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Which Celebrities' Psychic Reading Predictions Actually Came True?

Donna Murphy - Top 10 writer
A celebrity psychic reader predicting true fortunes.
I've closely followed various celebrities who consult psychics. Among these, there have been a significant number of predictions made for these stars that came to fruition.

Some believe that seeking psychic guidance for emotional support can be more effective than getting help from conventional providers. In fact, many turn to online psychic readings for stress management and emotional challenges, including celebrities.

Let's explore how well-known personalities use psychic consultations for insights into their relationships and careers, uncovering instances where these predictions have indeed come true.

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1. Princess Diana

Princess Diana regularly sought guidance from psychic Sally Morgan for over four years until they lost touch when Diana started consulting another psychic. However, four days after Diana's funeral, her sister and lady-in-waiting, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, contacted Sally.

Prediction: Lady Sarah, who had been present in many of Diana's meetings with Sally, reminded her of a reading they had together in 1996 without Diana. In that session, Sally had mentioned a vision of "the Queen" being pulled from a car and receiving CPR.

Did it come true?: At the time, Sally thought this referred to Queen Elizabeth II. She was troubled by it but didn't share it with Diana. However, Lady Sarah believed that Sally may have actually foreseen her sister's tragic passing since Diana is known as the "Queen of people's hearts."

2. Kim Kardashian

Prediction: In 2020, Kim Kardashian shared a post on X (formerly Twitter), mentioning that a psychic called Sylvia Browne had made a prediction in 2008 about a coronavirus-like pandemic occurring around 2020 and returning in 2030. Kim explained that her sister, Kourtney, had sent an excerpt from Browne's book End of Days in their group chat.

Did it come true?: The screenshot showed a highlighted section from the book: "In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments."

3. Brad Pitt

Prediction: In 2014, Ron Bard, a psychic Brad Pitt regularly consulted and trusted, predicted that Brad's marriage to Angelina Jolie would not end well. Brad had been seeking advice from Bard since the early 2000s, after being introduced to him by his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

Did it come true?: When Brad and Angelina split in 2016, they experienced "crisis transits"—a series of planetary alignments in astrology that often prompt individuals to reconsider various aspects of their lives. Such alignments frequently lead to significant directional changes.

4. Khloé Kardashian

Prediction: Celebrity psychic Tyler Henry from Hollywood Medium (a psychic and medium related TV show) foresaw that Khloé Kardashian would have problems in her relationship with Tristan Thompson. He predicted that Tristan would be unfaithful before any cheating rumors became public.

Did it come true?: While Khloé (a Cancer Sun) and Tristan (a Pisces Sun) have compatible Sun signs, other aspects of their astrological charts show that staying together long-term would be very hard for them.

5. Lucy Hale

Prediction: Lucy Hale experienced a profound psychic connection with her deceased grandmother during her first reading with Tyler Henry. Tyler mimed a dance move that Lucy immediately connected to her favorite photo of her grandmother as a young woman, profoundly validating the psychic experience for her.

Did it come true?: He also relayed a message to Lucy. He saw a toy chest from her grandmother's house, which symbolizes her grandmother's faith in Lucy's potential from a young age. This reading not only brought Lucy closer to her grandmother but also confirmed her grandmother's early prediction of Lucy's success.

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6. Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg, who married in 2014, showcased their life together on the 2015-2016 reality show "Donnie Loves Jenny." They blended their families, and Donnie often said how great Jenny was with his kids.

Prediction: Early in their relationship, an astrologer friend of Jenny's predicted Donnie would propose, which he did, exactly when the astrologer said.

Did it come true?: Now, after nearly 10 years of marriage, it seems like they truly are soulmates.

7. Lady Gaga

Prediction: After seeking a psychic's advice early in her career, Lady Gaga found guidance that helped launch her to stardom. Her breakout hit "Just Dance" soon followed, marking the start of her rapid rise in the music industry. She once shared that a psychic predicted she would win three Grammy awards in one night.

Did it come true?: This prophecy came true in 2010, making her even more confident in the advice from psychics and astrology.

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Celebrity Lessons: The Power of Psychic Readings

It's fascinating to see how many celebrities have consulted psychics, with some predictions even coming true. This suggests that you, too, could gain valuable insights and guidance from a psychic reading. Try platforms like Keen or California Psychics to find new and helpful ways to approach your career, relationships, or big decisions.

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Donna Murphy - Top 10 writer
Dona Murphy writes for Top 10 as a committed Tarot practitioner and intuitive coach who transitioned from an HR career to concentrate on self-discovery, improved decision-making, and creating content, including thought leadership, blogs, web copy, and e-books.