that helps you launch quickly

  • Best for - Those looking to build a basic website fast
  • Starting price - From $18/month
  • Free account - 30-day trial

IONOS is excellent if you're looking for an affordable, user-friendly solution to build a simple website and launch it in a few days. I'd recommend it for small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, and people without coding knowledge.

Its e-commerce features are solid; keep in mind that the price increases after the first year: for a website without a store, you'll be paying $15/month, and for one with a store, you'll need to budget $25.

What Makes IONOS a Good Alternative to Webflow?

With IONOS, I can implement almost any element into my webpage. IONOS is also more focused on hosting and cloud solutions than Webflow.


  • Editor versions for beginners and experts
  • Very affordable for the first six months
  • Solid eCommerce features


  • You get only 10 pages included in the cheapest plan
  • Template variety is limited

IONOS IONOS Visit site

5. Jimdo

An AI-enabled website builder for small business owners

  • Best for - Beginners looking for a simple solution
  • Starting price - $9/month
  • Free account - Yes

Jimdo's design process is very intuitive: I answered a few questions about my business, and then Jimdo Dolphin (its AI design assistant) offered me a few options. My page was quickly up and running, and I even got industry-specific photos for free.

Jimdo is a top choice for building a small business website or a personal page. However, with its intelligent desiguniquemazing built-in SEO features, it's still an excellent choice for personal branding and ranking.

What Makes Jimdo a Good Alternative to Webflow?

While it’s designed for a smaller audience, supporting up to 500 users compared to Webflow’s 1000, Jimdo offers well-tailored plans. I can access basic features for as little as $9/month, or opt for premium features like professional design and SEO optimization at $39/month. This flexibility makes Jimdo a viable choice for those seeking cost-effective web design solutions.


  • User-friendly editor with an AI-enabled design assistant
  • In-built SEO services
  • Copyright-free industry-specific photos


  • Limited design flexibility and customization options
  • Email-only customer support

Jimdo Jimdo Visit site

Webflow Alternatives: Build a Website Easily

Combining excellent customer experience and a beautiful design yields the best business outcomes. Although Webflow offers a rich array of features, there are many user-friendly alternatives available that effortlessly cater to a wide range of needs.

Identifying your specific needs, exploring various options, and utilizing free trials can help you find the best website builder. With the right platform, you can establish a striking online presence in just days or even hours.

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