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How To Create a Simple Educational Site For Kids To Use

Norman BraunsByNorman BraunsMar. 19, 2020
Free websites for kids
If your kids are anything like mine, they’re technological savvy, and even at a young age, they often show us how to work any device with their eyes closed. What our kids can’t learn from any device, however, is how to use the Internet responsibly. As parents, a great solution for this problem is to use a free website builder to create a site for your kids to use.


A customized site for your kids is an excellent way to encourage their interest in technology and get them online with supervision. Wix is a popular drag-and-drop website builder for kids’ sites, as it’s intuitive and easy to use. With Wix you can upload your kids’ schoolwork, projects and other achievements, all while teaching them about online responsibility, and harness their creativity. 

If you’re not sure how to create a free website that is designed for kids, don’t fret. With simple, well-designed templates, it’s easy to drag and drop images and text to craft a creative website where your kids can learn how to post artwork, school projects, or even show off a hobby.

Make it Easy—Start with a Template

Building a kids’ website for free is easier when you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It didn’t take long for me to find a free template on Wix, with drag-and-drop capabilities, photo slideshows, and other built-in features that saved me from having to start from scratch. It’s a great idea to involve your kids in the process of designing the website, making it a creative game you can play together. Once you select a free template and choose your photos, school papers, and the content you want, adding all other interactions and activities to the site can be a fun family project. Your site can easily be updated over time by simply using the various drag-and-drop features of the platform.

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A Sharing Hub

It’s a great idea to upload your kids’ schoolwork to your site, and better yet, let them be an active partner in the process. Use your website builder to show off a science project from start to finish, artistic paintings, or sports competitions. Essentially, it’s an online portfolio of your children’s interests and activities. Let your kids be the creative ones, letting them choose the ideas and images they want to share. Work together to craft short descriptions that explain each photo or series of pictures. The results are just great, having your kids involved with building the site and teaching them design basics as well as technological features.

Teach Responsibility

Creating a website for my kids presented an opportunity to talk about Web responsibility. I instructed my young ones to be careful about disclosing personal information online, including their names, home address and which school they attend. While you fill out your website template with your kids, have important conversations about how and why you are choosing what to share, as everything is published for the public once the site is launched.

Develop Their Thinking and Creativity

Over time, you may find that your kids are very comfortable updating their own free website. Allowing your kids to play around with web design, with appropriate supervision, increases their knowledge of website development, graphic design, and other technological features that will certainly come in handy as they advance in school.

Using a simple website builder for kids was a great way for me to create a safe online space for my family, and the same can apply to you. On top of teaching your children about how to share information online, you may even learn a thing or two about web design yourself.

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Norman BraunsByNorman BraunsJul. 03, 2018
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